Trick or Treat

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The air was crisp and sweet when she left the office for lunch. She loved living so close to her office; it gave her opportunity for a bit of an afternoon break. She would head home today to rest a while. She had been so busy lately sewing and mending costumes for her nieces and nephews for Halloween.

As she pulled up in her driveway the mailman was just passing by he waved to her to wait, he was carrying a large parcel and she hoped it was for her.

“Hi, what a nice fall day, isn’t it?” He commented.

“Oh my gosh yes, I think one of the last that we’ll see though, Halloween is coming up quickly and that usually is it for the nice fall weather.” She answered in her usual polite chipper voice.

They chatted for a short time, he was a bit mesmerized by her eyes; he finally realized that he was holding a parcel for her. “Oh, this is yours”, he said as he walked up her steps, “I’ll set it inside the door for you, it’s not too heavy but you shouldn’t have to carry it,” he said with a polite smile and went on his way.

She hurried into the house to open the box. It wasn’t too big or too heavy but she knelt down on the floor to open it just like a child at Christmas time. She loved surprises and this truly was unexpected. No name or return address. “How curious,” she thought. She was a bit nervous opening it but more excited than anything.

She tore the tape off and opened the flaps to reveal a decorated package. It was glossy black paper with large stenciled orange pumpkins and white ghosts, with white, orange and black curly ribbons. Her eyes were big and bright as she lifted it out of the box. Untying the ribbons and loosening the wrapping uncovered a pure white box with a button on the side. She pressed the button and the top popped. A wildly colored jester flew out and carnival music began to play; the jest had an envelop in his hand, she opened it and read aloud, “You are cordially invited to a Hauntingly Wicked Gathering on the Eve of the Hallow. A coach will arrive promptly at 6:30pm to carry you off to an evening of complete pleasure… Proper Attire Please… Dress wisely.”

Her heart raced, as did her mind. She immediately saw herself dressed in her shortest black skirt, tiniest lace top, highest patent leather pumps, and red fishnet stockings. Or perhaps she could dress as conservatively as possible; a navy pinstripe suit with the jacket loosely buttoned and hot red under garments.

Well, whatever it would be she would have to think quickly. Today was the 29th the clock was ticking. She phoned in to the office and took the rest of the afternoon off to gather her ‘Proper Attire”. This was incredibly fun. She went to the local “Noir Leather” store, which was packed with Halloween shoppers. She was a regular customer and they gave her special treatment.

She found a black leather skirt that laced up the sides and halter-top that laced up the front. The leather had a sheen to it that made it look midnight blue from one angle and black from the other, so she chose stockings that did the same and stuck with her own black pumps. A few other accessories topped off the outfit for the evening. Hand cuffs, tattoos, and a collar. She had all of this at home in the ‘Hope Chest’ but the occasion, she thought, called for something new. She was so eager to find out the mystery of the host. Her excitement just grew more and more not knowing.

At the office the next day she would drop hints asking if anyone was having a party or if anyone was invited to one. She didn’t get any response that she was satisfied with that would lead her to knowing the whereabouts or the host of the evening.

She hurried home that evening and prepared for the gathering. A small rose tattoo was placed on her shoulder another on her ankle. Then with a mischievous grin she placed one on her inner thigh up fairly high. She felt very naughty doing this, but since she trimmed and shaved her beautiful mound for the occasion why shouldn’t she have a bit more fun. She grinned wondering if anyone would see it.

It was almost the witching hour, 6:30. She peeked through the blinds. A limousine was slowly creeping down the boulevard toward her house. “Oh my, could that adıyaman escort be for me?” she wondered. It stopped right in front of her driveway. She ran down the stairs and grabbed her full-length black coat and long orange scarf. Once a year she was allowed to be silly and wear black and orange. She glanced in the mirror at the image and smiled back at it.

The driver was just stepping out to open the door for her. “Good evening, there is a tray of cocktails and appetizers waiting for you, Madame.” He closed the door behind her and stepped to the front of the limo and leaned in to the passenger side window and spoke to someone. She couldn’t see who it was because the partition was raised dividing the front and back sections. There was music playing softly too, so it was difficult to distinguish a voice.

She sat back and relaxed and helped herself to a few appetizers. She thought perhaps she would hold off on the cocktail until she arrived at the gathering. She wanted to have her composure so that she could enjoy the evening. She did, however, notice that the cocktails included her favorites. Dom Perignon Champagne, Bombay Sapphire, and a bottle of Chateau Larose-Trintaudon. This sent a shiver down to her toes. Someone knew her very well.

The limo arrived at a beautiful estate, one she didn’t recognize. The door was opened in the front and the mysterious passenger exited the vehicle. He was cloaked in a long black hooded robe. She still had no idea how she got this invitation. Then her door was opened and she was guided to what appeared to be a library in this exquisite home. She took in the greatness of it. Elaborately carved woodwork, fireplaces, large paintings on the walls, deep rich colors filled each room within her sight. This was the most remarkable home she had ever had the pleasure of being in.

What appeared to be a butler came in and handed her a mask. It was a simple delicately beaded black mask with ties on the back. Without any exchange of words he assisted in tying as she placed it over her eyes. He led her down a long hallway. She could hear laughter of men in a room just ahead of them. Until this point she seemed to know not to ask any questions. She didn’t think she would get an answer. That thought was confirmed when she innocently asked, “Who is the host of tonight’s gathering?” and the question seemed to fall on deaf ears. The gentleman just kept his forward movement.

The butler opened the floor to ceiling solid wood carved doors. The aroma of fresh cigars and expensive liquor escaped from the room. The silence was deafening. Every head in the room turned to see her.

“Ah, finally the slut has arrived.” One of the men finally said quite loudly as if announcing her presence.

She blushed at the thought that they pegged her right away. She then noticed that she was the only female in the room. She stood there vulnerable and … Ready. Her heartbeat quickened. Her breathing pattern changed. She realized that she truly was ready for whatever the evening might bring.

“Come, slut, we’re waiting for you.” A very deep masculine voice commanded.

She obeyed and stepped to the center of the room with eyes cast downward. Each one of the men was examining her, watching her every movement, studying her.

“You are our pet tonight to use as we see fit, you will obey our instructions without hesitation. Is this understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” She obediently answered and stepped to the center of the room.

“pet, you will refer to us by the names on our tags; learn them quickly because they will be removed soon.”

She began scanning the lapels of their tuxedos studying names and faces. Some had slim faces, some round, some bearded others clean-shaven. She placed each one with the name on the tag.

Dom had a thick graying beard, he was very distinguished and the name fit perfectly. He was holding a glass of Champaign.

Master was tall and very well built with sandy hair and strong hands. He was holding a large heavy crystal rock tumble half full of a rich amber color liquid she assumed was an aged brandy.

Sir was a very tall man with broad shoulders adıyaman escort bayan and a closely trimmed salt and pepper beard. He held a wine glass with one hand and a thick long cigar in the other. The liquid in his glass was deep red. He had a beautiful curl to the corner of his lip and warm soft eyes.

There were others a bit further away. She was straining to see the tags but couldn’t. The mask she was wearing was obstructing her vision slightly and she had a hard time focusing. She had to learn them; she knew they were toying with her.

Master spoke up, “Are you learning our names, pet? The punishment for not knowing will be severe.”

A tingle came over her skin at the thought of that punishment. She was still straining to see the names of the others.

One of them she thought said ‘slave’ could that be right. They all seemed to be Dominates.” She was thinking.

She caught the tag of a very slender sandy haired clean-shaven man, his tag said ‘john’.

The gentleman in the corner of the room had a broad smile and cheerful eyes, with she believed his name to be bob … or maybe don. She would have to figure that one out.

Master nodded toward the group. The Doms came forward. “Address your Doms, pet”

“Good evening, Dom, Master, Sir… how may I serve You tonight?” She said with her eyes cast downward.

Dom walked to her back and ran his fingers through her hair and grabbed a handful pulling her back. Her mouth opened reflexively. He brought her to her knees then buried her face into Sir’s crotch. Unzipping him with her teeth she felt his hardness against her lips. His thick cock popped out at her and slid into her mouth. She took him in effortlessly.

As instructed, john then slid in under her and began to lap up the juices dripping down her thigh. Master raised her skirt over her full hips and came down with a swift smack reddening her beautiful bottom.

Her head was swirling. She felt dizzy, almost intoxicated by the scene. She hadn’t had a drop of alcohol and was glad for that; she wanted to be able to experience this wonderful evening.

In the corner of the room, slave stood with his arms at his sides and his chin to his chest, he was trying to watch, but it seemed he didn’t want to get caught. He would peek every so often. Sir called him to the center of the room with the others.

“You would like a taste of this slut wouldn’t you, slave?” He asked in his very strong voice.

“Yes, please, Sir, I would.” He almost begged.

“Get down on your knees before this pet then and take in her scent.” He instructed.

She came off of the cock and stood straight up for slave. Her cunt was throbbing so deep. Her juices were flowing. Slave knelt very close to her cunt and breathed her in deeply, sucking the air in near her trying to obtain the taste of her sweet smell. A swift smack with a paddle sent her forward unexpectedly, her cunt was thrust onto slave’s lips and she moaned.

“Oh, john, take me… Please take me.” She whispered.

Master stopped everyone with a single snap of a whip. “slut, how is it that you addressed this man?” as he gestured to slave.

“Sir, I called him john.” She stated confidently.

Slave stood and showed his nametag. Clearly she could read it now. It said ‘slave’.

“Bend over and grab your ankles, slut, while you stroke my cock with your tongue.”

Master passed the whip to slave as she grabbed her ankles and took his cock in. Her bottom was high in the air. Bare. Vulnerable. Ready.

She felt the sting of the whip against her bottom. It startled her and sent that cock deep into her throat causing a deep groan from Master.

Seated in the corner in a huge overstuffed chair was bob, pulling his cock hard and fast. Beating and stroking with his eyes fixed on the scene. He was ready to cum she could see it. His cock was a deep crimson. Full. Thick. She wanted it. Her eyes kept darting there.

Dom noticed this glance. “Naughty little pet, what are you looking for?”

“That cock, Dom, is about to cum.” She glanced back over to bob. “Please my I have some, Sir?… um, I mean… escort adıyaman please my I have some, Dom?”

“Ah, pet, you caught yourself'” he said with a grin, “but you still must be punished for this indiscretion.” “Prepare please. Remove the books and ashtrays from the table and lay down on your back with your legs spread.”

She did just as instructed with her heart beating so fast she was trembling. She removed the books and set them carefully on the floor, then the ashtrays, setting them aside on another table. She had to take a few steps; her knees were shaking a bit. Of course they noticed but they were kind; john held her arm to steady her a bit.

She prepared for her punishment. She sat at the edge of the large oak table and slowly lowered herself onto her back then spread her legs and closed her eyes lightly not knowing what to expect.

Dom instructed slave to take her left ankle and hold it to the corner of the table, john was told to take her right ankle and hold it to the corner of the table, and bob then stood at the head of the table his hard cock still in hand and held her wrists together over her head.

Dom, Sir and Master slowly unzipped. Her eyes opened at that sound. It was one of her favorites next to her Master’s moans.

“It’s time bob, to spill your cum.” Dom instructed. “It must be wasted. This slut was too naughty to be deserving of your cum. Spray onto the table at her side.”

She winced and groaned. “Oh, pet… the night is still young. Be careful and perhaps you will be deserving of your treat.” Dom whispered as he leaned into her.

Her back arched as she tried to keep from moaning again and Sir reached down and pinched her tight nipple. She relaxed and settled in to her punishment.

They each took a turn swatting her bare wet cunt until it was swelling and red. A tear fell from her eye. She knew she had to try harder and that her rewards would be great.

Dom was standing at the foot of the table now and reached down with his cool hand to stroke her thigh. She had forgotten about the tattoo she placed there earlier. “What’s this pet? Aren’t you naughty, did you expect this to be seen tonight by anyone?”

She didn’t answer at first; she had to think about that. Of course she was hoping someone would see this… “yes, Dom, that is what I was hoping for.”

“So befitting a good slut” and he smacked her thigh hard, and grabbed her knees and brought her wet cunt to the edge of the table. He knelt down and ravaged her fuck hole while slave and john held her ankles.

Once again bob was jerking hard trying to concentrate hard on holding her arms above her head. Master whispered something to bob and he stood over her. He was beating hard now shaking with a droplet of precum forming on the head of that red cock. He smacked it onto her cheek. Her mouth instinctively opened to accept bob’s cock. He came hard for her spaying her face, her hair, and her neck. So much cum from that cock. A warmth over her belly drew her attention there. Dom sprayed jets of his creamy white seed onto her belly. More cum across her shoulder. Master exploded onto her. She realized that her legs were no longer being held and john, slave and bob were turning her onto her stomach raising her bottom in the air. A hard slap across her bottom wettened her cunt. The juices ran down her thigh; john scooped them up and covered his thick hard cock and slid into her tight hole. Her ravaged that hole as slave lapped her juices from under her until john pulled back and came across her bottom.

Master, Dom and Sir now held her in place as slave ravaged her bottom and her cunt. He coated his cock with her juices from her cunt and rammed hard into her bottom that was taken so many times already this evening.

The men continued to pleasure themselves with her holes for sometime. They used every hole over and over. They left her used and spent, spread out on the table; a banquet for all of them.

She felt like she was floating on a cloud. She could hear them talking; they were once again drinking their fragrant beverages and smoking their rich cigars. She dozed and wondered if there would be more for her that night.

She woke what seemed like just a moment later, still spread on the table. A splinter of sunlight shone through the heavy draperies. She felt a soft hand caressing her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open to the wonderful vision of her Master at her side.

“My beautiful pet…” He whispered into her ear and sent a wanton shiver through her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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