KattieLynn , Tucker – The Gift


This story involves the event I had been waiting for since the day Jack left for the summer was past. It happened my senior year in college and I had just given the gift of my virginity to someone special. His name is Tucker and, today, we’ve been married for two years.

“How is it,” you may well ask, “that a college coed, 20 years old, with no physical or mental handicaps, could still be a virgin? Especially one that was five feet, 4 inches, weighed 115 lbs, had dark brown hair and blue eyes, worked out 4 times a week to stay in shape and was a ‘beautiful’ girl (at least that’s what the guys said!)?” Good questions and they deserve answers.

First of all, let me set the stage with a little history. For those who don’t want to wait, who want to read only the “good stuff,” scroll down about five paragraphs. For the rest of you, here are the answers.

Simply stated, the answers, like most things in life, are a mixture of tragedy and comedy. Sure, I could have found a willing guy in high school to relieve me of the virgin state. The problem was, I didn’t see anyone who interested me enough for me to get involved with that way — until I met Jack. He was the ideal guy, gentle, caring, attentive, honest. We met late in my junior year and hadn’t reached the stage of physical or mental intimacy that would allow us to consummate our relationship. Jack left for the summer on an intern program and died as the result of a car crash on his way home. So ended my first real love.

I went into a shell after that, my senior year passing in somewhat of a blur. I didn’t date, but threw myself into work at school and in part-time jobs. During that time, I didn’t have anything to do guys, still trying to come to terms with the vacuum created in my life by the loose of Jack and the bright future he offered. College followed. I had taken and passed several advanced placement courses, enough to qualify me to enter school as a sophomore. There, I roomed my first year with Samantha, a very forthright, sexually oriented girl. She tried, on several occasions, to get me involved with friends of her current boy friend (the names of which changed quite often!). Slowly, I came out of the shell I had erected around myself, but the guys I was meeting were worse (if at all possible) than the ones I met in high school!

During my junior year, I met Peter. A political activist, Peter was insightful, funny, and had these “soulful” eyes that you could just drown in. That’s what drew me to him in the first place. Unfortunately, Peter was also a great believer in women’s rights and their “sexual empowerment.” We spent endless hours talking about sex and almost no time at all doing anything about sexually empowering ME! I did everything but throw my pussy at him — all to no avail. The relationship ended when Peter decided to drop out of school and move to Australia so he could work with the aborigines who were “suffering under the lash of the white majority (his words, not mine!).” Let’s just say I was “less than enthused” about the prospect of going with him, a concept he found hard to believe. It could also have had it’s root in the question I asked him the last time I saw him, “Peter, are you, perhaps, gay?”

Now, Sam and I had through almost two years as roommates and, after Peter, I thought she had given up on me. Late in our junior year, she insisted I come with her to an off-campus party. It’s there I met Tucker. He was the most amazing man I had ever met. Standing just over six feet tall, with close cropped blond hair and striking blue eyes, he stood out from the usual college boys like a rose among thistles. I found out that he was 24 (four years older than I was at the time), had just been discharged from the Army, where he served two tours in Afghanistan in Special Forces, and was completing his senior year (having dropped out of college in his junior year to enlist). From that meeting, we started a rather causal relationship — on again, off again dating that seemed to be leading nowhere. Were we friends or were we a couple? Who knew?

We spent the summer apart as he had commitments to the service still unfulfilled and I had to return home for summer work. I found myself comparing the guys I met to him, with all of them coming up short. I thought about him and began to realize that, if I was serious about him, I needed to let him know. When I returned to campus in the fall, for the start of senior year, there he was on my doorstep. From that moment, I knew — Antep Escort Bayan Tucker was the one. He wasted no time in letting me know that I was never far from his thoughts that summer. OK, now you know as much as you need to about him. Our relationship moved along nicely after this.

He had moved off campus, into an apartment (he couldn’t take the room mates they kept foisting off on him) and one evening, after we had gone out for dinner, he asked if I would like to see his place. There was zero privacy in dorm living. I seem to remember the time Sam came bursting into our dorm apartments with her latest boyfriend in tow. Tucker and I were on the couch in the common area, deep into a make out session that had my jeans and panties down around my ankles. I was embarrassed, she laughed it off. Like I told you, Sam is a very sexually liberated girl!

If not for Sam’s untimely arrival, I would have lost my virginity that night, so I jumped at the chance to spend some really serious private time alone with Tuck. We got to his place (nice, if a little “modern” for my taste and definitely needing a woman’s touch!). It had two bedrooms (one with all of his fitness equipment), a living room, and a large bedroom. We sat on the couch and he poured me a glass of wine. There was soft music playing. I asked him if he was trying to seduce me. He smiled and answered, “Yes!” Just what I wanted to hear!

He led me to the bedroom. Again, soft lights and music playing. He even had candles! This is just what I wanted — a special setting for my first time. We stood by the side of the bed; our lips locked together, his tongue dueling with mine, each seeking to enter the others mouth. With each breath I took, I felt like I was inhaling his soul and giving him a piece of mine. His hands roamed up and down my back, cupping the cheeks of my ass through the material of my skirt. He picked me up, one arm under my shoulders, the other under my knees, and turned to the bed, placing me gently on the covers.

“Tucker,” I said, looking into his face as he stood above me, “I have never been with a guy. You are my first. Please be gentle?”

“Kattie, I would never hurt you. Whatever we do tonight, I promise you, I will do the very best I can to see that you are not hurt. Somehow, I knew I would be your first and it feels so right. I know I love you and I want more than anything for you to love me. I’ll give you all the time you need, but I want you to know I’m in love with you.

Looking up at him as he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his broad shoulders, the planes of his face alive in the soft light of the candles, the words he had just spoken hanging between us. I knew that what I was about to do was right for me, right for us. I reached for him, opening my arms, inviting him to join me. He slipped out of his pants and joined me on the bed, softly gathering me into his arms. The clean male smell of his skin was everywhere, as I buried my face in the joining of his neck to his shoulder. He stroked my hair, whispering over and over his love for me. We lay there for several minutes until I sensed a change in his urgency, a change matched by my own sense. I wanted Tucker and I wanted him NOW!

He shifted slightly, reached up and unbuttoning my blouse. I sat up so he could remove it, sliding the silky material off my shoulder, his lips kissing my bare arms as he removed the blouse and placed it on the bed. I turned slightly, giving him access to the hooks of my bra, which he also removed. My breasts were free to his eyes, his hands and, shortly, his lips. He cupped them gently, kneading the soft mounds of my breasts, tweaking the hardening nipples by gently pinching them and rolling them. I felt the wetness developing between my legs, my pussy starting to respond to his attentions. His eyes traveled over my naked torso, taking in every detail, every curve and fold of my body. I threw back my head, thrusting my breasts into his hands, seeking the roughness of his palms.

I undid the buttons at the back of my skirt, slipping it over my hips and throwing it next to my blouse — I wanted nothing between us. He moved his hands to the tops of my thighs, sliding them up, seeking the warm wetness at the junction of my legs. His fingers brushed against my panty covered mound, his warm hand covering it, with his thumb finding the slit of my sex through the thin material. I knew he could feel the wetness of my sex, knew he could smell my arousal, as his hands now moved to the waistband. I raised my hips to help him get the silk over my butt, where it rested on the bed. He drew my panties over my hips, down my thighs and over my feet. My legs fell open, seemingly of their own accord, exposing my pussy to his gaze. I lay naked before him.

He slipped out of his shorts and, for the first time, I saw the size of his cock. “How am I ever going to get THAT inside of me?” I wondered, as I looked at him, exposed to me for the first time. As events would prove, I need not have worried!

All the while, he continued to kiss my breasts, gently biting the nipples, his other hand descending over my fur covered mound, his finger finding my clitoris, rolling it past the hood, softly stroking the super sensitive tip. If anything, I became wetter, my cunt positively weeping my sexual juices. His fingers now traveled down, separating the delicate lips of my vagina, opening and gently pinching them. My hands were on either side of his head, my own head thrown back to thrust my breasts into his willing mouth. His fingers found the entrance to my vaginal canal, sliding past the opening, sliding in, deeper and deeper. My hips rolled up to meet his thrusting fingers, his palm now flat against the lips of my pussy.

I reached down and grasped the hard length of his cock, softly stroking it, feeling the soft velvety head, my thumb catching the drops of fluid that leaked from the slit at the top, rubbing it around and around the soft flesh. His hips rocked back and forth, thrusting his length against my palms, mimicking the actions he would shortly use to take the gift I so willingly was offering him. He moved now, kneeling between my wide spread legs, lifting my calves so my knees were flexed upward, my hips rolling back, my pussy opening to him like a flower. His head descended, his lips coming in contact with my clit, his tongue flicking out, twitching at the tip. An almost electric shock passed through my body, the sensations rolling up from my cunt, into my abdomen, into my belly. My back arched as I gasped, as I felt a climax start to build deep inside me. I knew that I was about to cum! My climax rolled over me, building and building itself even higher against the pressure of his lips on my pussy and his tongue, as it slipped into my lower opening. I gasped and bit down on my lower lip, my eyes tightly shut, my hips rolling upward, seeking more and more of him.

At last, the wave receded, leaving me to lay there, spent. He raised his head, looking into my eyes. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, yes! Please Tucker, take me now!”

He lowered his body on mine and I felt the head of his cock sliding between the lips of my pussy, sliding up and gently bumping the super sensitive spot at the tip of my clit. My hips were rolled back, ready to receive him. The head slipped between the lips, separating them, seeking the opening to the warm channel below. It found it’s path, and I felt the stretching, the widening begin as his length moved into my body. My arms were wrapped around his shoulders, my legs around his hips, my vaginal plane tilted upward to receive him.

In he slid, deeper and deeper. I felt every unevenness, every fold, the division between the head of his cock and the shaft as he stretched my passage open for the first time. I felt the head touch the membrane of my hymen, felt his withdraw slightly, then push forward again. There was a tearing sensation, then the pain, oh, the pain! My hands, where they had been stroking his shoulder and the back of his neck, clasped into fists, my eyes scrunched tightly shut! I cried out and whimpered as the pain turned to a burning sensation deep in my abdomen and I felt tears leak past my tightly closed eyes. He stopped his movement within my pussy, holding himself still, straightening his arms to push his upper body away from mine while holding his hips steady, his hardness still deep in me, unmoving. He slide his knees forward, so he was no longer pressing on my abdomen and belly.

The pain built to a peak, then gradually receded, getting less and less intense. He reached over with one hand and wiped away the tears that had pooled in the hollows of my eyes, his face descending to kiss away the remaining moisture. He whispered nonsense words in my ears, soothing me, holding me, gentling me, and softly stoking my hair until the pain passed like a dieing breeze. The pain was gone, the sense of fullness, of being stretched, remained. Still, he did not move, only his chest lowered to be in contact with my breasts.

“Is it better now?” he asked, concern written all over his face.

My hands were back around his neck, my legs remained locked around his waist. His rock hard cock was still embedded in my slit. For an answer, I flexed my hips upward, driving a little more of him into me, seeking the completion of this glorious act we were committing. I felt a sense of fullness down there, a widening of my vaginal canal that this hard male intruder was generating within me. The feelings I was experiencing were those that I had never felt, as he understood my action and settled down slightly, causing his cock to slip deeper into me. There was no pain, no burning, only a feeling of being opened by him, opened to him.

He withdrew and thrust forward again. Each thrust stretched me further and further, filling me, bringing a sense of completeness to what we had started. His hips now rose and fell, thrusting his cock into my pussy, each forward thrust of his hips driving him deeper and deeper into my body. I looked down between us, seeing the length of his cock appear on the withdrawal and watching it disappear as he thrust forward, each thrust going deeper and deeper. I watched as the hard hair covered mound above his penis touched the mound above my vagina and knew he was fully into me. I felt his heavy balls slap into the crease of my ass. There was no pain, no burning, only the glorious sensation of his cock burying itself in my cunt, knowing I was getting fucked for the first time, by someone I loved, and enjoying every moment of it!

My back arched as the sensations started to build towards a climax unlike anything I had ever known. The top of his cock was now rubbing on the tip of my clit as he slide it’s length in and out of me. I felt the head of his cock hitting something inside of me and realized he was deep enough inside to hit the tight ring at the neck of my womb. The sensations he generated with his movements were swiftly bringing me to organism. I threw my head back, my hair spraying across both of us as I started to cum, a shout escaping from my lips, my hips thrusting up to meet his downward thrusts. On and on he pounded into me, causing my climax to build and to sustain itself, driving me yet higher. This was unbelievable!

His pounding became more intense as I felt his own climax start, his cock pulsing deep inside. He thrust down hard once, again, and a last time, now completely driving his cock into me and holding it there, pressing against the lips of my stretched pussy, mashing against the my clit, a grunt escaping from him as I felt the first throbbing spurt of his semen slam into me, driving me to yet new and undreamed of heights! His cum continued to slam into me, spurting from the head of his cock, washing away all traces of pain, of burning, leaving only the sensations of joy and fulfillment.

At last, his climax passed and he collapsed forward, my arms still wrapped around his neck, my legs falling away from his hips to lie outstretched on either side of his body. Our breath mingled as he faced me, kissing me softly, telling me of his love for me. My face was flushed and I felt goose bumps raised on the cheeks of my ass, on my arms, and over my breasts. I pulled his face to me and kissed him deeply, feeling his cock softening inside my stretched canal, starting to slip away. He raised his hips slightly and his cock slipped out of my pussy. I felt the mixture of his cum and my pussy juices slide out of my slit, slipping down over my ass and pooling on the sheets.

I looked down at his cock, soft now and streaked with the mix of my sexual juices, his cum and the blood from my broken hymen, proof that he had taken my cherry.

He fell down next to me, gathered me in his arms and kissed me again and again. Never had I felt so cherished or protected as I did at that moment. The sensations that radiated up from my abdomen, spreading throughout my body were wonderful! I wanted this to go on and on, to do it again!

He threw back his head and laughed saying “Not now, Kattie, not now! Soon, but not now!”

We did do it again that night, and much sooner than he thought possible! If anything, it was even better the second time!

I knew I had a man who wanted me and would do anything to please me. He knew he had a woman who wanted him and would do anything to please him.

Well, now you know how it was for me. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I did in both writing this and experiencing it first hand. If you liked it, feel free to comment.

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