Sex in the Office – First Five Days

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Sex in the Office Monday

I get on my knees under your desk. I slowly approach your warm legs and short skirt. Parting your legs I kiss the insides of each leg again and again. Slowly I move upwards eyeing my prize, I run my hands up your outer thighs to hook your thong in my fingers. I gradually drag it downward. you raise yourself to help me. I catch your scent and I am excited beyond belief. As my pussy begins to seep I approach your sex.

My lips forming an O I see the tip of your little one and blow a puff of air. Now I begin sucking slowly. Gently. I approach her and extend my tongue trembling I touch her. She responds with a tremble of her own. My lips wrap around her in a delicate hug and I suck gently. I feel you tremble.

Two fingers part your slick lips and gently glide into you. Curling up behind your clit to find OUR SPOT. That smooth spot that gives you so much pleasure. I stroke insistently. as my tongue washes over your pearl.

My fingers continue to massage OUR SPOT as I feel you clamping down tight on them.

Your juices are leaking from you now at a quicker pace and my tongue gets busy collecting and savouring your taste. You have the most delightful taste I have ever experienced. A combination of Pear and Pineapple.

My fingers dance at your hip bones as you begin to grind your needy pussy at my face. I want all of you. I can’t let a drop get by. Nose rubbing more intensely now. I feel the chill running up your sides. I peer up at you and make eye contact.

Nodding my head you know immediately I want it now. I want you to fill my mouth with with your gushing womanly cum.

Sucking rubbing moaning I urge you on. As I begin to HUM the vibrations go directly to your little one. I feel you starting to release. and I encircle your opening with my wanton mouth. My tongue is plunging in and out over and over. Pumping you again and again. Give me your cum my sweet. I suck it from you. You begin to cum and moan loader. Covering my face with a lacquer of love.

Mid cum someone is there; hands on your shoulders. Moving in one swift motion to endeavor to cover your large breasts. Massaging you bring out that tingle you love so much.

As my nose bumps at your engorged clitoris, my tongue begins to penetrate you. I slide my fingers from you and hold them to where you can suck them. To enjoy the essence of my ministrations. I flatten my tongue now opening you further.

This allows your juices to collect there and I begin a maddeningly slow curl of my tongue. Pulling your Liquid of Life into my mouth. Your sweetness is beyond compare.

I slide my tongue over your velvet lining collecting all your juices. I feel your heart pounding in the walls of your pussy.

She begins kissing you passionately. Sucking at your tongue. Drawing more emotion from you. As you feel a third orgasm building she whispers in your ear, “Good thing the boss isn’t here, Liz wouldn’t take to kindly to your playing with yourself in the office.”

Sex in the Office – Tuesday

“Hello, ma’am, you called?” Sharon asked while standing at my door.

“Yes, please come in we will require privacy.” I said with a grin.

As she closes the door behind her I say, “I have something that requires your personal attention.”

Turning the latch she asks, “Yes, ma’am what’s that?”

Unfastening the side clasp on my skirt as I pull the zipper down then allowing it to flutter to the floor. Naked from the waist down I step out of the skirt. I start walking slowly, sexily toward Sharon. She watches as I approach.

“It appears she misses you, Sharon.” I say in a sexy voice. Taking her hand I bring it to my vee and say, “Please make her happy. She seems to be crying for you.”

Sharon begins caressing her softly as I slide my side drawer is open to reveal an abundance of toys. Sharon has begun stroking my labia with her fingertips. She peers into the drawer and picks up an interesting choice.

I watch her eyes as the sparkle grows. You are so fucking sexy, Sharon. Her choice is a plug, and a long thick dildo. Each with a thin hose running back to a pump bulb with a small lever where the hose meets it. A small smile escapes my lips.

Sharon moves to her knees pressing her mouth to my slit, savoring your wetness as she laps at me with long, powerful strokes of her tongue. My eyes fly wide open as she licks from my perineum to my clit and back. Sliding two fingers into my opening pushing them deep within me coating them with my liquid lust. She turns and twists them as I moan softly. Then slides them slowly out pushing their tips against my rosebud. I feel it splay around them my knees are spreading open as I lower myself to my lover. She plunges her fingers into me as I respond “Uunnnh.”

Sharon is finger fucking my ass as she suckles my clit. Taking the tip of the plug and rubbing it over my wet labia she is making it slick with my juices. She slides her fingers from my ass and presses the point of the plug against my loosened opening as a bursa escort bayanlar smile returns to me. All the while Sharon continues to suck slowly on my clit. She starts to push it in, screwing it into me. Turning, pushing as she watches my ring spread around it opening to receive it. Until, with a pop, the widest part is past and I close around it. I’m enjoying every moment as I writhe in my lust.

Sharon takes the other part, the longer dildo and presses it against my labia, watching them spread like a spring flower, taking it inside me as she pushes. She is still licking softly at my clit as it slides further into me, filling me. She begins turning and twisting it as she pushes. I’m feeling my sleeve opening to the welcomed intruder. My cunt taking it deep within me until it is completely inside me my labia close around the narrowing base. Sharon reaches one hand up to caress my breasts, squeezing. With her other hand she starts to squeeze the bulb. I’m groaning as I feel them both grow a bit. Again and again she squeezes as I feel the expanding invaders getting bigger, thicker. I groan loudly. Sharon’ thumb moves the lever to one side and squeezes a few more times. Now only the plug grows. I am feeling so full. I feel my insides stretching around it. Sharon squeezes again and again as I continue stretching, growing from within. All the time, her other hand squeezes my breast. Her thumb rubbing my nipple and her tongue slides wetly over my clit.

I begin to wonder why it doesn’t hurt then suddenly she pushes the lever forward and to one side. Suddenly the plug shrinks inside me.

“OOOOO,” escapes my lips as the other dildo expands quickly in my pussy. Then without warning, “Oh my, baby!” I cum long and hard. She gives it a couple more squeezes and it is growing again. She moves the lever again and the air moves to the plug.

“Oh Fuck!” I yell and cum again, harder, longer, and deeper. Back and forth she moves the lever as they alternate their size. First the plug then the dildo and then back again. She suckles hard on my clit as I take a ride to heaven. She is pulling at my clit with her lips. Poking at it with the tip of her tongue she is spreading joy throughout my loins. I spasm. She flicks the lever to the side and squeezes. The dildo stays large and the plug is growing. She again flicks hard at my clit. I begin squeezing back against them. “Fuck! I can’t stop CUMMING.” I gasp. Her fingertips caress my thighs, my ass cheeks. “Oh I am so sensitive.” I pant.

Suddenly she lets all the air out of both of them at once and I can’t help but cum again as they shrink suddenly. I think my ass is cumming when she pushes the lever straight forward and squeezes hard and fast filling them all the way, both big again. Then side to side as all the air from both goes to the dildo and then to the plug. I feel incredibly full. She takes my clit in her teeth, holding it; biting gently all the while I am still cumming.

She is transferring the air back and forth in a rhythm. She whispers to me “Squeeze baby, feel it filling you and squeeze.”

I gasp, “Yes, yes.”

“Tap your clit, lover, now. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.” she commands.

“Tap, baby feel the beautiful ache. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Slower. Yes, Liz, that’s it tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.” She says smiling.

“Now, baby, press and hold.” she tells me.

I feel the rolling in my tummy when she yells, “SQUEEZE!”

“Yes, Sharon I’m squeezing, holding, everything churning inside me.” I am barely able to say.

Suddenly she lets all the air out and stops.

I plead, “Hold me, OMG it was never like this.”

Looking down I see her smiling. She takes me in her arms and kisses me gently.

“Sharon, I think my ass orgasmed.” I squeal in total disbelief.

“Liz, I love you.” she says with a huge smile.

“As I love you, Sharon.” I smile back at her.

Sex in the Office Wednesday

Betty is the office manager. She has always had questionable hiring habits. All of the woman in the office are young and very attractive. They all wear very short skirts and revealing blouses. No one has questioned if this is at her request or it is mere coincidence. She has been known to disappear from time to time for about a half hour inexplicably usually one or twice a week. When she turns up red faced and smiling, no one asks where she may have been.

“Good morning Ms Robertson, may I see you in my office please.”

Tess is quick to respond, “Um yes, ma’am.”

I say “Please close the door, I don’t want to be interrupted.”

Tess nervously closes the door behind her as she enters my office. Then answers with, “Um… what can I do for you, ma’am?”

Smiling I say, “Please have a seat.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Tess asks.

I’ve taken a pencil from its brass holder and tap it on the desk nervously. Finally Tess moves to the chair and sits as ordered.

“I have something on my mind that I would like to keep between bayan sarisin escort bursa us.” I tell her.

“Yes, ma’am. You have my discretion. You know that.”, Tess says while looking at her hands.

I respond, “I know you have probably heard the rumors that I’m gay. Well, they are true. I have to tell you that you are a very attractive woman, Tess.”

Tess squirms in her chair a bit. Then says, “Um… you’re pretty too, ma’am.”

Smiling at her I reply, “You make my juices flow, Tess, I’d like to show you what I want to keep between us.”

“Yes ma’am?”, Tess looks unsure in her response.

Sliding open my bottom drawer, I pull out a double ended pink dildo. Watching as Tess’s eyes go wide and she bites her lip. Seeing this reaction I stand and begin pacing back and forth. Tess feels herself gush with her pent up desire.

“Tess, I have had my eye on you for a long time.” almost grinning when I spot the coy look I’m getting from Tess.

“I’ve noticed you looking from time to time, ma’am.” Tess responds nervously.

In a full grin now I say “I know you’re married, but I also know that you are shall we say… curious?”

Tess is blushing brightly and whispers, “Yes, ma’am.”

Walking behind her I touch her shoulders gently massaging. Feeling Tess begin to tense I continue to lean down to hotly whisper in Tess’s ear, “I want you Tess, badly, I dream about you. You make me wet at first sight.”

Sliding my hands down the sides of Tess’s breasts, cupping them. My thumbs instinctively search out her nipples.

Tess sighs. She feels her heart racing as her nipples harden instantly her breasts heave with each breath.

Feeling little resistance, I continue by sliding my tongue along the edge of her ear, my hot breath ever present. As I reach her lobe I nibble. Tess shudders at my attentions. I start lifting her breasts firmly and say, “Your tits a lovely Tess!” I hug her from behind. My hand reaches up to her chin.

“Thank you ma’am… your touch thrills me… it’s just as I dreamed.”, Tess stammers.

Gently I turn her head to face my tilted lips. I kiss her deeply, wetly and with all the passion I have.

Tess melts into my kiss… her tongue sliding between my lips where I suck at it greedily. My hands go to her elbows to help her stand to face me. Tess reaches her hand up around the back of my head… fingers sliding through my hair. She leans into me and her arms encircle me. She feels my hands searching.

I find the button on her skirt and first down with her zipper then undoing her button her skirt falls and puddles at our feet. My warm hand slides down her flat belly into her panties then pushing hard on her mound.

Tess begins to feel the wetness and heat… I have created in her core. First one, then two, then three fingers enter her, curling up. Then something totally unexpected happens. I begin to lift her with the hand I buried in her. Tess moans into my mouth… “Oh God!”

Tess’ hand finds my breast… squeezing… kneading. as my fingers are wriggling, squeezing and lifting. I, too, moan holding her on the tips of your toes. I feel Tess begin to squeeze her walls, gripping, grinding.

Just then I begin strumming my finger tips. 123…123…123 over and over on OUR SPOT.

“Oh fuck!” Tess blurts out into my mouth.

123…123…123…123…123… again and again.

“Oh God, Ms Dube…”, Tess struggles to say, “You’re gonna make me… cummmmmmmm!”

“Yes there will be lots of this Tess, you see, I am madly in love with you.” 123… 123… 123… 123… 123 lifting her off the floor.

“Oh god… yes.” Tess says almost out of breath.

I place her gently on the edge of the desk and taking the double ended I say, “This is what I want to keep between us.” I watch as her juices are running from her. I bend to lick her excessive juice. “How sweet you are my Tess,” I say as I’m licking the excess from my lips.

“Oh God, Ms Dube!” she replies.

Placing the bulbous head at her entrance I push slowly. I watch as her lips are being pulled inward with the girth.

“Oh sweet Jesus, it is filling me.” Tess manages.

I pump her a few times opening her. Raising my leg I place it on the desk next to her revealing my shaven pantyless pussy. I place the other end at my dripping opening.

Tess takes the toy in her slick fingers guiding it to me.

“Yes, oh my, Tess, you are everything I expected and more.” I say pushing at her.

Tess takes my hip in her hand gripping me pulling me to her. I am determined to introduce our little ones. Pushing, pumping back and forth. Driving hard toward her.

Tess pushes up to meet me grunting as she takes more of the slick toy into herself.

The closer we get the more excited I become. With a frenzied push, I slam it all the way into us and begin a slow methodical grind.

Tess feels us meet and is grinding back on me. I reach up and pull her nipples one then the other. bayan esmer escort bursa Harder we grind as I twist her nipples and pull as my juice runs down the love tool and enters her. I begin moaning loader. Moans that are unmistakable joy.

Tess takes my nipple into her mouth as I am sliding wetly back and forth. She begins suckling as she drags her teeth over them. Holding her head to me, our little ones meet. The undeniable thrill happens and I grind hard against her. “Cum with me, Tess”, I groan as I am getting close. Pumping, sliding wetly, back and forth I pump my hips up at her. I raise myself and slam down to her as she pushes herself up ot meet me. Our little ones slapping hard against each other, the contact is beautiful. “Tess, I’m cccccccccccccccuming!” slides over my lips. She reaches around sliding two fingers into my rosebud as I hold myself up. It won’t stop. I feel myself gushing all over her.

I watch as Tess’ eyes roll back and she begins a long hard cum. I slide onto her and kiss her deeply. “There will be a bonus for you this month, Tess.”

“Oh God yes, you are my bonus, ma’am”, she smiles.

“Can we make this 10 o’clock meeting most days?” I ask.

“I’ll do my best.” is the reply.

Sex in the Office Thursday

It started like any other Thursday morning in the office with the hustle and bustle of getting all the orders to the factory before the late morning deadline. But like every other morning I had that itch that just doesn’t go away. I squirmed in my chair a bit and wondered when I’d be able to quench this need.

Walking to my office door I looked out at the hot women I’d hired over the past two years. Donna was my obvious choice. Our love had grown substantially since we were reunited. She was my choice once again.

Returning to my desk I sprayed a light mist of her favorite perfume into the air and walked into it. There I thought to myself, just enough to gain her attention. Walking directly to her desk I bent at the waist and asked how the special project was coming.

Looking a bit puzzled she asked, “What project Ms. Dube?”

“I’ll need to speak with you in my office… now!” I said without hesitation.

She enters my office and I look over my shoulder and say, “Lock it and have a seat.”

Walking up behind her I slide my arms down her sides, wrapping toward her front as I begin kissing the back of her neck. I lick the edge of her right ear bottom to top along the labia like edge.

She responds, “Mmmmm.”

My steamy breath whispers, “My love is yours eternally, this I pledge to you.” My hands scoop her firm breasts as if weighing them. Donna pushes back at me, moaning. I begin kissing more passionately as I grind against her.

Donna moans, “Yes, baby.”

Pushing my mons back and forth against her urgently. She begins to grind back as a heat builds quickly between us. My right hand slides down her heated skin and I feel her burning molten love against me. She quivers at my touch I am seeking out her moist juncture my fingertips feel the hot dampness calling them I’m curling them, cupping her and she begins to push hard against me as I am feeling them enter her. Finding my treasure her molten wetness melts my soul calling me to her to push deeper curling up finding OUR SPOT. Stroking, sliding, circling, pressing, and stroking again as my lips suck her ear. A third finger enters her and she grunts hard pushing against my invading fingers. Her own hands move to find my mounting wetness her palm bumps at my little one. I spread my legs for her access. I feel her shudder and she responds by pushing two fingers deep into me.




“UUUNH.” Escapes me in a gasping breath. I find myself grinding at her my hips thrusting, as if begging her attention. I’m squirming. It is building. She is thrusting in and out. I, in turn, pump my fingers quickly in time with hers as our eyes are locked.

Her thumb is sliding over my little one with each push. Our love is in the air. It has taken over my office. Pumping, sliding, slapping, my thumb circles her little one as suddenly she slams her hips to meet my hand. Her breathing labored as animal noises escape our lips. The passion of true love is everywhere. My office is filled with our combined pheromones and I am squeezing against her fingers as my passion builds deep.

“Squeeze, my Love, feel it deep, as our passion builds.” I am panting. “Cum hard for me!”

“Yes, fuck yes!” she moans. Our lips draw near and I hear, “Gonna, cum now!”

“Yes, oh fuck, yes,” I manage.

She grabs me pulls me to her wanton mouth tightly for a deep, passionate, love filled kiss. Holding her tightly, kissing when she CUMMMS, screaming into my mouth. Our wetness leaking from our pussy lips I CUMM with her. The roller coaster of our torrid love taking us both over the top.

“Oh baby.” she says I, I, I.

“I love you more at each meeting, Donna.” at almost a squeal.

“Fuck, Baby, I’m Cumming!” I scream.

“Jesus!”, I screech as I am squirting my magnificent body shaking as I cum. Followed by a second in rapid succession. CCCUUMM!

“Oh, Donna, again,” throbbing hard I can’t stop cumming.

“Uh huh”, is all she can say.

My heart is pounding. Then as if on cue our eyes meet and she mutters, “Fuck, I,” and cums again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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