The Night My Girlfriend Really Tried To Fuck Me


In most Femdom stories the male shrinks into woeful pathetic submission once his cock is locked up by the dominant woman. Here is, I believe, a somewhat more likely scenario.


I sat impatiently for what seemed to be forever. “Celeste,” I called out from the living room, “what’s taking you so long?” I was frustrated by the delay.

“Wow, Pierre…sometimes you can be such a child. I told you before,” she called back, “I’m setting up something special—something you’ll never forget. Just be patient, OK?”

Oh, sure…just be patient—easy for her to say. I’ve got a raging hard-on—so hard it actually hurts– over having some incredible sex with my girlfriend and she tells me to be patient. Celeste and I have been a twosome for more than three years and the sex just keeps getting better and better. Initially I was drawn to her body. I think she looks just like the porn star of the same name, but lately I’ve been thinking she might be the one—you know…the one I bring home to meet my mother. I’ve already met her folks several times. They’re OK if you like a wimpy weakling of a man and a domineering, controlling woman–which I don’t–but so far Celeste hadn’t shown any of her mother’s domineering traits.

“OK, darling I’m ready; c’mon in.” It took all my will power to walk into the bedroom; I felt like running as fast as my legs could carry me. I looked around confused; I couldn’t see what had taken so long. It was Saturday night—the night we always had sex, sometimes for hours and hours until we were both exhausted, covered in sweat and cum. Celeste sat me on the bed and began to undress me. When I tried to reciprocate she pushed my hands away telling me, “Not yet!” When I was completely naked she moved me to the center of our queen-sized bed, my rock hard dick sticking straight up into the air.

That’s when I found out what she had been doing—she tied my wrists to ropes that were already attached to the bed frame. When my hands were secured she stretched me out by tying my ankles to the frame at the foot of the bed. “I’m really glad now that Daddy made me take all those boating courses while I was in junior high. That’s where I learned to tie those knots. They’re really strong so I know you’ll be there until I let you go.”

“OK, honey, you got me. Just take one look at me…I need to fuck you so badly. Why are you still dressed?”

“First, Pierre you know I don’t like that word…I think you could say that you are definitely going to get ‘screwed’ tonight. It will definitely be a night you’ll never forget, but you’re not going to screw. Sorry.”

“What? What the heck’s going on, Celeste?”

“How often do we make love, Pierre?”

“Geez, Celeste…how many times do we have to do this? You know as well as I do that we make love twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday nights, just like your parents.”

“Right, and how many times do you masturbate?”

“Haven’t we gone over this, too? You know I jerk off twice a week. I’d rather fuck you but you won’t do it more than twice a week.”

“That’s all my parents do it and if it’s good enough for them it should be good enough for you.”

“Celeste, let me remind you…again, for what must be the thousandth time… that I am not your father. I don’t know anything about his sex drive, if he even has one; I only know that twice a week isn’t enough for me. Haven’t we talked about this before?”

“Yes, we have. That’s why I’m done talking. I’m acting. I want you to save yourself for me. I think that masturbating is disgusting and sinful. I don’t want you doing it any more!”

“Fine…I’ll be glad to stop if you’ll just accommodate me.”

“No—twice a week is my limit and after tonight it will be your limit, too.” She reached under the bed and brought out a small box. I totally freaked out when I saw what it was; my eyes were big as saucers!


“First of all, don’t swear. You know I don’t like it. If you love me the way you say you do you won’t have any problem wearing it.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, if you love me you won’t even think about putting that fucking thing on me.” I began thrashing about. My limbs were secured, but my body wasn’t and there was no way she was putting that chastity thing on me if I could help it. Apparently, Celeste had thought this out pretty well because she produced two more ropes that she cinched around my waist and thighs and tightened with a piece of broomstick, screwing them tighter and tighter until I couldn’t move at all.

She put the cock cage on me—my erection had evaporated the instant I had seen that horrible thing– and locked it in place, telling me, “I know what you’re thinking—saw off the lock. I’m not stupid, you know. This is a special lock with a hardened hasp and a stainless steel body. It can’t be cut with a hack saw. Now, I’m leaving you there all night so get comfortable. You need to cool down. I’ll release you when I go to church in the morning.” She kissed my cheek, removed her clothes and climbed into bed with me. She fell asleep in minutes; I wouldn’t be sleeping any time soon, if at all. I was raging mad. It’s a good thing I was tied up; I was angry enough to kill her.


True to her word Celeste untied me when she left for her weekly church attendance. I never went—personal issues, but that’s another story. No sooner had she backed out of the garage than I headed for my work bench. I pulled out my hack saw and checked the blade. I would have bet that Celeste had never seen a blade like this one. It had no teeth—not a single one. Some years ago I was wandering through a hardware store and saw it. The store owner told me it was incredible—it would cut through anything. It was a diamond blade with thousands of tiny industrial diamonds permanently epoxied to a heavy gauge steel shaft. I had used it for years and it was still as good as new.

I pulled the entire cock cage through the zipper opening in my jeans and examined it closely. I found that if I twisted the lock at an angle I was just able to get the blade onto the hardened shackle without risking my thigh or abdomen. This seemed to be the best bet as the lock’s body was made of stainless steel, an extremely hard substance and almost impossible to cut without a torch or hydraulic shears. I gripped the lock with a pair of Vise-Grips that closed over the cylindrical body making it much easier to position the lock and keep it there without risking my fingers, although a couple of cuts would have been worth it just to rid myself of this “thing.” I took long slow strokes, knowing that this might take a while. I sawed for five minutes before checking my progress—there were definitely the beginnings of a cut so I continued. It took just over a half hour, but the shackle eventually parted. I ripped that monstrosity from my body before putting the rest of my plan into action.

I spread a plastic painter’s tarp on the garage floor and went in to get all of Celeste’s shit. I dumped her clothes onto the tarp, emptying her closet in three trips. I used some trash bags to empty her bureau; I wasn’t very neat about it—I just dumped everything in. Her toiletries went into another bag. Finally, it was her shoes. It took me just over an hour, but I finished with time to spare—a little more than ten minutes. I sat on the front porch eagerly awaiting Celeste’s return.

She pulled into the driveway and raised the garage door with the remote. I stepped in front of her waving my arms to get her to stop, although it might have been poetic justice if she had driven over her own stuff. I opened the car door and pulled her out, removing my house key from her ring and the door remote from her visor in the process. “What are you doing, Pierre?”

“It’s quite simple, Celeste—I’m giving you the same consideration you gave me last night—none! I’m throwing you out. It’s a good thing you have an SUV. You’ll be able to take everything in one trip.” I lowered the rear seats and started to carry all her stuff to the car. Celeste stood by crying the entire time. Finally done, I handed her into the car and just before closing the door on her and our relationship, I gave her the cock cage she had bought for me. “Any time you’re wondering what went wrong just pull this out and look at it. I couldn’t care less that your parents use one. Personally, I always thought your father was one of the biggest pussies I’ve ever met. Here’s a check for half of what’s in our bank account, even though I earn more than twice what you do. I’ll take your name off the account first thing tomorrow. If you make any withdrawals before then I’ll have you charged with theft since you’ve already received more than your share. Also, here’s your wonderful lock. Remind me to teach you about diamond saw blades some day–now, good bye.” I closed the door, turned my back to her and walked into the house, leaving Celeste to wonder what the hell had happened.

I knew that Celeste had no place to go. Her parents were almost a hundred miles away—too long a commute to work, but that was too bad! This was my house—alright, technically it belonged to my parents, but since they moved permanently to Florida it was mine to use. I’d inherit it someday, but, of course, I hoped that would be far into the future. I walked in, turned on the TV, whipped out my cock and stroked it to hardness. I’d missed the great sex we usually had on Saturday night so I was badly in need now. I was still furious with Celeste, but cumming hard would take the edge off. I grabbed my cock between my thumb and forefinger, pulled the foreskin back, savoring the tension before slowly allowing it to spring back to the head.

I had only stroked it four or five times when it hardened, growing to more than twice its original size. There were times I’d enjoy lingering—slowly stroking and building to an eruption, but this morning my need was urgent. The frustrations of last night and Celeste’s stupid thoughtlessness magnified my need; I needed to cum and I needed it now. My pace increased as I gripped my cock more firmly. I could feel my balls clench as my semen forced its way through my body. I convulsed wildly as stream after stream of hot white cum shot several feet into the air before landing on my chest and stomach. It took several minutes for my breathing to return to normal. Celeste never masturbated; she didn’t know what she was missing.


I was at work the following morning in my office at Smith, Smith and O’Malley. We’re architects; I’m O’Malley, the product of an Irish-American businessman father and a French Canadian mother. When the phone rang I answered it as I always do, “Pierre O’Malley.” I could hear crying so it had to be Celeste. “What?”

Between sniffles she managed to speak, “Can we talk?”

“If I remember correctly, you refused to talk to me, didn’t you? Now it’s my turn—I don’t really have anything to say to you. I said it once and I’ll say it again, good bye, Celeste.” I hung up the phone. Now, to be completely honest, I did miss her and I still loved her, but after what she did to me she deserved to suffer. I put her out of my mind as I returned to my latest project—remodeling a factory outlet mall for a national client. It was almost finished and now that I had nobody to go home to I’d stay late and finish it by week’s end—just in time for next week’s meeting with the client.

Celeste called every day over the next two weeks but I refused to speak with her. However, she did get through to me on Friday morning. “Please, Pierre…please say you’ll talk to me. I’ll do anything. I’ll get on my hands and knees and crawl if I have to.”

“OK, Celeste, let’s get together today for lunch. Come to my office and once you’re in the lobby get down and crawl to the receptionist and then into my office. Be here by 11:45. Then I’ll take you out for lunch and we can talk.” I hung up thinking that she’d never do it. Celeste had a lot of pride and self-respect. She’d never crawl—for me or for anyone. I was wrong.

I got a call from Reception at 11:48—Celeste had just crawled into the office and asked for me. “Send her back, Sally,” I told her as I rose from my desk and moved to the door. I would have laughed at Celeste under other circumstances but there was nothing funny about this. She was obviously desperate. I watched her crawl almost seventy-five feet. When she reached my office I pulled her up, “C’mon, get up. You look silly down there. How are you?”

I guess that was the wrong thing to say because she broke into tears again. I grabbed her arm and led her out the back to my car. In ten minutes we were seated in one of my favorite Italian restaurants. We ordered drinks and I sat back waiting for her to speak. Between sobs she could barely get it out, “I called…(sob)… my mother and…(sob)… told her what you said…(sob)… about…(sob)… Daddy. First, she laughed…(sob)… and laughed then she…(sob)… told me…(sob)…told me… she agreed with you. (sob)…(sob) Then she yelled at me. (sniff)…She called me a …(sob)…fucking…(sob)…fucking idiot for doing…you know…to you. Mother never swears. Oh, Pierre, I’ve been so miserable since you threw me out.”

“I always liked your mother; I always thought she made a lot of sense, and, of course, she knows more about your father than anyone.” I looked up at Celeste again and saw she was crying again. “Don’t cry, Celeste. You’ll find someone else.” I didn’t know why I was being so cruel. I guess it was some kind of revenge, because Celeste completely broke down. I signaled the waitress, telling her I was sorry, but we had to leave. I paid the check and helped Celeste to the car. She bawled all the way back to my office. We sat in the car for almost fifteen minutes while she composed herself. “Pierre, I admit I was wrong. I made a huge mistake, but I still love you and I want to be with you. Can’t you please forgive me? I’ll do anything…anything… to make it up to you. We can fuck every day if you want. I’ll even let you do anal. Please, Pierre…won’t you give me another chance?”

“OK, Celeste, you just had your confession. What comes next?”

“I don’t understand, Pierre.”

“You’re the one who goes to church here. When you go to confession what does the priest tell you to do.”

“Oh…you mean penance?”

“Right, you’ve confessed you made a mistake, but now you need to do penance. Be at my house at five sharp this afternoon. Remove your clothes and pile them neatly by the door. Kneel and ring the bell. That will be the start of gerçek porno your penance. It will end sometime Sunday afternoon—you’ll miss church. I’ll see you then. Now I have to get back to work.”

Celeste left and I finished my project in an hour; I told my partners I was taking the afternoon off, and maybe Monday, too. On my way out I stopped to see Sally, our receptionist. She was a super-hot twenty-five year old bombshell and she’d been after me for months. I always told her I was taken. Now I asked her for a favor and when she heard what I wanted she laughed and smiled broadly as she agreed.

I stopped at several stores on my way home, buying some supplies for the weekend. I went home, cleaned up a bit and lay down for a quick nap. I had a long evening planned.

I watched Celeste drive up at 4:50. She looked up and down the street, checking to see if anyone was outside, before stripping and laying her clothes by the door. She dropped to her knees and rang the bell. I let her wait nervously for fifteen minutes before answering the door. Instead of letting her in I took the dog collar I had bought and fastened it around her neck. It looked really cute—pink with rhinestones all around. I attached the matching leash and pulled her into the living room, telling her to sit up and beg like the good puppy she was. “OK, Celeste, your penance begins now and ends at three Sunday afternoon. If you want me back you will have to do exactly as I say. Any deviation and I’ll show you to the door. Do you understand?

“Yes, Pierre.”

Do you agree to follow my instructions? Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you in any way.”

“OK, I agree. What do I have to do?”

“Your first task is to masturbate twenty times before the deadline—twenty times, so I suggest you get started right away. Get up into this chair; sit on the towel and put one leg over each arm. I think you know what to do. We’ll keep score on this old calendar. Every time you cum I’ll sign off on a date. You’ll be done when you reach twenty.”

“Pierre, you know I never masturbate.”

“Yes, I do. That’s why you’re doing it now. I suggest you get started. It will get harder as you go.”

“Pierre,” she spoke slowly and softly, “would you give me some inspiration?” I knelt beside her, took her head into my hands and leaned in to kiss her. She reacted with incredible energy and desire, as though all her woes of the past two weeks had disappeared in a second. She ran her hand over my crotch several times turning me on as much as she was. I opened my eyes to see her hand drop to her cunt; she moved her fingers into her tunnel several times before bringing them to my mouth. I sucked and licked them clean.

“That’s all the help you’re getting, Celeste. If I’m not careful you’ll have me doing it for you. Come on, you can do it twice while I get dinner.” I turned away to set the table as Celeste turned all her attention to her cunt. I kept an eye on her although she never knew it. I made a tossed salad and checked on the potatoes I had placed in the oven earlier. I removed the chicken breasts from the refrigerator, turning them in the marinade. I had just finished when I heard Celeste panting. I returned to her side to see her working her clit furiously with one hand while pumping her tunnel non-stop with the other. Her body rose from the chair as spasm gripped her one—two—three times. She grunted loudly before sagging back drained and covered with a layer of sweat. I handed her a dish towel and kissed her cheek.

“Oh my God,” she panted, “I had no idea I could do that. It was incredible.”

“Yes, it can be pretty intense, but, given the choice, I’d much prefer fucking you. That’s even better.”

Celeste looked up showing her need, “Will we get to do that? I need you so badly.”

“We’ll see,” was all I’d reveal. “Now rest a bit and try again while I get the grill going. We’re having one of your favorites.” I walked outside to start the grill and was pleased when I returned to find Celeste playing with her pussy again. She came screaming just as I set the food on the table. I dried her, draping a towel over her shoulders. I poured the wine, a dry Chardonnay I knew she loved. After dinner she returned again to the chair and she came once before I finished with the dishes–three down and seventeen to go. She managed to cum twice more before I pulled her to the shower and bed.

As was our custom we were naked in bed. I kissed her, of course, but rejected her requests for sex. I had other plans for her tomorrow. I woke around four to find the bed shaking; Celeste was rubbing her pussy again. It took her more than ten minutes that I was aware of; by the time she was up to twenty it might take an hour or more. I really didn’t care if she made it to that goal. What I wanted was for her to expand her sexual horizons and to understand that masturbating is a natural and satisfying practice. I gave her a deep kiss as I whispered, “Good girl, you’re doing great. It’s nice to know I mean so much to you; now, let’s go back to sleep.” She spooned with me, pulling my hand to her breasts as we once again fell into a deep sleep.


I woke again around seven to find the bed shaking in the dim light. Celeste was breathing rapidly as she rubbed her clit energetically. She had thrown the blankets off, spread her legs and raised her knees. Both hands were at her pussy, the left from what I could see was sliding in and out of her tunnel while her right attacked her hard clit. I leaned over, kissed her cheek and took her breasts in my hands. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as Celeste turned her head to kiss me, her tongue tickling my tonsils in her passion. I noticed her hips bucking as she neared her climax. Finally, her hips rose more than a foot and the “Ooohhhhhh, Pierre!” she screamed signaled its arrival. Celeste was shaking as she came down.

“Having fun?” I teased her.

“Yes, darling, much more than I thought I would. I think I’ve been missing something. Is it like this for you?”

“Well, maybe someday I’ll let you watch.” Celeste grinned wildly before replying, “It’s a deal.” I gave her a quick kiss and pointed her to the shower. “I’ll get coffee and start breakfast.” I was back five minutes later with her cup. I had one of those Keurig one-cup brewers. It was fast and the coffee was consistently great. Celeste was just coming out of the shower so I took a second to suckle her wet nipples. “I didn’t realize I was on the menu this morning,” she kidded. I gave her a playful spank and returned to the kitchen.

Celeste had a towel around her head—wet hair—but was otherwise naked as per my instructions. She kissed the back of my neck just as I began the fried eggs. I had several hard rolls on plates that I had already buttered. I had placed four slices of bacon on each and in a minute I would add two eggs to each, salt and pepper, and slice each one—this was one breakfast my cardiologist hated. I brought the plates to the table to find Celeste playing with her clit again. “How many now,” I asked.

“Seven, going on eight; it’s amazing how addictive this can be.” Yeah, tell me about it; I’ve been addicted since I was twelve—just over twenty years. I’m 32 and at six feet even I’m just three inches taller than Celeste. I outweigh her by forty pounds—I’m 170–but her weight is so superbly distributed while mine is almost straight up and down. We both stay in excellent shape by exercising together at our club and by jogging.

We were mostly silent as we ate but as soon as she was finished she asked what was in store for today. “If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? To start with I want you to masturbate some more. It’ll get harder the farther along you go.”

“OK,” she replied as she shuddered. A couple of deep breaths later, “Make that eight; I never knew penance could be so much fun.”

“Yeah, well don’t go getting any ideas. Once with that thing was my limit.” Celeste came over and sat in my lap. Actually, straddled my lap would be more accurate. She stared into my eyes for several minutes before kissing me. She jumped up reminding me, “Back to work—it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.” I gave her another spank and sent her on her way. I adjusted the calendar to reflect her eight orgasms and tackled the dishes.

Celeste and I had worked out what we felt was an equitable division of the chores after she had moved in more than two years ago. Her job as an accountant was strictly 9 to 5 whereas my work as an architect often required me to work at night, especially when I was involved with our local school district and village. Their boards met in the evenings so many of my presentations didn’t end until 9:00 pm or later. Celeste handled all the household duties during the week; I handled them on the weekends. We did have a cleaning service in every Thursday morning and a lawn service every Friday. We could afford them. There was no mortgage on the house but I did send my folks “rent” every month even though they had never asked for anything. Celeste drove a Toyota Highlander that was only two years old and fully paid for; I usually drove a Porsche 911 convertible, renting an SUV when I needed something bigger.

That’s why I was doing the cooking and cleaning now. I could have made Celeste do it as part of her penance, but that would have been spiteful. Besides, she would need all her strength for what I had planned this afternoon. Celeste applied herself diligently for the rest of the morning reaching a total of eleven by the time I brought her several grilled hot dogs for lunch. We sat and watched a football game—a Saturday tradition with us—until three when the doorbell rang. I almost smiled when I told Celeste to answer the door.


“No buts, Celeste…answer it. If you want I could break out your leash and lead you there. What would be more embarrassing?” She began to protest further but stopped when I pointed to the door. I could hear a woman’s voice when it was opened, “Oh my, don’t you look delicious. Aren’t you going to invite me in, Celeste?” I saw Sally step around the stupefied Celeste, walk up the hallway, and enter the living room. I stood to greet her as she winked conspiratorially at me. I hugged her and kissed her cheek as I told her, “Sally, what a wonderful surprise; how nice of you to stop by!”

I allowed the silence to become uncomfortable before speaking again, “Celeste! Where are your manners? Help our guest out of her clothes.” Now Celeste was completely confused; she stood there looking back and forth between Sally and me until I prodded her again, “Celeste, please help Sally out of her clothes. You’re being extremely rude.”

Celeste finally stepped forward to unbutton Sally’s blouse. I took it from her and lay it on the nearby chair. This was followed by her bra. Sally had amazing breasts—D-cup, at least, and very firm—almost as amazing as Celeste’s which were a double-D and showed not an inkling of sag. Celeste unzipped Sally’s slacks, removed her sandals and hose, leaving her standing there in a sexy pair of cream colored boy shorts. Celeste looked at me, but a nod answered her question. Thumbs in the band brought them quickly to Sally’s ankles, revealing her well trimmed pussy. In contrast Celeste had a full bush of hair, but that would be going soon.

Now it was Sally’s turn to act. She moved close to Celeste—they were standing nipple to nipple– and kissed her deeply. Celeste thought about complaining, but that was all it was—a thought, as Sally’s tongue found its way into Celeste’s mouth and her fingers found their way into Celeste’s cunt. I watched with an amused smile as Sally pulled Celeste to the floor. She positioned Celeste on her back, straddled her face and fell between her legs.
Sally was clearly the aggressor, grinding her cunt into Celeste’s mouth while pushing her tongue between her labia, but Celeste was responding eagerly as she lapped up everything Sally’s cunt could produce. It was all planned yesterday when I spoke to Sally at the office. Sally had come on to me numerous times, but, of course, I had always told her I was taken. She had also confided to me that she was bisexual and that she really had the “hots” for Celeste. I told her yesterday that both her fantasies could come true this afternoon and evening.

I allowed them to go at it for about ten minutes, watching as Celeste came once and Sally twice. I gave Celeste credit for this one, raising her total to thirteen before I shed my clothing, as well. Kneeling behind Sally I put a condom over my rock hard cock and plunged it into Sally’s wet cunt. She groaned loudly as my balls swung over Celeste’s face, brushing occasionally over her nose. I must have fucked Sally for four or five minutes before pulling out and moving over her ass. Sally had a beautiful body; she was just an inch shorter than Celeste at five feet eight inches and a trifle thinner so I would have guessed her weight at about 120 pounds. I’ve already mentioned her breasts, but her waist was tiny, her abdomen flat, and her ass incredible. I was admiring it at length as I plunged my cock deep into her rectum. Her pussy had been tight, marvelously so, but her ass felt like my cock was in a vise. I withdrew almost to the head before plunging in deeper than before. After watching these two beauties going at each other and fucking her tight cunt, Sally’s ass forced me to cum—hard—after only a half dozen thrusts. I fell back onto the carpet drained as I watched once again Sally and Celeste teasing each other to yet another orgasm. Their bodies shuddered and shook together until they collapsed in a pile, Sally still astride Celeste’s face.

Celeste looked up at me, smiling, her face covered in Sally’s juices, as I leaned down to kiss her and taste Sally for the first time. “How many?” I asked Celeste.

“Oh God—three. Sally’s incredible. I hope I did OK for her. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I know–that’s why you’re doing it now. To show you I’m in a good mood I’ll give you credit for the three.” I staggered up while I could see Celeste thinking. It came to her suddenly, “You…you planned this, didn’t you?”

“Of course, don’t you know there are no coincidences? When was the last time Sally came here? “

“I’ve never been here before today,” Sally responded, “not that I haven’t tried, but he’s always been faithful to you, Celeste. I couldn’t pass up an offer to have both of you, now could I?” Celeste laughed, shaking her head. I separated them and pulled them up to the couch, gay porno sitting them together on a big beach towel I had brought out from the closet expressly for this purpose.

We were all naked with Celeste in the middle as we relaxed watching the game. After maybe fifteen minutes a groan caused me to turn away from the set to see Sally suckling on one of Celeste’s beautiful breasts. Celeste was squirming in response when Sally dipped her fingers into Celeste’s hot cunt. It was really running—her thighs were coated. Sally began fucking Celeste with one finger, then two, as her pace increased until her hand looked like she was fucking like a dog, so rapid was it moving. Celeste’s head lolled back on the couch as she lost control. She leaned over to kiss Sally—long, hard and hot—just as her orgasm took control of her body. I couldn’t tell who was smiling more, but Celeste’s smile ended suddenly when she grabbed Sally’s head and forced her tongue deep into her mouth. It was one of the most passionate kisses I’d ever seen. When it ended Celeste dropped off the couch between Sally’s legs, pulled her to the edge of the seat and dove into her cunt.
Celeste attacked her love tunnel with her tongue, fucking it with incredible speed and energy as her fingers found Sally’s swollen clit. It was only seconds before Sally began humping Celeste’s face and only moments later that she rose slowly from the couch before collapsing suddenly and screaming as her orgasm hit her hard. She collapsed in a pile of sweat; Celeste looked up from the floor, her face an expression of lust, covered in Sally’s cum. I grabbed both of them and led them to the shower. There was a lot more to come.


It was a tight squeeze in the shower, but we all made it. I adjusted the water temperature to something we could all agree on—Celeste always liked it much hotter than I could even stand—and we all started to run soap up and down our bodies. We played with each other—tits, balls, cock and pussies, not to mention a few fingers up a few asses, including mine. Then I stepped out and handed Sally what she had been waiting for. Celeste’s eyes got big when she saw the razor and shaving cream. She was about to rebel when I reminded her, “Remember your agreement, Celeste. You are to follow all my orders, and that bush is going. Just be glad you have someone who is experienced doing it, instead of me.” I closed the shower door and toweled dry, watching them as they chatted wildly as only women can do. When they finally emerged Celeste was as bare as the day she was born. I poured a dollop of lotion on my hand and worked in into her abdomen. “Razor burn,” I explained.
I loved eating Celeste’s tasty pussy, but I hated getting her hair in my mouth. I had asked her repeatedly to at least trim it, but I always got the same answer, “My mother doesn’t….“ There were times I tired hearing about her mother. Hopefully this weekend would help break that bond.

I led them back to the living room where I totaled up Celeste’s orgasms. By my count she already had sixteen, but I wanted her back to work. I separated Celeste from Sally, no easy feat, and got her back onto her chair. She laughed, “It feels funny, Pierre. I’m used to having hair there.”

“Well, I love it—no more hairs in my mouth when I’m munching on this tasty treat.” We all laughed at that, and when we finished we could see that Celeste was working her pussy hard with both hands. I decided to give her a helping hand, or more accurately a helping tongue. I knelt between her thighs, savoring their softness. I placed a kiss right on her cunt just before sticking my tongue deep into her as I drank my fill of her nectar. I sucked Celeste’s fingers clean before diving back in. Between my licking and sucking and Celeste’s fingers she came in seconds. I cleaned up her pussy and, as I did, I noticed poor Sally sitting there neglected. I had promised her a great time, and so far I had been right, but there was much more to come. I slid along the floor until I was directly in front of her. I looked up, smiled, and separated her legs. Still grinning I took my first taste of another woman in more than three years. Normally, I would never even think of cheating on Celeste, but she was right here and she had already eaten Sally to several orgasms, so she wouldn’t complain. Hell—she might even join me.

I was right up against her cunt when I inhaled deeply, flooding my senses with her musky aroma. I recalled that all women tasted just a little different. This experience might prove the theory. I still had Celeste spread all over my face, her taste still burned into my memory, as I sampled Sally for the first time. I licked using the flat of my tongue from her ass all the way up to her clit. She was delicious. Licking again and again her juices began to flow like a river. I drank and drank as I licked and fucked her with my tongue. My finger found her clit hot and hard and red; I rubbed it tiny circles and as I did Sally moaned uncontrollably. She started to move—just a little at first—more and more as her orgasm neared. She was thrashing around wildly as it hit. Her hips drove up almost two feet into the air as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Seconds later she was silent except for her rapid shallow breathing. It was some time before it returned to normal. “Gee, Boss you’re even better than I dreamed.” I kissed her gently before rising to the couch to relax.

I saw Celeste give Sally a quick nod, but gave it no significance until they moved on me, each one grabbing a leg and pulling until I was completely exposed. They moved up my legs like two cats on a mouse. Sally took my cock, semi-soft at first, into her hand, sliding up and down slowly while Celeste fondled my balls, rubbing and gently squeezing them. Do I have to tell you how quickly I became hard or how hard I became? I don’t think I was ever bigger or harder than I was at that instant. Sally moved to one side, Celeste to the other. Soon I had two tongues running up and down my shaft. If this wasn’t heaven it was mighty damned close. Sally swallowed my cock and Celeste took one of my balls into her mouth, washing it with her tongue. This was certainly a weekend of firsts for Celeste. I had tried unsuccessfully for more than a year to get her to do this.

After a few minutes my lovers traded places and that’s where they stayed until, “Oh, God I’m close…so close.” Sally moved up next to Celeste and they double teamed my cock again. My first rope went right into Sally’s mouth; the next into Celeste. Back and forth they alternated until I was spent; Celeste cleaned my cock, sucking any residual cum from my hole. I pulled them up to me, embraced them and kissed each of them over and over. I dragged myself away, telling them to get dressed, “Yes, you too, Celeste we’re going out for dinner. How often do I have two beautiful ladies to escort? I’ll be the envy of all the men in the restaurant.”

We went to Steve’s, a well known steak house in our area. All this sex had made me ravenous. I had Celeste rub one off in the car bringing her total to seventeen. Once we were seated I told Celeste to do it again. “Here? But Pierre….” I put my finger to her mouth before responding, “If you think you’ll be embarrassed just be quiet. I’ll bet I can get Sally to join you.” Sally smiled and nodded. Soon I had two gorgeous women squirming around in their seats. We got a few funny looks from nearby diners, but nobody threatened to call the police. I leaned to my left to kiss Celeste and when I broke it I whispered, “Eighteen! I’m really proud of you.” Then I leaned right and kissed Sally before whispering to her, “Eighteen thousand?” Sally laughed, “At least!” Just then our dinner arrived. We ate and joked and had a wonderful time.

We were about halfway through our delicious meal when I saw Celeste was thinking. She always gets this faraway look so I asked her, “Penny for your thoughts, Celeste.”

“Well,” she began, “I don’t think you should give me credit for the three that Sally gave me. That would put me at fifteen; I’d still need five more.”

I laughed so hard my sides hurt. “Oh Celeste, you are so funny and so transparent. You just want to do it, don’t you?” She gave me a sheepish grin and nodded. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, sweetheart, remember how many times I’ve done it. You can do it any time you want, and I hope you do. But, please,” I softened my voice so only she and Sally could hear, “I hope you’ll still want me more.” Sally laughed and Celeste turned red, finishing her meal in silence. She and Sally went to the ladies’ room after we ordered brandy and dessert.

I could tell something was up when they returned; Celeste was never any good at secrets–the cock cage excepted. They leaned into me as soon as they were seated, “Pierre,” Celeste cooed, “Sally masturbated and I masturbated, but what about you?”

“Well, first of all, you have to do what you’re told—penance, remember? And Sally is just a guest, plus I think you both understand that my anatomy is a bit different from yours. If I do it now we won’t have much fun when we get home—and I definitely have some more fun planned, so let’s enjoy our drinks and dessert and get out of here, OK?” Celeste looked like a little kid who had just lost her balloon. I lifted her chin and kissed her, “I love you and I always have, even when….” Celeste looked into my eyes, grinned wildly and said, “Let’s skip dessert and go home. I have a sudden need.” I called the waiter, asked for the check and a couple of take-away boxes; I toasted the girls with my brandy and five minutes later we were on our way home.

Celeste remembered to shed her clothes at the door; I led her and Sally to the bedroom. “Celeste, please remember your manners,” I told her as I began to disrobe. Celeste kissed Sally deeply as she unbuttoned her blouse and stripped her naked. I sat them on either side of me while I explained the evening’s activities. “First, I want us all to have showers. For one thing we could all use a little sobering up. Secondly, I want to make sure we all have clean asses.” Celeste was shocked as she looked at me. “Yes, Celeste, it’s time you lost your cherry. I did Sally’s this afternoon and she has survived. Actually, if you ask her she will tell you she loved it.”
Sally grinned and nodded wildly, “Oh yeah, Pierre. You gave me one hell of an orgasm. And, yes, Celeste your tongue was magical, too. C’mon, let’s get wet.” She pulled a reluctant Celeste after her. Ten minutes later we were all back with the cleanest assholes in town.

“OK, Sally—up on the bed, head on the pillows and on your knees with your nice clean ass facing the foot of the bed. You might have to move down a bit once I get Celeste into position. Celeste, I love you—very much. You’re the star of this porn flick—on your hands and knees with your butt even with the bottom of the bed. That’s it Sally, skootch down so your butt is in Celeste’s face. Now, Celeste let’s review all the firsts for you this weekend. You had to masturbate—good or bad?”

“Good—very good—better than very good. Oh, damn it’s fantastic.”

“OK, kissing a woman—good or bad?”

“Definitely good! I love kissing you, Sally.”

“Thanks, Celeste, I love kissing you, too.”

“OK, now that we’ve established what great kissers you two are let’s move on, shall we? Now—eating pussy—good or bad?”

“Delicious—I understand what you see in it now; I’ll never turn you down again. You can eat me anytime.”

Thank you, I plan on taking you up on that, especially since I have a witness. Can you imagine Sally—turning down someone who wants to eat your pussy? How ridiculous is that? Celeste, I want you to eat Sally’s ass. You can start just licking around it. Probably when you get really turned on you’ll stick your tongue in, but I’ll be satisfied with just a rim job. I’ll be behind you between your legs. I’m going to fuck you while I loosen up your butt. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you, but it is important to relax. Just ask Sally. Let’s go.”

I grabbed a bottle of KY gel, smeared in on my fingers and slid on into Celeste’s asshole. Seconds later I was in her pussy thrusting away slow and deep. I massaged her ass as I finger fucked her anus. When I thought she was ready I pushed in a second finger. “Oooooooh,” was Celeste’s response. “You, OK so far, Celeste?”

“Yes, Pierre, it actually feels pretty good.”

“Good, I’ll explain why later. I’m putting a third finger in now. You may feel a little discomfort but it won’t hurt. I’m using plenty of lube. How’s Sally’s ass?”

“Mmpph, not as bad as I thought. I haven’t pushed my tongue into her yet, though.”

“How’s she doing, Sally? Give her some pointers; you know she’s an anal virgin.”

“Will do, Boss, but so far she’s doing OK. It feels really great.”

Celeste was as ready as she would ever be so I pulled out the fingers and replaced them with my cock, all in one quick motion. I was in her ass before she even knew it. “Ready, Celeste? “ She moaned and clenched her ass muscles, as though that would keep me out. “Too late, Celeste—I’m already in you. I told you I wouldn’t hurt you.” I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “I’m so proud of you, my love. Look at all you’ve learned this weekend.” I pulled out almost all the way and thrust back in again, establishing a rhythm with Celeste. She must have enjoyed it because she moved back into me every time I thrust forward so I reached between her legs to finger and pinch her clit, trying to bring her to yet another incredible orgasm. We were going at it pretty heavily—all the sex we’d had over the past day had taken its toll, slowing me down, but that had a marvelous effect on Celeste, and in turn on Sally who was on the receiving end of Celeste’s active and inquisitive tongue.

I could see Celeste shudder and jump under her first orgasm; I kept up the pressure on her cunt and clit. Celeste actually did have her tongue in Sally’s ass and Sally was rubbing her clit like crazy. I saw her shake and fall forward in exhaustion, Celeste’s tongue popping out of her ass in the process. I was pounding her ass and rubbing her clit, pushing her to another orgasm. I could see signs that it was near. You don’t make love to the same woman week in and week out for more than three years without knowing the signs. I could see that she was really close; I was glad because I couldn’t hold back any longer. I drove into her asshole as my first river of cum jetted from my cock. Five times I shot hot slippery cum into her bowel; Celeste came just as I evli porno was done. She fell forward, her face again contacting Sally’s ass as I fell forward onto her. We lay there physically and emotionally drained as we caught our breath. I checked the clock—it was almost midnight. I sorted everyone out, tucked them in, kissed them, and climbed in myself. Celeste was in the middle, flanked by Sally and me. It was close with the three of us in the queen bed, but we never noticed; we were asleep in minutes.


I woke the following morning with a funny feeling in my groin. I tried to shake it off, but it wouldn’t go away. Then I realized why—they were licking my cock. What a way to wake up! “Is nothing sacred?” I tried to complain in mock seriousness.

“As a matter of fact, we think this is pretty sacred,” Sally ventured, “We’re praying at the altar now.”

“I’m hoping for communion,” Celeste added.

“Is that my Celeste making these sacrilegious remarks? Shame, shame,” I scolded, loving every minute of their attention.

“Oh, just you shut up and enjoy.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, placing my hands behind my head on the pillow so I could get a good look. My two lovers alternated between licking my cock and balls. Celeste had just run her tongue around the rim of my helmet when Sally managed both heavy balls in her mouth. I was so turned on I began fucking Celeste’s mouth as Sally sucked my balls into her throat. No mortal man could survive that for long; I thrust up as I warned them I was about to cum; Celeste sucked even harder as I blew my load into her mouth, covering her tongue. Celeste showed me her treasure just before kissing Sally and sharing her prize. I sidled to the center of the bed as I pulled them up and into my arms. Sally pulled the blanket over us and we went back to sleep.

I woke first and kissed my lovers to consciousness. We trudged back to the shower where we did more kissing and groping than cleaning. This time Sally entertained us by shaving her pussy, even removing the landing strip she exhibited yesterday. Then she held the razor as she and Celeste held the shaving cream out to me. I shook my head resigned to the inevitable, pushing my abdomen toward them; they squealed with joy as they covered my cock and balls with the white foam. “Please—dear God—don’t slip,” I begged. Again they laughed, but I could see Sally was really careful, especially when she cleaned my balls. Celeste added some lotion once we were out and dry. I hugged and kissed them again. Then I noticed my bald abdomen in the mirror as Sally and Celeste howled with laughter. “Let’s get dressed. We’re going out for brunch.”

We had another delightful meal and, once again I was the envy of every male in the place. I loved this restaurant—the boiled shrimp and omelet station were first rate; everything else was almost as good. The only problem was that I always ate too much. We got home around two and it was time for Sally to leave. I kissed her good bye, not knowing if we’d ever have a repeat. Celeste walked her to the door, turned her and engaged her in another long deep kiss. I could see their tongues wrestling. There was a tear in Celeste’s eye when she closed the door behind Sally.

I held Celeste’s hand as I led her back to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed I told her there was only one more part to her penance. I pulled her over my lap. “You’re not going to spank me?”

“As a matter of fact, I am but first I want to ask you what you’ve learned this weekend.

“I learned that masturbating can be a lot of fun and very rewarding so I guess it’s not as disgusting or sinful as I originally thought.”

“That’s very good, Celeste. What else?”

“I think I might be bisexual. I never thought I’d enjoy sex with another woman, but—wow!—Sally is really something. I enjoy her almost as much as I do you.”

“Keep going.”

“Anal—what can I say? It didn’t hurt although I suspect some men would just ram it in, not caring whether they hurt their partner or not. I’m lucky to have you, darling. I also learned that there shouldn’t be any limits on sex—not the amount or type. It’s important to learn to fully express yourself sexually. Oh yeah–I learned that my parents don’t know everything about sex.”

“That’s really excellent. Now I am going to spank you and after each spank I want you to repeat what I’m going to tell you. Ready?” WHACK! Now repeat after me: Never again will I…”

“Never again will I.”

“use that monstrous chastity device…”

“use that monstrous chastity device…”

“on my…”

“on my…”


“hu…” She turned up to face me. The expression on Celeste’s face said it all. If faces could talk this one would have told of relief, elation, joy, and every positive emotion ever experienced.

“Go ahead, repeat: ‘husband.’”

“husband. I love you, Pierre.”

I spanked her again but this time much softer and she repeated, “Never again will I use that monstrous chastity device on my husband.” I gave her three more, but instead of spanks I gave her kisses, planting one on each of her wonderful ass cheeks and each time she repeated. At the end I kept her over my lap as I gave her two boxes from my night table. She laughed when she saw the wrapping. It was bunnies and chicks left over from my niece’s Easter present.

She carefully opened the first, turning to say, “Thank you,” when she saw the house key and garage remote. Then I handed her the second smaller box. She jumped off my lap and into my arms when she opened it. “I take that as a ‘yes.’”

“Yes, Pierre I love my ring and I will marry you. I’m kind of surprised.”

“This is the last time I want to talk about this…I bought it the Friday night before and the way things went on Saturday I wasn’t about to give it to you then, but I still loved you and I always will.”

“Pierre, now that we’re engaged we need a new bed.”

“What’s wrong with this one? It’s been fine for the past three years.”

“Darling, it’s not big enough; we need one that’s big enough for three. I want Sally to move in. Now, before you get upset, please listen to me. Think of the advantages. There will always be at least one of us interested in fucking you. That’s really good when I have my period. And, Sally and I can take care of each other when you can’t come home. I’ll still love you first. You’ll be my husband; Sally will be my…our girlfriend.”

“And what does Sally think about this?”

“Go ask her. She’s sitting out in the driveway. She’s waiting for you.” I was shocked. This was not anything I had even considered or imagined. What to do? I got up and walked outside. Sally was sitting there in her car. I opened the door and held it for her. Sheepishly she walked into the house with me. The three of us talked about our situation for hours. Finally, we agreed. Sally would go home tonight, but move in after work tomorrow. Sally and I would shop for a king sized mattress over lunch tomorrow. I would have to tell my partners about our arrangement tomorrow morning even though it could cost Sally her job. We would have a three month trial to see how things went; any one of us could call an end to the arrangement during that period. I was exhausted, mentally more than physically, when I went to bed that evening.


I walked into the office Monday morning stopping to kiss Sally passionately before walking into our weekly partners meeting. I had known my partners for years, ever since college. Roger and Richard Smith were twins—sons of an architect father—who had taken over his business on his death eight years ago. They asked me to join them four years ago.

“So, Pierre, how was your weekend?” This was a ritual we went through every Monday morning even though we rarely had anything of import or interest to report to each other.

“I knew you’d ask that, Roger and, for once, I actually have something to tell you. First, I got engaged yesterday.”

“Congratulations,” they exclaimed at the same time, rising to shake my hand.

“And, second, I also got a live-in girlfriend or Celeste got a live-in girlfriend, depending on how you look at it. Sally’s moving in this afternoon.” I explained everything that had occurred over the past three weeks. I have to say one thing for my partners—they’re good listeners. “So,” I added at the end, “what do we do about Sally? I don’t want anything that looks like favoritism. It’s bad for the other employees.”

“Well,” Roger began thoughtfully, “I supervise her and evaluate her so I don’t know that there’s a problem. Her work has always been really good and she helps out with the typing when we’re in a bind so I only have one question—how is she?”

“Roger,” I said with a huge grin on my face, “you know a gentleman never tells, but Sally and I are going to need some time over lunch. We’re buying a new bed—a bigger one. I’ll be lucky to get any sleep at all.”

“How do you think this is going to work out? You know women are even more jealous than we are.”

“To be honest Richard I don’t see it working at all. I mean, it looks great—I get all the sex I can handle maybe more, Celeste and Sally get to do all the housework and cooking as well as each other, but truthfully Celeste isn’t all that sure of herself. I think she’ll get jealous eventually and ask Sally to leave. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt and, unfortunately, the most likely one is Sally. I’ll have to be very careful of how I deal with both of them, but it wasn’t my idea. I was the only one to have any negative comments last night when we talked about it. It’s like living some porn movie.”

We broke the meeting around ten after I described our latest contract with the factory outlet czar—three new outlet centers at $30 million each and the renovation I had planned at $10 million. The $100 million contract would earn us nine percent or $11.1 million over the next three years. It wasn’t as exciting as my news about Celeste, Sally and me, but it was definitely much more profitable.

I arranged for Sally to be excused for lunch at 11:45. Word of our “arrangement” had swept through the company like a brush fire in a forty mile an hour wind. I was congratulated twenty times on my engagement and kidded over fucking Sally at least as many. All the men told me they were terribly jealous; the women—well, women can be jealous and catty, and this was no exception—chastised me for getting involved with a tramp when I had a real lady like Celeste. I saw no point in telling them the whole thing was her idea. We drove directly to a bedding store, bought a pillow-top mattress, box spring, and steel frame, arranged for delivery that very afternoon, and went to the mall to buy some sheets, blankets, and pillows. We grabbed a quick lunch at the food court and were back by one. Not bad if I say so myself.

The bed was delivered by the time I got home at 6:30. The old mattress had been removed and my women had made the bed. Sally had put a load of her clothes in the closet in the guest bedroom even though she wasn’t going to sleep there ever. I got a big surprise when I walked into the kitchen—we were having pizza. “Sorry, darling,” Celeste told me as she kissed my cheek, “too much going on here…no time to cook.” I opened the box—sausage, my favorite—and took out two pieces. I was just about to take a bite when Sally came and sat on my lap. She nuzzled my neck and licked my ear as Celeste laughed. “My ears were burning all day,” Sally told me, “I heard people were talking about me.”

I explained about our Monday meeting, commenting that I hadn’t told anyone other than my partners. I was sure that Roger and Richard had told their secretaries and once that happened everyone would know. “Don’t worry about it. Your job is safe and people will find something else to talk about soon. All the guys are jealous of me if that makes you feel better.” I laughed at that and leaned over to kiss Sally. Then I kissed Celeste, commenting, ”They’re all jealous of me for getting engaged to you, too. Some of those guys think I’m the luckiest man on the planet; the women just think I’m the sexiest!” I grinned to show I was just kidding and they broke into fits of laughter. When I acted hurt and pouted Sally picked up a piece of the pizza and shoved it into my mouth. They laughed at my expense, but so did I. Maybe this would work out after all.

No—I was wrong again. I thought things were going well, but I was the only one. Sally felt Celeste was monopolizing my time—and my cock—and Celeste felt just the opposite. In the end I was the one to call it off. We were watching TV one evening. I was on the couch with Celeste on my left and Sally on my right. When Sally put her hand on my thigh; not to be outdone Celeste put her hand on my other. It became a competition—who was getting the most out of me as though I was a dumb animal or poor slave without any say. It went on for several minutes until I yelled, “STOP!! BOTH OF YOU—JUST STOP!” I pushed their hands off my legs before continuing, “Do you remember when you wanted to start this? Do you remember what I said about jealousy and competition? You poo-poo’d the whole idea, but what’s happening now? You both want me and I’m stuck in the middle. I’ve had enough. Sally, I’m sorry but I’m engaged to Celeste and I love her more than anything. I like you a lot, but I don’t love you. I’m calling an end to all of this. You need to move out. Again—I’m really sorry. Do you have any place to go?”

“Yeah, I still have my apartment. A girlfriend is living there, but there’s room for both of us. I’ll go now and pick up my stuff tomorrow after work.” She got up, kissed me on the cheek, kissed Celeste, saying, “Sorry,” and left.

Celeste had a tear in her eye when I looked at her. I wiped it off with my finger and kissed her gently. She pulled back, looked at me for several seconds before telling me, “You were right, Pierre. I’m lousy at sharing. I should have known better, but I really like Sally, I hope she’ll be OK.”

“When word gets around the firm that she’s back in circulation she’ll have more dates than she can handle. When she comes back tomorrow you can ask her if she’d like to come and spend some weekends, but when she gets a boyfriend, that’s it. I’m not sharing you with some guy.”

“Oh, I get it,” Celeste kidded me, “it was OK for me to share you, but not the other way.”

“Damn right. I share you with nobody.”

“Goodie,” she replied, “now let’s go fuck! I haven’t had any since yesterday. I’m expecting it at least once every day. Don’t you dare tell me you’re tired. ”

I couldn’t suppress a grin as I thought of the prospect of daily sex with my lover—oh, how she had changed in a few short weeks. “No, Celeste, I’ll never be too tired for you.”

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