I Need a New Dyke

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Editor’s Note: this story contains BDSM content.

Macedonia Moriarity was a bit of a cock-tease. Well, she really was one. Maci didn’t give up her coochie very often, and when she did, the guy really had to make her happy.

One challenge that Maci had never gone for, and it intrigued her, was the idea of teasing and torturing a female, particularly a rich bitch who might spend a lot of cash on her.

But something interesting happened the other night. Macie had been dating a nice boy, Bannister Barrington…And, had been jerking his dick, kneeling stark naked while looking at Macie’s adorable bod in her black cocktail dress.

And then Bannister’s Mother walked in. and there had been an embarrassing confrontation. But Macie had noticed a bit of admiration in the older woman’s eyes…

Pagan, Macie’s roommate and live-in urinal, would have none of it.

“Mistress, you seduced me, and I’m a woman, maybe not that rich, but you made me what I am now.”

THWACK! The nettles scraped Pagan’s tender tits, and she bit her lip bitterly.

Pagan was standing naked, trying to keep her hands behind her head as Macie walked around her thoughtfully with a bouquet of stinging nettles.

“You have been a submissive for longer than I’ve been alive.” Macie said cruelly.

WHACK! The nettles revisited Pagan’s left nipple, and her slave tried masterfully to keep her hands behind her neck.

She understood the punishment, the physical discipline, but why did Maci have to be so nasty verbally!

Maci orhangazi escort never missed an opportunity to remind Pagan that she was an elderly, somewhat homely leather dyke.

“And Mrs. B has a nice figure for a sixty year old,nice perky tits, unlike those sagging, grotesque bags on you.”

WHACK! The nettles were so entrenched,attaching themselves to Pagan’s capillaries, that Maci had to pull hard to drag it off.

“And you are poor as a churchmouse, and a constant drain on my resources, even if you do pay your rent and keep up with expenses. It’s not enough!”

Suddenly Maci went behind Pagan and gave her a surprise whack on her corpulent buttocks.

Back in front of Pagan, Maci said nastily “I think sometimes I should make you live in the dog kennel out back all the time, not just when you’re in trouble, Or maybe I should just drop you off at the pound.

WHACK! A nipple got the brunt of Maci’s softball throwing muscle.

“I guess even the Humane Society wouldn’t take you though, I’m stuck with you forever.”

“But–” Tears that wouldn’t come from a nettle-tit whipping flowed freely when Macie hurt poor Pagan’s feelings.

SLASH! Pagan squealed in acute pain and almost went to her knees, the sensation was so devastating. But Pagan’s hands never left her neck.

Maci smiled in some pleasure that she had gotten Pagan to scream just a little.

“I want to find an older woman who isn’t even a lesbian and have her serve at my honey pot, which nilüfer escort I won’t let you do for a month anyway, because I’m trying to teach you self-control.”

“But–but you want me to suck a cock before I eat you out again.” Pagan wailed.

“Yes, and you need to give up the committed gay woman bullshit and obey me. But anyway, Mrs. Barrington, who asked me to call her Barrie, is quite taken with me.”

Maci smiled and waved the nettles at Pagan’s face threateningly, Pagan was terrified that Maci might make her eat nettles. Fortunately, that would eliminate Pagan’s cunt-lapping skills, and Maci needed those more.

But she didn’t have to tell Pagan that!

It was just a joy to keep Pagan off her balance. Zowie, it was great to mess with someone’s head.

Barrie seemed to secure for her own good, and Maci hoped she could remedy that.

It’s disgusting to see people with overly high self esteem,eh?

“Barrie took me to lunch the next day to ask me about her son’s submissive tendencies and asked me if Bannister needed therapy.”

SWAT! This lash from the nettles was a bit too hard, and Pagan let go of the back of her neck and grabbed her stinging breasts, and dropped to her knees, weeping a flood.

But, at the same time, one hand sneaked down to her twat, and she furtively frigged herself.

“Get back up you lazy old sow and put your hands behind your neck again.”

Maci began swinging the nettles around Pagan’s head and shoulders, and Pagan jumped türbanlı escort up and bit her lip and put her hands behind her neck once more.

“For letting go of your neck and showing appalling self-control, I can either let you chomp some nettles, or you can eat a bar of laundry soap.”

“I’ll eat the soap, ma’am.”

“That’s my girl.”

SNAP! The nettles hit Pagan’s pot belly.

“There’s a reminder that you have to do more sit-ups”

CRACK! The nettles inflamed Pagan’s left armpit, and the dyke bravely didn’t let her hands leave her neck again.

“I’d love to know if Barrie has ever been whipped. That would be such a joy, kicking the crap out of the proletariat, I think.”

“Y-yes ma’am you can kick her ass–“

“What, you’re encouraging me to torture an old lady?” Macy giggled inwardly, pretending to be very offended. She swung the nettles about Pagan’s body as the confused lesbian apologized for agreeing with her…

As Maci walked around, touching Pagan up here and there with the nettles, she considered the fact that Barrie had taken her to lunch several times, and had continually had told Maci how beautiful she was…

She’d talked about sending Maci to school, since Bannister was an idiot and had been thrown out of Harvard, Yale, and Buttermilk State.

Ordering Pagan to spread her legs, Maci landed the nettles hard against her bald clit and Pagan screamed, and reached down once more.

“Two bars of soap. No, five.”

As Pagan burst into fresh tears, her clitoris wetter than ever, Maci wondered how long it would take before she had old Barrie in the same position, maybe standing naked and suffering right next to Pagan.

As she swung the nettles again against Pagan’s suffering love box, Maci thought that it was all something to consider…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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