Hooking Up Mrs. Curry Ch. 03


This story is about a love affair between a 65-year-old woman and 18-year-old man, consensual and romantic, with scenes of public sex, creampie eating and lesbian encounters. Enjoy.


Suzie Curry could not sleep.

She’d just returned from Dennis’s house, where she’d made love to him in ways she could have never imagined, ways she couldn’t have dreamed about.

But it had happened, real and surreal all at once.

She hadn’t showered when she got home and now lay in bed, alone, thinking of Dennis’s cum, thick and plentiful, that had filled her pussy, covered her mouth. She could still taste him, smell him. She ran a finger under her blanket and into her hirsute crotch, playing. And thinking of him.

The reality hit her: She was 65 years old. Dennis was 18. And they’d fucked.

The dear boy was grandson of one of her best friends, who had come over to hook up her new computer to the Internet. He’d gone under her desk to do so, and as she sat, took photos and videos of her legs and feet and crotch on his cell phone.

She realized it and did nothing, fearing she’d shame him deeply. But when she discovered he’d made off with a pair of her soiled, stinky panties, she made a decision that she would either regret or live happily with.

The latter won out: She’d gone to his house, caught him masturbating with her panties and had her way with him. It was a happy, loving, keenly sexual encounter and over far too quickly.

As was their relationship, she knew it, as she knew it had to be. Carrying on with a man, a boy, really, a boy some 47 years younger than she, two generations worth of years, could not happen more than once.

But as she fingered her pussy, it happening again was all she could think of.

And likewise for Dennis. He lay in bed, at home, looking at the footage and shots he’d taken at her house and later as they fucked in his house. He stroked himself faster and harder, his mind a blur; how could he possibly be falling in love with a woman his grandmother’s age? He had no idea how, he just knew he was.

He slowed his stroking, keyed up his phone. And texted her, hoping she’d be awake.

“Mrs. Curry…you there?”

The chirp startled her, the phone by her bed glowing in the dark. She picked it up, hopefully, with fingers still wet from her pussy, smelling of them. She smiled.

“Yes, I am, Dennis…here…awake…thinking…”

“Me, too,” he wrote back.

“Did you go out with friends?”


“Did you meet…anyone interesting?”

She dreaded the answer and hoped for it, that he’d met someone, that their tryst was beautiful but fleeting.

“No one quite like you, pretty lady!”

She snuck a finger back into her pussy, moaning, Dennis slowly stroked his cock, typing with one hand.

“Mrs. Curry? Is everything OK?”

She waited, unsure. But then continued.

“Very much OK, young man…thanks to you…”

They texted back and forth, two young souls flirting. She asked him to call. He said it wouldn’t be safe; his parents’ room was next to his and he didn’t want them to hear.

His parents, she thought. A reminder of how incredibly young this boy was.

“I was thinking…tomorrow, this weekend, the county fair in Ryeville. You know of it?”

She did. Her late husband took her there often, a place of warm memories.

“Yes, of course…why do you ask?” she texted.

He wasn’t thinking…he couldn’t be…she thought to herself.

“Would you like to go? Me and you? Tomorrow? A…a date?”

She laughed out loud, blushing, thankful he wasn’t there.

“A date? Seriously? To the fair? But it’s at least 100 miles away isn’t it?”

“Yes…who knows, maybe we can stay over.”

That settled in, underscoring the seriousness of what seemed to be a developing relationship. A sleepover with a teenage boy. Long, romantic hours in bed. She couldn’t, she knew she couldn’t. She typed.

“Uh…” She started, unsure of what to type next and watching in disbelief as her fingers continued with “Sure! Why not! A date!”

Dennis yelped with delight, squelching it immediately, nervous fingers tapping at his phone, both hands now, the one abandoning his aching prick for the moment.

“So happy you accepted Mrs…uh, I feel weird calling you that…should I not?”

She thought. She thought how perfectly respectful it was to be called that, their difference in ages the key reason. She liked the sound of it. She liked how it did make her feel older, emphasizing their age difference which seemed the sexiest thing of all.

“No, that’s good, sexy, you calling me that…is that all right, young man?”

“Of course, Mrs. Curry!” he wrote back, feeling his cock throb anew at the thought of keeping up the ruse. “It’s kind of sexy, I agree.”

“Young man,” she wrote impishly, “are you…touching yourself at the moment?”

He was, having returned one hand to his cock, now freezing in place.

“Uh…thinking of you…how can I not?”

She giggled.

“Naughty, naughty boy…stop Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort it. Stop it right now. Save it for Mrs. Curry…”

He almost came reading it. But he stopped. And typed:

“And you, pretty woman?”

She laughed out loud.

“Yes, of course I was…thinking of you…but I’ll stop…and save it..for you, young man!”

They bid each other good night. He’d pick her up at 10 a.m. He’d tell his parents he was visiting friends for the weekend.

They hardly slept a wink.

She woke at dawn, anxious, nervous as a schoolgirl, packing a small bag and picking out what to wear. It took her hours, but she decided on a mid-thigh floral dress, summery, breezy and light, with shoulder straps and revealing cleavage. She slipped on a pair of pink sandals, twirling in the mirror, her short platinum hair flowing in silky waves. Her legs, she thought, looked great, firm, muscular, tanned. The legs that had drawn the boy in under her desk. The legs that held his face to her sex as he satisfied her. The legs that would drive him mad today.

She giggled, and pulled it up a bit higher on her sexy thighs.

He pulled in precisely at 10, racing inside. He rounded the corner to where she stood in the living room looking coquettish, flirty, enticing. He sighed, embracing her for a long, clinging hug and sweet kissing.

“You ready for our road trip.. Mrs. Curry?” he moaned, licking her sexy wattle, tasting her saltiness.

“Oh, more than ready, young man,” she hissed, biting his ear and feeling his front, cupping his hard cock. “And I see YOU are, too!”

“Yeah, hope I can last the 100 miles,” he said shyly.

“Who says you have to!” she laughed.

“You are…amazing. Just…amazing!” he said, holding her slim shoulders and gazing into her eyes.

“Let’s go, boy, before we end up staying here the weekend!”

“Would that be so bad?” he laughed.

They jumped in the car, driving away, talking, laughing. Once on the highway, she slowly spread her legs, giving him a show. He couldn’t take his eyes off them, those supple, soft thighs, the slightly wrinkled interiors swaying in fleshy, maddening waves, undulating as she moved her legs apart and together, quivering ever so slightly with the car’s vibrations.

“Now, now, eyes on their road, boy, not eyes on the thighs!” she laughed.

She saw his phone charging in the cup holder. She picked it up, smiling at him and turning on the video function.

“Here ya go, stud,” she hissed.

She filmed her legs, slowly, from her luscious thighs down to her solid calves, which she balled into muscle by curling her toes. She giggled at his moans as he watched, warning him to keep his eyes straight ahead. She spread her thighs more, wider, splayed apart. She wore a skimpy pair of red panties, around the sides of which sprang long curls of silvery silky pubic hair.

“Hmmm, I wonder,” she mused playfully, pulling aside the crotch panel, all that dewy fur springing into view, making Dennis gasp as he quickly looked before turning his eyes front again. “It’s sooooo hairy! I know you young people like it shaved, right? So should I shave it? Hmm?”

“NO!” he cried out, licking his lips, eyes darting to his right where she zoomed his camera in on the thick luxurious bush. “NO! I love that about you…about your…your pussy! It’s natural, beautiful…delicious…”

She roared with laughter as she filmed more, moving up to her chest, tugging her shoulder straps down and letting her braless boobs spill free, looking around to ensure no other driver could see. She moved the phone back down, to her pussy, slowly pushing the fingers of her other hand inside, splitting the furry lips with a sexy, wet sound.

“…GOD, Mrs. Curry!” Dennis gasped.

“Eyes on the road, son, eyes on the road,” she growled, concentrating on pleasuring herself, working three fingers into her pussy, diddling her clit with her thumb.

She worked it hard and fast, Dennis catching furtive glances and relishing the obscene squishing sounds of his elderly paramour finger fucking herself into a frenzy, coming with a clap of her meaty thighs, scissoring her fingers and grinding out her orgasm, her wrinkly cheeks flushed pink. She slowly pulled them out, holding the gleaming digits aloft for him to see and her to film – as she moved them to his face.

“Smell me,” she cooed, giggling. “Taste me…”

He did and then she forced them into his mouth, the boy groaning, thrusting his hips into the air, feverishly licking them clean and looking over the tops of them to focus on his driving. A horn blared as he swerved into the next lane before snapping back into place.

“OK, enough of that!” she laughed, tugging her pussy-slick fingers from his mouth, shutting off the camera and adjusting her short dress over her thighs and boobs. “More later, trust me!”

“Oh God, I’m ready to burst,” he smiled weakly, hands twisting on the wheel, sweat breaking on his brow. “You made me stop last night, after all…”

“All in due time, my boy,” she growled, running a teasing hand up his thigh, under the leg of his shorts and grasping his young, hard cock for a quick squeeze, making him groan before pulling it away. “All in due time…”

They drove, chatting happily, the time passing easily and quickly. He pulled off the highway, onto the secondary country road that would take them to Ryeville. She looked around at the scarce traffic on the two-lane scenic road.

“Uh, Dennis,” she cooed, scooting close to the console, leaning on it and running her bony little hand up his shorts leg to squeeze his soft cock that instantly stiffened in her grip, the boy gasping. “Ever get a blowjob while driving?”

He looked sidelong, astonished.

“No…no I haven’t…I’ve tried, believe me, but it never…are you serious? Have you, uh…”

“Certainly, dear boy, I’m old but experienced!” she laughed, tugging his belt open and unzipping his pants as he gasped. “My husband, every so often…God, that was fun, I miss those days so much…but the present is the only and best time we have, right?”

She winked at him and slowly, very slowly, bent over the console, dipping her head to his lap, stroking his dick into her puckered mouth.

“HOLY SHIT!” he gasped, feeling her tongue washing over his shaft as she took him to the balls inch by delicious inch.

“Keep your eyes on the road, buddy boy, wouldn’t want you to hit anything and make me bite this thing off,” she growled, gnawing gently on his cock until he yelped.

She popped her mouth back over the cap as she stroked the shaft, slurping wetly over its length as she blew him. She delighted in making him squirm, suckling the tip of his cock, lavishing it with her tongue, running it in wet circles around the head. She slipped her fingers under his nuts and felt them pulse and throb, knowing he was close.

“Oh…god..Mrs. Curry!” he gasped. “Gonna…blow…”

She felt the car swerve unsteadily and instantly popped her mouth of his dick, sitting up to look ahead.

“We, uh, better finish this stopped, Dennis,” she said wisely. “Over there, that little pull out…”

“But…the sign says ‘No stopping!’ Oh, Christ,” he moaned.

“Well, this is sort of an emergency,” she laughed. “Just pull in, no one’s around, and I don’t think this will take terribly wrong. Do you?”

She tugged his cock, using her spit as lubricant, stroking it up and down.

“OK OK!” he cried out, pulling into the gravelly turn out by a guardrail.

The car skidded to a stop and he slammed it into park, sitting back, letting the smiling Mrs. Curry stroke his dick and then lean over to renew consuming it in her puckered lips. He groaned, eyes closed, feeling her velvety mouth encircle him, that little hand pumping eagerly on the shaft. His nuts throbbed.

“Here…it…CUMS!!” he shrieked.

Her eyes went wide at the force and volume of his load, thick, creamy, fiery hot, scorching its way into her billowing cheeks to be gobbled down, big mouthfuls of his sweet juices that she hungrily sucked from him. He seemed to cum for 30 seconds, so much and so hard she couldn’t swallow it all. She felt small rivulets of sperm squeeze from the corners of her sucking mouth as she gulped what she could into her slender belly.

“Oh my word!” she exclaimed, pulling off his cock, smacking her cummy lips and sitting up. “So much!”

“Yeah,” he said dreamily. “It sure was…”

He pulled her to him, she amazed at his eagerness to share his sperm, kissing her cummy lips, lacing his tongue into her mouth, tasting himself. They kissed for a long minute, the boy finally breaking it to lap the residue that smeared her sexy, wrinkled cheeks and chin.

“Oh shit!” she cried out, breaking the kiss and sitting back in her seat. “A cop!”

She saw the car first, pulling in behind them. Dennis hurried to zip his wilting cock back into his pants, sitting up, trying to be calm. The cop, a burly female who looked pissed and like she’d been on the job far too long, walked up to Suzie’s window. She rolled it down.

“Morning officer!” she said brightly.

“No stopping here,” the officer growled, looking in at Dennis who broke a weak smile. “See the sign?”

“No, no, missed that,” Dennis said quickly. “We were just…such a pretty view here, and…”

“The GPS, we were just trying to figure out where we’re going,” Suzie cut in, picking up Dennis’s phone. “Damn signal cut out I guess…”

“Uh-huh,” the cop said skeptically, eyeing Suzie’s short dress riding high on her shapely thighs and taking note of Dennis’s nervous demeanor. “Where ya headed?”

“Ryeville, county fair, Ryeville,” Dennis jumped in, regretting his hurried tone, slowing down. “Think it’s up here a bit? Is it?”

“Yeah, about 50 miles or so, you’ll see the signs,” the cop said, adding with completely dry insincerity, “You and your granny takin’ in the fair. Ain’t that sweet.”

She looked more closely at Suzie. There was a dollop of cum on the corner of her mouth. The cop pointed to it.

“Got somethin’ on your face, honey,” she said with a smirk.

“Oh, we uh, just stopped back there…doughnuts, cream filled, good stuff, can’t get enough!” Suzie laughed, licking the cum quickly from her mouth and swallowing. “All gone!”

“Yeah, doughnuts,” the cop drawled. “Allie’s, that the place? Been there forever.”

“Yeah, exactly, Allie’s Donuts, we love it!” Suzie chimed.

The cop leaned closer, a snarling smirk on her rugged face.

“Been closed two years now,” she growled, standing up and rapping her knuckles on the roof. “Git goin’, ‘fore I write you up!”

Dennis snapped the car into drive, trying to not spin his wheels as he drove off. He looked in the mirror as the cop lumbered to her cruiser and drove the other way.

“SHIT!” he cried out. “SHIT!!”

They both looked at each other, dissolving into laughter.

“Well now, aren’t we the lucky ones?” Suzie laughed, cupping Dennis’s cock in his shorts, making him groan, feeling it thickening. “OK, boy, OK, just drive, plenty of time for that later…”

They drove on, keeping their hands off one another, save for the occasional grope, finally pulling into the fair, a bustling place of rides, booths and swarms of people. They milled happily about, arm in arm, looking for all the world like grandmother and grandson, sometimes darting into the shadows to kiss and fondle, fueling the fire of their budding passion.

They rode the rides, including the Ferris wheel. Dennis put his arm around Suzie, sneaking his other hand up her gorgeous, fleshy thighs, caressing the soft meat of them and dipping his fingers under her skirt, playing with her hairy pussy.

“Oh, God, Dennis…so good…feels so damned good!” she squealed, nervously looking around. “You naughty..naughty…oh, make me cum, please, make me cum!”

“Gladly, my love,” he growled, tucking his head to her neck, suckling the fleshy folds there and manipulating her pussy which was drenching his plunging fingers.

The Ferris wheel, fully loaded now, spun around and around for the requisite amount of times, Dennis’s fingers leaving his old lover’s furry pussy only when they neared the bottom and people could see. As the wheel swept back up, he returned to his task at literal hand, fingering the lovely woman’s clit, licking her neck, kissing her. By the time the ride ended, she’d cum several times, soaking her lover’s hand. Just prior to stopping, he lifted it to their mouths for both to share in a forbidden, sloppy kiss.

They continued throughout the fair for the course of the gloriously warm fall afternoon, eating junk food, taking various rides, Dennis even winning her a giant teddy bear at one of the games-of-skill booths, slaying moving targets with an air rifle. She clenched it giddily, walking through the fairgrounds with evidence of his eagerness to please his elderly mistress.

“Oooo, look, a fun house!” she laughed, approaching a ramshackle building purposely outfitted to look frightening. “Let’s go get scared!”

“Anything you want, Mrs. Curry,” Dennis said, escorting her inside.

It was the usual assortment of sights and sounds, scary monsters hidden in dark corners of a building with creaky, slanting floors. They groped playfully in the dark, careful not to let others see, but the fun house was relatively little populated this late in the day, so they took every opportunity to kiss, hug, feel each other.

They made their way into one very dimly lit room festooned with fake cobwebs, spooky music piped throughout. It was a torture chamber, with mannequins locked into various devices, none of them particularly realistic looking. In a corner was a chair with a mannequin shackled to it, it’s skeletal head locked into a vice, the face contorted into a mask of pain as the wooden planks on either side of its skull pretended to crush inward. Screams came from the mannequin, with fake blood oozing from its bony lips and sallow eyes, begging for mercy.

“Remind you of anything?” Suzie giggled as Dennis hugged her from behind, thrusting his hard cock against her ass. “My thighs perhaps, last night, squeezing your head as you made me cum with your mouth!”

“Oh, God, yes, yes,” he hissed, now boldly flipping up her skirt to rub her ass through the panty, pulling it aside and fingering her wet slit.

“Oh, my, Dennis, right here?” she gasped, feeling him quickly free his cock and slip it inside her from behind, groaning and holding tightly inside her velvety pussy.

“Yes!” he hissed, swiveling his hips to let his cock caress every silken inch of her insatiable cunt. “Right here!”

She groaned with his pulsating cock inside her, feeling him fill her, feeling her pussy flow around it. She held onto the railing before the seated mannequin, looking at its contorted face locked in the vice the way Dennis’s head had been locked into her wrinkly, strong thighs the night before, scissoring her way to an orgasm.

And she came again, grunting with his slight thrusts, feeling him thicken. They both heard voices, giggles, down the hall, and Dennis quickly pulled his cock from her, zipping up, Suzie smoothing her short skirt down over her thighs that were streaked with her orgasmic fluids.

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