2 finding life`s partner


2 finding life`s partner2 finding life`s partner Day one;Mrs Ursula Parry, a widow of 66 summers, thumbed her way, slowly through yellow pages. Her home, the huge rambling old house overlooking the bay, that she and her late husband had made their home all those years ago. It was the home they had chosen for its remoteness, a mile and a half from the village, as her husband had had a joy in her making him scream when they were newlywed. Tony her Late husband had had a `sub` streak a mile wide, not that she had not enjoyed every second, her sadistic tendencies had come bubbling to the surface at every opportunity. They had had a fine marriage. Lasting for 35 years, he had been gone now for half that time and it had been a lonely slow passing time since.She was a handsome woman when Tony passed away in 1959, and after a period of mourning she had tried to do as her few real friends had suggested and tried to restart her life. She had been on a number of dates since then, less as time went on of course but other than one or two one night slander’s, she had never found another man so perfectly right for her. She was now a typical little old lady, slightly built, financially ok though no fortune, but enough not to be worried. She was what would today be called an O.H.B.S. (own home and bored stupid.) She was also very wary of men as not everyone was interested in her, more her money and home.Her wandering mind returned to the job in hand, she needed a handy-man, old Tom from the village was getting so old nowadays, and fairly frail having said he needed to leave as soon as she could get a replacement. Her fingers did the walking as the advert said; she felt that was a good thing as she never went far nowadays, and the search had not prove very fruitful.Rattattat, the knock at the door broke her daydream, it was old Tom, and he had in his hand a postcard taken from the village post office window. “Ar` misses, I know this’n, an he`s OK “he rasped. “un lived with en`s old mother till er turned er toes up a year or too by, e`s lookin fer a job ter keep`n okoopied” the old chap had exhausted his rush of words and stood twiddling his cap nervously.Ursula took the card and read it carefully, HANDY MAN it read, TIDY WORKER, and the name TIM WILKS and the telephone number. She thanked the old chap and he wandered away happy that his labours for the old girl could soon be over.She rang the number and could almost feel the Younger man blushing as she asked if he would be interested and could he come for an interview. Date and time were soon agreed and Ursula felt happy with the little she had learnt of the man.The Very next afternoon Tim arrived at the door His club foot dragging as he walked, dressed in his Sunday suit, and looking well scrubbed, twiddling his flat cap in his hand. He rang the bell and stepped back, and after a short wait Ursula appeared, they both introduced themselves and Tim was shown into a sitting room with a stunning view of the bay.Ursula poured tea, she had been expecting him to be prompt and she was not disappointed.The interview lasted a full hour, during which Tim told of the loss of his mother and his now aimless lifestyle. She in her turn explained the duties, Gardening, DIY work around the old house that sort of thing.By the end of the hour Ursula was sure she had found a solid reliable “man Friday” though he was a mite shy and very conscious of his foot she felt she could overcome his problem`s given time. A month`s trial either way was settled upon to start on the following Monday, old tom would show him around and give him the grand tour, keys, and the like. They parted never having discussed the pay for the job, but he did not really care as he felt that he trusted her and that it would not be a problem.Mrs Sankey from the village came as usual on the Saturday morning, she had been Ursula’s part time cleaner every Saturday for as long as she could remember, some weeks Paula Sankey had been the only contact with a female that she had from one week to another. Paula was most homely soul who would wash and scrub that old house and its contents within an inch of life itself, her jolly local dialect breathing life into the old place.Over what Paula termed “elevenses” she would bring Ursula up to date with the local gossip and the little link with the outside world was very much the highlight of Ursula`s week.Ursula asked about Tim, Paula gave chapter and verse; saying that he was trustworthy and reliable non drinker who was always clean and tidy, but had lived his life in the shadow of his dominant mother, a widow since Mons. No she had not known of any women in the “poor lad`s life,” adding with a knowing wink that “Mother had kept him for herself”. A comment not totally lost on Ursula, though she said nothing. He`s a good cook by all accounts, and a wonderful carpenter, but he`s very shy about women and very conscious of his foot.Paula`s own daughter having spoken to him some weeks ago and he had “run a mile”, Ursula having met the bawdy girl was not surprised but said nothing.Monday arrived and the two men appeared from the village on sturdy push bikes, the standard transport of the local working men. Tom showed the younger man the old washhouse that he used for a work-shop; the tools such as they were hung neatly on the wall, garden tools in the Greenhouse in the walled garden, all cared for in the same meticulous way. They looked at the hedges, the flower beds, and the veg plot, then in what had once been the cart shed he showed Tim the old car Ursula used once a month to shop or do her banking. Lastly he showed Tim into the house, touching his forelock to Ursula and explaining that he was showing how far he had got renovating the stairwell woodwork. She suggested Tom took his pupil into all the nooks and crannies as no doubt they would all need his TLC at some time in the future.Tom conducted Tim round the old place from the turret where her late husband had sat with his books reading and observing the ships that passed, to the kitchen, no room was missed, though Tom did not bother with the cellars to Tim`s surprise , saying how “er never let I down there for zum reason.”Together they worked at the garden for the week, the weather being good, Tom finishing on the Friday night with Ursula giving them both pay for the week Tom finding a tidy bonus as he was retiring and Tim, being more than happy with his pay.Ursula, hardly having spoken to him during this first week, had watched his every move from the turret, she had been impressed.Monday arrived and she called Tim to the door and suggested he took tea with her in the Kitchen, over which they began to plan the restoration of the house. Each morning at eleven and afternoon at three sharp they took tea together, each day they became that little bit more familiar and he that little bit less shy. By the end of the first month they were Ursula and Tim, rather than Mrs Parry and Mr Wilkes. She noted his dinnertime sandwiches and suggested she would cook for them both each day, which he grudgingly agreed to.By the second month the garden was looking a picture, and the veg had never grown so well, on wet days he occupied himself on the restoration work indoors so she was surprised to find one dinnertime that Tim was somewhat agitated. “Whatever`s the matter Tim?” A concerned Ursula wanted to know? He explained about his home being compulsorily purchased, he showed her the official letter. Saying that he had to find somewhere to live, but that most places were well out of the price-range of what the highways people had allowed for the cottage he had occupied, and that he was really worried.She suggested he used two rooms at the back of the house formally used by the housekeeper and her husband who had looked after her needs after her husband had died, he had been her chauffer and gardener till he passed away and she had retired to live with her sister some years ago.Tim jumped at the chance, but quaintly asked about whether it was proper for him to live with her as her reputation would he said suffer.Ursula laughed at that, she said that she was over 60 whatever would they think she was going to do ravish him at every turn?Tim`s reply took her back on her chair, he said “why not my old mother had done just that and she had been well over 70 when she passed and we was at it to the very end.”A smiling Ursula replied that “she couldn`t care less about the village gossip and if he wanted the rooms he was welcome, he could have them as part of his pay rise.” The bargain was quickly sealed; he would be overjoyed to move in and was most happy that she was so pleased with his work that she had even thought of giving him a rise.Over the weekend he decorated the old rooms, there were two and a small bathroom, Monday morning, and Ursula drove him, her car and trailer to fetch his goat, rabbits, chickens and his dog noting how clean and tidy it all was. The few sticks of furniture and personal items were soon moved that afternoon by Peter, the old chap that ran the second hand shop in the village, with his ancient van. So by Monday evening he had moved his belongings in a huge pile in his sitting room the a****ls now in their respective runs not used since well before the chauffer passed away.It was the Wednesday when they were at dinner when Ursula asked about Tim`s mother, Teasing from him the story of how his mother realising how nervous the lad was, had removed him from the school. He said Mother had said it was from “the clutches of the other c***dren who had teased him mercilessly about his foot.”She had “taken advantage” of the situation, firstly by masturbation at 15 and later with full blown Intercourse on the day he had had an 18th birthday. He said they “had been like man and wife since then; she had been 52 when it all started and it had gone on for thirty odd lovely years when she passed away.” It had been an open secret in the village for years; Ursula remembered the comment by Paula all those weeks ago.They sat in compatible silence, consuming their apple pie and custard, the cogs in Ursula`s head whirling round, as she eyed her new house mate, hungrily. “When was the last time you slept with someone?” She asked boldly. Tim coloured up and his voice, near a whisper he said that it had been “two years since the last time and he doubted if he would ever be lucky enough again he being so shy with women.” Ursula remarked that “for her it was nine years, and she did understand,” she went on to say “he was not shy with her now, so why he was with other women she could not understand”, but the moment was past and Tim was off back to work in the garden in an instant.At tea that day Tim was fairly quiet, Ursula, felt it was not the time to add fuel to his fire so said not a lot. They went their separate ways after tea, till she knocked his flat door and told him to come and join her knowing his radio was so far not working.They sat together in her sitting room, he on the old sofa and her in her wing chair, as the sun set over the bay, watching a TV quiz show in black and white by the light of the wood fire.Tim was soon proving surprisingly good at general knowledge, seemingly better read than his simple yokel appearance would lead anyone to believe. Ursula was impressed, perhaps there was more to Tim than she had expected. The quiz came to an end; sharing fresh tea and slices of fruit cake they sat contemplating the fire.She asked him where he had learned his general knowledge and in reply he suddenly started to talk about his mother, how she had taught him from her books, that she was tall and thin, that she had at one time been the local school mistress. Ursula gently probed the relationship twix son and mother, to which Tim perhaps feeling more secure in semi darkness of the fire-lit room explained that he was so slow at school probably due to his shyness; that his mother began to teach him at home before he was six and had removed him from school at seven.He did not remembered his father and he and his mother had grown very close, so close that they would share a bed from the age of 10, though nothing happened “that way” till he was 15 when mother decided to equip him for life by showing him his way round her body to “save him embarrassment with the local girls” though he had little contact as they all teased him mercilessly. It was her that showed him how to use his hands on himself to keep the “urges under control.”Things went no further until he was 18 by which time he was so well endowed the local girls would not have wanted to sleep with him even if he had overcome his shyness. Ursula sat prompting just enough to tease the whole story from him silently absorbing his story like a sponge.On his birthday they slept together for the first time, it had been a special time for him and had changed his life from then on. Since then they lived like man and wife, at one time even having a c***d that was still-borne, though like all things it was easily kept from the village, who shunned them anyway.They lived simply from their own garden, breading rabbits for the pot, and a goat and hens for milk and eggs, so life was simple but quietly good until mother passed away some 2 years ago. He became wistful and said it had Eryaman Escort been the longest 2 years he could ever remember. The evening over, Tim wandered away to his bed and Ursula to hers, she knowing if things were to progress it would be her who would have to lead.The weekend arrived again and Paula Sankey arrived on her cycle.Tim, having lit the copper especially that morning, Paula was soon busying herself, first with the washing, and then in the kitchen.Tim was notable by his absence, tactically leaving them to what he called “girly chat” knowing how much Ursula looked forward to it.Paula suggested that the next week was not the time for Tim to visit his old home as the demolition men were “waiting to start next Monday! “ they having already “filled the well and dozed the garden”She was well informed, her daughter being barmaid at the “rising moon” the village pub. By four her duties finished, she made her farewell`s, finding a present of a fine cabbage, and a cauliflower d****d over her handlebars. As she left Tim reappeared, leaving a can of goat`s milk and some eggs on the table in the kitchen.Ursula, called Tim again that evening, his delight at the TV being c***dlike having not had one in the old cottage, where electricity had not penetrated! Over tea and cake, she broached the subject of his sex life with mother, asking if he had ever slept with anyone else, He replied that he had not exclaiming it in a way that said “the very thought !” She went at it another way, telling him of her own life with her husband, who was she said “timid in bed” expecting her to “take the lead in all things of that sort.”They chatted on for a while and she again came back to the subject, asking about discipline, had his mother ever spanked him as a youth?His answer at last was one which gave her some hope, “yes he had been spanked, firstly as a youth like any c***d, but later for any little thing, like forgetting to water the hen run, or burning the toast, he thought his mother had enjoyed thrashing him so at times he had done little things so mother could enjoy herself. He went on to say he had had the crop as well, but only as a birthday treat for his old mum. By now Ursula was beginning to wriggle in her seat at the thought.“Tony, my late husband, loved to make me scream when we were first wed, he had been advised by his uncle to do so to “keep a new wife in her place” he had a crop which he used on me a lot, she said, but as time went on things changed and it was me that dominated him .“ His subservient side was soon revealed and she said “He loved to be kept naked shackled to the wall of the cellar for a day and to be cropped for the most minor things.”He asked her if that was why old tom had never seen the cellars, and she coloured up a little before replying “perhaps” then in a near whisper again she said “ perhaps” There was a long pause while they both mulled over the possibilities of what they had revealed about their most inner feelings.It was Ursula who snapped out of the long embarrassed silence first, she stood and extended her hand to Tim, silently leading him through the quiet house to the door of the cellar. They stood before the old door Ursula, key in hand, both sensed that to open this door was to open Pandora`s box, nothing would be the same ever again if open it they did. They exchanged glances like two naughty school c***dren, and then Tim took the key and turned it in the stiff old lock.Ursula`s heart pounding now, as she pushed the door open revealing the once familiar steps down which she last led her husband all those years ago. The light of the dusty old bulb struggled with the gloom as together they stepped down to the dungeon like basement, Ursula flicked a hidden switch and on came spotlights illuminating for the first time in years, the shackles on the wall, the medieval stretching rack, and the whipping bench. Tim slowly turned round his eyes like saucers, a layer of un-trodden dust thick over everything; his eyes alighted on a cupboard in the corner and then looked askance of her. She nodded her silent agreement and he stepped forward and opened the doors to find it full of old leather restraints, crop`s, whip`s, flogger`s, paddle`s and tawse.They stared at the cupboards contents, each silently contemplating the dry leatherwear in their own way, neither could bring themselves to speak; he silently turned and kissed her hand. Within seconds they were embracing like people possessed, the pent up lust of the last few years turning to fresh lust in just seconds.She raised her hand in a motion to stop his embrace, “not here!” she gasped, taking his hand she dragged him back up to the kitchen and on into the sitting room. There she flung herself down onto the sofa dragging him into her arms. He needed no telling what to do; her dress was open buttons flying his hands hot on her breasts, encased as they were in the thick white Basque, their lips welded together her hands tearing at his trousers, releasing his manhood ramrod stiff. Her mouth quickly encompassed the purple tip of his ready damp tool, as she sucked his hot offering from deep in his body.The first rush was soon over, her body more alive than she had dreamed in the last year or two, they stood in the flickering firelight exploring one another`s bodies, discarding clothes like leaves from an Autumn tree till her naked body gleamed in the firelight, her breasts surprisingly full but not oversize or over droopy the nipples aroused, the soft light accelerating the curve`s of a slight belly, and a dark thatch over the join of her lovely tapered legs. He taller by 6” or more, his normally exposed areas of skin dark and weather-beaten, in contrast to the other areas of stark white, his thin wiry body dwarfed by the size of his penis 10” of thick un-circumcised meat hanging from him like a third arm.In but a few moments they were entwined on the floor, her body eager to enclose that wonderful horse size cock, which slipped into her wet cavity stretching and filling her as never before, her legs wrapped round his body pulling his backside into her as they rapidly began the move towards climax, her voice loud crying OOH and AHH and building to crescendo of YESSS as the wave broke.Again more slowly this time the urgency having left them they began to move together, a rhythm developing that spoke of slow burning passion, of years wasted, of the coming together of two compatible souls finding their way to, if anything a stronger climax.Through gritted teeth her voice hissed the word, YESSSSS as once again their bodies tensed, raising in a triumphal arch, and then slowly relaxed.They lay entwined for what seemed a long time, the fire had burnt down, when hand in hand they drifted away to her bed.Dawn broke on Ursula in a shaft of sunlight from the open curtain; she could smell bacon, the door opened and a dressing gown d****d Tim arrived with their tray, coffee, fresh bread, bacon eggs and a single white rose.They ate in silence neither wanting to spoil the moment, the tray soon disposed of they passed away another hour in gentle sex, still never a word spoken as he took her to places she thought she would never visit again. Finally they arose, and Tim went off to dress so as to feed the a****ls forgotten till now in their rush of lust leaving her to bathe and dress.Together they began to clean the cellar, him with hot water her with saddle soap on all the dry leather. A fresh bulb on the stairs, and before teatime that day it was a usable sector of the house once more, not that the day had been without incident, he had caught her all unawares bent over the whipping stool and clasped her to him in a sudden wet embrace at one point and later she had grasped his tool from the back between his legs as he bent to scrub the stairs, causing him to spill a half bucket of water across the cellar floor. Though on the whole they had bent to the task in hand well both realising there would be time enough for play when the work was over, a coat of white distemper finished the job to perfection.They sat in the big old kitchen over toast and cheese, washed down with lashings of tea, they had missed dinner so intent on their task had they been, between mouthfuls of toast she promised him that as soon as the room was dry they would “play” in there. In reply he raised himself from his seat lifted her from hers and bent her over the table end. Knocking her chair aside His hands tore at her flimsy knickers dragging them down her legs holding her down with his other hand and with a single movement his massive tool thrust its way into her wet channel. Her toast forgotten, she began to writhe around on the table top amid the tea cups and empty plates, as he forced his way still deeper into her body, his strokes becoming rapid as he strove to complete his task and together now they came to the boil, unable to control herself Ursula found herself climaxing and being filled from this huge fire-hose of a male appendage. At the same instant, her emotions in such turmoil she collapsed onto the scrubbed table top, unable to cope, she lay exhausted as he withdrew, and quickly sat down returning to his tea as if nothing had happened.Suddenly it was time to talk, “would your mother have let you do that?” She barked. A little taken aback he looked a little crestfallen like a small boy with his hand in the sweaty jar, he mumbled “no misses, she would have taken me to our cellar and given me a beating”“Then that`s what we will do tomorrow just as soon as the place has dried out!” she snapped, she noticed his smirk, like a schoolboy, he had manoeuvred her into doing just what he wanted. She knew that unless she sorted this out and now she would soon be the slave to his unwitting master. Right then “from now on you refer to me as misses, when visitors are here or if we are at play, you will be told when you can sleep in my bed, and I and I alone will decide when we can play”, “do you understand?”“Yes misses’ sorry misses’” he seemed happy that he had a rule or two to live by; his old mum would have approved, he thought.He asked if she was going to do all the things his old mum would have done, to which she said “if that`s what he wanted, yes, but as I don’t know exactly what his mother would have done, he would need to tell her and in detail.” He began to wash up the china from tea, and quietly began to explain how he had lived with this most sensual complex woman, while concentrating on the few plates.“I don’t remember dad” he started “and till I was 10, my life was pretty much like the other k**s, my old club foot slowed me down an` k**s is cruel, tidy cruel at times.”`Er ad I come `ome an er never allow I back t school agin when her found I was being played with by one of they girls behind the bike shed” “I were a big lad and Becky she were a bit well, advanced, then see, not that I unerstood.”“That night she took I to er bed an I never slep alone till er passed over, nigh 40 year.”“Er never slept with I till I were 18 though, not proper like, well `er old dog did that for `er when she sent me on messages, an` me too truth to tell when `er was out but she daint know”He smiled wistfully at his naked reflection in the kitchen window, the light was falling it would soon be dark. “Any road come me 15th birthday she decided I needed to be educated `bout women, an she comes to bed and leaves Th`ol oil lamp on, an makes me strip orf, well youze a big lad er sez, then she has I take all her clothes orf a bit at a time.”“Well till then I `ent sin a woman with nout on, and the old boy do stand up for her, she `splain`s all about`n an shows I how to do the job by `and.” “Then er lets me take orf her knickers and ha` a good look round, pointin` out the bits I ain`t never saw afore, well I carnt `elp n an she get a bit wet. “ “Well, till I was 18 she med I play wid mesen each night afore bed so we Dina `ave what she called a haccidentUrsula was now so taken with Tim`s story that she did not question any of it just adding the comment`s “that was sensible” and “well had the woman no conscience?” Tim went rumbling on polishing the last plate over again, “well cum me 18th and she said as ow I wus old enugh for the last lesson, er shows I ow to put it in er, an us stopped using my `and from then on.`er even ad mine up er back way once or twice, Thet old dog passed on `bout then, so keepin` her `appy was down to me for a year or so till the noo one was old `enuf, we `ad too since then thisun , e`s the forth I spose.”Ursula, now wide eyed asked, “you mean the old dog you arrived with? He`s a stud dog that is trained to pleasure women?” Tim nodded saying “that ol dog is ownley a cupla years old!”She then asked about having it up the back-way, “Are you saying, your mother took that monster up her backside?” She asked. He said it had made her eyes water but it made a change from the old dog; her mouth fell open at that, and she finally asked about the table ending she had recently had was that something his mother allowed to happen at the drop of a hat? His answer both shocked and exited her, he said “it was his way of asking to be punished!”With a shaky voice she heard herself say “that; that was not to Sincan Escort happen again just ask, in fact you are to ask for anything you want from now on and she would let him know if she wanted him to do anything for her, anything at all.” The rules were now set and he took her in his strong arms, he was so happy tears ran down his cheeks he had found his life`s partner.It was Monday and they were waiting for the postman to deliver, he always came about 8.30 each alternate morning, his long and miserable features finding some perverse joy in imparting bad news with bread milk and mail.Over the last weekend she had slept with Tim a number of times, they had cleaned and made ready a dungeon for themselves and had both confessed to being into light pain, and b********y, he having experienced the later her having fantasised.Today was back to reality just living and being seen to live as normal, Tim was to be rebuilding the garden fence at the back of that dratted goat run. His mother used to say that keeping a goat is like holding water in a colander, you need to fill every hole to have a chance! She was not wrong the elderly nanny he owned would have given Houdini competition. For Ursula though it was to be a day of baking, which she loved, and a little gardening in her lovely walled garden.The postman; appeared, dumped his post on the table along with the ordered bread and milk, then told them that he had just “watched the contractors in record time flatten the cottage Tim had lived in for years .”Having imparted that nugget of joy, he was soon back on his pony and trap and away on his round, no doubt to impart further gloomy news at every opportunity. They sat in silence for a moment or two, then with a shrug Tim went off to his work grunting that “that was that then” as he passed Ursula without a glance she saw tears in his eyes.The day passed fairly slowly, coffee, dinner and afternoon tea were quiet affairs but by teatime, the main meal of the day, the mood had lightened a lot and after a nice meal, Ursula mentioned the dungeon, telling Tim to be downstairs at 7, and to be ready for a thrashing as he was due that for the table ending he had given her the last evening. He simply touched his forelock and quietly mumbled “ok misses” then went off to feed the dog and to wash.At 7 that evening he presented himself at the steps to what they had come to refer to as “downstairs” he was dressed in pyjamas and a dressing gown, just as he used to for his old mother when she had ordered a disciplining.Ursula was already waiting, crop in hand, she had been looking forward to this since yesterday. She was dressed in black from head to toe, her dress a long slim one with a high old fashioned neck, long sleeves and a single line of buttons from neck to hemline.She said not a word just pointed to the whipping stool, which Tim approached silently dropping his trousers as he neared the stool and dr****g himself over the cool leather.Presenting her with his backside as a target his voice suddenly broke the silence, echoing around the little room. “Mother said as I were a wriggler I was had to be secured, she used a gag as well but I always hated that, but I will leave that to you misses.”Ursula fetched straps, and secured wrists and ankles, in the conventional way, her soft voice quietly asking “how many strokes would mother have given you for what you did to me last evening?” His answer was that “it depended on if she had wanted to be `had` in which case 10 or 15, or if she didn`t it would be double.”Her reply was that this would be a lesson to him then as she never wanted to be had like that again unless she asked him for it, and “20 would be laid on hard in fives, did he understand?” His nod was enough and the first stroke cracked across both cheeks leaving a trail of fire, the second, third and fourth came in quick time, before the fifth a real humdinger caught him unawares and his whole body jerked to the limit of its movement.In an instant she had vanished from his line of sight, silently gliding up the stairs her footsteps a light as a fairy, retreating to her kitchen to allow her breathing to return to a slower pace, so exited was she at wielding the crop again after all these years.Tim meanwhile could not see the stairs so did not know she had left him. He spent his time coming to terms with his burning backside and waiting for the next stroke.It took her two or three long minutes to regain control of her-self and another to silently glide back to the stool. Working from the other side she swiftly applied the next five, quick as a flash, whap, whap, whap, whap and whap! They hit home so suddenly that he could not count the five, his cheeks now red and feeling as though struck by a flame thrower. Again she silently left him to suffer, leaning against the wall in the kitchen and opening the lowest buttons of her dress her hand slid in to caress her wet sex. Her breathing uneven, almost ragged, she fingered herself allowing herself a small climax, then almost ran back to the stool.Changing sides she swept the crop down with more strength, the stripe appearing across the red skin, his cry now echoing round the little room, a second stroke parallel to the first, his cry louder, the third a measured stroke, parallel to the second, his vocal accompaniment near to a scream his head wagging from side to side.The hand not holding the crop now busy under her dress as she applied the next stroke and the last in near to frenzy, his scream music to her ears and her hand now a blur as she sat heavily on the rack her body writhing with the climax she was having. Tim slumped forward, knowing he still had another 5 strokes yet to come, he remembered his old mum having had climaxes but not so fierce or so early, usually managing to last to the last few strokes. His moans muted now as he waited the climax to subside and for her to return to the job in hand.It took a good five long minutes; before he sensed her return to him he tensed expectant of the next stroke, but instead felt her hand seizing his manhood, the grip rapidly pulling the foreskin back, then forward in quick succession. The unexpected grip brought him near his own climax, as fast as it came, the grip vanished and the crop struck again. blood began to show along the now livid stripe, the hand re-gripped his tool, just one stroke this time followed soon by the second.His mind could not cope; pain and joy intermingled, whap the third stroke landed then immediately the fourth. His scream now mixed with the sound of his building orgasm, the final stroke; hard, stinging, and ecstatic pain and followed by that grip and rapid milking that ensured his seed spilling onto the floor in an orgasm the like of which he could not remember before. Her hand a blur as she climaxed herself her legs finally turning to jelly and she slumped back onto the stairs. Her body slowly returned to the real world, she released his bonds, and helped him up. Together they returned to the kitchen at her silent signal, he lay as she had the evening before, over the table end. She applied one of her salves gently to his wounds. As soon as that was completed she again helped him up. Together they embraced, his hands fumbling for her button`s, the dress gaping open, revealing her naked body, their lips welded together, they came together like young lovers he lifted her onto his erection, the great organ sliding into her wet sex easily, the urgency of their mating scr****g her back to the rough kitchen wall.Now he began his wild strokes, bringing them both to their respective climaxes, his seed this time filling her body in great hot spurts, her body limp now, impaled on his rapidly collapsing tool.He lowered her to her own wobbly legs, then to her chair kissing her again as he did so, her dress still open from neck to heels her body exposed in the most wanton way.He made tea, he did not want to sit, but with the help of cushions he finally managed to do so. They silently sat drinking, no words having passed between them since she had asked how many strokes seemingly hours ago. Words were just not necessary or adequate. He took her hand and led her to her bedroom, they kissed again and he left her for his own bed, he would tidy up in the morning.He was up first his backside still tender and bruised; his clothes rough against the still livid stripes. The kettle on and the fire lit he went downstairs and tidied away, turning out the light and locking the door with a slight smile.Ursula appeared, today her dress blue, old and a little threadbare but fine for round the house, her hair neat, her face scrubbed she looked the image of the older housewife, butter wouldn`t melt. They greeted one another without any hint of the evening before, she starting on breakfast as soon as she appeared.They sat eating before she asked of his wounds saying she was “sorry if she had hurt him badly.” To which he answered that “not badly, he had had much worse,” and that he would have her do it again if that is what she wanted. She took his hand a swift fleeting touch that meant so much.She asked him to introduce her to his dog, which so far she still had not met, assuring him she had always loved dogs but her husband had not been keen on them and after he passed it had never occurred to her to have one. As he had thought she did not like dogs Tim had kept his either in his rooms or by day in the old sty at the garden bottom, always walking it on the beach last thing before he came in for his tea. He asked her to join them for the walk that very afternoon, which she happily agreed too.The day past as all days do, the sun shone, the sea like polished glass, a light breeze to keep things cool, it was soon afternoon break.They sat with tea and scones out on the lawn; she asked if he would swim? “Yes” he could, “shall we then it will do your wounds well?”They went their separate ways to dress for the swim and fetch towels, she shouted after him to “fetch the dog as well they could walk him at the same time.”The pathway to the beach was a short steep affair down to the beach only some 15 feet or so below the garden, it led to a sandy cove which Ursula had always looked on as a private beach. The pair now dressed in swimsuits, hers one piece shiny nylon in red, his woollen and green, led the dog, a black Labrador cross by the name of Toby, onto the warm sand.The dog chased sticks thrown by Tim, splashing in and out of the shallows, as they walked into the calm cool sea.They swam for a while the sea cool and refreshing, and then lay on the warm sand the dog flopping down beside her as if he had known her forever. She then shyly asked; as she had never tried sex with a dog, if she could “take his mothers place.” And if he would allow her have the dog around the house rather than in the sty or his room, a suggestion he was more than happy with saying “she could just do as she wanted with him or th` ole dog, she only `ad to say.”She was touched at his sincerity, replying that if there was anything he wanted to do with her, or to her, anything at all, not to be shy and he was to ask, there were to be no secrets or fantasies, kept from one another at all. He took her hand and called the dog and together they returned to the house.They ate there meal in silence, still dressed in swim suits, the dog at his feet in the kitchen, waiting expectantly.The meal over, Tim washed up the in his usual blunt way asked “where she wanted to be for the ole dog to `ave er?”Confused now she asked where would be best? He said “t` ole boy ain`t particular twas up to her!” stalling for time she asked if the dog had had him as well? “Course “he snorted then took her hand and led her to the sitting room bidding her remove her swim suit. He called the dog to him and as she had only just begun to remove the clingy nylon suit he assisted her to become naked. He pointed at the carpet saying she should kneel on all fours, which she did, showing some surprise when he threw a towel over her back, then snapped his fingers.The dog took no telling he had not had a partner now for some time, the odour of sex was in the air and he was quickly up to her his tongue slathering her sex wetly, her face showed how she was enjoying the tongue, her breathing rate increasing with every second.Unexpectedly his forelegs grasped at her body as his great body lunged forward knocking the air from her, his hips stabbing his now unsheathed cock at her body in the attempt to find her sex.Tim aimed the wayward cock into the now wet target, and Toby forced the giant appendage into her spreading her lips with a single fierce stroke. She gasped then began to enjoy the sensation of the rock hard prick slamming into her at a rate she had never before experienced, she grunted with every forward stroke, her arms folding under the onslaught. Tim moved to be in front of her uttering soothing words as Toby ravaged his new mistress, she hardly understanding a word he was saying, so intense was the effect. He held her shoulders telling her to brace herself as Toby was about to knot, her thoughts concentrated asking herself why would she need to brace herself was this fantastic onslaught to get worse?She felt the thing Etlik Escort stretching her sex walls apart like a hammer blow Toby kept striking his target his knot forcing itself inside her wet tunnel. She let out a long piercing scream as he finally lodged himself within her, his burning hot seed splashing her guts, pump, pump, pump, quantities of hot seed distorting her belly as if to split her like an over-ripe melon. The dog had stopped its urgent movement now, allowing things to settle, never had she felt so full, she looked askance of Tim who quietly explained that “ `twould be a bit o time till things get shrunk enuff to come away”25 long minutes it took till nature released her, Toby slinking away to the corner to clean himself, Ursula rolling onto her back doggy goo leaking onto the carpet in a trickle, her knees sore and her arms tired. Tim kissed her asking if she was “all ok?” To which she nodded emphatically, pulling him towards her and clutching at his manhood in a way that told him they would walk this path again.Tim mounted the slack, wet sex of his mistress, with his trunks round his knees, so aroused was he that in just a few short strokes his seed was mingling with that of his pet and she had again achieved a climax, the like of which she had never had before. They lay entwined on the now damp carpet waiting for their heart rates to return to something like normal and gently kissing one another till exhaustion overtook them.Morning broke on the two entwined stiff cold lovers found them-selves still on the carpet. They slowly regained the ability to move, untangling themselves, tired stiff muscles stretching in the half light, he regained his feet and helped her up and in silence they went their respective ways, he to his room and she to hers, no doubt for a bath, or shower, Toby meanwhile snored contentedly on the sofa.The arrival of the postman his long gloomy face appearing at the stable type backdoor found Ursula pouring tea, and Tim just finishing a fine breakfast, invited in, the three sat the old postie telling of the death of the farmer from the next village and the way the wife at no 67 had been carrying on with old eddy the stoker.He left after half an hour leaving them in a depressed mood, Ursula said she wondered if they were the target of the posty`s chatter at the next home, Tim smiled, grunted “Probably!”, shrugged then reached over and kissed Ursula. He then stood and went out to set the garden to rights.The sun beat down all Morning, and he was happy when she called him to eat, over a salad under the old parasol in the garden they decided to swim again, Tim, soon off to change into his swimsuit, as Ursula cleared the plates away, then went to change herself making a mental note to get him some new trunks.They were soon on the beach laid on their towel`s, Toby lay with her having hardly left her side since their coupling the evening before.“Dam it!” She cursed “I forgot to go to the toilet before I came out”She began to rise, when he said “yno I never saw her goo, my ol mum, not in 40 yers did she ever pee in front of I”She looked at him in that hard stare some women use when they don’t really believe what had just been suggested.“Do you really want to watch me pee?” She asked, surprised that any-one would want to share such a personal occurrence. His eyes told her that he was keen though he barely managed to nod.“Well I don’t mind, but not here, it would be difficult in this suit” she said “let`s go downstairs this evening and you can do as you wish its well drained, but now we swim.” she gave him her hand and together they walked into the waves till they were waist deep, he kissed her again his hand stroking her crotch. She began to pass water, the heat of her passing warm on his fingers. She slumped against him her fingers tracing his outline in a way that spoke of so much more for them to explore.His fingers soon moving the swimsuit to one side the better to reach her sex, they played a tattoo on her button, his arm supporting her as her legs began to buckle as the sudden climax swept through her,The afternoon progressed; swimming, sunbathing, searching for shells like schoolc***dren, throwing sticks for Toby, and swimming again before they returned to the house hand in hand, for tea.They stripped off in the kitchen, hanging their suits before the range to dry.Ursula, now naked, jiggling her breasts as she cut slices from a loaf; conscious, of his eyes never leaving her nipples, as he made a huge pitcher of orange juice and pouring her a large glass. She knew why, and drank it down asking for another, remarking that it “would be about an hour” he smiled as she pushed a full glass towards him, saying that “it takes two!”The meal over and the a****ls fed, they watched the news together on the TV, the world was as usual in turmoil, they sat and she said she just could not see why the human race had to kill one another.She took his hand and together still naked they opened the cellar door, he led her down the old worn steps putting on the spotlights as he went.“Up” he commanded she noting how he had lost all traces of shyness with her, she knowing what he wanted her to do this time, did as instructed standing on the rack-bed her hands flat braced on the low roof, her sex, level with his forehead, open legged to allow him the access he desired. He began to examine her sex closely; closer than even her doctor, she felt his warm breath on her cool clitoris, his tongue with a touch like a butterfly slid slowly up her left lip, then her right, it slid onto her clit now wet with precum, then flicked at the open passage.She stood trying to control her churning feelings, her bladder bursting, her desire to pass water becoming urgent, the two pints of juice had seen to that, balanced against her desire to climax, it was a sexually ecstatic feeling, as his tongue beat a tattoo on her clit. Now, her climax rapidly building, she could no longer hold her water. Release a small spurt, her tortured mind told her it will ease things, she did just that, things became a hundred times worse, her bladder now screaming messages to her brain, don’t stop me now it said, with a strangled scream she released her stream. Tim`s tongue never missed a beat on her clit, despite the hot waterfall splashing at his mouth and chin, running down his chest, hot on his manhood , finally splashing away to the floor.Abruptly the stream ceased though his tongue never stopped, her climax striking her like a sledge hammer, her legs turning to rubber as she crumpled into his arms exhausted. He laid her tenderly on the flat top of the rack, her body like a limp rag, her mind in limbo, not wanting to function, his for the taking.He attached the ropes to wrists and ankles spinning the winders till the slack had gone. The ratchets clicking as the capstan revolved, she was tight on the ropes now, spread unable to move as she realised her predicament she returned to full consciousness.He kissed her, reassuring her he would not go too far, then adding another click to each capstan, she was now uncomfortable her arms and legs tight to touch, her mind remembering how her husband had stretched her here then taken his whip to her taught skin delighting in her pain all those years ago.He climbed onto the rack bed his turgid errection huge, menacing, His bladder in need of relief; he knelt between her legs, placing the tip of the appendage between her sex lips, there was a long moments wait, for her a lifetime, as he forced his bladder to begin to empty, she felt each drop each spurt, each spray, her body filling, swelling bloating as his hot waters filled her.He pressed forward, his prick like a piston forcing the water into her under pressure, as he began to stroke at her, his water forcing past him on either side of his stiffness, his speed increasing till with a groan he came, huge gouts of his spend splashing into her womb adding to her both her discomfort and her joy.He removed his body from hers, like a cork from a bottle of pop, her first rush of pressurised contents spurting from her. Releasing her bonds and helping her to her feet, his piss still emptying down her legs, she clung to him, at last he was expressing himself, shyness all gone, doing to her whatever he wanted.Unlike her husband, he had kept his desire`s in check to the point that he had not hurt her by losing control. She fell to her knees her mouth cleaning his manhood regardless of taste, to her the ultimate sign of subservience.Together they climbed the stairs he leading his still bruised backside showing blue in the electric lights. The kitchen cool, clean friendly smelling, beckoned them, Toby greeted them his tail wagging, his nose soon buried again in Ursula`s wet crutch.She did nothing to stop himShe leant against the table end, as his tongue fetched her to yet another climax in seconds, Tim swung her into the bench, she leant back the dog leapt at her his tongue slathering at her breasts his rigid cock stabbing at her sex, as he fought to get into her in the missionary position.His hips stabbing at her in the urgent way of the male canine, his body heavy on hers his claws scrabbling, trying for purchase the deeper to couple.Tim caught the knot holding it from entering her, the dog, fooled by his grip, began to fill her body; for the second time this night a male partner was filling her, the heat of his seed splashing into her, bringing her to climax yet again.The dog, now satisfied, retreated to his hearth rug, Tim was instantly in his stead, his huge tool sliding into its place easily on the wet used surfaces, his thrusts not as quick as the dog but just as urgent, her arms round him now urging him on, they climaxed together huge waves of passion engulfing them in a tide of joy, his spend not as big now but just as intense.Tim lifted her limp body and carried her to her bed, leaving her still draining body on a towel. Kissing her and wandering off to his bed his balls empty his mind exhausted. They both needed to sleep. He was awoken by a constant bleating below his window, the sun was high, the bleating louder than it should have been, his numb mind registered that that dammed goat was out again. He spent the next hour chasing the blessed thing then fixing the run yet again.He was glad to hear familiar sounds from the kitchen of breakfast being cooked, she had arisen. They soon sat at the table, he in need of a shower, she smelling of roses and fresh as a daisy, bright and clean. He spoke first, thanking her for what she had let him do, it was something he had always wanted to do he said, but couldn’t broach the subject with his mother though he had done a lot with her over the years he had never been given free reign. He hoped that he had not been carried away too much.She reassured him that, though she thought she was going to split she was so full, it was one of the most intense climaxes she had ever had. Then to have set the dog to her was just too much for her but she was glad he stopped the knot from her as she doubted she could have taken more. The final act with him had been just the icing on the cake, and she thanked him for putting her to bed so caringly.Tim However did say that “her had a joy o` settin yon dog to him, even though she ketched thet ol not.” he said he could not sit all week after that, but he added “twar wuth it thow.”She asked him for more details of his time with his mother, but he said he would show her in nights to come; this then set her mind flying through myriads of possibilities as she sat quietly drinking her tea.The day past, after dinner they threw caution to the wind, both naked they went to their beach, true they both carried dressing gowns “just in case someone appeared”, as she said “they did not need sightseers.”They made love in the water, her body weightless, floating vertically her breasts moving with the motion of the waves, her nipples just rubbing against his chest, His stiff tool buried deep in her body, her arms around his neck their lips soon welded to each other.Later they made love on the warm sand, the dog becoming aroused beside them the smell of their lust too much for him, his tool soon unsheathed, so she took pity on the b**st, his red angry looking tool slipping onto her eager tongue as easily as a lollipop into a c***d`s mouth,.Tim continued to thrust at her as her mouth soon filling with the dog`s hot seed, his knot clutched in her hand, as Tim climaxed deep into her body.Nothing was taboo between them; they would allow each other the privilege of having their respective partner`s body, to do each as they would with. Trust was the key, they trusted their bodies to one another, trust that the partner would not go too far despite each on occasions being unable to influence the other being in bondage or the like.True some limits were set, she not allowing him to do anything with her feet for some reason, and he in turn finding he hated gags at any price they turned him off rapidly, but other than that there was little that they did not try.This then was to become their norm in life; in the summer months, after the jobs were done round the home, Swimming, Sunbathing, each afternoon, enjoying each other`s bodies in the seemingly endless sun, on the beach, in the garden or the house.Each evening they explored one another`s darker side, little games with household items, the crop or more often than not the dog. Sometimes in the cellar sometimes the kitchen, and when there had been no sun to warm their bodies that day, in front of the living room fire.They had found their life`s partner

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