Girls’ Dinner

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Christine had decided that she was going to fuck Kayla long before she actually tried to. The two had been friends for years and like most women easily discussed their sex lives together. Christine had been with her share of women, while Kayla was a girl on girl virgin. And so it was that Christine finally chose a Friday night to taste her friend.

Kayla wasn’t completely naïve. They had kissed several times, but always to titillate men. On a few occasions Christine had grabbed Kayla’s round breasts, but that was it. Feeling the soft globes pressing against her palms as her friend’s nipples stiffened drove Christine’s desire to feel them bare.

Christine was very smooth in arranging her night with Kayla. She invited her friend over for a girls’ only dinner and movie session, something they did often. Knowing Kayla couldn’t resist champagne Christine knew she’d be tipsy and easy going. And rather than one of their usual art films, she chose a graphic lesbian erotica piece.

As dusk settled, Christine lit candles in the living room and on the tiny kitchen table. She had carefully chosen her outfit for the evening, selecting a pair of low-rise khakis and a baby blue tank top. She wore no bra, and a tiny white thong.

As she cut the heat to the pans on the stove, she heard Kayla entering the apartment. “I’m in here and dinner’s just ready,” she called out.

Kayla walked in as Christine could feel her pussy begin to get wet. Kayla was pretty, a petite girl with thick auburn hair that fell below her shoulders and beautiful hazel eyes to match. She was dressed in a short denim dress with spaghetti straps and flip-flops.

“Smells good in here,” Kayla said as she reached for the bottle of sparkling wine on the table. “May I?”

Christine smiled. “Go for it. I’ve got a couple more bottles in the fridge so we can really drink tonight. You can crash here if you need to,” she added carefully.

As Kayla poured out drinks for them both, Christine filled their plates with the veggie pasta she had made and they sat to eat and gossip. Kayla was very headstrong so Christine knew if she got her talking about work, Kayla would get fired up and keep drinking.

Her plan worked. Within half an hour, the first bottle was empty and Kayla was obviously getting tipsy. Christine sipped her wine, gazing at her sexy friend’s face softly illuminated by the candlelight, reflecting off the green and brown in her eyes. Her soft mouth was carefully forming each word as the escaped her lips which would pause to bite into pasta or sip more wine.

“Oh, but anyway. Who cares about that? What’s new with you?” Kayla cupped her face in her hand and stared across back at Christine. ” I like your hair like that. When you do it?”

Christine had gotten her dark hair trimmed the day before so it would be soft and fluffy and curl just the way she knew Kayla loved it. She had spent a long time combing and twisting it just the right way for the effect she knew Kayla liked best on her.

“I just got it done this week,” Christine said trying hard to sound casual. She twisted a strand around her finger and flipped it.

“You really look cute,” Kayla said. “And me too. Maybe we should go out instead tonight.”

Christine felt scared for a moment at the idea that Kayla wanted to leave and go find a party scene. But if she just played it cool, she knew she could talk Kayla into staying in.

“Nah, let’s just stay here and drink and bullshit. It’s much more fun anyway,” she said.

Kayla just shrugged and took a deep drink from her glass. “Yeah, much easier to stay here and be lushes, right?”

They laughed and clinked their glasses together. Christine decided to take the plunge and steer bursa yabancı escort Kayla right onto the path that would get her juices flowing for the night.

“So how are things with Jason going?” she asked. Jason was Kayla’s new boyfriend. He was a nice guy, very cute, and Kayla’s dream guy. He completely turned Kayla on and Christine knew it was the perfect way to get her warmed up and think about sex.

Kayla smiled and blushed. Christine knew she had hit pay dirt. Kayla sighed and slowly answered, “Things are incredible.”

“Well let’s go sit out on the sofa to talk,” Christine said. “We’ll clean up later.” She picked up her glass and the mostly full bottle and grabbed Kayla’s hand leading her to the living room. Kayla had managed to pick up her glass and obediently followed. They settled down on the sofa, overstuffed so you ended up pressed into your seatmate. They settled in, pressed together as Christine poured more wine.

“Well, fill me in. How’s it going with him?” Christine asked.

“Wonderful. He’s great, he makes me feel great, the sex is unbelievably good.”

Christine’s pussy grew warm thinking of Jason pleasing Kayla. “Come on. I want details.”

“Last night he woke me up by licking me,” Kayla said. “We had this great sex before bed so I fell asleep naked. Then at some point of the night, I was like half awake and feeling so horny. Just as I was all set to roll over, I feel a hand on my hip and realized that Jason was between my legs eating me out again.”

Kayla paused and smiled. Christine noticed nipples getting firm and poking from the denim dress. Her own were very obvious through her tank top.

“I love it when they wake you up like that,” Christine said, trying to encourage Kayla to keep going.

“Oh God I love the feel of his tongue on my clit.” Kayla sighed. “He’s so good at oral sex.” She smiled, closing her eyes and tipping her head back.

“Does he like to probe you with his tongue too?” Christine asked. “Or just finger?”

“He does a little probing but mostly he licks my clit,” Kayla said, shifting slightly in her seat. “He fingers me while he does that. Hits right at my g-spot.” She opened her eyes and winked at Christine.

“So he just kept eating you all night?”

“He loves it. I just don’t get it. I mean he won’t say not to sex or getting a blow job but he spends so much time down on me I may never need a gynecologist again.” She laughed a little and finished off her glass before reaching to fill it again. As she bent towards the table her breasts press up to the top of her dress. Christine had become very obsessed with Kayla’s body, especially her bust. She was a healthy 36C and well proportioned otherwise.

“You must be delicious then,” Christine replied. I hope so, at least, she thought to herself.

Kayla smirked. “I can’t complain from what I’ve tasted.”


“You know, on him when he kisses me. I love to kiss Jason after he goes down on me.” Kayla took a big gulp of wine. She was drunk. She had kicked off her flip-flops and was tracing her toe on the carpet. After a quite moment, she looked at Christine quizzically. “Why? Haven’t you ever tasted yourself?”

Christine felt herself blush this time. She was getting nervous. Kayla was a pretty bold girl who said what was on her mind, but now that she was trying to get into her pants, Christine could see why Kayla often intimidated men so easily. She took a drink and swallowed hard. “I’ve licked myself off a few chins,” she said, clearing her throat. She could feel her pussy getting wetter.

They sat in silence for a moment, Kayla reflecting on her boyfriend, Christine trying to maintain her composure. bursa sınırsız escort Finally, Christine cleared her throat again and Kayla snapped out of her daze. She drank the last of her glass and placed it onto the table. “Great, get ourselves all turned on with no men. Good move.”

“Let’s watch the movie,” Christine said reaching for the remote control. She desperately punched buttons as Kayla refilled her glass again. The DVD cued up and began to play, but flashed a message that it was resuming play. Christine froze. She had forgotten to reset it from when she was taking a peek earlier in the afternoon. The image on screen that popped up was of two women in the 69 position performing oral sex on each other with fervor.

Kayla’s eyes were wide and her mouth agape. She was shocked. She knew Christine had been with women before, and that she wasn’t embarrassed to tell anyone about it, but Kayla didn’t realize that her friend was into watching lesbian porno. As sixteen million thoughts flashed through her brain, she was trying to get her mind to send a coherent one to her mouth. Finally, Kayla began to laugh. She felt her eyes welling up with tears has she howled, doubling over.

Christine was humiliated. She couldn’t believe that she had forgotten to reset the movie. And now Kayla was laughing at her. She hit stop and the DVD halted. She blushed furiously as Kayla began to calm down. Christine could feel tears of embarrassment sting her eyes. Her plan was ruined and Kayla would think she was a freak.

Kayla wiped a tear from her eye as she turned to look at her friend. She stopped laughing and immediately felt bad when she saw the look of horror and Christine’s tears. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Kayla said. “It’s OK. I don’t care that you watch porno.”

“It’s not porn!” Christine sobbed. “It’s an art film about lesbians in love.”

“So, why are you so upset?” Kayla was confused.

Christine wiped her eyes, took a deep breath and took Kayla by the shoulders. She stared at her soft hazel eyes and licked her lips. She leaned in a gently kissed Kayla, their lips pressing together as Christine parted Kayla’s teeth with her tongue, gently sweeping her mouth. She felt a shock through her body at the exciting realization that she was kissing her.

Kayla didn’t know what to do. She had kissed Christine several times, but never a real kiss. As Christine continued to kiss her, she relaxed; beginning to enjoy the softer sensation is kissing a woman than a man. She allowed her own hands to reach up to cress Christine’s hair and pull her in closer as her own tongue dancing into her friend’s mouth.

Christine’s released her grip on Kayla’s shoulders and reached down to her breasts, taking the soft globes into her hands, kneading them gently. As she gently pinched a nipple, Kayla finally broke the kiss to gasp. She slowly opened her eyes to look at Christine and smile. She smiled back still groping at Kayla’s breasts.

Kayla leaned in and gently kissed Christine on the lips before wiping the last of the tears from her friend’s face. “It’s OK,” she said softly. “Did you plan for this?” she asked as she reached down to press one of Christine’s hand closer to her breast.

Christine nodded. “I’ve dying to have sex with you, Kayla. I wanted to fuck you for so long now.” She drew her free hand off of Kayla’s chest and reached down to feel a bare nipple with her finger. She pulled it, trying to get it to peek out over the top of Kayla’s dress.

“It’ll be easier with the zipper undone,” Kayla pointed out.

Christine pulled her finger out, her other hand still pressed against Kayla with her hand over it. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Kayla görükle escort kissed Christine, gently biting her lower lip. “I want to try sex with a woman and it may as well be my best friend, right?” she said as she drew back. She released Christine’s hand and leaned forward to allow her friend to unzip her dress.

Christine pulled the zipper down, watching the tiny straps on Kayla’s shoulders droop and slide. The front of the dress softened and began to pull away from Kayla’s round breasts. Christine reached up and pulled the denim to just below them, the soft, slightly tan flesh sitting over the dark blue cotton.

Kayla had amazing nipples. Christine had seen her naked before, but always made a point to not look like she was looking. They were large, very prominent, even when soft. Now that they were hard, they almost begged to be sucked.

She leaned down and took the left one in her mouth. Kayla cupped it holding it in place as Christine rolled it between her lips. Unconsciously, she reached up to play with the other breast as Kayla leaned back on the arm of the sofa. Christine suckled on the nipple, running her tongue over the hard nipple, tweaking the other as Kayla began to breath deeply as she stroked Christine’s neck.

With her face pressed into Kayla’s flesh, Christine could smell the sweet combination of her soap, perfume and natural scent. The nipple felt velvety on her lips and tongue and she pinched the right one with pleasure.

Kayla tipped her head back, savoring Christine’s generous attention to her breasts. She couldn’t believe that another woman was doing this to her. She had fantasized about it before, even sometimes while Jason was doing it to her. It was one of her favorite fantasies as she masturbated. Now that it was finally coming true, she was going to enjoy it fully.

Christine released the nipple from her lips and kissed Kayla again. Their tongues intertwined as Christine groped Kayla’s exposed breasts like a teenage boy would. Kayla moaned into her friend’s mouth with delight. Feeling the soft touch of another woman was driving her wild with excitement. She wanted to touch and taste Christine too. She reached for the hem of her tank top and began to pull upwards. Christine broke the kiss to help pull of her shirt. Her breasts hung free inches from Kayla’s face. She was smaller that Kayla, a 34B, but still nice and round.

Kayla reached up and gently ran her fingertips over the white flesh. The pert nipples seemed to be staring back at her. She squeezed the breasts, rolling the nipples in her fingers, mesmerized. She pulled Christine down towards her to take a breast into her mouth. She gently sucked a nipple and ran her tongue in circles around the pink ring. Christine groaned as she leaned her head back.

This is unbelievable, Christine thought to herself. She’s sucking on my tits, and I sucked hers. We’re going to fuck tonight. She looked down at Kayla, who stared back up at her, teasing her breasts with just the tip of her tongue.

Kayla released the nipple and smiled up at her friend. “I want to go to your bedroom.”

Christine slid off Kayla and stood beside her topless. As Kayla rose, her dress slid to the floor, leaving her only in a pair of black lace panties that sat low on her hips and high on her rear. Christine couldn’t help herself and reached between Kayla’s thighs and pressed against the wet fabric. Her pussy was warm and her labia swollen with desire. She pressed her legs together slightly to increase the sensation as she wrapped her arms around Christine’s neck to kiss her, their breasts pressing together.

Christine pressed harder against Kayla with her hand. She wanted to feel it naked. Kayla unwrapped her arms from Christine’s neck and began to undo Christine’s pants. She twisted the button open and slid the short zipper down to slide the khakis down her thighs. She released Christine from the kiss and began to walk towards the back bedroom. Christine stepped out of her slacks and followed.

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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