Femme Attack

Big Tits

One of my favorite pastimes is people watching. I usually head to the queer-owned coffeehouse in town, Divas, a couple times a week to catch a cappuccino or two. I’d just sit outside and enjoy the view of all the Femmes walking down the street. I am talking to the Bros, and this vision of loveliness walks up to us looking lost and confused. “Excuse me, could anyone tell me where 112 Fourth Street is?” She has the voice of an angel, and the face of a Goddess.

No one moves; I think we are all stunned by her beauty. I finally step forward and say, “Hi, my name is Harley, I can point you in the right direction.”

“Well, I’m new in town and still not too familiar with the city, any possibility you could walk me there?”

“No problem, it would be my pleasure. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oops, sorry, I’m Raven, Harley.”

“Well, Raven, it’s very nice to meet you, shall we?” I wave good-bye to my Bros who still seemed to be catatonic as we head down the street.

I cannot keep my eyes off of Raven. She has beautiful, long, wavy, red hair and sensuous green eyes. Her eyes seem to sparkle every time she smiles. I am definitely captivated by her beauty. I listen, as she talks about her recent move, her new job, and her lack of friends in her new hometown. She has me hanging on her every word. I am so tempted to touch her soft skin, to caress her, and to kiss her. Before I know it, we are at her destination. “Harley, thank you so much! How can I repay you?” I held my tongue.

“Why don’t you meet me for some coffee after your done here? I’d like to hear more about you, Raven.”

“That’s sounds great. But you know what, I got so carried away talking, I didn’t even pay attention to how we got here.”

Laughing I say, “That’s ok, how about I just meet you right here in about an hour then?”

“Ok, Harley, I’m looking forward to it,” she says as she gives me a small kiss on the cheek and runs into the building. I can smell her perfume in the air — a mixture of patchouli and Coco Chanel. I take a deep breath and head back to Divas to retrieve my bike.

I return an hour later, and Raven is outside waiting. When she realizes it was I on the bike, she flashes a huge smile. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long,”

“No, not at all Harley. Is this your bike? It’s beautiful.”

“Aaaawww, thanks Raven, but it’s not as beautiful as you,” I wink. I could see her blushing. “So, did you want to go get that coffee?” I asked.

“Hhhmm, how about a ride instead, it’ll give me a chance Casibom to wrap my arms around you.” Now, I was blushing. I hand her the extra helmet and help her put it on.

“Ready?” I ask as she hops on and wraps her arms around me.

“All set, let’s go!” I feel the tingling running through my body from her touch, and it is invigorating. We drive through town to one of my favorite secluded spots on the beach. The view here is magnificent.

“Why did you stop?” Raven asks.

“I thought maybe you’d want to catch the sunset.” I grab a blanket from my backpack (Butches always come prepared), and before I can say anything, Raven grabs it and runs for the beach. It is so pretty out here; you can smell the ocean air and hear the waves crashing against the rocks — such peace and tranquility. By the time I get down to the beach, Raven has a spot already picked out and has already made herself comfy.

“I never watched the sunset over the ocean before, Harley.”

“Well, there’s a first for everything, isn’t there, Raven,” I say with a grin. She nods in agreement. We talk about ourselves, sharing intimate details of our past and our dreams of the future. I noticed that Raven is getting cold.

“I’m sorry, you must not be use to the ocean breeze, here take my coat,” I say as I remove my jacket for her.

“No, then you’ll be cold, Harley. Why don’t I just snuggle up next to you?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She positions herself between my legs, her back against my chest. I wrap my arms around her, taking her hands into mine. Her skin is so soft and smooth. She leans back and lays her head on my shoulder. We sit there quietly watching the sun set into the ocean.

It wasn’t long before you could see the moon and the stars in the sky. “Are you ok?” I asked.

Raven turns, puts a finger on my lips, and says, “No more talk Harley, just kiss me.” I turn and look into her eyes. I think I can see into her soul at this moment. I raise my hand and stroke her hair. Gently, my hand brushes across her face, touching her lips and her neck. I pull her close and gently kiss her soft, sensuous lips. Raven pulls me tighter and kisses me back. Quickly, the kisses became harder and more passionate. It is getting hot, and I am starting to melt.

I pull away and kiss Raven’s neck, nibbling here and there, making sure not to leave any marks. Every so often I lick her neck and nibble and breathe into her ear. She presses her body closer to mine until she is straddling me. She kisses me hard, forcing her Casibom Giriş tongue into my mouth. I actually think I am starting to get dizzy, but I am already sitting down. As we kiss, my hands travel to her breasts. I massage them through her blouse. I feel her nipples already hard from the ocean breeze. Raven stops me and pulls my hands away — I thought I did something wrong. She looks down at me with a grin and starts unbuttoning her blouse. All I could do was grin back.

She replaces my hands, but now I am touching the soft skin that I craved for all day. As we continue to kiss, I massage and pinch her nipples. Raven stops and raises herself so that her breasts are at my eye level. She grabs my face and pulls me towards one of her breasts. I begin kissing and licking, rolling my tongue around her nipple. I can hear Raven moaning with pleasure, and her moans give me pleasure. I start sucking one nipple while pinching the other nipple with my fingers. Raven starts grinding her pelvis into me, harder and harder. I had to balance myself so as not to fall backwards. I give the same attention to her other nipple.

My hands are stroking her sides finding their own way down to her ass. I pull her closer and realize she isn’t wearing any panties. I look up and all I can see is her silhouette in the moonlight — just a vision of beauty. I stop sucking on her nipples and move both my hands up her back. With my weight, I push her back slightly so that I could plant baby kisses down her cleavage. Then I use my tongue and draw an imaginary line up her cleavage, across both her shoulder blades, up her neck until I find her lips.

I can feel her trembling, or is that me? “Are you cold at all, Raven, I could build a fire,” I ask.

“Quite the contrary, Harley, I am very hot.” Raven sits up and takes off the remnants of what clothes she still has on, and then she helps me remove mine. I use my jacket as a pillow and lay it on the blanket for her. I look into Raven’s eyes — no words needed to be spoken, as we lay there naked in the moonlight. I placed my hand on her face, stroking her hair, admiring the beauty before me. I actually thought I had tears in my eyes. Raven’s hand touches my face, and I kiss it.

She pulls me close and kisses me passionately. I return the kiss and pull her closer until our chests met, nipples touching. One arm wraps around her, holding her, as the other slides down to her hip. Slowly, my hand moves towards the center of all pleasures in life. Raven’s pussy is shaved — just the way I like Casibom Güncel Giriş it. I begin massaging her pussy, and I begin hearing the moans in the ocean air. I use my hand to separate her pussy lips and find her clit. She is very wet and hard. At the same time, Raven is a step ahead of me. She has already managed to get her hand between my thighs and is ready to penetrate me. I too am already wet – dripping.

I stop and slide on top of her. I kiss her passionately on the lips and make a trail of kisses leading from her lips, neck, shoulder, cleavage, breasts, and stomach until I am positioned between her thighs. I alternate kisses between her pussy and her thighs, teasing her. I can feel Raven grinding into me wanting more. I take one hand and spread apart her pussy lips to reveal the jewels I so desperately want. I take my tongue and lick the tip of her clit causing her to twitch. Raven slides her legs around my neck and cross them behind my back.

I use my tongue and twirl it around her clit then lick up the savory juices from her pussy. I go back to her clit and begin licking, sucking, and biting faster and harder with each stroke from Raven’s hips. As the moaning becomes louder, I move my attention to her cunt. Licking and forcing my tongue in further and further with each stroke, I hear Raven calling my name, and I look up.

I stop and slide up to her face kissing her. Panting, Raven managed to say, “Turn around, I want to taste you; I want us to cum together.” I reposition myself and lower my pussy towards her face. Before I could get back into position, Raven grabs my ass with her hands and pulls my pussy towards her mouth. She hungrily devours my juices and begins sucking hard on my clit. I feel a flash of warmth come over me and notice that it is becoming harder to concentrate on the task at hand. I go back down on her cunt and continue where I left off. As I push my mouth on her clit, I penetrate her with two fingers, then three.

All either of us can hear are muffled moans and groans. Then, Raven starts to penetrate me. We both start grinding into each other with more force. I am close; I feel an orgasm coming. With one last effort, I penetrate Raven’s pussy, ramming my fingers in and out, harder and faster. My fingers are dripping with her juices. Then, I feel Raven’s nails digging into my ass. She is cumming, so I no longer hold back. You can hear the whimpering cries of pleasure as we freeze and become one in that moment of time. When it passes, I lick up the rest of the juices and move back next to her. It is obvious that we were tired from the pleasure we just shared.

I pull the blanket around us, wrap my arms round her, kiss her gently on the lips, and pull her close. There we slept, interlocked together as one, under the moon and stars.

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