Happy Birthday!

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All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen, cuz that’s the legal age of consent in America. In this particular story, the two main characters are both 19, with the female protagonist several months older than the male one. By the way, I wrote this up in about an hour, and I didn’t proofread it before publishing; it’s an annoying habit of mine. Anyway, this is my first story, so I hope you guys like it! Rate and review please; it’s like the oxygen we online writers breath. Without further ado, I present to you my first story!


Sky was busy tapping her desk with her pencil, cheek puffed up and deep in thought. Her short, golden hair fell in a perfect helmet around her face, stopping just before her chin, and her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Her dilemma was something she’d forgotten about until just this morning, and the deadline was, well, today. What to do… What to do…

The girl was awoken from her trance when she felt a hand brush against her shoulder. Her best friends Kendra and Maxine grinned down at her, their flawless smiles making Sky feel inadequate. She smiled shyly up at them and murmured “Hey, guys.” Her beautiful turquoise eyes shined as she beamed up at them.

Kendra pouted and slid into a seat next to her. “Hey kiddo, what’s up?”

Sky let out a sigh and murmured “Kyle’s birthday… I still don’t know what to give him…”

Maxine tapped her chin thoughtfully, as did Kendra. It was somewhat strange seeing the two girls together; they had the same mannerisms and their chocolate brown hair, along with their emerald eyes would make them look like twins, if not for the fact that one was Italian and the other Salvadorian. However, it was a sight Sky had grown used to since she first met them in third grade.

With a sly grin, Maxine whispered conspiratorially “You know what you should get him?”

Sky shrugged and pouted “That’s why I’m so worried!”

Maxine looked over to Kendra and exchanged a knowing glance, then leaned in and said in the quietest of voices, “You should give yourself to him.”

Sky blinked and frowned, her innocence betraying her. Puzzled, she inquired “What?”

With an exasperated sigh, Kendra exclaimed “She’s saying to have sex with him! I mean, you’ve been going out with Kyle for more than two years! If you two don’t have sex now, I don’t know what I’ll do!”

Startled, one of their coworkers from the next desk over looked at the trio, a wary expression on his face. Kendra promptly spat “Oh stop staring, you pervert!”

Sky practically shrank into her seat, cheeks blazing red from embarrassment. Her voice hushed so she wouldn’t attract the attention of anyone else, she stammered,” B-but Kyle’s not that kind of guy, he doesn’t want to do that with me! He d-doesn’t think of me that way…”

Maxine bit her lip “Oh for god’s sake, yes he does! He loves you, sure, but he’s a guy! He can’t help fantasizing about you! I mean, look at you! You’re hot!”

“Oh… I wouldn’t say that… I’m not that good-looking.”

Kendra and Maxine hissed in unison, “Yes you are!” Eyes blazing with determination, Kendra hissed “Now, we’re going to give your boyfriend the best surprise of his Ankara Escort life, and you’re gonna help us, Sky!”

All the commotion had caught the attention of the office’s manager, a short, middle-ages man who loved to torture the employees of the company. He scowled at the three girls and spat “What do we have here? A couple of slackers?” Sky gulped and stammered “Sir… Uh, we’re-we’re actually on lunch break…”

With a scoff, the manager looked at the time and scowled. “So it seems… But you have two minutes left. I’d better see you three getting back to work when that time is up, or you’re all fired.” At that, he walked away, grumbling about something as most grumpy old men did.

Kendra smirked, her forest green eyes practically glowing. “Sky, Maxine, meet me outside the office right after work. We’re going to make this happen.”

At this, Sky blushed profusely and looked down, but Maxine only grinned with anticipation. “Let’s do this.”


Sky couldn’t feel more embarrassed. She was dressed in a revealing, form-fitting cat suit, complete with tails and a headband sporting cat ears. The outfit showcased her body; slight curves, a slender, toned stomach, and somewhat small, round breasts. She knelt on the floor, scratching at the wooden floorboards of the condo she and Kyle shared, waiting for him to get home. It had been over two hours since she had returned from shopping with her friends, and she was contemplating calling her boyfriend to ask where he was.

The thought crossed her mind just as keys jangled around in the lock and the door opened. Eyes wide, Kyle dropped his briefcase and looked down at his adorable girlfriend, rendered all but speechless; which was no simple task, given how much he usually talked. The boy could make most chatty teenage girls look mute.

Running a hand through the tangled obsidian mess that was his hair, Kyle blushed at the sight of Sky in such a provocative outfit; she usually dressed so conservative she made nuns look like strippers. A myriad of thoughts rushed through his mind, among them the primal urge to pick his girlfriend up, press her against the wall, and finally take her right then and there. However, he suppressed it, although he could not suppress the bulge growing in his pants.

Tugging at the collar of his polo shirt, Kyle frowned and asked “Those two idiots talked you into this, didn’t they?” Sky only nodded in response.

Reflexively, his fists clenched. The thought of anybody coercing his sweet, innocent Sky into doing something like this made him want to punch something. Still, he had to admit, she was by far the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen; even supermodels would envy her. And in that particular outfit, it took all his willpower not to have sex with her right then and there.

Reaching his hand out, he beckoned for her to stand up. Sky took his hand and swiftly got up, smothering him in a hug. Even though she was but an inch shorter than him, she felt tiny in his embrace. Kyle adjusted his glasses and scowled down at her, then whispered viciously, “You didn’t have to do all this for me.”

With Balgat Escort a blush, Sky brushed a lock of golden hair away from her eyes and looked up at her boyfriend, then replied “Well… Maybe I wanted to.”

Kyle brushed her neck gently with a finger and murmured “Are you sure you want to do this?” Blue-green eyes shined up at him as Sky nodded in consent.

That was all the response Kyle needed. In one swift motion, strong hands lifted Sky off her feet as he carried her to their bedroom. Gently, he laid her down on the couch and bent down to kiss her. His lips held hers in a passionate embrace as he sat next to her on the bed. His tongue flicked against her teeth before joining hers, in a slow dance. A hand reached down to her

underwear and pulled it down ever so slightly. One finger trailed down Sky’s spine. sending electric shivers through her body. She shuddered in pleasure and arched her back, pressing herself closer to him. Kyle smirked at her cat ears and tail, then chuckled “The outfit suits you.”

With a blush, Sky smiled “Oh? How?”

Planting a kiss on her forehead, Kyle purred “Because-” one on her cheek “you’re-” now on the other side “my adorable-” another on her neck “little kitten.”

Shyly, Sky slapped his shoulder lightly “Oh shut up… Kendra has a perfect body… Her breasts are huge compared to mine and there’s a bit of fat around my waist.”

With a smirk, Kyle hissed “What are you talking about? Sure, Kendra may be perfect, but you are more than that. You make perfect look disgusting by comparison.”

Sky’s cheeks blazed red and she stammered “I- I…” Before she could say another word, Kyle kissed her again, gently caressing her curves. He got on his knees on the floor and ran a finger down his girlfriend’s belly, drawing an erotic sigh from her lips. She gasped, “Kyle…”

Slowly, he tore her panties off and flung them aside, then coaxed her legs open. His tongue ran along her inner thigh, leaving a moist trail as it went. It rubbed against her clit gently, slowly making it hard. Already, Sky was close to the edge. Her lover’s experienced mouth knew exactly how to stimulate her.

And stimulate he did.

In one swift motion, his tongue darted into her soaking entrance, twisting around to make her feel pleasure beyond anything she’d ever been able to cause herself.

Just as his hand began to massage her legs, Sky shivered as an orgasm swept it’s way through her body, rendering her powerless. For several seconds, she lay there, motionless, basking in the glory of her climax before suddenly realizing something.

With a blush, Sky sat up and fiddled with her fingers as Kyle looked up at her expectantly. “It’s… It’s your birthday, I don’t want to be the only one feeling good here…”

Kyle grinned happily and replied “Making you happy is the greatest pleasure I could have…”

Stubbornly, Sky persisted “Yes, but… I… I want you to take me… All of me.” Kyle was speechless for a moment as the meaning of his girlfriend’s words sunk in and he stood up slowly, nodding in understanding. Unbuckling his pants, he tossed them and his underwear into the Çankaya Escort hamper and sat on the bed with Sky. Wrapping her in a hug, he kissed her again and gently helped her lie down, her head resting comfortably on a pillow. He gazed down in both nervousness and lust at his beautiful girlfriend and murmured “Are you sure? It might hurt…” Sky blushed and nodded almost imperceptibly, then murmured “Can you at least hold my hand?”

Kyle smiled and nodded “Anything for you, my love…” His fingers intertwined with hers as he gently pushed inside her. Immediately, a jolt of pleasure shot through him and his eyes widened. Sky purred softly, trying not to scream, but slowly grew used to it. Once she was comfortable, she nodded for Kyle to continue, and he slowly rocked his hips back and forth, not wanting to hurt her. Already, the pain was changing to immense pleasure, and Sky demanded quietly “Faster…”

Kyle obliged, thrusting into her at a slightly faster speed. Sky moaned softly, and her moans turned Kyle on more than anything else ever could. He stared down at her lovingly and kissed her, then tore her cat suit off and gently groped the perfectly shaped globes that were her breasts. They weren’t large, only B cups, but they were perky and only added to her appeal. Most would prefer a busty, buxom woman, but to Kyle, Sky was the only one for him.

Most would prefer a busty, buxom woman, but to Kyle, Sky was the only one for him.

The entire time, he’d managed to keep quiet, but now he was starting to moan quietly in pleasure as he thrusted deeper inside Sky, the tip of his cock meeting her cervix. He teased her nipples, taking one into his mouth and sucking it. As he did this, he could feel her inner walls clamping down on him as if they were trying to milk him dry. It took all his might not to cum inside her right then and there.

He didn’t want this to stop. He wanted his body to be one with Sky’s forever, for him to be able to pleasure her as long as she wanted. He couldn’t do that, but he could prolong their mating. Just as he reached his limit, he pulled out, eliciting a whine from Sky. “Please… I want you inside me.”

Blushing, Kyle replied “I can’t do it forever… But I’ll try.” Shifting positions, he laid down and lifted Sky up, putting her on his lap. After a short rest, he thrusted inside her suddenly and more intensely, making her eyes widen. Her breasts bounced up and down, causing Kyle’s cock to become even harder than it already was. He thrusted into Sky as fast as he could, and she moaned loudly. She bucked her hips so that when he thrusted up her round, cute butt would slam down, driving him deeper inside her.

Finally, Sky couldn’t take it anymore. She screamed in pleasure and buried Kyle’s face in the valley between her breasts as another all-consuming orgasm ran through her body. Shortly after, Kyle lost control and with one last thrust, he wrapped his arms around Sky’s waist and his cum splashed into her womb. The two lovers shivered in each others’ embrace and moaned in pleasure. Sky collapsed onto the bed next to Kyle and ran a hand through his messy hair. His obsidian eyes stared back at her lovingly and she kissed him on the lips. “Happy birthday, Kyle” she whispered happily.

“I love you.” Kyle smiled and replied “I love you too.”

With one last kiss, the two fell asleep in each other’s arms.


So yeah, there, hope y’all enjoyed that! It’s my first story, so please don’t flame or anything. Constructive criticism is appreciated, rate and review please!

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