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Many heartfelt thanks to all the Literotica fans who responded so favorably to my first story. Your support is greatly appreciated. And thanks to for giving so many gifted writers a forum with which to share their talents and enjoy others. I’m hoping Literotica starts up a new story thread dealing with accidental public nudity, forced public stripping and exhibitionism gone awry. Sort of Exhibitionist & Voyeur meets Nonconsent/Reluctance. Those (as well as racy outdoor nudity involving lone females or lesbians) are the stories I enjoy writing, but I’d love to read similar stories by others.

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Colleen was your typical high school graduate. She had been a straight A student who’s hard work had earned her a scholarship. She was also very responsible, popular in school, and had lots of friends. She even had her own car, a Jeep Wrangler her parents bought for her when she got her license last year. At first her parents were nervous, but she aced the driving school her dad enrolled her in, and had been driving incident-free for a year now, so they’d calmed down considerably. And she liked her Jeep. It got her through the snow, no matter how deep, and was fun to drive in the summer with the top down.

While she wasn’t “innocent” anymore, she never got into trouble, didn’t smoke or do drugs (and never wanted to try). Sure she had a few drinks, mostly beer and wine, but nothing regular. She was also very pretty, tall, around 5′ 7″ with long blonde hair, and a smoking hot body. Her grandmother would often tell her she was “filling out nicely”. Pert round B-cup breasts, a slim waist, perfect ass and long, smooth legs. She could almost be a model, but she was too smart, and felt models were mostly airheads. No, Colleen was going to be something, probably look into a science-related field, maybe horticulture. But right now she was just enjoying her first summer as a high school graduate.

Colleen lived in a rural area just outside of Colorado Springs, CO. Both Colleen’s parents were scientists, her dad ran the paleontology department at a nearby university, and her mom was a research scientist for the same university’s medical school. That’s where Colleen got her brains. In fact, her parents were away for the week at a science symposium in Seattle, WA. She got her looks from them, too, since her folks were a nice-looking couple. Colleen was also an only child, since her mom couldn’t have any more kids after her. Her parents spoiled her, but you’d never know it. And she had the house for a week. Colleen loved her parents, but sometimes it was good to have the run of the house. And here it was Monday night, as she lay awake in bed, thinking about tomorrow. She had a summer job, usually working a few days a week at a nearby garden center, but the days she worked rotated, and tomorrow (and Wednseday) she was off. And tomorrow she had something naughty planned.

You see, Colleen was a big fan of exhibitionist websites. While the thought of stripping naked outside intrigued her, and living out in the country surrounded by woods and mountains made for the perfect venue, she only practiced her obsession in her backyard. Right now she was half asleep, dreaming about losing all her clothes in public, maybe even tearing them off, or being forcibly stripped by someone else, like in her school or at the mall, and standing bare-assed naked in front of a crowd of awestruck bystanders, goggle-eyed at the sight of a beautiful teenage girl completely nude in public. She smiled as she pictured herself running away from the crowd, trying to cover her nakedness. Than her dream switched over to her stripping while she drove her Jeep, tossing her clothes away as she sped along, maybe trying to explain what she was up to should she get pulled over.

Colleen moaned in her sleep as she pictured herself completely nude on the side of the road, being “searched” by a hot policewoman while motorists slowed down to stare. Colleen had gotten very wet, and right now her pajama top lay on the floor while her pajama bottoms were tangled around her ankles. As she dreamily stroked the shaven haven between her thighs, she pulled her right foot free of her bottoms so as to spread her legs more and give herself better access. With a shudder she came, than rolled over on her side and drifted off, her pillow between her legs.

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny. The weather said it would be in the high 80s to low 90s today. “Perfect”, Colleen thought. It was about 10 in the morning as she looked out the patio doors at the big backyard pool. She’d skinny-dipped the first night her parents were away, but that didn’t seem to feel right. No, today she would do something a little more daring, something a bit removed from the security of her backyard. This was an itch Colleen had to scratch. She went upstairs and got dressed, part one of her plan.

She’d saved a lot of her old clothes, nondescript stuff that didn’t liseli porno fit anymore, was out of style or had become just too old and worn out, garments she wouldn’t mind losing or ripping up. She put on a pair of slip on sneakers, a pair of worn and holey denim shorts and a faded and threadbare t-shirt. She also wore a pair of her older panties, and no bra. All set. She went outside and locked the door. She had no key, but didn’t need one, since she could aways punch in the house’s security code on the outside keypad. Colleen’s body tingled as she finished off the rest of her water bottle, tossed the empty onto one of the chaise lounges and set off. She had to be well-hydrated for her hike.

Behind Colleens house were woods. One of the great things about where she lived was that her parents owned about 40 acres of property behind the house (willed to them by her dad’s father). Beyond that was private, state-owned property, so her chances of meeting anyone were slim to none. In fact, in all the walks she’d taken through these woods, she’d never seen anyone else. Best of all, the trails were well-layed out, and covered with a layer of soft pine needles. Nature saw to it that they naturally settled on the trails.

Colleen breathed in the mountain air as she hiked further into the woods. She’d stop every now and than and listen to sounds of the forest, all the while getting hornier and hornier, but holding back, allowing the feeling to build inside her. She had hiked for about half an hour when she heard the babble of a running stream and felt the urge to pee. She knew the stream and headed over. Colleen was also quite warm, since hiking when it’s close to 90° can get one good and sweaty, even in the shade. In a few minutes Colleen was standing on the edge of the stream, still moving quickly, even in July, thanks to the heavy run-off from the melting snow up in the mountains. It was here that Colleen’s lasciviousness took over.

She stepped into the stream, initially taken aback by the cold water. But it felt good as she splashed cold water on her body. She stretched, running her hands over her t-shirt. One of her fingernails pierced the thin material. Soon, her whole finger went through, than another, than her hand, and soon she was tearing the t-shirt off her body, pulling it over her head, exposing her perfect tits, her nipples stiff and hard. Colleen soaked the remains in the stream, and wiped her hot body down to cool herself off. She shoved the t-shirt partway down the front of her shorts, feeling the cold water soaking them. Colleen than pulled the t-shirt out, and lazily let it fall from her hand, landing in the stream, and watched as the fast-moving water took it away.

Oops”‘ she said naughtily, “I seem to have lost my shirt. I hope I don’t lose any more of my clothes.”

She was getting hornier by the second as she unbuttoned her shorts and slid her hand down the front. She still had to pee real bad as her fingers slid along her soaked lips. Caressing and rubbing, she felt her orgasm build. As her body weakened, she could feel the first drops of piss on her hand. She kept masturbating as her bladder let go, soaking her hand, her shorts and her panties in a golden torrent. She thought she’d never stop as the warm fluid soaked through her clothes and ran down her leg. At the same time she orgasmed, the most intense orgasm she ever had. When everything subsided, she looked down at the soaked mess of her remaining clothes. She reached into one of the holes in her denim shorts and pulled, tearing the hole even bigger. She pushed them down past her knees, past her ankles and pulled them off, along with her sneakers. She tossed them all into the stream, and they all were washed away, just like her t-shirt. Sitting down in the stream, she washed herself off.

Laying down, she let the cold water wash over he body, from head to toe. At the same time, she slowly, ever so slowly, slid off her panties, her last remaining article of clothing, the only thing between her and total nudity. She stretched out her long, smooth leg, her panties dangling from her toe. With a little flick of her foot, her panties went flying, landing in the stream, and disappeared. There was Colleen, in the woods, a half hour from home, as naked as the day she was born. She got on all fours, reached her hand between her thighs, and found her cunt, begging to be rubbed. She obliged, biting her lip as she masturbated again, shuddering as another intense orgasm shook her body. Colleen weakly climbed onto a rock, spent from what she went through. As she dried off, one hand lazily caressed her breasts, while the other lightly stroked her pussy. Her thighs spread as her strokes became more fevered. Was it possible, could she masturbate again this soon? She rubbed and stroked, and to her surprise, her body was shaken by another orgasm. “Oh god,” she thought, “I am so horny”.

After a little while, Colleen headed back home, relishing her nude walk mobil porno in the woods. Now she was wishing she would run into someone, how it would be such a turn on to expose her perfect nude body to strangers. She quickened her pace as she seriously though of engaing in real public nudity, like the women on the websites. Halfway home the feeling got so great she masturbated again. Breathless, she eventually left the woods and stepped into her backyard. Her hand was shaking with excitement as she punched in the security code. Opening the door, she ran up the stairs, sweaty and naked, her horniness increasing with every step. She pulled a box out of her closet, opened it and tossed out a couple old sweatshirts. There on the bottom lay the dildos she had recently purchased online. She never used them, but now was the time. One even had a strap, so someone could wear it. And she had just the wearer.

Rushing back downstairs, her lust burning, she grabbed a quart of ice cream from the freezer and ran around to the front of her house, to an old tree growing at the perfect angle. Her house was set back from the road, and there was little chance anyone would see, but the thought someone might was enough for Colleen. Strapping the dildo onto the tree, Colleen bent down and took it into her mouth, sucking away while both hands got her pussy good and wet. If anyone was watching (and the thought drove Colleen’s lust), they would see a beautiful teenage girl, bare-assed naked, sucking on a dildo and masturbating furiously. They than would have seen her stop sucking, grab the dildo in her left hand, and lower her dripping twat onto it. Reaching down, she picked up the ice cream, tore off the lid, and dumped the entire contents of the now melted but still cold ice cream all over her nude body. As Colleen slid up and down, her sweat-soaked body shuddering with every stroke, she smeared the ice cream all over herself, over her breasts, between her legs, on her ass, up and down her entire body, even her hair.

Moaning uncontrollably, Colleen felt like such a slut as she licked the sweetness off her breasts, scooped dollops of it from between her legs and licked it off her fingers. Picking up the second dildo, she smeared it with the melting ice cream from her body and greedily sucked on it. Than with one hand grabbing her heaving breasts, then going from the front, to her pussy, to the back, to her ass cheeks, Colleen fucked and sucked her dildos until she came in waves, her maddened strokes slowing with each one. Slowly, she slid off the dildo and plopped onto the ground, which stuck to her sweaty body. Like an animal she rolled around on the ground, until she was filthy from sweat, dirt and grass, as well as sticky from the ice cream.

Colleen went out back and hosed the mess off her body. She dried off, went inside, showered and spent from her lust took a nap on the couch, naked of course. When she awoke it was almost 6:00. She stretched her young naked body, hopped off the couch, and went in the kitchen. The phone rang, and it was Colleen’s best friend Kimberly. Kimberly was a very pretty brunette, the same age as Colleen, and about the same size, but with slightly larger breasts and rounder hips. The two girls chatted about this and that, and than Colleen told Kimberly what she had done that day. There was a brief silence, than Kimberly said “God that story makes me so hot. You really did that?”

“Yeah, and it felt so good” Colleen answered.

“Well,” said Kimberly, “I have a bit of a confession to make, too.”

And with that, Kimberly told Colleen her exhibitionist story. It happened the week before, when Kimberly went to the Arroyo Mall. She was feeling kind of horny that morning, and masturbated before she left home, but that only cooled her heat temporarily. When she got to the mall, Kimberly started feeling a bit daring.

“So I went into BLING, you know, the store where the employees are completely clueless,” Kimberly recounted,” and walked to the back of the store. I’m standing behind one of the racks, and the two employees are up front. One’s talking on her cell phone, the others sorting through some shit. There’s two other women up front. So I step out of my sandals and pull down my shorts and panties. I step out of them, and I’m standing there in this store naked from the waist down. The rack was full of silk shirts, so I start stroking my pussy with one of them. The two women go up to the checkout, so now everyone’s occupied, and I got myself off right there. I was so horny, it was all I could do to keep from taking off the rest of my clothes.”

Colleen was getting hot listening to her friends story. “So what did you do next, you little slut,” Colleen asked.

“The better part of discertion, as well as a desire not to get hauled in by mall security, took over, so I put my shorts and sandals back on – I left my panties there – and bought a few items. Than I left the mall. My car was parked on the uppermost öğrenci porno level of the parking garage, and there wasn’t too many cars up there. No people, either, and as I’m walking I’m getting that feeling again, sooo…’

“Yeah, sooo?” Colleen pleaded.

“So I undid my shorts and just let them slide down my legs. I looked around, still nobody, so I stepped out of them, and tossed them and my sandals in my shopping bag…”

“Whoa, girl,” Colleen interrrupted, “You were on the roof of the parking garage bottomless?”

“Not quite,” Kimberly answered. “You see, after a couple of steps, I took off my t-shirt and bra, too. And I walked to my car, in broad daylight, bare-assed naked. It was such a kick. It would have been a bigger kick if someone saw. A little voice in my head was telling me to walk bare-assed naked throught the mall, and hell, part of me wanted to. Am I slut or what? So I masturbated in my car, put my shirt and just my shirt back on and drove home. But by the time I got home, I was so hot and bothered I stripped naked in my driveway and frigged myself right there. But there’s more”.

Kimberly continued. “A couple days later I went back, wearing a wig and sunglasses for some disguise and wearing nothing but a little sundress and a pair of sandals.”

“No underwear?” Colleen Asked.

“Just a sundress and a pair of sandals,” Kimberly repeated. “I walked around the mall, knowing people were staring at me. I was getting wetter and more aroused, I wanted to strip right there in front of everyone. I masturbated in a couple stores, I know I smelled of girl cum.”

Colleens hand was between her thighs as Kimberly continued. “Out in the parking lot I stood between 2 SUVs, pulled off my sundress, kicked of my sandals, tossed everything out in the open and masturbated outside. I brought one of my big dildos, one that vibrates, and it felt so hot to be outside in broad daylight slowly sliding that big rubber cock in and out of my soaking wet box. I was trying not to moan too loud since I didn’t want to get caught, but something inside me wanted to. For some reason Colleen baby, I’m turned on by the thought of being caught outside totally nude. When I was done I used my sundress to wipe myself off and left all my clothes there.”

“You mean you drove home naked?” Colleen asked.

“In broad daylight,” Kimberly replied.

There was a pause and Colleen asked if everything was OK. Kimberly told her she was getting horny just thinking about it. Kimberly started to masturbate, moaning on the phone as her fingers found her aroused and soaked quim. Colleen’s sex began to twitch as she listened to her girlfriend getting herself off. Holding the phone in one hand, Colleen stretched her lithe, nude teen body on the kitchen’s center island as her fingers slid into her wet snatch. Switching to speakerphone so she could hear her girlfriends frenzied moans, Colleen place the phone on the counter and straddled the faucet of the prep sink, slowly sliding her swollen sex along its cool, shiny surface, moaning and licking her stiff nipples. The cold steel was soon covered in her sweet girl honey. Colleen bucked her hips as she fucked the faucet, groaning loudly as she and Kimberly came at the same time. Breathing heavily, Kimberly said “I’ll see you tomorrow beautiful” and hung up. Colleen could hardly wait.

The next morning dawned overcast and rainy. Colleen, who was up early (she was so excited at what she’d planned she couldn’t sleep) thought the weather was perfect as she stood by the back door. It was not quite as hot, the rain cooled things down a bit. Just perfect. She’d already made note of who left for work, than drove around to confirm the coast was clear. Around 10:00 Kimberly’s Subaru Outback rolled into the driveway. She got out and ran to the house to avoid getting too wet. Colleen let her in, and over coffee revealed her secret plans for the day.

“I could cum just thinking about it you little minx,” Kimberly said. The two teens ran upstairs and Colleen went to her closet and pulled out her big bag of old clothes, explaining to Kimberly their purpose.

“You, my friend, are an absofuckinglute genius,” Kimberly said, a slight pur in her voice. Colleen pulled out some clothes for herself and her friend.

“Let’s see what we have. How about some nice khaki shorts, no button fly and a busted zipper, and a tube top that’s seen better days for you, and these old gym shorts and this sleeveless blouse for me.” Kimberly grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom to change.

“No underwear or shoes,” Colleen yelled after her. Colleen stripped naked, and put on her outfit. The elastic waist band of the gym shorts was shot, and the tie wasn’t in much better shape. In fact, her hips were the only thing holding them up. A good tug, or a few ass wiggles, and down they’d go. The sleeveless blouse only had two buttons, and they were literally hanging on by a thread. Kimberly than came out of the bathroom in her outfit. The khaki shorts fit fine, but the zipper kept drifting down. And her tube top was suffering the same problem as Colleens gym shorts – the elasticity wasn’t too elastic. Her firm breasts were the only thing keeping it on her. Both teens were barefoot. The fewer clothes the better.

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