The Strip Club Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. All persons in this story are over the age of 18.


As soon as we were all inside the house Rochelle started undressing her father and Holly started undressing me. It didn’t take long before Daryl and I were standing there naked with our hard cocks in our hands in front of them, I glanced over at Daryl’s cock and was happy to see that his cock was a similar size to mine.

“Sit down and enjoy the show.” Rochelle said to us.

Daryl and I sat down on the couch next to each other, Holly turned on the music and we watched as Rochelle and Holly begin dancing with each other and removing each others clothes. They stood there topless dancing in their thongs, kissing and cuddling each other as their hands roamed over each other’s breasts.

Just watching them kissing each other passionately was making my cock throb, I watched as they removed each other’s thongs and turned to face us side by side letting us see their naked young bodies.

Holly looking at me, gave me a smile and said. “Uncle Steve, do you still want to fuck me?”

I looked at her with the biggest smile on my face and said. “I’ve have always wanted to fuck you.”

I stood up and took her into my arms and kissed her, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and wrestled with each other’s tongues. She took hold of my cock and gave it a few strokes and then sat down in an armchair and placed her legs over the armrests and held her bald cunt lips apart.

“Uncle Steve I want you to fuck me… I want to feel your cock inside my cunt,” said Holly.

I moved between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit a few times and then pushed my cock into her freshly shaven young cunt, she let out a loud scream of pleasure and then began moaning softly and whimpering in ecstasy, as I increased pace of my cock thrusting in and out of her cunt.

I wanted to take my time fucking her and to enjoy my bucket list moment, but after a minute my cock erupted and started shooting my cum deep into her cunt.

As I slipped my limp cock out of her cunt, Holly smiled and said. “Don’t worry uncle Steve you can fuck again as soon as your ready.”

Holly stood up and wrapped her arms around me and began to fondle my limp cock. We heard Rochelle moaning and looked over to see that Daryl had Rochelle leaning over the armrest of the couch and was thrusting his cock in and out his daughters asshole.

Holly whispered to me. “Daryl loves fucking Rochelle’s ass.”

Watching him fucking Rochelle’s ass I whispered to Holly. “Does he fuck your ass too?”

Holly giggled and said. “Yes he does… do you want to fuck my ass too?”

Holly kept stroking my cock as I played with a twisted and pulled on her nipples, once my cock was hard again, she gaziantep escort telefonları pushed me back onto the chair and straddled my legs as she held onto my cock and guided it into her cunt as she lowered herself slowly down taking all of my cock into her cunt, she sat there on my lap with my cock throbbing deep inside her cunt, having my cock in her cunt was incredible it was something I had always dreamed off.

I could feel her cunt muscles gripping the shaft of my cock as she began to bounce up and down on my cock, it was like her cunt was milking my cock, fucking her had my whole body shivering with pleasure, she was in total control she would slow down and then speed up there was no way she was going to let me cum to quick this time.

Holly took my hands and placed them on her small breasts, I gave them a squeeze and pulled on her nipples, she moaned and nodded her head, I pulled them again and twisted them harder feeling her nipples growing and becoming harder as she squealed with delight.

Every time I was close to cumming Holly would stop bouncing and sit still on my lap, she was driving me crazy, I was desperate to cum, my balls were aching and I held her hips and tried to make her bounce up and down faster. She smiled at me, she knew what she was doing to me, I gave her ass cheek a few slaps trying to encourage her to bounce faster.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I wrapped my arms around her and with my cock still inside her cunt, lifted her up and laid her down on the chair and began furiously thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt. A few minutes later I was filling her cunt with my cum, my cock was squirting so much I thought it would never stop.

Finally, I had finished cumming and I collapsed onto the floor with my head resting against her thigh. As I took deep breaths, Holly pushed my mouth onto her cum filled cunt, I ran my tongue over her cunt lips licking up my own cum and when I flicked my tongue over her small bud she squealed and began humping my face, holding the back of my head she held my mouth tight against her cunt, each time my tongue flicked over her love bud she squealed with delight and pushed harder against the back of my head.

Her cunt began squirting her juices all over my face, I had just given my friend’s daughter an orgasm and she had covered my face with her sweet nectar. I kept flicking my tongue over her love bud, she grabbed my head by the hair and pulled at my head trying to lift my mouth of her wet cunt. It was my turn to drive her crazy and when I sucked her love bud into my mouth, she screamed and squirted more of her juices all over my face. She pleaded with me to stop, It was only after making her orgasm three more times that I lifted my juice covered mouth of her cunt.

She pulled me up beside her and kissed me on her mouth, tasting her own cunt juices, and said. “Uncle Steve, that was incredible escort gaziantep telefonları no one has ever given me so many orgasms at the same time before.”

“I love the taste of your sweet nectar,” I told her then added, “I could lick and eat your cunt all day.”

Holly giggled and said. “I couldn’t handle you licking my cunt that long.”

“Oh fuck,” screamed Daryl as he began panting and taking deep breaths.

We had forgotten about Daryl and his daughter Rochelle and we turned to look at them only to see Steve pulling his limp cock out of his daughter asshole. Rochelle laid there bent over the armrest with her father’s cum dripping out her asshole.

“Sweet heart, I love having my cock in your tight asshole, you make me cum so hard.” Daryl told his daughter.

Holly gave me a wink and whispered. “See I told you Daryl loves fucking ass.”

Rochelle climbed of the armrest and sat down beside her father and gave him a kiss and said. “Daddy I love you fucking my asshole.”

I watched in amazement as Rochelle bent down and took her father’s soft dirty cock into her mouth and began licking it clean, Steve just laid back to enjoy having his dirty cock in her mouth for her to clean.

I whispered to Holly. “Does he make you clean his cock too?”

“Sometimes,” she whispers.

“We are going to take a shower and go to bed,” Daryl told us.

Holly looked at me and smiled and asked. “You’re staying the night aren’t you?”

She then took hold of my hand and pulled me up and led me towards her bedroom. I wasn’t surprised to see that her bedroom had an en suite and walk in robe, there was a large double bed and a few chairs scattered around the room. It was easy to see her bedroom was setup to entertain her clients and I wondered how many of her clients she had fucked her in her bedroom.

After we took a shower together and had climbed into her bed and pulled the bed sheets over us, Holly began cuddling me and fondling my cock.

“I’m so happy that you came into the club and saw me, Uncle Steve,” said Holly.

“Not as happy as I am,” I told her and gave her another kiss.

“Now that you are working with us, you can fuck me anytime you want,” she told me.

“Tell me about the club and your other jobs?” I asked.

“Rochelle and me work as strippers at the club on Friday and Saturday nights,” Holly told me.

“And the other jobs?” I asked wanting to know more.

“Rochelle and me do private functions where we put on a lesbian show for the men,” said Holly.

“Anything else?” I asked.

Holly looked at me and said. “I work as an escort and let men fuck me in their hotel rooms.”

“What do your parents think about your job?” I curiously asked.

“My mother has no idea what I do, she thinks I am working part time in a shop,” she tells me.

“And your father,” I ask.

“One gaziantep escort bayan telefonları of his work colleagues told him about me being a stripper and he came into the club and saw me stripping,” Holly told me.

“Was he angry with you?” I asked having to know what her father thought.

“He went crazy, he called me a slut and a whore and,” she started to tell me.

“When I got home he was drunk and he ripped of my clothes and raped me, calling me names and said if I wanted to be a slut he would treat me like one,” Holly told me with tears in her eyes.

I was disgusted by her father’s actions and after wiping away her tears, I asked. “Is he still angry with you?”

Holly smiled and said. “In the morning when he was sober he apologized to me and begged me to forgive him.”

“So everything is alright now?” I asked.

“He came into the club and watched me dance a few times and he wanted a private lap dance,” Holly told me with a smile.

“Did you give him a lap dance?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“Yes, and he fucked me after I had sucked his cock…he was so gentle and caring and kept telling me how much he loved me,” Holly told me.

“Does he still fuck you?” I asked knowing he was always a horny bastard.

Holly giggled and said. “Yes he does, when we can get alone.” Holly squeezed cock which was now hard once more and said. “You like me telling you about my Daddy fucking me don’t you?”

“I love hearing you talk about everyone who you have had sex with and I love watching you having sex,” I told her.

“Holly smiled at me and said. “You are going to love tomorrow… I’m going to a hotel to meet four men.”

“You want me to be there with you watching?” I excitedly asked.

Holly laughed as she said. “That’s part of your new job to watch me and make sure there is no rough stuff by the men.”

“I’m going to love working with you,” I told her as I kissed her and pulled her on top of me.

Holly raised her body up and squatted down as she held my cock and guided it into her cunt, I looked up at her beaming smile as she sat there impaled on my cock, I gazed at her naked body as she started to bounce up and down on my cock, her young firm breasts hardly moved as she wildly bounced up and down.

“Oh Uncle Steve, I love having your fat cock inside my cunt,” Holly screamed as she started to bounce up and down on my cock at a steady rhythm.

Laying on the bed with the girl of my dreams bouncing on my cock as I watched her made me the happiest pretend Uncle in the whole world. Tonight at the club was incredible and here at Daryl and Rochelle’s house was unbelievable this had to be the best sex I have ever had in my life.

It didn’t take Holly very long before she had my cock shooting my cum into her wet cunt and as soon as she felt I had finished cumming she collapsed on top of me, squashing her firm breasts against my chest as my cock became soft inside her cunt. We must have fallen asleep like that, I was woken up with the morning sunshine hitting me on the face, with Holly sleeping peacefully beside me, naked with the bed sheets on the floor. I heard a noise in the hallway and looked up to see Rochelle standing at the open bedroom doorway naked looking at us with a smile on her face, she gave me a wave and blew me a kiss and then left me alone laying next to Holly.

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