Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 93

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Tuesday morning Annalise got a message from Janice inviting her to yoga class that afternoon. At first she was hesitant; she was a little embarrassed at the way she’d been degraded by Lexi, Ana, Janice, and Ella, and at what a willing participant she’d been. But thinking of it she felt her pussy began to moisten, and she knew that there was no way she could refuse the invitation.

Janice used one of her guest passes for Annalise, who set up in a space between Janice and Ella. Looking around at the class, which was made up of women of all ages, all of them beautiful in their own way, Annalise felt privileged to be there. For a moment she focused on Ella, who looked especially gorgeous today, with her hair pinned back and wearing a black bodystocking that showed off her lithe form.

But even Ella was put in the shade by the teacher, Serena, who to Annalise looked like a creature from another planet. She was tall, athletic, and seemingly glowing with life and energy. As the class began, Annalise had a hard time taking her eyes off Serena, which was fine since she was the teacher and everyone was looking at her anyway.

It was a sunny and warm in the studio, and soon Annalise began to sweat. She found it difficult to concentrate on the poses, surrounded as she was by such stunning beauty; she looked around from Janice to Ella, to a particularly lovely brown-haired specimen in the corner, and back to Serena, and lustful, wild thoughts ran through her head. She realized that she was soaking wet between the legs, and was glad she was wearing a dark color that would hopefully serve as camouflage.

Annalise’s sex life had never been very exciting. Her former husband had not been very passionate or interesting in bed, and though she had sometimes considered an affair no good opportunity had ever presented itself. By the time they divorced, she was almost 40 Sincan Escort and didn’t find herself much in demand; and also she was shy and not very good at flirting or meeting new people. When Lexi and her father moved in next door, it had taken awhile for her to get up the nerve to approach them. When she did, the result had been unexpected, but certainly enjoyable. Now that she had been introduced to the joys of woman-on-woman love, a whole new world was opening up for her.

After class Annalise hung around talking with Janice, Ella, and Serena — though she had difficulty forming sentences, so awed was she by Serena’s statuesque beauty. Janice told the others that she had the keys to Jessica’s house while Jessica was out of town, and invited them over for a drink. All three readily accepted.

At Jessica’s Annalise excused herself to go to the bathroom, and while she was there she became engrossed in the book she found sitting on the toilet tank, which was filled with pictures of women in bondage. By the time she returned to the living room, Ella was naked on the couch with her legs spread, Janice kneeling between them. Serena sat off to one side watching, also naked, fingering herself with her right hand while her left held a glass of Prosecco.

Annalise saw half-empty glasses on the coffee table next to Janice and Ella and a full one on the opposite site, which she picked up and sipped without taking her eyes off the scene before her. Her eyes met Serena’s and Serena favored her with a big smile, green eyes glittering with mischief and vitality. Annalise knew exactly what she wanted to do, and after taking a big gulp of wine, she set her glass down and did it.

She sank to her knees in front of Serena, put her hands on the blonde’s knees, and pushed them all the way open. The mingled scent of sweat and arousal rising from between Serena’s Escort Ankara legs was truly intoxicating, and just for a second Annalise thought she might faint. But then she recovered herself and leaned down to kiss those firm thighs, running her tongue along the magnificent muscles. Serena tensed and gripped Annalise’s shoulder with her hand, sinking down in her chair so that her legs could splay further apart.

Annalise had had quite a bit of practice eating pussy lately, and for that she was glad, as she did not want to disappoint this goddess. She put every ounce of effort she could muster into pleasuring Serena, licking all around and gradually focusing in on her clit, which was every bit as impressive as the rest of her. As Serena’s orgasm approached, her powerful thighs held Annalise’s head in a vise-like grip. Annalise struggled to breathe and just as she thought she was about to pass out, suffocated in cunt juice and ecstasy, Serena came loudly and relaxed her leg muscles.

Sitting back on her haunches, Annalise looked up, her vision blurred and vague. When it finally came into focus, she saw Janice standing over her, massaging lube onto a strap-on. Behind Serena stood Ella, also strapped. Serena took Ella’s dildo into her mouth as Janice knelt down behind Annalise.

Annalise felt her hands pulled behind her back and handcuffed together, then Janice bent her forward so that her head was once again between Serena’s legs. Serena pulled her close with one hand and Annalise resumed gently lapping at the blonde as Janice pried her pussy lips open.

Once Janice penetrated her, though, Annalise forgot what she was doing and rested her head on the edge of the chair. She had been needing this, and the feeling of fullness was incredibly delicious. She gritted her teeth and rocked her hips backward to meet Janice’s thrusts. After a few Eryaman Escort Bayan initial pumps Janice took it slow, holding back a little, making Annalise do most of the work.

Serena, meanwhile, rolled gracefully off the chair and assumed a downward dog position on the floor, pushing her naked rump in the air toward Ella. Grinning, Ella took a step forward, smacked Serena loudly on the ass, then proceeded to give her a good hard fucking. Serena fell down onto her elbows, then her hands and knees, and finally all the way onto the floor as Ella slammed into her.

There may have been a little something extra behind Ella’s treatment of Serena. They were of a similar type, tall blondes, but Serena had bigger tits and was 10 years younger; everyone fawned over Serena, and this made Ella jealous, though she basically had nothing against the younger woman. She enjoyed making Serena scream, even though they were screams of pleasure; to add a little pain, she reached down and twisted Serena’s nipple.

When Ella was done with her, Serena had come violently three times and lay still on the floor, a line of sweat running down her back. Ella walked over and sat down in front of Annalise, who had lifted her head and was now gripping the edge of the chair, grinding rhythmically back into Janice. Ella guided Annalise’s mouth to her crotch and pushed the strap-on into it, giving Annalise another taste of Serena’s delicious juices.

Now Ella pulled off her strap-on and spread her legs, pulling her pussy lips apart for Annalise, who obligingly drove her tongue inside. About this time Serena raised her head and caught sight of a clock, realizing that she needed to get to her evening class post-haste. After dressing quickly she lingered for a moment in the doorway, watching a massive orgasm rip through Annalise, who leaned forward and clamped down on Ella’s clit. Then Ella came too, rising up on her feet to rub her wet pussy on Annalise’s face.

Serena said goodbye and was out the door, soon followed by Ella, who had to get home for dinner. That left Janice looking down at the naked and handcuffed Annalise, thinking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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