A Case of Revenge Ch. 01


The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series, The Swap series, Interludes 6-10, Case of the Black Widow series, Teresa’s Christmas Story, Case of the Black Badge series.

A Case of Revenge, Ch. 1

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This story contains graphic scenes, extreme language, and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial or racist language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.


Part 1 – Dominance and Submission

It was late April, and I was driving my Police SUV towards Midtown on Friday afternoon after solving the Black Badge case. I’d invited Cindy to come with me, ostensibly to see her sister and to give her opinion on the house Molly was planning to buy, but more so that Cindy could spend some time with her good buddy Teresa Croyle.

“So, did you ever figure out who’d been investigating you and your college days?” Cindy asked. It was a two hour drive to Midtown, and we had some time to talk ‘shop’ that we really couldn’t talk about elsewhere.

“No, but I have my suspicions.” I said. “Todd’s new family, the Burkes, have long wanted to know what happened to their son Jack, who was also Teresa’s lover some years ago. But this time it seemed like a much more well-populated and well-financed investigation. So either someone is doing this for the Burkes, or for himself.”

“Hmmm, that leaves two trains of thought.” said Cindy. “Nathan Allen and Henry Wargrave.”

“Allen isn’t all that rich, though he gets to spend a lot of State tax dollars on parties and bourbon.” I replied. “I’d say it’s Wargrave, but it’s not clear to me why, nor why he’d want to help the Burkes.”

“Business arrangements?” Cindy offered as a possibility.

“None that I know of.” I replied. As we passed The Asylum in Coltrane County on our way to Buford and on down to Midtown, my mind was flooded with memories of the last two months, and my increasing involvement with the Burkes…

“Oh yes! Fuck me, Don! Fuck me!” Eleanor Burke screamed out as I relentlessly pumped my meat in and out of her. “Oh God, it’s so fucking good! Fuck me, show my husband how a real man fucks a woman!”

“Yeah, give it to her, Uncle Don!” Todd snarled as he watched me fuck his stepmother. “Fuck that bitch’s brains out! Are you watching, Dad? Are you watching this man fuck your wife?” Todd was yelling the words at his father Michael, who was sitting naked in the chair at the foot of the bed, watching between my legs as my cock drove in and out of his wife again and again.

We were in Eleanor’s marital bed in the Burke’s home. It was back in January, while I was still working on the Black Widow case. Todd had invited me over to fuck Eleanor and make Michael watch. He’d told me all about Eleanor’s dominance of her husband.

I began fucking Eleanor even harder as she climaxed hard around my pistoning cock. Eleanor was one incredibly hot fuck! For a while she’d met my thrusts as I pounded her pretty pink pussy, and then she’d wrapped her shapely legs around me, trapping me in their grip.

I looked back at her husband as I fucked her. Michael Burke was watching, his jaw sagging as he watched another man’s cock pump his wife’s pussy. His eyes had a strange look: a mixture of arousal, excitement, but also pain and sadness. He was a cuckold and he knew it, but he also felt helpless.

I gripped Eleanor’s hips, turning slightly onto my right side and pulling up her leg to give her husband a better look. “Look at it, Michael!” I roared, “Look at that cock fucking your wife!” Michael stared at our joined loins, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of the adulterous copulation in front of him.

“I’m fucking your wife, Michael… your wife!” I snarled at the older man. I was feeling a power, an energy surge through me, a god-like power making me want to dominate the woman I was fucking as well as the wimp cuckold that her husband was. “God, it feels so good to fuck your wife, Michael! Are you watching, Michael? Are you watching me fuck your wife like you can’t, you worthless piece of crap?”

I heard my nephew Todd taking up the bit as I eased back over, fully mounted onto Eleanor in the good ol’ missionary position. Todd was relentlessly and ruthlessly taunting his father, demanding that Michael watch Eleanor being taken as I slid my hands under the lovely trophy wife’s succulent ass, gripping her soft asscheeks. I was close to coming, and began that final drive to get my nut and spew my semen deep inside her. I deeply kissed Eleanor’s xnxx mouth, her tongue twining with mine as she returned the kiss, then I began nuzzling her neck, knowing what she was looking at.

Todd was also naked, and his body was a specimen of a 20-year-old Adonis. He was naked, his body hair completely saved even as the black hair on his head had gotten long and thicker. He was watching me copulate with Eleanor with an intense stare, and he was aroused. His ten inch cock stood straight up, rock hard and throbbing, barely curving at all. Pre-cum oozed from his piss-slit as his prick pulsed, and he was eagerly awaiting my finish so that he could sink that huge weapon of lust into his stepmother’s filthy sperm-filled cunt and fuck her brains out in front of her husband, his father.

“Yeah, Uncle Don, fuck her hard and deep!” Todd practically shouted at me. “Get your nut inside that bitch! Fill her up while her husband watches!” It didn’t take long; I was powering my cock into Eleanor vigorously, my knees off the bed as my feet gained leverage to savagely fuck her. The pain began rising, intensifying, and then with a flash of gray light it burst.

“UUUNGH! AAAUGH!” I gasped out as I fired my first wad of cock-cream into Eleanor’s clutching cunt. Burst after burst of jism followed as I emptied my aching balls into the older woman’s steaming twat. Along with the release came a huge drain of energy, wiping me out…

I sat in another chair at the side of the bed, sipping my single-malt Scotch as I watched. After I’d come inside Eleanor and rolled off her her, I’d staggered to the chair and sat down. Eleanor immediately sat up and extended her hand to grip Todd’s huge cock and pull him to the edge. She leaned over and her mouth engulfed his meaty inches.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “Michael, your son’s cock is so big, soooo much tastier than yours.” Eleanor said as she fellated Todd. “My god, what a great young cock! Are you watching me suck your son’s cock, Michael?” Eleanor said, her eyes a mixture of playfulness but also a serious dominance. I could see in Eleanor’s eyes a potential to administer real sexual pain to her husband, and perhaps others. And she was into it now.

Eleanor lay back as Todd eased onto the bed and between his stepmother’s legs. He began to dryhump Eleanor, making her moan as he teased her, letting his huge cockhead jab her clit as his long, thick shaft slid between the folds of her cunt, getting wetter and wetter with the mixture of lubricant, her juices and my semen.

“Gee Uncle Don, usually you’re getting my sloppy seconds.” Todd called out like a rude child. “Now I’m gonna get your sloppy seconds. Dad, are you watching? Are you watching me fucking your wife’s sloppy wet hole? Don’t you wish it was you fucking this hot, slick cunt, Dad?”

With that, Todd turned his full attention to Eleanor. They both looked between their legs as Todd undulated his hips, letting his cock dip down and ease into her hole. Then he slowly pushed forward, easing in and out with short strokes before finally sinking the final four inches into his stepmother with long deep thrust. Eleanor moaned as she was filled, her head falling back to the pillows as she pulled her legs up and back, then wrapped them around Todd’s muscular torso.

I just watched. Todd was fucking Eleanor with what seemed to be an easy, lazy, languorous motion, but in reality was powerful and nearly violent. I had watched the young stud fuck a number of times, including the times he had mated with my then-wife Melina, and it was obvious that this young man was a very experienced, very good lover.

His motions and undulations as he thrust his hard ass forward, impaling Eleanor onto his throbbing hard male meat, reminded me of the times in college, watching Eleanor’s son Jack fucking a seemingly endless stream of hot women. Todd had told me and Laura of Eleanor’s confession that Jack had seduced and mated with his mother for years, a liaison that had added to Jack’s brother Jimmy’s misery and desire to break totally away from the Burke family. How odd Destiny is! I thought, as the flow of personal history played through my mind even as my eyes enjoyed the sight of the muscular young stud copulating with the beautiful older woman…

There were other evenings, as well. I remember Eleanor sucking Todd’s huge cock as I fucked her sweet pussy from the rear, the sounds of her sweet cheeks slapping my groin filling the air. Eleanor also would try to suck my dick as Todd fucked her, but he was too powerful and she would yield to him every time, unable to do anything but succumb to his male power and vicious fucking.

I was surprised at how I totally lost respect for Michael Burke. Taunting him was not just role-play; I’d really wanted to humiliate him even as I fucked his wife’s cunt into a creamy lather. I remember speaking words meant to cause vicious humiliation and pain to the man, pain far deeper than just sexual dominance of his wife. He absorbed it all, that mixture bakire porno of sexual arousal and humiliation in his eyes the entire time. Todd was even more cruel in his words, though there was never any physical abuse of the man. I asked Todd how that made him feel, and he said he knew he was in charge and dominant. When I asked Laura about it, I found myself practically becoming a subject of one of her studies… and speaking of that…

“Well, everything’s fine.” Laura had said just the day before as she finished my examination in her little clinic next to her office. “Your penis is still the same size, 7.5 inches, though barely that. No physical side-effects of the drugs Ned gave you, nor the ‘gray viagras’ that I’ve given you.”

When I’d told Laura of the dream-hallucinations I’d had while fucking my mother, she had scheduled physicals for me and for Todd, ostensibly under the same project of the drugs Ned had given us nearly two years before. Todd had come up clean and healthy, as well. Laura also commented that Todd’s loads were still huge, and he was pumping nearly half a billion sperm each time he ejaculated into a woman. For most men, 100-150 million sperm was normal. Mine was still on the slightly low side, but as I’d proved twice with Laura and once with Molly, I was perfectly capable of siring children.

Laura talked to me extensively about the dreams, but was careful not to say or make note of anything that could potentially cause me a problem with my police career, particularly the part about carrying arms in the line of duty. She told me that Todd had not reported any intense dreams like the one’s I’d had, but he wasn’t taking the ‘gray pills’, either. I began to wonder why Laura was even having me take those…

Cindy and I were staying with her sister Molly. We drove to Molly’s Police Precinct building, which was in the nicer suburb areas north of town, where I could park my T&C Police SUV in the protected parking lot. Once that was done, Molly drove us to her house to drop our luggage and freshen up, and then we went to pick up Teresa Croyle and have dinner.

I observed Teresa as she and Molly talked about some of the things going on in Midtown, mostly about the criminal exploits of Senator Nathan Allen. Teresa had been careful not to let Allen see her, but she’d exposed three dirty cops that he’d been associating with, and then Molly had begun trying to set up a bribery sting operation. But so far, Senator Allen had been very wily, and while he had been pissed at his three marked cards in the MPD being found out, there was nothing to touch him directly.

After we’d eaten and were finishing off our drinks and dessert, I whispered to Cindy to take Molly, and only Molly, to powder their cute noses. When Teresa was about to go with them, I stopped her and asked her to stay.

“How are you liking it down here, Teresa?” I asked quietly.

“It’s okay, but I liked it up there a lot better.” Teresa said. I’d observed that while she was putting a game face on it, she was out of her comfort zone here in Midtown.

“Teresa, I’m going to quickly ask you a question, and I need your most very honest answer.” I said. “Do you want to come back to our Police Force?”

Teresa glared into my eyes for a second, then picked up on what I was trying to get at. “Yes, yes I would.”

“I need to be sure you’re sure.” I said. “If you want to come back, I will start the groundwork to bring you back in, that bastard Allen’s meddling notwithstanding. But don’t let me start doing that only to have you back out…”

“Oh, I won’t back out.” Teresa said. “When do you think this’ll happen?”

“August 1st.” I said. “By the way, I understand you and Cindy are running in our County’s July 4th Team Triathlon as a team?”?

“Yes, we are.” Teresa said. “We haven’t said anything to anybody, though. How’d you know?”

I just smiled. “You need to win it. And when you do, here’s the first step in getting you back…”

Part 2 – Company Sex

“Come on in, Mike.” Laura said as the handsome young man entered her office. As he approached her, she remembered the extremely pleasurable sex she was having with him the day Jonas Oldeeds was exterminated. He was also a CIA mole inside the Oldeeds’ organization, having become Vicki Oldeeds’ personal assistant, his duties mostly being to fuck Vicki with his huge, nearly ten inch cock.

“How are you?” she said as they melted into each other’s arms. Mike kissed her hard and deep, shoving his tongue into her mouth, feeling her pussy melt into wetness in anticipation of what she was about to do with the handsome young stud.

“Good, but I’ve missed you.” Mike said. “I’ve thought about you a lot.”

“Let’s go to my little bedroom.” Laura said, meaning the bedroom set up next to her office to observe couples making love as part of her research. Once inside the room, the young stud began kissing the beautiful older woman, their tongues bedava porno and lips moving together as their hands pawed at each other.

“Do they know you’re up here?” Laura asked as she allowed Mike to pull the straps of her dress down and expose her large, milky breasts.

“They’re in Midtown. I told them I was visiting college friends from up here, and I just came from seeing them. I snuck over to report to you… and of course to have some fun.”

“Mmmm, I’m glad you did.” Laura said as the young stud began kissing her neck, his hands deftly working to remove her dress until it dropped to the floor, leaving the beautiful professor naked except for her high heel gold lamé sandals. She had removed her underwear in lusty anticipation of young Mike’s arrival…

“Mmmmm, so tasty!” Laura said. She was lying on her side as Mike lay flat on his back. She eased her mouth back onto his cockhead, swirling her tongue then slid her lips down the throbbing hard, thick shaft. She sucked the young’s stud mammoth meat with famished lust, enjoying the taste and feel of his cock in her mouth as she fellated him. She also knew that Mike was loving it, barely able to hold back, and that he’d becoming apart at the seams soon if she didn’t ease back…

“Mmmmmm…unnnnh!” Laura gasped. They were lying on their left sides, Mike behind Laura, fucking her in a “spoon” position. Mike held her right leg high up as he pistoned his massive meat into her with smooth, steady thrusts. The positioned helped keep his weight off of her pregnant belly, and also kept his thrusts from being too deep or painful. He also was roughly rubbing her clit, sending shocks of pleasure that added to her bliss in being sensuously fucked by a young man and that incredibly wonderful, big cock of his.

Laura reached up over her shoulder and pulled Mike’s head down to her for a deep, wet kiss that matched their deep, wet coupling, knowing that this position also allowed for the hidden cameras to get clear views of their coupled loins. Laura knew that her husband would really enjoy the DVD of this mating, and seeing her pussy being impaled by the boy’s huge meat.

“I’m getting close…” Mike groaned. “Where… unnh… where do you want me to come?”

“In my mouth, baby.” Laura said. “I want to swallow every drop of that creamy load.” After another minute of hard thrusting, Mike suddenly pulled his prick out of Laura’s steaming twat, jumped up and straddled her lovely face. He practically jammed his cockhead into her mouth and an instant later began ejaculating wad after large wad of semen onto her tongue and down her throat.

After a couple of glasses of champagne and some cuddling, Laura and Mike’s pillow-talk turned to business as Mike began reporting on the Oldeeds’ Empire.

“Since Jonas died last year, Vicki has been working on maintaining the Empire.” Mike said. “She’s also trying to slowly dismantle the human trafficking operation and replace it with straight drugs, especially opium and heroin from the Far East. They don’t say much in front of me, but I get snippets here and there.”

Mike continued: “I don’t know what it’s all about, but Vicki and some of the hierarchy have come to Midtown, and I suspect it’s for meetings with politicians. I did overhear that they’re going to come up here to the University, allegedly for a rally for some of the young preachers trying to carry on Jonas’s work, but I think Vicki wants to meet some contacts here about the operations.”

“Hmmm, interesting.” Laura said. “I’ll start having people work on it right away. You have all their cellphone numbers and emails so we can start tracing them?”

“Yep, all that’s in the envelope I gave you when I came in, the one you locked in your desk.” Mike said.

“You be careful, Mike.” Laura said. “If you think they’re getting wind of you, get out of there, fast! We’ve got other sources, so you don’t have to risk it all.”

“I hear you.” Mike said. He began nuzzling Laura’s neck, gently kissing her. His hand moved to the swell of her belly, rubbing it. “So, baby, what do you say to letting me put the next bun in your oven after you have this baby?”

“Mmmm, so you want to knock me up, eh?” Laura said, turning to face her young lover, smiling beautifully and lustily at him, then sharing kisses with him as they began heating up for their next round of hot sex.

“Yeah, baby, that’s all I think about.” Mike said. “When I’m fucking that bitch Vicki, I’m thinking of you the whole time. I’d really love for you to have my baby, Laura.”

“Mmmmm…” Laura moaned into their deep kiss. “Well, stud, I’ll think about that. In the meantime, why don’t you demonstrate your babymaking… techniques… to me now, hmmm?”

Mike complied until they were both exhausted with pleasure.


“Oh, there you are, Mike.” Vicki Oldeeds said as Mike entered her hotel room, carrying his large Bible as always. Two recording devices were secreted inside it. “How was your trip? Your friends doing well?”

“It was good, and yes, they’re doing well, they’ll be graduating in May.” Mike said as he looked down, seeing the plastic sheeting on the floor. He tried to hide the chill of fear that raced down his back.

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