The Return

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Author’s Note: This is for RedShftAway who wrote to me in January from Iraq, requesting my return. I was touched and I wanted to write something for the soldiers that I now know are reading my work. Since I have never been a soldier, nor the girlfriend of a soldier, this is all purely from my imagination. I’m sure I got some details wrong, and for that I apologize. I tried to keep the details as general as possible, specifically for that reason. I hope you like it.


Marching quickly from the plane, Brad could feel his excitement rising in his chest.

Home, home, home, home, he chanted silently in his head. Home with its cool air and soft breezes, home with its lush green plants and swimming pools, home where his Molly was waiting for him.

People smiled at him as he passed them, some calling out their thanks, others just staring silently or swiftly turning away as though afraid to stare. He barely noted them, just smiling and nodding at everyone as he hurried past. Some small part of him appreciated their acknowledgment of him, after all he was proud to be a soldier and fighting for his country. Proud of what he did, and happy that he had never experienced what his father, upon returning from Vietnam, had gone through.

But all he could think about right now was Molly. Molly of the soft brown hair and the lush curves. Molly, whom he had barely been married to for 48 hours before he’d had to leave her. Sweet, soft, tender Molly who had been so demure while they were dating, and even while they were engaged, had done a complete one eighty once the wedding band was on her finger. She’d sent him photos over email, pictures that she’d taken of herself, posing for him… and close-ups of her breasts, her pouty lips, and even one of her wet pussy spread open with her fingers.

His balls ached just thinking about it… it had been sheer torture to check his email and see that she’d sent a new photo for him, and yet he lusted for them.

Home, home, home, he chanted.

Then, waiting for him past the security guards, Brad’s eyes met Molly’s and his heart leaped into his throat as she leaped into the air, bouncing up and down with tears in her eyes as she waved enthusiastically at him. Even as he ran to her, his eyes drank in the sight of the way her breasts bounced under the conservative polo shirt she was wearing, kindling his desire for her, even as his emotions were swamped with the overwhelming tender love he had for her.

“You’re here, you’re really here,” her breathy voice whispered in his ear, sending goose bumps along his spine as they clutched at each other. He closed his eyes, wondering if he could memorize the feel of her soft body pressed against his.

“I’m really here,” he murmured back, burying his face into her strawberry scented hair. Yes, here in Molly’s arms, wreathed in the smell of strawberries, here he was home.

Dimly he became aware of the people around them, the smiling audience watching the reunion of a soldier with his wife. Clearing his throat, knowing that Molly wasn’t one for public displays of affection, he pulled away, although Maltepe Escort he kept a tight grip on her hand. She looked reluctant to let him go so soon, but she also blushed when she noticed how many people were watching them.

“Come on,” she tugged at his hand, her voice as gentle as her wide brown eyes, “let’s go home.”

Molly was her usual demure self as she drove them home, he just sat and enjoyed listening to her talk about her parents and their friends, things she’d written about in emails or that they’d talked about over webcam, but he didn’t mind. He just let the sound of her voice soothe him, wrap him in its loving tones, as his fingers played over her jean-clad thigh. To his surprise, she didn’t stop him, just gave him a sidelong look out of the corner of his eye, a shockingly smoky look that made him eager to get her home and into their apartment. Then she tapped his hand sharply, when his fingers roamed too close to the apex of her thighs. He groaned, moving his hand back down towards her knee, and she laughed at him.

“We’re almost home,” she teased.

“You’d better hurry,” he growled back playfully, squeezing the soft flesh of her thigh.

She just laughed at him again, but it did seem as though she drove a little faster.

As soon as she parked the car, Brad jumped out and raced to her side of the car, picking her up in his arms as she laughed and protested. Holding her securely in front of him, he started towards their door, thankful that they lived on the ground floor.

“Wait,” she laughed, slapping the flat of her hand against his chest, “what about your bag?”

“It can wait,” he told her, “I can’t.” And he kissed her laughing mouth. To his delight, she kissed back, passionately, even though they were on their walkway where the entire world could see, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He groaned as he pulled away. “Keep that up and I won’t be able to make it to the door.”

Molly mock gasped at him. “You mean you’d have sex with your wife on the lawn, where everyone could see?”

“If you make it so I can’t walk, I might not have a choice,” he laughed, only half joking, and kissed her nose. Molly made a contented sound at that familiar caress and pressed her face into his neck, hugging him close.

When they got to the door he refused to put her down and instead made her take out the key and unlock it while still holding her. Then he crossed the threshold with her in his arms, just as he had after their wedding.

Kicking the door closed behind him, Molly shrieked with surprise and glee as he made a dash to the bedroom, moving faster than she would have thought he could burdened by her weight. To him, though, she was light in his arms, and he was done with waiting.

Their bed had clean clothes piled on it, the way it always did after Molly did the laundry, but he tossed her onto the bed and climbed on after her, heedless of the clothes. She laughed and protested, trying to push some of them out of the way, but when he leaned down to kiss her she kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

She tasted sweet on his lips, and he groaned, Ümraniye Escort collapsing onto her as the strength suddenly melted out of him. It was almost too much to bear, finally being home and with her, and for a few minutes he was content to do nothing but hold her in his arms, kiss her, stroke her soft hair and murmur words of love.

But then she moved against him, under him, her hips undulating and pressing against his groin, and his pent up desire for her raced through him. His lips became harder, more demanding as he kissed her passionately, his hand running down her soft body and clutching at her ass, using it to pull her body against him. Molly moaned as she broke off their kiss, twisting her head around to kiss at his neck.

Her teeth bit delicately into the side of his neck, sending a shudder down through his entire body. It took them mere minutes to rip off their clothes, but then Brad slowed, pulling back onto his knees to enjoy looking down at his luscious wife in all her glorious nudity. His hands glided up her sides to her large breasts, thumbing at her soft nipples until they hardened under his touch.

Molly arched her back. “Oh Brad… oh Brad please…”

A rush of adrenaline went through him as she begged, her hips rubbing up and down. He could feel her wetness against his shaft, and it made him shudder as well, but he enjoyed the feeling of power over her senses too much to indulge himself just yet. Instead he lowered his head down, locking his lips around her nipple and sucking.

Her hands weaved through his hair, tugging on it as she breathlessly moaned, her silken thighs wrapping around his waist. He could feel her hips moving, trying to climb high enough to take his head into her wetness, and he used his right hand to push her hips back down. Brad’s teeth nipped at her hard nipple, his left hand pinching and tugging gently on her other. Molly’s head whipped back and forth as she cried out breathlessly, her hips pushing against his hand and his body, trying to gain momentum.

One of her hands left his hair and grabbed onto his shoulder, her nails scoring a line across it. He groaned, his lips leaving her nipple as his hand gripped her breast, and pulled back, allowing his erect shaft to fall down and in line with her body. He pressed forward, covering her mouth with his own, and stifling her cry as the head of his dick slowly buried its way into her.

She was tight, so tight after these many months apart, and he thought that the blood would be squeezed from him. Molly writhed and moaned, her chest and hips thrusting upward as he massaged her breast with his left hand, his right squeezing her buttocks as he thrust in, inch by tight inch. Nails raked across his shoulder and back, sending aching shudders of desire down the length of his body.

Unable to control himself, he pulled slightly back, and then shoved all the way into the vise-like grip of her wet warmth. Molly cried out in pleasure and half pain as the soft core of her womanhood was brutally opened, even though she wanted it, that heavy thrust was almost too much, too hard, too fast. But the slight pain was İstanbul Escort delicious.

Brad held himself tight, knowing that he had forced himself too quickly, that Molly needed more gentle handling after such a long time apart. By sheer willpower, he kept himself from thrusting in and out of her again. She pulsed around him wetly, her panting body beneath his testing his willpower all the more. Her hips moved and she mewed a little, adjusting. When he felt her start to relax beneath him, he knew that she was ready for him.

He pulled back and thrust forward, as gently as he could, and Molly moaned her pleasure, nearly undoing his efforts to be soft with her. Her hips moved against his, and her lips began to travel along his neck again as their tempo began to quicken. Brad pumped in and out of her, relishing the feel of her pussy pulsing against his dick, erasing the months where his only pleasure came from his hand.

Strawberries scented the air as they began to sweat, Molly’s kisses turning into love-bites and Brad groaned and thrust, his hands running up and down the length of her body.

Suddenly he stopped, and she looked up at him confused, before he quickly turned and rolled, pulling her on top of him. Molly gasped, her eyes sparkling at the quickness of his maneuver, his skill at keeping her connected to him.

“Yes,” he groaned, reaching up to squeeze her breasts as they hung over him. “Ride me.”

Molly’s hips did a slow grinding circle, stirring him inside of her, and he groaned, pinching one of her nipples. He didn’t want slow now. Laughing, knowing how she teased him, Molly pulled herself up so that only the tip of his dick was inside of her. For a moment she held herself there as he made a noise of almost anger, deep in his chest, and then she thrust herself down, covering him completely.

She rode him, his hands full of her breasts, as her back arched up and away from him. It was a glorious sight, as her mouth opened, panting with desire, nipples and cheeks pink with exertion. Brad squeezed the soft flesh of her breasts in time with her tempo, his hips thrusting upwards to meet her with every bounce.

“Oh Brad…” she started to moan, her hips grinding against him every time their bodies met, “oh Brad… oh Brad I’m going to cum… I’m going to cuuuuum…” Her voice got lost in a breathy high pitched moan as her hips began to move against him of their own volition. He gasped as her pussy squeezed even tighter, his body thrusting upwards with her as she moved. He spurted into her as she shrieked her pleasure, his cum gushing upwards and into the darkness of her body. She ground against him, her pussy pulsing in time with his dick as the spurts of cum filled her.

It seemed to go on forever, the pleasure as she rubbed back and forth on top of him, and he was trapped in his own cycle of pleasure until she released him. When she finally fell forward, spent, onto his chest, his entire groin was sore from the intensity of his release.

“God…” he said softly, stroking the sweaty hair back from her face. Molly chuckled softly as she turned her face up towards him.

“Tell me about,” she murmured. Her body slid along his as she moved to kiss him, and even that brief contact made both of them tense in pleasure as his softening cock moved inside of her.

“I like it when you’re home.” Molly’s eyes sparkled at him.

“Me too.”

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