12 Short Stories About Sex

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It’s the night before my wife Bella goes overseas on a research grant. It’s a huge step in her career, but we’re heartbroken about spending a year apart. We turn in early.

Neither of us can sleep.

She hugs me from behind. Her hand goes down the front of my pajama pants. Instantly, I’m hard.

I kick the covers away. She sits up and turns on the bedside lamp. I slide a hand up her tank top and cup her big, heavy tit in my hand while she searches in vain for a condom.

She bends over the edge of the bed and pulls aside her nylon thong.

“Just be careful,” she says.

We fuck bareback, my hips clapping against her ass.

We finish missionary. I come on her soft belly, then help her wipe it up with a paper towel. I suckle her nipple while she gets herself the rest of the way.

Later, lying there in the dark, she tells me she worries about me being alone.

“I’m going to set you up with a friend of mine,” she says. “She can be your buddy while I’m away.”

We try again to sleep, but it doesn’t work.



The first “date” is uneventful. Dani and I meet at a bar, have beers, split a basket of fries.

She’s a preacher’s daughter. Long-limbed, slender, stylishly masc. A few inches taller than me, which I feel a little self-conscious about until we sit down.

I take her back to her place, which she shares with two roommates who aren’t home. She brings me in and shows me around.

“Micah’s looking for a place for when he moves to Ann Arbor, and Gus is at his girlfriend’s house,” she explains.

I notice only two bedrooms and wonder to myself how the sleeping arrangements work.

She’s giving me a smile that feels oddly expectant. I’m having a good time, but I have work in the morning. I excuse myself and hug her goodbye.



The next time Dani and I go out, she says she’s taking me on an adventure. It turns out to be a late night tour of the public art installations downtown.

We’re having a great time. I appreciate that she found us a way to have fun without spending a lot of money.

At one point, we pass by a local strip club that has an adjacent sex shop.

“Let’s stop in here,” she says. “I need some boots for a cosplay I’m doing at Metro City Comicon.”

I walk with her through aisles of dildos and frilly lingerie. I do my best to play it cool.

The sex shop is connected to the strip club through an open hallway. We’re getting the wub wub of loud music. It sounds busy in there.

She’s inspecting a pair of thigh high boots with heels that would make her easily over six feet tall, when a kind of skeezy guy approaches her. He turns out to be a promoter for the club.

“You know,” he tells her, “we have Amateur Night coming up in a few minutes, and we have one more open slot.”

“Sure,” she says.

I end up sitting at the front. Boyfriend privileges, I was told. I didn’t bother explaining our situation.

I sip my drink, get bored, order another. I have nothing else to do while waiting for Dani’s turn, which ends up being last.

The DJ is being cruel to the other girls. His snide remarks are getting lots of laughs from the crowd.

I’m a little tipsy by the time Dani comes on.

She’s in her street clothes–flats, above-the-knee pencil skirt, matching waistcoat, a shirt with the collar undone down to her small bust and her sleeves rolled up.

She kicks her flats off as the song comes on–EDM that sounds generic to me.

She does an adequate job. Not spectacular enough to wow the crowd, but not embarrassing herself either. She works her way down to her padded pink bra and cartoon character panties.

I must be pretty drunk. It goes to my head suddenly, like I’m in a trance.

She stands in a cone of pink light, all 70 pale inches of her. Someone yells something obscene. She begins to undo the fastener of her bra.

I don’t hear the music. I don’t hear the crowd. I watch as she deftly slinks out of her bra and panties and moves her body in the light.

While there’s no rule against it, she’s the only amateur to remove all of her clothing.

Intellectually, I know her moves are nothing special.

But she has a physicality that I can’t ignore–her long limbs, her tiny breasts, areolas nearly invisible. Her small ass. Her tummy, just a little soft, a pouch at the bottom.

Nobody sees anything more vulgar than a patch of curly pubic hair.

Nevertheless, the stage is littered with bills by the time she takes her bow.

Later, we’re on the roof of the parking garage, looking for my car. It’s chilly enough that I’m sobering up quickly.

She’s carrying a shopping bag with her new boots in it, plus hundreds of dollars in small bills. Obviously, her clothes are back on.

I’m finding it very hard not to picture her naked.

I steal glances at her while she walks, her body moving beneath her clothes.

We’re within istanbul escort sight of my car. There are lots of other cars, but I don’t think there’s anyone else up here.

In the orange light of an overhead lamp, she stops walking. So do I.

She pulls a wad of something out of her waistcoat and puts it in my hand.

Cartoon character panties.

Within moments, we’re groping each other, making out, her strong, domineering tongue grappling with mine. She undoes my slacks. My cock touches cool air. I hike her skirt up to her hips.

With our height difference, it’s easy to maneuver myself into her pussy. As natural as anything.

We fuck standing up, feeling each other up like high schoolers. I’m sober enough to have a rock-hard erection, and to wonder what the hell we’re doing.

Within about a minute, I’m coming inside her. She groans and squeezes my ass, pulling me in deep while I decorate her insides with semen.

I’ve scarcely got my pants back up when she takes my hand and drags me towards my car.

“Come on,” she says. “You’re buying me emergency contraceptive.”



Dani’s coming over to “watch a movie.” Before she gets here, I hit the pharmacy for condoms. I get carried away and buy a 36 pack.

I eat her pussy, she sucks my cock, she gets on all fours, the whole bit. I drop her off at her place in the morning.



We’ve actually struck up a pretty good friendship.

We also fuck every time we see each other.

Movie? Fuck. Mexican food? El sexo. Shakespeare in the park? The beast with two backs.

I’ve fucked easier comers, but no one whose body was this perfectly matched to mine. If we brush past each other in the hallway, her pussy practically drags me inside.

Tonight, Gus is at his girlfriend’s again. Micah has moved.

She puts a silicone ring around my cock and balls and feathered gator clamps on my nipples.

When she takes the clamps off, it’s a high sensitivity I hadn’t realized I’d like. She grinds on top of me while pleasuring herself with a bullet vibe.

The pressure of the cock ring is exquisite. When my orgasm finally arrives, I practically soak the inside of the condom.

Afterwards, we talk about sex, like you do when you’re still kind of horny but too fucked out to go again. I think we’re inspired by the toy box and the history it implies.

We talk about things we’ve done, things we’d like to do. I ask her if she’d ever try group sex. She says she already has.

She asks me if I’ve ever had anal sex. Bella and I tried it. She didn’t really enjoy it.

Though, I pointedly tell Dani, I want to try it again.

I ask her if she’s ever had her asshole licked. She says she doesn’t mind it, in a way that tells me she probably does.

I ask her if she’d ever have a threesome with me. She says yes. I can’t help it–I start asking probing, unsubtle questions that make clear that sex with her and another woman is an immediate priority.

She laughs, taking it in stride.

Then she asks, “Would you have sex with me and another man?”

I don’t really have an answer for her.

I deflect by asking her what her father thinks about having such a liberated daughter.

“As far as he knows, I’ve never even seen a penis,” she says.

When I get home, I pull up some male-male-female porn.

It’s not that I can’t enjoy it.

It’s hard to see myself enjoying the girl with the other guy right there.

Later, though, I pull up the same video again. I watch it the whole way through, and I come.

Soon, I’m on a male-male-female porn kick. I start seeing Dani and me in the scene, with the third guy as our guest. He and I are there for her. She’s there for us.



I told Dani about my burgeoning MMF porn habit, not so subtly intimating that it’s a fantasy I would like to make real. She didn’t pump me for details, but I think she understands.

Micah’s back in town, so we’re doing game night at her place. They’re sharing her room, which, I’ve ascertained, is what they did when they still lived together.

Micah is short but athletic, like me. Gus and his girlfriend Hana are there. He’s tall, pale, and lanky. She’s short and fat, her olive skin heavily tattooed.

All three of them are variations of the androgynous hipster vibe that Dani has.

We’re playing a board game that I don’t really understand. Soon, we’re playing a strip version of it. It feels like everyone’s losing on purpose, until we’re all naked.

With no clothes left, the card game segues into truth or dare, which segues into Micah and Gus taking turns groping Dani and making out with her while Hana avidly watches.

I sit at an angle that I hope flatters my body and downplays my erection. I try to match Hana’s nonchalance. She and I exchange meaningful glances, but I’m not sure what the meaning is.

I sure would like to fuck her.

Eventually, avcılar escort I have to excuse myself. Work again.

The next morning, Dani texts me to tell me what I missed out on, and I immediately hate myself for leaving when I did.



Bella and I have phone sex a few times a week–my morning, her evening. Today’s session is particularly uninspired, with each of us having a more or less mechanical orgasm after about five minutes.

We chat a little while longer, then bid each other farewell.

I haven’t told her what Dani and I have been up to. Only that we’ve been hanging out.

I don’t know any of what happens after Bella hangs up.

If I did, I’d know that she goes out for drinks tonight with some friends she’s made.

They suggest going as a group to a nearby burlesque show. When she gets there, the only other member of the group to show up is a guy named Dane.

The burlesque show is pretty spectacular–bodies and genders of all types, very funny, very randy. She and Dane are both tipsy and intensely turned on by the end of it.

They go back to Dane’s place, get high, and fool around. She wants to suck his cock, but he says no. They end up fucking missionary style. After a few minutes, he pulls out and ejaculates on the bedsheet.

He sits naked on the bed, watching Bella get dressed. He tells her, unbidden, that he’s married. He says it’s an open arrangement, which Bella isn’t sure she believes or cares about.

He says she was awesome, that they should do it again sometime. She agrees. They do.



I haven’t seen Dani in a while.

I couldn’t bring myself to call her. (After what she told me about game night, I was feeling some complicated things.) Meanwhile, she’s working through an unrelated funk of her own.

In response to the lack of sexual attention, I’ve gone down a porn rabbit hole that occupies most of my time.

I’m obsessed with fucking Dani with another guy. I have a growing list of favorite videos that feature a woman who looks like her.

One day, I’m beating off to an MMF video. The guys are taking turns making out with the girl, groping her over her clothes, touching her beneath her panties.

One guy starts playing with the other guy’s cock, and I don’t hate it.

(I’m unaware that MFM is the search term for avoiding this sort of thing.)

The guy-on-guy stuff turns out to be fairly tame. The only extreme thing is some daisy chaining near the end.

Similar scenarios keep popping up. After a while, I’m skipping the videos that don’t include guy-on-guy stuff.



My new porn habits have spread to include hardcore MMF, pegging, trans women with cis men, and cuckolding.

One scenario I particularly like is when the woman forces her “husband” to suck her lover’s cock while she watches.

I’ve even rubbed it out to good old-fashioned gay porn a couple times, though I’m not sure I’m sold on it.

By the next time Dani and I hang out, my sexual curiosities have undergone a paradigm shift.

We’re at her place, to “watch a movie.” Gus is home, but he’s in his bedroom with the door shut.

I can’t wait to tell her all the new and exciting things I’d like to try.

I bring up sex at the flimsiest pretext, but she cuts me off.

She says. “Can we just watch the movie this time?”



It was strained at first, but Dani and I are back to fucking.

Tonight, we’re at her place. Gus’s door is closed again. In the living room, she presents me with a heavy box.

“For me?” I say.

I open it. It’s a butt plug, curved like a finger, probably five inches long and an inch and a half wide.

“I thought I might pop your cherry,” she says.

In her room, she has me on all fours, naked.

She’s fingering my asshole, working lube into it. At first, it’s weird as hell, and I’m not sure I like it. But it feels good to have something in there.

She warns me, then works another finger in.

As I feel the pressure increase, I ask, “Does this mean I’m your bitch?”

She doesn’t laugh at my joke.

She says, “Being penetrated isn’t inherently submissive.”

“Are you going to put it in now?”


I hear the snap of the condom, then the tip of the butt plug on my anus.

“Ready?” she says.

I nod, clenching down, like she coached me to.

Then I relax, and she tips the butt plug in.

At its widest point, it’s almost too much. I’m close to telling her to stop, but I don’t. Then it passes.

I feel so full.

She puts the cock ring on me. We fuck, and when I come, the clenching of my sphincter makes the butt plug stroke my prostate.

I never want to fuck without this thing in me again.



I’m at Dani’s place, to watch a movie–literally, to my disappointment. şirinevler escort Gus’s invited himself to watch with us. Dani sits between us on the couch.

I resent his presence, until I notice Dani’s hand is in his lap, rubbing his cock through his pants.

Soon, they’re making out, right next to me, and she has his cock out of his pants, and she’s stroking its impressive length.

I forget the movie and watch my fuckbuddy manually stimulate her roommate.

It isn’t until she slides down to the floor and puts his cock in her mouth that I think about leaving.

But I don’t.

I watch Gus get head, his handsome cock disappearing most of the way into Dani’s mouth. Unconsciously, I get my own cock out.

By the time I realize what I’m doing, I’ve already started to masturbate. I don’t think they mind.

Gus mumbles something, and Dani lifts her head and nods. I don’t quite catch it, but I think they’re talking about me.

Dani stands up and disrobes, unshy about baring her long, beautiful body to both of us.

Then she gets on all fours on the couch, arched across Gus’s lap, her face near my cock.

“Can I?” she asks.

I nod, and she does.

I lean my head back and sigh, aware that Gus is watching me while Dani sucks me off. His presence adds a layer of excitement that I’ve never felt before.

His hand is doing something to Dani’s hindquarters that I can’t see. She’s moaning with my cock in her mouth. The air starts to smell like pussy.

Then Dani lifts her head, gasping that she needs a break.

She lies across us. I stroke her hair and Gus toys with her asscheeks, until she decides to go get a glass of water.

She climbs off of us. Gus gets up and disrobes, and so do I.

She wanders to the kitchen. Gus and I sit back down.

I look over and see Gus masturbating, his gaze upon her as she walks away.

Then his other hand is on my belly.

We lock eyes. He’s still masturbating. I start masturbating too, the condom crinkling in my hand.

He leans over and he kisses me. His tongue soft and his stubble is sharp.

We go from masturbating ourselves to masturbating each other. One thing leads to another, and I’m kneeling between his knees, his cock staring me in the face.

For some reason, I’m trying not to think about what I’m doing. I wrap him loosely in my fist. I’ve held my own cock so many times, but I’ve never just paid attention to how it felt in my hand.

He feels big and firm and unyielding. His pubic hair smells like sweat.

I put my mouth on it. I touch the head of it experimentally with my tongue, feeling the rubbery texture of damp mushroom.

I start bobbing my head, trying to jerk him in equal rhythm.

He sighs. He sounds like he’s enjoying it well enough.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Dani watching us, looking incredibly turned on, standing there with a glass of water in her hand.

I do my best to suck Gus off, minding my teeth and my tongue, varying my attentions until I settle into something I think he likes.

Gus taps me on the head. I lift up, and he begins to masturbate.

When he’s close, he pushes down on my head, inviting me to finish him.

I feel the ropes bursting upon my tongue. I savor the thickness, the loose, sticky texture, the way it slides down my throat like raw egg white.

It occurs to me that I’ve sucked my first cock, and I feel great about it. I resolve that it won’t be the last.

I stand up, lean down, and kiss him, pouring all my excitement and gratitude into it. His tongue is in my mouth, mingling with my spit and his cum.

Dani has finished her water. She takes me by the waist and pushes me onto the couch next to Gus. She straddles my lap with a knee to either side of me and lowers her pussy onto my cock.

She arches her back and grinds her hips on me while Gus peppers her neck and her breasts and her nipples with wet, sucking kisses.

I feel his fingertips graze my pubic bone–he’s pleasuring her while she fucks me. His touch shocks me at first, but only at first.

Soon, his mouth is all over my chest, my nipples, my lips. Between Dani fucking herself upon me and Gus ravishing our bodies, the intensity of all those sensations at once, I don’t last long.

As my cock spends its last inside the condom, we share a round robin of kisses.

She finishes herself with her hand. When she’s ready, she extricates herself from my lap. Gus helpfully removes the condom and disposes of it, somewhere off in the background, while Dani and I cuddle.

Somehow, we all cram into their tiny shower. We soap each other’s bodies, laughing at the clumsiness of our closeness.

I’ve never come so clean.

We all collapse on top of the covers on Gus’s bed, still naked and wet. Our bodies cool in the air.



I pick Bella up at the airport. Though she’s tired, we’re overjoyed to see each other.

We get into the car. I put my hand up her skirt. She sighs gratefully as I my fingers circle her clitoris.

Dani and I are distant–I haven’t found a way to tell Bella about our year together.

But I will tell her.

If she isn’t upset, I have some ideas.


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