Southern Nights Ch. 13

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“I really don’t know how many times I’ve used the word ‘amazing’ since I came down here,” Angela smiled as they stepped out of their rental car and looked at their home for the upcoming evening and night. All three of them wailed in girlish excitement over the style and elegance of the bungalow in front of them. “I just couldn’t help it, you know,” Angela told them excitedly as the warm breeze playfully ruffled her fair locks, “when I saw the sunset out at the ocean that first night, I decided I just had to find a place up here with the best possible view to enjoy it to the fullest once again.” She waved her hand towards the elegant house as she shut the car door and threw her handbag over the shoulder. “I simply asked at the reception last night, and they immediately told me that for what I wanted, this was the place. The place indeed! So I took the liberty of booking it for tonight – without even asking you.” The last passage she told them looking coyly over the rim of her mighty sunglasses. “Hope it’s okay with you…”

Her two companions nodded in unison in response to her seemingly innocent inquiry, knowing perfectly well that this was a prevalent case closed as far as Angela was concerned. And they didn’t mind a bit with the beauty of the scenery completely mesmerizing them as they strolled through the spacious and well-gardened compound.

Right in front of the bungalow, behind a high and protection-providing hedge, there was a broad terrace, built from huge stone tiles or rather flags that formed an artistic texture of sun-baked mosaic surrounded by an even more artistically forged black iron rail with a shiny brown oak handrail on top of it.

In the front, facing right westwards, was an opening with a stair down to a lower balcony down at the outer cliff. This left a completely open view to the magnificence of the sunset whenever the weather allowed for it. Like this glorious evening. The sun was already low, and the worst heat was gradually loosing its merciless grip as the three of them walked through the cool interior of the bungalow and out to the terrace. Sure enough the flagstone floor was still too hot to walk without sandals, but that was going to change fairly quickly once the ever-present breeze got the better of the intensely baking heat of the sunshine.

“Exactly as perfect as I was told,” Angela mused as she drew in the fresh ocean air in a long and deep sigh that made her tits bulge under her thin yellow blouse. “Just perfect for our purpose, don’t you think?” The question was followed by her characteristic girlish giggle. Mary joined in and for a moment both ladies faced Linda with lustful eyes, sending intense vibes of dominant craving like glowing arrows through the air, right into the core of the girl’s passion-engorged soul. Confronted once again with all this overwhelming strength and beauty Linda felt an urge to drop to her knees and start worshipping their feet right there and then. Instead she straightened her back to pull herself together and returned her most beaming smile, letting her tongue run coquetry along her lower lip to underscore her exultant consent. Immediately Mary reached out and pulled her in to her fiery bosom in a warm and loving hug, filling her lungs with the smell of the dark, girlish hair right under her nose.

“You are just completely wonderful,” she sighed, burying her nose deeper into the youngster’s sleek hair. “Just fuckin’ incredible.” The last part was said in an almost inaudible wisp, more to herself than anyone else. As she felt the girl’s hands slip along her back down low, grouping the globes of her butt exactly the way she did when she tongued her pleasure-craving slit, the itch in her crotch caught fire with such intensity she had to mobilize all her strength not to push the girl down to her knees right there on the spot. There would be a time for that, definitely, but not until things were in perfect order around them. And she was still quite curious to see what Angie had in mind for this sunset thing of hers. Oh yes; rushing things was the deadliest sins of all at moments like these.

A strong draft from below made their locks fly. Mary lifted her head to admire the view once again. From the end of the lower terrace, behind the rail, there was a 10 – 15 feet of relatively rocky surface out to the edge where the cliffs seemed to dive at least some three hundred feet right into the ocean below.

This left them with a panorama that was completely breathtaking and almost a little frightening at the same time. They had the enormous arch of the ocean on three sides, the full scenery only interrupted by some low trees hanging on to some green spots out along the edge of the cliff.

Mary discovered she had been hugging Linda harder and harder, almost like she was afraid to be sucked out over the edge and into the abyss. With a deep sigh she let go and had the girl turn around in her arms to be able to admire the awesome view together with her. The horizon ran like a blue-greyish line that seemed to slice the endless escort bayan vastness into heaven and ocean by some inexplicable force and let each part fade off deep into a kind of… indolent incessancy.

Again there was this unfathomable humming tone somewhere deep inside her chest – or was it the air? – that enigmatic sound that seemed to draw its power from the incomprehensible immensity of glittering ocean out there. The deepest bass imaginable, voicing to all humankind an eternal warning of nature’s boundless powers; listening or not. Reminding them both of the open-hearted gift of marvellous evenings like these, and the untameable ferocity of its un-released powers, just as it had done with the looming profiles of the distant sleeping beast way out there in the infinitely vast blue of the ocean.

Up here though the profile of Maracalor could hardly be seen far out towards the west. And as the sun descended, its contours were totally erased by the intensity and glittering reflections of the reddening light. Anne noticed another island far out to the south, one with a similar profile as that of Maracalor; probably also of volcanic origin then. A cold trickle of fear ran down her spine as she contemplated the fact that the whole area – including the cliffs they were standing on – actually may be a part of the same dormant power that so perceptibly displayed its might through the profiles of those fearsome islands out there. Maybe the beast could in fact try to grasp at her all the way up here if they wouldn’t show the proper respect and awe that the whole scenery persistently demanded? She shrugged in Mary’s arms as she tried to shake the silly notion off and turn her mind back to the immense beauty of it all. That was what they were here for after all. To admire beauty. The beauty of mother nature, and… the beauty of an almost overwhelming female aura. A mother nature in an entirely different – but just as awesome – way. Her mind flashed from unease to passion in an abrupt mental swerve, aided by the feeling of Mary’s bulging tits pressing at her back through the fabric of her thin, red blouse. Her lady still had her arms wrapped lovingly around her, as though she would be protecting her from her own apprehensive thoughts as Linda kept staring open-mouthed at the beautiful scenery around them.

“You two enjoy yourself for a moment and I’ll go prepare the chairs,” Angela smiled as she turned around and disappeared inside. A moment later they could hear her rumbling around with the furniture, and they hastily broke up to assist her. In no time at all a table, a huge parasol and two very comfy chairs were put up on the lower terrace, and Linda was right in to fix them some refreshing orange juice drinks from the well-equipped fridge. She had to smile as she returned out to find here two mistresses stark naked and comfortably seated in the shadow of the parasol, facing the glittering ocean, clearly awaiting her service as the most natural thing of this world. The view itself, along with the knowledge of their unmistakable expectations, was enough to feed the girl’s incorrigible submissive fire, as usual, and she had to stop and take a deep breath before she proceeded up to hand them the ice-cold drinks.

They took them with broad smiles, waving for her to sit down on the hard stone floor in front of their chairs. The lack of comfort for her was entirely on purpose, of course, underscoring the comprehensiveness of the very submissive role – definitely close to that of a slave girl – she was inevitably slipping into, almost as by its own force of gravity.

“It’s just incredibly wonderful to be warm and naked with the panorama of such an incredible sunset. Simply the best feeling ever,” Angela sighed as she removed her back hair clips and let her golden blond locks flow all over the neck of the chair before her head sank back gracefully. Her nipples protruded stiffly, revealing her almost ubiquitous state of arousal as she peeked down at Linda sitting obediently on her haunches in front of her. With a big smile on her lips the girl let her eyes wander between pussy, tits and face as she used the tip of her tongue to tease the woman to new heights of sexual yarning. They all loved this game immensely, sometimes stretching it all out into a lengthy, electrifying foreplay of shuddering enticement, leaving an almost liquidised craving for all those sweet things to come.

“You look like a real angel sitting in front of me like this,” Angela sighed. “An Angel sent to bring joy to all mankind… or rather womankind… or rather… especially to me!” She smiled broadly as she let her legs slip graciously further apart, revealing the full treasures of her sex to the youngster’s ardent stare. Her finger came down to caress the girl’s chin and dark locks as she prepared for yet another bout of almost unimaginable pleasure.

“Now I would like us to fulfil this one great fantasy of mine… my most favourite dream of all time, something that to me would be the most romantic thing.” She laughed coyly bursa vip escort before she continued. “The most romantic thing in my world, of course!”

She took a deep sip of her drink.

“It will be a work of immense precision,” she continued in the same almost mocking voice, “demanding the highest coordination skills from both of us.”

She could notice the glimpse of curiosity in the gorgeous eyes as she spoke, even though there couldn’t be much doubt about the essence of the girl’s imminent task.

“I’ve always loved sunsets like these… all my life. The colours and the sparkling glow. Just like now.” She waved her hand out towards the ocean in an elegant swing that made her tits wobble delightfully. “And I’d like this one to be the most special of all.” She cleared her throat and locked the girl’s eye’s firmly with her own. “Exactly the moment the last slice of sun disc slips under the horizon… I want to… cum in your mouth! And I’d like it to be my best cum yet… the best cum ever!”

The girl’s eyes immediately beamed with appreciation and joy. “Yessss Angela… I’ll make sure it will be the best one ever. I’ll do my very best!” Her young body shuddered lightly as she spoke.

“I know you will. I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.” Angela sighed as she eased herself a bit further down in her chair, spreading a bit more to the dark head that slowly started its descend down to her centre of pleasure.

“For this to work, you need to use your tongue in a very regular and rhythmic way, allowing me – and you – to coordinate the build-up with the setting of the sun. Not a single slip or irregularity… you understand?”

“Yes – Yes I do!”

“Just a regular rhythm…”


“Good girl…”

Angela put her voluminous glasses back onto her nose and sighed deeply as sweet red lips and hot, horny pussy met in a languid embrace of soft, but yet very untamed passion, a passion bound to crack off like a fireball of heavenly sensations once that well-trained tongue set to work for real.

And it did its magic tricks more precisely than ever before, having Angela moaning and writhing on her chair in a matter of minutes. The lady got exactly what she had asked for. Linda found a perfect, slow rhythm of flicks back and forth along the underside of her clitoral base, stretching from the urethra all the way almost up to the red-engorged knob, leaving off right under the over-sensitive tip.

With this kind of regular stimulation – hard work even for the most well practiced and enduring tongue – Angela knew Linda would get tired in a matter of minutes, so this would be the ultimate test of the girl’s resilience and real determination to please. A decisive demonstration of devotion and exceptional endurance. She estimated it to be some ten minutes yet before they would reach that magic point in time – at least.

With Mary watching more and more breathlessly from the other side of the little white table, the two ecstatic bodies writhed in lazy waves along the entire scale of intense bodily pleasures as more and more of the glowing red disc got engulfed by the led-grey arch of vast ocean endlessness. Angela seemed to control her pleasure build by her breathing – almost like in labour – gasping and hissing as she ravenously consumed the pleasure burning intensely throughout her body with seemingly insatiable energy. Again Mary got the impression that the two of them had a unity of lovemaking that made it all look like they had done absolutely nothing else but exactly this for the better part of their lives. To Mary Angela had it all so natural in some peculiar way. Even though Angie and Linda never had the time to melt into a unity of love – her favorite way of thinking of it – like she felt the girl had done with herself, it still was like they had been lovers for years. To Linda Angie simply was a natural – the natural. Her movement so clearly telling the wildly excited girl what was expected and how she wanted it, pointing up the best sensations by sighs, moans and even some petite adjustments by a gentle but persistent hand, never leaving any doubts about where she had her, and what she should do to keep here on the right level of boil for any suitable occasion… or any suitable length of time.

Linda felt her tongue getting a bit raw, and her throat muscle slowly getting tired from the vigorous labour required from its rhythmically sweeping and protruding rhythm. Only the most strength-consuming thrusts made Angie shudder lightly with lust the way she wanted, and as soon as she tried softening her intensity just a tiny bit, she felt the demanding body kind of coming after her to force her stimulation back to full effort. Absolutely not a single moment of ease with this relentless lady!

Resolutely she literarily threw herself back in with all her strength, living entirely by the moment, desperately determined to keep up all her very best effort for as long as it would ever take, pushing the nightmare-like thoughts bursa elit escort of a possible collapse far back into the lowest shelves of her fevered mind. Surely she had to be able to bring this woman what she craved, even if it would cost her the very last tremor of energy? She just couldn’t fail them now, not after such a long time of successful service, could she? No chance. Over her dead body! They were going to learn that nothing could break her devotion to give her uppermost at any time. Absolutely any time! And they were going to learn it the hard way. Her hard way! As to underscore her determination, she collected everything she got to bring on a thrust that made Angie gasp hoarsely. Then she continued her rhythmical assault, feeling her jaws and throat muscles starting to burn lightly from their growing exhaustion.

“My oh my, what a lovely view,” Angela murmured, more to herself than her two friends.

The horizon was a myriad of colours, glowing and fluttering in a soundless crescendo of incomprehensive immensity, as to show off its very best panorama just for the little well-coordinated team up there on the cliff. And the ocean reflected it all with a sparkling generosity that lifted it to a monumental symphony of silent, wispy art. The warm draught that every now and then came up to caress their cheek and even lightly ruffle their locks made it all almost tangible in its terrific stateliness, as if to incessantly remind them how very close mother nature was even on a distant spot and in intimate moments like these.

Smiling joyfully towards the magnificent scenery Angela stretched her limbs almost ecstatically as glowing ripples of sparkling jolts shot up and down throughout her body. The heat was creeping in on her like a wild cat ready to strike, and she had to take several deep breaths to control her body as the rhythmic tongue thrusts threatened to tip her over the edge much too soon.

Just a few more minutes, and she could just squeeze her head back and give herself over to the rapture of the impending orgasm.

Linda sensed her mistress’ mounting heat, and concentrated all her effort into the final stages of her service, more determined than ever to break her beautiful lady before she ran out of strength herself. Mary could see a new and different glow in those beautiful blue eyes down there; an almost self-destructive resolve to serve, making the girl’s body tremble and strain in tensed agony as she kept up her rhythm with relentless gusto. Her tendons tightened like ropes around her neck as her jaws worked, and Angela’s body started jerking and shuddering as the determined stimulation started to overwhelm her. At one point she grabbed the armrests of her chair with shaky hands, her knuckles whitening strenuously as her grip tightened in an indomitable effort to control her treacherous body the last minute she needed for the perfect ecstasy to burst.

As the sunset approached its spectacular finale, the lovemaking intensified conspicuously, making both bodies shudder and writhe even harder in and exquisite mixture of passion and exhaustion. Linda’s jaws were sore and her tongue completely raw. But she felt the effect she brought on, and nothing on this planet could derail her from the task of bringing this beautiful woman exactly the pleasure she craved.

And the tongue worked exactly the way it should, its rhythmic predictability allowing Angela exactly the bodily control she needed for the challenging coordination. She felt her entire abdomen kind of dissolving into a glowing lava flow of burning fury around that miraculous tongue, and she could cry out in abandoned bliss from the sheer knowledge that with the way this magnificent youngster played out her talents, she could control her orgasm down to the very core of her soul and beyond, topping anything she had ever experienced before in her life.

Exactly the moment the last slice of glowing red shrank into a glimmering dot and then disappeared with a last little winkle under the steel- grey horizon, Angela gave way and let her belly melt into a flaming inferno, allowing the fort-breaking orgasm to kind of grow out of the grasp around the rhythmically intrusive tongue. Her body tightened up and then stiffened and she let out a long and guttural groan as her body floated freely by its own unremitting drive. As the magnificent eruption mounted to its heart-bursting peak, she shrieked wildly and shot a tiny but still sharp and well-defined squirt of pure liquidized passion right into Linda’s eagerly working moth. The orgasm was raw but controlled; perfectly in line with the heart-warming experience of romance and awe she had been feeling facing the spellbinding scene of sheer indefinite magnitude and beauty. Linda followed her easily, tonguing and lip-rubbing the clitoral shaft with rhythmic twirls as her lady shook through her ecstasy in a frenzy of gasps and hisses, desperately holding on to the armrests of her chair to stay in ideal position for the expert stimulations of her adorable little slave girl. Linda noticed she didn’t grab her head and grind her pussy all over her mouth as she normally did, and tried to give her the effect of it by an extra intensive flicking of the throbbing clit as a last little squirt signalled the culmination of her mistress’ terrific eruption.

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