Diner Doings

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I’m Denise, forty-one, divorced with three kids at home. I live with my mom. My life has not been very exciting. I haven’t dated anyone and have no social life. I have a few friends, but they are in the same rut as I am.

I work as a waitress in an all-night diner. It pays good and serves the usual drunks and late-night workers. The customers are nearly all men. Some flirt harmlessly. Some are obnoxious, making lewd comments. Some guys want to talk to someone; they’re lonely or frustrated.

There was this one guy who came in a couple of times a week with a friend. They were both businessmen and were very polite. I knew their regular order, coffee and a breakfast with an omelet and bacon. Then, only one of the guys continued to come in at night. I had learned his name was Frank. His friend was a business associate who had been let go by their company. Frank was afraid he would be next. He was one of the ones who liked to talk a lot. He was separated from his wife. She had moved in with a woman in another state and taken their two kids. Frank was always very nice. He’d leave a nice 25% tip. He was one of the guys I looked forward to seeing. Talking to him was interesting and he listened to my troubles too.

One night, I leaned over to get something off the table in his booth and I noticed that he was looking down the top of my uniform blouse. I wore a tan skirt with a white buttoned blouse. Some of the blouses were a little big for me and would fall open, giving a view down my chest. I wore a bra, but most guys liked to look at the top of my breasts. I looked at Frank and he said, “Sorry. It’s been a long time.”

I laughed and smiled at him. “For me too.” I said.

I began to notice that he was checking me out. He’d look at my ass Porno when I was serving or bending over the other booths. I kind of liked it and would bend over a little more often than necessary to arrange things on the booth near where Frank sat. My skirts came to just above my knees which would give him a view of my legs. Sometimes when it was not crowded, I would sit in the booth across from him and cross my legs to give him a better view. My skirt would ride up to mid-thigh. I also began to leave another button undone on nights when Frank came in. As a result, he started to come in every night.

One night, he said, “Denise, I don’t want to be out of line, but would you like to have dinner with me or something.” I said, “Maybe. I have to work here six nights a week and I have three kids. There’s not much time for social life.”

I realized that I had given him a brush-off answer. He didn’t come in for a week after that and I thought I’d scared him away. When he came in a week later, I walked over and said to him, “Frank, I would like to go out with you. I gave you a shitty answer the other night. I’m sorry. I would like to go out with you.” He laughed and nodded.

Going out to dinner didn’t work with our schedules and he was eating dinner at the restaurant anyway. Things kept getting in the way so after a few weeks, I thought I should be a little more forward. I started flirting with him and we got into a routine where I would lean over his table and let him look down my blouse.

He started to stay longer and as the night went on, the diner was often not crowded. He took a regular seat farther back in the line of booths. Sometimes he and I and the cook were the only ones there. The cook dozed off or read a book Altyazılı Porno and didn’t pay any attention to the front unless I called to him or tripped an alarm button for trouble.

One night, there was only one other customer and he was looking the other way. I went by Frank’s table and was standing close to him as we were talking. He surprised me by putting his hand under my skirt and reaching up to rub my ass. I looked at him with surprise. I had to decide what to do, slap him or let him continue, or pretend it hadn’t happened. I walked away after a moment, undecided how to act. The next time I came to his table, he apologized, by I said, “It felt good.” I was encouraging him.

The next night when he came in, he did the same thing. I watched the other customers to make sure none of them saw what he was doing. I let him continue for a while longer. His hand was on my panties and he was fondling my ass cheeks. I did like it.

After a week of this, I decided to escalate things. After he had rubbed my ass for the first time that night, I went to the ladies’ room and took off my panties. When I came back and stood beside him to ask whether he thought it was going to rain, he took the opportunity to reach under my skirt. The look on his face was priceless. He looked at me with a smile. I winked at him and walked away to tend to a customer who had just arrived.

We got into a new routine. I would take my panties off each night when he came in and he would fondle my ass. I got bolder one night by removing my bra and unbuttoning an extra button. I came and bent over his table to reach the salt shaker and he got a nice view of my naked breasts under my blouse. I continued to tease him this way for another week.

We Brazzers escalated further when I asked him to show me his prick. He was in the booth where he couldn’t be seen by anyone else; he opened his fly and pulled out his cock while a I watched. I took a quick dip and put my hand on it. He rubbed my ass and I let him put his hand between my legs on my thighs. As we continued night after night, I would spread my legs and he would rub higher and higher until a few nights later, he was rubbing my pussy hair.

Finally, one night when there were no other customers, I walked back to where Frank was sitting. I told him to pull his pants down and sit at the end of the booth. I lifted my skirt and sat down on his lap facing him. It was difficult to do this comfortably, but I reached for his cock and aimed it at the opening in my vagina. I felt him slide into my pussy. I was already wet, so he slipped in easily.

It had been years since I’d had a cock in my pussy. It felt really good. Frank hadn’t been laid in quite a while either. While I came quickly with him inside me, he had to control himself to keep from coming and prolong out pleasure. It let him unbutton my blouse and suck on my tits. We were kissing passionately and were fucking each other vigorously when I heard the bell ring on the front door, signaling a customer was arriving. I begged for Frank to finish. He took a few more seconds until he did. I turned to see two men coming into to the diner. I don’t know whether they saw us or not. I hope they were looking at the counter case with the pies in it.

We got into a routine. We’d wait for the diner to empty and then Frank and I would fuck in one of the booths. When there were a lot of customers, we would move into the ladies’ room. If the customers were a couple of guys who were stoned, we’d fuck in the booth anyway.

Frank and I have hooked up outside of work and have a good thing going, but the excitement of fucking in a public place where we might get caught is unbeatable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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