The Professor’s First Student

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It’s wonderful having a younger lover.

He wasn’t the first I’d had, and I’m sure he won’t be the last. But right there, right then, he made this older woman feel like she were 18 again.

Danny was Filipino. Not the physical type I normally go for. There was something about him, though, something about that dark skin, those chocolate brown eyes, that silky black hair that really turned me on. Not to mention his electric white grin. Something about him always made me go weak in the knees.

Professors aren’t supposed to want to fuck their students.

Well, okay, maybe we can want to…but we really shouldn’t follow through on that desire.

He had been one of my very first students ever. There was something about him even then. A subtle sexual undertone to our conversations. A thrill when he laughed and reached out to touch me. A delightful frisson whenever he came to see me in my office.

Professors aren’t supposed to want to grab their students and fuck them to within an inch of their lives.

Besides, I was married. Fantasies about Danny were all well and good, but everything said I couldn’t act on them.

Then the semester was over, and I had a new batch of students. I only saw Danny every now and then, when we would pass in the halls. He always grinned at me and called out, “Hi, Professor!” And I would sigh and move along. Forbidden fruit. Though I suspected it was mighty tasty fruit.

I shouldn’t have been surprised at my delight when he stopped me in the hall one day. He wanted to know if it was okay for him to take another class with me. Okay?? Hell yes, it was okay! Get to look at that sexy young man three times a week again? Oh yes, I wanted him in that classroom with me.

And so there he was again, grinning that grin at me while I tried to concentrate on teaching. Professors aren’t supposed to want to fuck their students. Especially in the middle of a class filled with other students… But I still enjoyed our time “together”. He often stopped to see me on his way out of the classroom. İstanbul Escort I found myself attracted to his sharp wit and intelligence as well as that sexy body. And often thought about doing a number of very naughty things to that body.

Alas, time moves on, and again the semester ended. I knew that if I ever saw Danny again, it would only be in the halls. Ah well, at least I’d be able to admire him from afar when we did pass each other. Funnily enough, I didn’t see him again until the next semester was almost over, when we both attended a school function.

He walked over to me, grinning that grin, and said, “Hey, Professor!”

“I don’t think you need to keep calling me ‘Professor’, Danny.” Feeling unaccountably nervous, I used my left hand to brush the hair away from my face.

He reached out and took my hand, looking down at it with a bemused expression. Where once there had been a wedding ring, I now wore something quite different. “Not married anymore?”

“No! Thank God.”

The look he gave me sent chills through my body.

It wasn’t too much longer before I found myself sitting on his bed, nervous with anticipation. Things like this didn’t happen. Students weren’t supposed to seduce their professors. He seemed to sense something and gave me that grin as he sat next to me. He stroked my cheek with his long, sensitive fingers and murmured, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this?”

I couldn’t answer. I could only watch his eyes, his grin, and smile back somewhat uncertainly.

He kissed me once, slowly and passionately, then undressed me with a reverence that left me breathless. He tore his own clothes off, his gaze upon me avid and hungry. Then he was on top of me, pressing me to the mattress, his lips devouring mine. His hand cupped my breast, fingers pinching my nipple. I moaned softly as his mouth took my other nipple. His fingers gently quested downward, and again his lips followed. I gasped with pleasure as he parted my lips and took my clit into his mouth. My Anadolu Yakası Escort gasps turned to moans when he slid two fingers inside me, curving them to press hard against the wall of my pussy. I had never felt anything like it…I thought I was going to explode with pleasure. His fingers stroked and pressed deep inside me as his tongue flicked my clit ever faster. Unable to control myself, I wrapped my legs around his back and grabbed his head in my hands, pressing him tightly against me. In seconds, I was coming, screaming and gasping as waves of the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced broke over me. It radiated from my pelvis through my entire body. I became the sensation; everything else vanished.

As I collapsed in a puddle of limp limbs, I heard his warm chuckle. I opened my eyes with effort and peered down at him.

“That sounded like it felt good.” He grinned, then slowly slipped his fingers out of me.

I was absolutely unable to reply. Or move. Or do anything at all. I did manage an “Mmmm” of pleasure as he rubbed my juices from his fingers into my breasts. And I sighed softly as he proceeded to lick me clean.

Finally, the realization that we weren’t finished galvanized me to attempt action. An orgasm that amazing deserved another. I gave him a slow smile and pressed him back.

“Your turn now.”

I wanted that magnificent cock of his in my mouth. I wanted to taste his come.

I made myself go slowly, though, starting at his lips and slowly kissing and licking my way down his body. His soft murmurs of pleasure made me even more anxious to have him in my mouth. With no more hesitation, I slipped lower and wrapped my lips around his shaft. “Oh God, baby, yes!” He slid his fingers into my hair and urged me to take him deeper into my mouth. Which I did with pleasure. I loved the feel of his cock filling my mouth, the taste of his precome, the sound of his gasps as I sucked him. Although I usually like to tease a man when I’m going down on him, I didn’t tease Danny for a Üsküdar Escort second. I had never been quite so hungry for anyone, so anxious to feel his load spilling down my throat. I felt him tense beneath me, and began sucking even faster. Then, to my astonishment, instead of using his hands to set the rhythm he needed to come, he pulled me away from him.

I blinked up at him, bemused.

“You need to stop, baby. I’m too close to coming.”

“Isn’t that rather the point?” I had never been quite so surprised before.

“Well.” He colored slightly. “I want to come in your…inside you. Not your mouth.”

I grinned. There was something a bit sweet about a man who couldn’t say the word “pussy” to me. And if that was where Danny wanted to come, well…Danny would get what he wanted.

I straddled him, poising above his cock. In one motion, I impaled myself on him, my pussy so wet that he was hilted inside me in an instant. He moaned and wrapped his hands around my breasts, and I began to ride him. Feeling his cock filling me, feeling my clit stroke against him…I knew that he wasn’t the only one close to coming. But Danny was far closer than I, and after only a few moments, he cried out and pulled me against him, exploding deep within me.

I sighed softly in slight disappointment, and made to roll off him, but he held me tightly.

“No, don’t move. You aren’t finished yet.”

He pushed me upright again and slipped his fingers between us. Delicately, he began rubbing my clit, his softening cock still inside me. As with my earlier orgasm, the sensation was unusual, amazing, intense. I threw my head back and focused only on that, only his touch on me. I moaned, rocking back and forth on him. “God, baby, don’t stop.” This time, it was a slow crescendo of pleasure. His fingers on my clit, his hardening cock inside me, and I fell over the edge, clutching the sheets, crying out my pleasure for the second time that night.

I opened my eyes and smiled. “Mmmm. Thank you…I wasn’t expecting that.”

He grinned that grin at me and sat up, his hands on my hips. He kept me yet again from moving off of him. I realized that he was fully hard within me and couldn’t stifle a gasp of surprise. He chuckled.

“Want to go again?”

It’s wonderful having a younger lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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