Rushing to the Edge

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Jake and I have a Valentine’s Day challenge set between us. It is on a Thursday this year, so we’re both at work all day. The idea behind the challenge is to see how mad we can drive each other through the day. Of course there is no way to determine who is winning. It isn’t like we can measure our levels of sexual frustration, but the idea was to keep teasing each other through any means throughout the day to turn the other on. My goal was to have his cock hard all day. I want all those college girls just staring longingly at his bulging pants as he teaches. His goal was to keep my panties drenched all day. Because I teach elementary school, I don’t get much opportunity to check my phone, so the game will probably be a little hard to play throughout the day. When we get home though, that’s when I know we’ll pour it on. We have dinner plans which should make it even more interesting. Ultimately, the winner will be determined by who can last the longest. The first one to initiate sex before midnight is the loser. Jake thinks he will win because he has more patience than me, but I plan to prove him wrong.

I get up earlier than he does for work, but this morning I get up even earlier. I make sure to straighten my hair just the way he likes it is long and soft. I put on my makeup the way he likes too. I touch up the red fingernail polish, I’d put on a few days before. I’m already horny thinking about the day and consider masturbating, but I know that goes against the idea of the game. We aren’t supposed to come until we have sex. All my clothes are in the empty bedroom, so I stand there naked and run my hands over my body. I cup my large breasts and admire their fullness. I run my fingers just once through my pussy lips and feel the wetness already starting to accumulate. I check our stash of sex stuff for what I might need to drive Jake nuts throughout the day. He loves the jeweled butt plugs, so I take one of those and a few other things that might come in handy.

I start to get dressed then reconsider my first moves. Instead, I take a picture of myself naked in the mirror and send it to Jake to see when he wakes up. Then I lube up the butt plug and quickly insert it in my ass. I hold my breath as it begins to slide passed my asshole and into me. Then in a moment it is in and my ass has the sexy feeling of being filled. I picked one of the smaller ones so it wouldn’t be as noticeable, but I can still tell it is there. The more butt stuff we do the more I’ve come to enjoy it. Once upon a time, I would never have thought of putting one in let alone intending to keep it in all day. Now though, it turns me on. After that, I pick out some red lace panties and a matching bra and put them on. Having lingerie on under my clothes will surely turn him on. Last, I put on a black dress that is long enough to still be okay to wear around seven year olds. I’d love to wear heels but I’ll have to save them and the sexier dress for tonight.

By the time I get to school twenty minutes later, Jake has woken up and replied to my picture. He’s mimicked my photo and is standing naked in front of the mirror too. His small body ripples with sexual energy for me and I admire the outline of his slim muscles. He’s completely shaven his own bush and it makes his cock look huge even though it isn’t even fully erect. Along with the picture, he sent a message that only said “challenge accepted.” It is still half an hour before school starts, so I send him back an upskirt picture under my dress as I sit at my desk. The picture is dark and you can’t see much, but I know he’ll know what it is and it’ll excite him. I follow this with several texts about how much I love his thick cock in my mouth and pussy. I tell him I’ll be fantasizing about him all day, and I will be.

I don’t exactly forget about the challenge, but I don’t exactly have time to think about either until my next break when the kids go to PE. I sit in my empty classroom and check my phone. He’s sent a picture of himself in the bathroom at school that locks. He’s got his pants open and pulled down just enough to reveal he’s wearing a red thong instead of his normal boxer briefs. I can tell his cock is hard with the rush of excitement and his bulging thong makes my pussy tingle with desire. I reach down and feel the dampness collecting in my lace panties. I decide to one up him by revealing my butt plug, so I go into my classroom’s closet and leave the door open a crack. I slip my panties off and sit on one of the small chairs stored in there. I hike up my skirt, spreading my legs wide. I take one picture like this but it isn’t quite right. I send it anyway. I end up putting one leg on the chair and taking another upskirt style photo, but this time I use the flash and the clear jewel on the butt plug catches the light nicely. This picture I know will drive him wild. I slip my panties back on and head back out into my classroom.

During lunch, escort bayan I opt to stay in the classroom of course and check my phone again. The photo he’s sent me is of him sitting in his office. He has his cock pulled out through his fly and completely exposed. My breath quickens as I imagine him sitting there with his cock open for all to see. I know he probably closed and locked the doors, but I fantasize about him leaving the doors open and risking it. I feel a warmth rush through me as the image turns me on even more. He’s also sent a series of messages about how if I was there how he would put my one his desk and thrust his hard cock deep into my pussy. He must be thinking the same thing as me because he specifies that the doors are open and anyone could hear and see us as he pounds my pussy. He’d pull my dress open and expose my tits and suck on them as he fucked me. As I read, I can feel my panties get wetter and wetter. Jake always knows just how to say things to get me going.

I get on Twitter which is full of porn GIFs if you know where to look and find several of exactly the kind of office sex he is describing. I send them to him via DM and then text him to check his DMs. I also decide to try and one up him again, so I pull my dress up and my panties to the side. I grab the black vibrator I’d brought with me out of my purse and immediately plunge it into my eager pussy. I feel myself contract around it, and I moan a little as I feel a little more satisfied with my pussy filled like my ass. I take a picture like this. Then I take it out and take a picture of me licking my juices off it. I intend to only lick it and make it seem like that is what I’m doing, but after I take the picture and taste my pussy, I can’t resist. I taste delicious and I hope Jake gets the chance to taste me when he finally breaks later tonight. I like the vibrator clean and readjust myself just in time to get up and get the kids back from lunch.

When I check my phone again during my planning period, Jake has sent several DMs back. They are various GIFs. One is of a hard cock being pushed into a wet pussy over and over again. One is of two women rubbing their pussies together. Another is a close-up of a woman with lipstick sucking a cock. He’s found another GIF like the ones I sent. This has a woman in a dress bent over a desk being pounded from behind by a black man in a suit. I watch him fuck her over and over and over. I wish I could see his big black cock go in and out of her, so I find a GIF just like that and send it back. I tell Jake I want him to watch as a black man uses me. He’s sent me another picture and before I see it I have a quick fantasy that there is a student in the picture—some tiny girl that they could both use for pleasure. However, the picture is of him back in the bathroom with his pants and thong down holding cupping his balls. His thick cock stands almost completely upright like it does when it is achingly hard.

The kids will go to recess as soon as they get back and then it will be the end of the day, so I’m safe to take my panties off. I take a picture of them stuffed in my purse and hanging out just a bit to tell him I’m not longer wearing them. I take our remote controlled vibrator that is “U” shaped so that it can be inserted and also vibrate on the clit and put it in. Just like before my body tingles as I feel the fullness in my ass and pussy. I don’t turn it on. Instead, I just enjoy it filling me ever so slightly. I take a picture of it too and send it to Jake. Then I head out to pick up the kids and take them to recess.

After school is out, I check my phone one last time before heading home. Jake has sent a short video clip of himself. He’s at home already and he’s slowly stroking his cock for me as he lies in bed. At the end of the clip, he licks his precum of his finger which I’ve never seen him do before. The intensity of the simple gesture causes me to moan as I sit in my car. I tell him that was really hot and then start the car. I set up my phone so that it will be at the camera when I turn it on next and I pull up my dress so that my pussy is completely exposed as I sit in the parking lot. I take the vibrator out and sigh a little as I’m not longer filled. Then I put the car in drive. Once I’m on the highway headed home, I unlock my phone and start it recording. I put it to the window to show that I’m driving and not just parked. Then I grab the steering wheel and hold the phone so that it is pointed down. With my free hand, I spread my wet pussy and rub my clit. I moan a little again as the pleasure rushes through me. I play with myself for a few more seconds before I end the video and send it to Jake. I know he’ll find it super hot, and then later when he’s not horny he’ll yell at me for being unsafe.

When I get home, he’s dressed again and watching a video on his phone. I hear the sound of a car and then my escort own soft moans from his phone and it makes me quiver with excitement.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he tells me when I walk in and set my purse down on the counter.

“Have I been driving you wild?” I ask him as I take my panties out of my purse.

“I hope I’ve been exciting you at least half as much as you have me,” he says and I hear the video restart.

I wonder how many times he’s watched it? It is only 30 or so seconds long after all. I walk over to him, and he puts the phone down. I playfully rub my panties across his face and he inhales deeply. I didn’t think he was into that, but I guess he’s just so turned on that anything will get him going right now. I leave the panties in his lap and turn trying my best to sachet out of the room. As I turn though, I see him raise the panties to his face and smell again.

“You smell like your pussy would taste delicious,” he says.

I turn in the hallway and look back at him trying to look as seductive as possible and say, “My pussy tastes so good I licked that whole vibrator clean.”

Then I continue on into the spare bedroom to change. I take off the dress and the bra. I put on a new set of black and purple bra and panties. I go to the closet and get the short black dress that hugs my curves and makes my ass look irresistible. The neckline plunges low too and shows my ample cleavage. After putting on the dress, I strap on some shiny black heels and then head to the bathroom where I redo my hair. When I return to the living room, Jake is still sitting there in his grey dress pants and purple shirt. He always rolls the sleeves up which has always been so hot to me. He’s still holding the panties.

“How do I look?” I ask.

“Gorgeous,” he says. “If I wasn’t trying to win, I’d be fucking you right now.”

“You can if you want,” I say. “There’s worse ways to lose a game.”

“I plan on winning still,” he says and then stands up. “What are we going to do now? It’s too early to eat dinner.”

“Take me to a movie.”

“What do you want to see?”

“Anything. I don’t care,” I say because I have no real intention of watching it. Instead, I’ll tease him the entire time and he won’t be able to do anything to escalate it.

Once we are sitting in the theater, I immediately lift up the armrest between our seats and snuggle up against him. I can smell his cologne that I got him for his birthday the previous year. He puts his arm around me and we sit like that until the movie starts. Even though it is Valentine’s Day there’s only a few other people in the theater and they’re all scattered several rows in front of us. As soon as it is dark, I sit up more and then lift my leg up and drape it over his. He places his hand on my thigh and runs it up underneath my dress. My breathe quickens as he gently caresses his way toward my pussy and then around it. He finishes by gently running his finger up and down my pussy lips through the fabric of my panties. I’m sure he can feel them getting wetter and wetter. I drop my leg and reach over and caress his cock through his pants. He’s rock hard, and I feel like he must be uncomfortable with his cock packaged in so tightly. I try my best to make it worse by stroking him and fondling him. The name of the game is to be uncomfortable after all.

We spend a long time like that. We gently tease each other. My panties are soaked and I’m sure his thong has precum making it wet. Then on an urge, I pull his hand away. He looks over at me in the dark theater, and I know he watches hungrily as I lift my hips off the seat and pull my panties down. I take them off complete and hand them to him. He rubs the wet fabric in his fingers then he unzips his pants. His cock springs forth immediately showing that he didn’t have the thong on at all. He takes the wet panties and rubs them against his cock while I watch. The air between us crackles with desire.

I reach between my legs and insert two fingers as deep as they’ll go into my pussy. I’m so wet there is hardly any resistance at. I finger myself just a few times before I pull them out. I see his cock twitch with my panties over it as I reach over and let him suck on one finger and then the other.

He leans in and whispers, “You do taste delicious.”

“You’ll have to wait for more,” I whisper back and his breath his hot and heavy on my ear as he moans.

I’m clearly winning the competition and to illustrate it I pull my panties off his cock and put my head in his lap. I put his cock in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. I taste his tangy precum and his soft skin and hard cock taste delicious in my mouth. After a few strokes and sucks, I release his cock and settle myself into my seat signaling that we are done for now. He hands me back my panties and I stuff them in my purse. He puts his cock away and zips his pants back up. bayan escort We sit and watch the last half an hour of the movie with no idea what is happening in it.

After the movie, we go out to eat as we had planned. We try several different locations that are all very busy until we end up at our favorite Mexican restaurant like always. As we eat, I gently rub my heeled foot against his leg and once even reach across and place it in his crotch. However, as we are on either sides of the booth there isn’t much else we can do. When we are done we head home.

As soon as we are in the door he has me pinned against the wall, kissing me hungrily. I drop my purse to the floor and it clatters loudly as it tips over scattering my panties and vibrators. He runs his hands all over my body and it fills me with electricity. He squeezes my ass and gropes my tits through my dress. He pins both of my hands against the wall and buries his head in my cleavage. As he kisses me, I feel my pussy getting drenched again. Finally, he breaks off the kiss. I wonder if this is just him trying to win the game but then he grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

“You win,” he says. “I have to have you.”

He gently pushes me backwards on the bed end then pulls up my dress. His head is immediately buried in my pussy, and he finally gets to taste my sweet fruit. His tongue flicks my clit repeatedly, and with each movement, he sends a jolt through my body. Then he’s kissing and trailing his tongue up and down my pussy lips teasing me and causing me pussy to ache to be filled. Then he plunges his tongue in my pussy and laps at me. I moan loudly and begin to play with my tits. I manage to pull one out of the tight dress and begin to pinch the nipple as he eats me out with ferocious hunger. I place my other hand on his head and roughly grab his short hair. I arch my back and push down on his head grinding his face deeper into me. He doesn’t protests and tongues me just that much faster.

“Fuck, Jake,” I moan. “I love when you eat my pussy. It feels so fucking…so fucking good.” I moan louder and louder. “Oh, fuck. You’re going to make me come Jake. You’re going to make me come. Oh, fuck! I’m coming.”

And then I rush over the edge and I feel my pussy tighten. My ass tightens around the plug that fills it. My toes curl. One hand clutches the sheets and the other presses Jake’s face against me as I hope he never stops. I want to be in this moment of ecstasy forever. I squeeze my thighs together wanting it to last and simultaneously end as the pleasure becomes too great. When I open my eyes again, Jake is sitting up grinning at me while he wipes my wetness from his face. My legs are shaken and my breath ragged. After all day of teasing, the orgasm was both powerful and full of relief.

“My turn,” Jake says and stands up at the foot of the bed.

I scoot down towards him and he pulls me in. He unzips his pants letting his hard cock once again bounce free. I spread one leg wide and the other I place on his shoulder, so he can hold onto it while he pounds me. I know he’s too turned on to do anything but fuck me. I spread my pussy lips for him and watch as his eyes eat up the view hungrily. He slaps his hard cock against my clit which makes me moan again. Then he’s pushing the thick head of his cock into my waiting pussy. I feel it contract and grab his cock urging it all the way in. He thrusts his cock into my pussy and then pulls it all the way. The moment of being filled is all too brief, and I sigh as he penetrates me again giving me what I want and need. He does this a few more times before he wraps his arm around my leg and begins to thrust his hips in powerful strokes.

I lift my head and look at him as he fucks me like he’s wanted to all day. His face is intent and serious as he thrusts as deep as he can. I hear his balls slapping against me as he fucks me. I lay my head back down and again begin to play with my nipples. I rub my clit with my other hand. Each pounding thrust sends us both closer to the edge. I rub harder and harder as he increases speed. I can hear how wet my pussy is as he fills me over and over again. I moan louder and louder and then I hear him start to groan as well. My toes curl again as I begin to come. The rushing in my ears is almost enough to drown out Jake yelling “fuck” over and over again. I’m out of breath as he begins to unload his cum deep in my pussy. I feel it erupting forth and filling me. I can’t tell but I feel like he comes longer than normal.

As we both come down from the edge, he pulls his cock out of my used pussy. I’m satisfied and no longer desire to be immediately filled again. I squirm a little as I feel his hot cum begin to drip out of me. I lift my head again as I feel him part my pussy lips with his fingers. He smiles big and satisfied as he looks at his handiwork. I drop my leg from his shoulder but keep them spread so that he can enjoy the view as long as he wants. After a minute, he lays next to me in bed. I know the sheets are soaking up our combined juices but I’m in no hurry to get up. I kiss him slowly and then we hug lying down.

“I’ll win next year,” he promises.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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