Liana’s Secret Garden

It was the El Nino season and I was riding my bike in blazing after mid-day sun, heading for my friend’s house a few miles away from where I lived. I was going to collect a book he’d promised to lend me. We were both out of high school a year now, and still job hunting. I was familiar with the area where my friend lived, having spent a few years there myself, so I knew which streets had large overhanging trees that offered sporadic shelter. A short distance before turning into one such street, I rose off the saddle and stood high on the pedals without pedaling, letting the bike’s unaided propulsion take me slowly round the bend. I guess I was still a little boyish at eighteen. For some unknown reason as I turned into the street I looked sideways at a little flat, blue and yellow house. My eyes looked straight through an open window and onto the sight of a woman lying on a sofa with one hand holding up a book and the other hand between her spread legs. I nearly fell, but managed to regain balance and continue riding. About four houses away I turned around my bike and headed back up the street on the same side at a very slow pace.

There it was again, the titillating sight of a woman fingering herself while reading a book. How she was lying she would have had to turn her head around to notice me. I stopped the bike and peered in, my penis already swelling. I decided to put my bike on its stand and go into the yard for a better look. But then I quickly summed up the situation and realized that was not the best of available options; for one, a neighbor from the opposite house could very well be looking out and catch me peering into the house and call the cops. Also, why settle for a peek when I could knock on the door and hope she was home alone, which was likely, considering what she was up to, and try to chat her up and hopefully, she being already turned on would let me in for a quick fuck. I was fairly good looking and well built. I got encouraging looks from older women all the time, and had even scored a couple of times already since leaving school.

I knocked at the door and stood waiting. The door opened slightly and a brown skin Dougla (mixture of black and East Indian) woman stood peeping out at me, her eyes slightly red and glassy and her face ruddy. She looked to be in her late-thirties.

“Good afternoon mam I’m here to see Gavin.” I said in a soft nerdy kind of voice. Actually, I was considered by my friends as a nerd, and found it quite easy to play the part of an innocent young man. I did it all the time, especially with the ladies.

“Who is Gavin?” she asked looking me up and down in an appraising manner.

“Damn,” I thought, “I have a semi hard on, I just hope it doesn’t turn her off, thinking I’m a rapist or something.” The tight old khaki school trousers I was wearing wouldn’t do much to hide it, especially since the white T shirt I was wearing because of the heat did not reach that far. Her eyes did linger briefly on my mid-section, and I noticed the quick blush.

“Gavin Loncke,” I said, “we went to school together. He said the first house in the first cross street joining Duncan Street,” I muttered, looking into her eyes, feeling my cock stretching out some more.

“Well no Gavin lives here, I’m sorry son, did he say the first cross street if you’re coming from the East or from the west?” she asked, her posture relaxing a little as she pushed the door open a little wider, almost half way.

I scratched my head and pretended to be trying to remember the instructions. I could now see, with the door opened wider that she was a shapely, slightly plump woman, about five seven or eight. She had large sparkling black eyes, a longish pointed nose and wide mouth with full moist lips; a Sophia Loren type of face. Her curly black hair was brushed down loosely to her shoulders. An attractive piece, I thought.

“I don’t recall mam, maybe be meant coming from the West. How silly of me not to have thought about that,” I murmured, while thinking “this cock of mine will surely spoil things if it doesn’t behave.”

The little fucker was swelling up quite a bit. I brought my hands in front my crotch to try and hide the bulge. I caught her quick glance down.

“It’s not your fault, he should have told you exactly from which end.” she said sympathetically.

“Well it sure is a long ride to the other end,” I said looking up at the sun.

“Yes, I know darling, and in this heat,” she said sweetly.

” Well, I’d better be off, sorry to have taken you away from whatever you were doing,” I said and saw her blush and quickly look down.

“Don’t worry about that, I wasn’t really doing anything much, just reading.”

“Would you be so kind as to give me a glass of cold ice water before I move off, I feel very thirsty,” I said.

“Cold ice water after being in this heat, you could get a stroke,” she said laughing softly.

“I do it all the time,” I boasted

“Okay,” she said and turned around. She started to close the door and then changed her mind. Probably thinking I couldn’t possibly be a thief or rapist.

As she walked away I noticed that she was wearing a short thin, white cotton dress through which green Cami Halısı bikini panties could be clearly seen. Her lush ass bounced nicely against the skirt. I’d already noticed that there was no bra under the loose cotton blouse with buttons all the way down the front, and that she had long nipples on tiny jutting beasts. Thinking about it made my cock rise to the max. She returned with the glass of water and nearly spilled it when she glanced at the massive hard on I was sporting. She looked away quickly, her face growing red. I took the water making sure my fingers pressed onto hers.

“Don’t drink it too quickly, it’s very cold,” she said. And immediately I knew what I had to do to create a favourable situation.

I put the glass to my head and gulped it down in one go. As I was handing her the glass I pretended to cough, and then made a choking sound as I gripped my stomach and bent over. Her big eyes opened wide and she stepped forward quickly and put a hand on my shoulder. I pretended to be dizzy.

“I warned you” she said, “come, you’d better come in and sit down for a while till you catch yourself.” She sounded genuinely worried.

She let me put one hand over her shoulder while she put hers around my waist and led me into the house. I let my hand go all the way over her shoulder and rest on a breast, grazing against the long nipple. She led me to a chair and after I’d sat down she went back and closed the door. I bent over bringing my head to my knees. She came and sat next to me and rubbed my back softly.

“You alright?” she asked softly.

I nodded in the affirmative and rose up slowly and leaned against her, my shoulder against her breast, enjoying the soft touch. After a while she shifted away slightly, and asked if I wanted some tea or anything. I said no and looked into her eyes.

“Thanks for helping me mam, you’re very kind, I wish there was something I could do to show my appreciation.”

“It’s alright, you’re welcome and you don’t have to do anything but sit here for a while until you’re fit to ride again.”

I looked over to the opposite chair and saw the book opened face down. I was familiar with it; it was a book about women’s sexual fantasies, my sister had a copy and I sneaked a read. – The Secret Garden.

“Is that the book you were reading?”


“I’ve read it.”

“Really,” she said, gasping and bringing her hand to cover her mouth.

“It’s very interesting. We are all sexual animals. We all have our fantasies,” I said in a nerdy manner.

I got up and went over to the chair and picked up the book. When I turned around and started walking back to her I saw her eyes settle on my very obvious hard on. I looked down at it, and brought my hand to the front to shyly cover it.

“I’m sorry about this mam, but you are a very beautiful woman…I think I’d better be going”

“Thank you, and no, you don’t have to leave yet; actually I’m very flattered. Just sit down until you’ve regained your strength.”

I noticed her looking at the clock on the wall for the second time in about three minutes. I sat down next to her and thumbed through the book.

“What’s your favourite fantasy?” I said, surprising her.

“I can’t think of anything in particular, maybe I’m old fashioned, I like ordinary stuff,” she said, without looking at me, then added, “what’s yours?”

I looked down at the floor, feigning shyness. “I don’t know if I should tell you, it’s a bit unusual, and you might think it disrespectful.”

“I doubt I will, I have an open mind when it comes to sexual matters, even though I’m not into any really kinky stuff. I always say; to each his own,” she said, looking up at the clock.

“You have to go out, or expecting someone? I can leave now, I feel better.”

“No, it’s alright; I always look at the clock regularly at this time of the day, thinking about the kids. It’s another ninety minutes or so before they get home, but I’ll still be checking the clock every two or three minutes, just a habit,” she said, laughing out a bit loud in a somewhat nervous manner.

I was grateful for that bit of vital information. I noticed that the first two buttons on her blouse were loosened. I was sure that the blouse had been fully buttoned when she first came to the door. She bent over and ran her hands down her legs, starting from her knee and remained bent over, examining her neatly painted toe nails with her fingers which were also well done. Sitting at the side of her as I was, I was able to get a little down blouse of her bare tits, just the top; the blouse wasn’t open wide enough for me to see the nipples.

“You were going to tell me about your fantasy,” she reminded me turning now to look me in the eyes steadily.

“Promise me you won’t laugh.”

“I promise…cross my heart,” she said, bringing a finger to her chest and making a cross sign. When she made the horizontal stroke her fingers pulled the open blouse to the side a good way, revealing for a moment a tempting little bump of breast; enough for me to glimpse a dark areola.

“Well, I often imagine situations where I am being seduced by an older woman, mostly my mom’s friends Cami Halıları or women in the neighborhood,” I said, looking down at the floor in a shy manner.

“I know for a fact that you’re not alone in that, from what I’ve heard that is the most common fantasy among young men, especially the ones who have not yet enjoyed the body of a woman, nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about,” she said, and from the sound of her voice I knew she was smiling.

I felt her turn to look at me and her soft hand rested on my knee. I rose up from looking down at the floor and took a sideways glance at her smiling face.

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No.” I said, shaking my head vigorously to emphasize the lie.

Actually I’d started having sex a couple of months ago with a forty year old married lady who lived a few houses away from my home and just last week, emboldened by my success with the married lady, had made a fruitful move on a fifty something widowed friend of my mom whom I’d helped home with her groceries from the neighborhood supermarket.

“I find that hard to believe, because you’re a very handsome young man, surely lots of girls and older women too, would welcome your attention, even make a move on you,” she said, rubbing my knee gently.

“They do, but somehow, I lack the courage to let them know how I feel. Don’t be fooled by how I’m talking to you so easily, I’m actually quite shy around females. I don’t know; there’s something about you that relaxes me.” I said, turning to look her briefly in the eyes.

“I’m flattered…do you picture any particular scenario?” she asked, tilting her head and licking her full lips as she looked at me, and her hand moved just a little bit up my thigh.

“Not really, I conjure up many different situations, but mostly it’s in a house that I happen to be visiting or in my home after the lady comes to see my mom and finds me alone at home. Sometimes it is outdoors, like I’m walking home at night and meet some lady who is glad to have my company to prevent her from being mugged, and we would end up doing it in some dark alley or playground, or she just invites me to come home with her.”

“And what do you do when you have these fantasies?” she asked in an anxiously interested voice.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, do you do something about it…like masturbate? She asked, barely whispering the last two words.

“I’m afraid I do, almost every night…I’m not proud about it, I…” I let my voice trail off and looked away as if in shame.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of, all boys and men do that; females too.”

“Really” I said naively “women masturbate…do you?”

“Yes I do, fairly often too.”

“But…but aren’t you married?”

“Yes, but my husband’s job takes him away for long periods of time, so when the feeling for sex gets me I would usually please myself.”

“Wow, I wouldn’t have believed it if you hadn’t told me so yourself,” I said looking at her with wide, amazed eyes.

I could see that her nipples had become quite prominent through the thin blouse, and her neck and cleavage reddened.

“Let me get you something to drink…a beer maybe, or some vodka?”

“I don’t drink…some juice or soda if you have,” I said tentatively.

She got up and walked over to a little centre table and bent over it, legs spread as she prepared to lift it up. The short skirt rode up her thighs just enough for me to see her amazing vaginal bump. It was quite plump, and the thin material of her panty was sunk into her cleft in a prime cameltoe. I started to get up with the intention of grabbing it, but just then she straightened up and turned around. Smiling, she brought the little table and placed it near my feet. I caught her quick lustful glance at my crotch which was bulging with a massive hardon.

“For the drinks,” she said and turned and headed in the direction of the kitchen.

She returned two or three minutes later with two glasses of pineapple juice. I noticed that her blouse was now loosened except for the last button; I could see her belly and its enticing deep button. She bent over to hand me the drink and I got a clear view of both long dark nipples. I stared at them unashamedly. She sat down next to me, turning sideways as she bent one leg and brought it to rest on the chair, allowing a nice view of hot crotch.

“Here’s to fellow masturbators, may we continue to please ourselves when the going is rough,” she said, giggling girlishly as she raised her glass of juice, making me wonder if she had taken a slug of vodka while she was in the kitchen.

She took a long sip and then licked her lips provocatively, looking me in the eyes, before starting to giggle again, as if we shared some juicy secret.

“What’s your name?” she asked sweetly


“And I am Liana, Alan and Liana, rhymes a bit,” she said, reaching out her hand.

We shook hands as if we had just that minute met. I liked the feel of her soft fingers and the tight grip with which they held mine. When we broke the shake she dragged her fingers along my palm.

“How old are you Alan?” she looked at me with a quizzing gaze.

“Eighteen and a bit” I quickly blurted out.

“You look much younger,” she said appearing to be pleased at the revelation.

“I know, people always think I’m younger, it could be a drag sometimes.” I told her truthfully.

“So what about you, what do you think about when you…you know…fool around?” I asked, pretending to be bashful about the subject.

“You mean when I fuck myself” she burst out laughing heartily.

“Well… yes.”

“I guess you deserve a little peek into my head after you so honestly let me into yours. My favorite adventure is, in a way, a reverse of yours. In it I have this little garden, and I’m sitting in it naked, thinking that I’m alone in there, when suddenly I see this nice much younger man appear and says he’d like to spend some time in my beautiful garden and look at my flowers for a while. I invite him to touch and smell my flowers…and one thing leads to another,” she finished, laughing.

She took up her glass, put it to her mouth and drained it while looking steadily at me. She leaned over and put the glass down on top of the table, in the process raising the leg on the chair up and spreading the other one wide. My eyes bulged at the crotch bulge and I followed suit in finishing my drink. My cock was bone hard in my trousers.

“I like you…your innocence…your honesty.” she said, smiling, then added “and your reaction to me.” looking directly, with unbridled lust at my massive boner.

“I like you too, everything about you,” I replied, looking at her exposed crotch.

“Come, let me show you my garden,” she said, getting up quickly and taking hold of my hand, pulled me up.

I followed her, marveling at the bouncing ass and the promise it held. There was a stain on the seat of the skirt, suggesting that her pussy was wet. She led me to a bedroom, opened the door and standing in the doorway told me to enter. I made sure my shoulder brushed her prominent little tit with its hard nipple and the back of my hand rubbed against her soft belly.

“Go to the window and look at the garden,” she said as she closed the door behind us.

I walked to the window and looked out, and indeed there was a nice little garden at the side of the house with healthy looking bright colored plants and flowers, in spite of the drought conditions prevailing.

“Your garden is nice,” I said after looking at it for a minute or two.

“I have a much nicer one,” I heard her say behind me.

“Really, you have another one?” I asked, turning around.

She was standing there completely naked; the clothes she’d been wearing bundled at her feet on the floor. Her light chocolate skin glistened. Her hands were at her crotch, the fingers gliding through a massive but nicely shaped thick clump of black bush. She gently pulled at the long hairs then parted the overgrowth to display a fat lump of womanhood. She pulled the lips apart revealing bright red, almost purple, glistening flesh. Her hands came up and her fingers latched onto the long dark nipples pulling them out. She poked out her tongue at me seductively and flashed a wicked smile.

“Isn’t this a much nicer garden?” she asked, lowering one hand and cupping her pussy.

I shook my head in agreement, feeling my ears and neck grow hot as I watched her turn around to reveal her shapely back that led into a thick, pear shaped, slightly dimpled ass with a few stretch marks at the side. The cheeks were really full and jiggled delightfully as she gave her body a little shake, looking over her shoulders at me. She bent right over, running her hands down her thighs and legs, bringing them to rest on her shins. Her legs were slightly parted, enough for me to see the lump of black fur covered mount of Venus. She rolled her ass slowly, looking at me from between her spread legs with big wet hungry black eyes. She straightened up and turned around.

“Take off your clothes and come here.” she commanded softly.

I wasted no time; I was out of my clothes in a flash and headed for her, my hard cock leading the way. I stood in front of her, my nakedness introducing itself to hers. She looked down at my cock with a wicked smile.

“Pull it down and let it bounce up back and hit your belly.”

I did as she ordered, repeating it twice at her bidding. She looked at it with obvious pleasure.

“Would you like to come into my garden young man? Would you like to touch the flowers and smell them?”

I nodded in the affirmative. She stepped closer to me, signaling me to get on my knees. I quickly obeyed and she pressed her crotch into my face. I brought up my hands and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her harder against my red hot willing face. I inhaled deeply the musk of her dewy pussy and felt my nose get wet as it pressed against the soft pulsing lips. The hairs tickled my nose holes and I stuck out my tongue and licked through them to the core bump. I managed to get my urgent tongue through the musky growth and into the cleft. I brought my hands to the black mass and parted it, pulling the thick swollen lips apart. My tongue tasted her slightly salty slime as it made its way into her quivering flesh. Her body jerked a few times, and she grabbed my head tightly as she rubbed and rolled her pussy on my mouth. Suddenly she started jerking wildly as her wetness increased, washing my mouth and nose and chin.

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