Figures in the Big Easy, Saturday


Mary Beth’s eyes were luminous blue above the letter O her lips made at the rim of her coffee cup. After her morning run up St. Charles through the Garden District, she had taken her shower and her hair was still wet and combed back. She and Sue were having coffee in the sitting room that adjoined the bedroom.. Bonnie was still a heap of tousled hair in the bed sheets.

“Get uppppp,” Mary Beth’s lips broke from the cup and she called over her shoulder to nag Bonnie. A grunt sounded from the heap in the sheets.

“Get upppp,” Mary Beth repeated. Sue got up from the table and went to the bed. She sat on the side of the bed, pulled the sheets down, and rubbed Bonnie’s bare back. Her skin was warm and smooth.

“Get up, baby,” she drawled, like she was waking a child up for school.

Mary Beth joined her and pulled the sheet down further and pattered a drum roll with her fingertips on Bonnie’s ass. Bonnie protested in a moan and switched her position in the bed. Mary Beth bent down and blew a raspberry on Bonnie’s backside, then planted a firm, wet kiss on it.

“Mmmm. Now that’s more like it,” Bonnie mumbled into the sheets. She turned her face up to show that smile of hers. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. She exaggerated a yawn. “But I’m getting sleepy again.” She cracked one eye open to see if Mary Beth and Sue had taken the cue.

“Well, let’s just wake you up, then,” Mary Beth replied as she kissed down Bonnie’s stomach, through the patch of stubble that was beginning to grow. Sue joined in by taking a nipple into her mouth, circling her pointed tongue around the areola between lip pulls. Bonnie pulled her knees back onto her chest to expose more of herself to Mary Beth’s mouth. Bonnie’s pussy lips were wet-pink and pouted wide in response to Mary Beth’s tongue, which traced the contour of them, up one, over her little pink pebble, then down the other. Bonnie pushed Sue’s head down, muttering, “It’s going to take you, too.”

Sue kissed around Bonnie’s leg, down the back of her flexed thigh to her pussy. Sue ran her tongue up and down Bonnie’s creases, Sue’s first taste of pussy. Bonnie kept her legs bent, but spread knees apart, and the inner pink emerged wet and engorged. Sue ran her tongue over it. Bonnie’s wetness, slippery and thick, clung to her tongue. Sue moved up to the pearl, bathing it with the tip and then the flat of her tongue. Bonnie cupped her breast for Mary Beth’s sensuous lips. After pulling and releasing one nipple and then the other, she kissed down Bonnie’s stomach to her mound.

Now Mary Beth’s head was next to Sue’s. Mary Beth teased Bonnie’s ass, flicking the rosebud and making it wink, while Sue continued licking Bonnie’s pussy. Bonnie exhaled, half groan and half sigh, “Oooh, that’s sooo good. Please don’t stop.” Bonnie had a hand on each of their heads as they worked on her pussy and her ass. Her orgasm washed over her and she pushed them into her as a deep squeal arose from her chest. Sue and Mary Beth kissed and tasted Bonnie’s cum on each other. The room was quiet for a moment.

“Okay, okay. I’m up now,” Bonnie exhaled.

“Not so fast.” Mary Beth’s grin glistened with Bonnie’s wetness. Shedding the terry cloth bath robe, she mounted Bonnie’s face. Mary Beth leaned forward, giving Sue a view of her perfect little athletic ass, her cheeks so round and firm. Underneath it, her pussy lips were draped over Bonnie’s mouth, as Bonnie’s tongue stroked her slit. Mary Beth’s hair was beginning to dry, curling around her pixie-like face,full lips and upturned nose. Her eyes were closed while she enjoyed the sensation of Bonnie’s tongue on her pussy.

Opening her eyes, she turned her head over her shoulder and saw Sue. “Do you want to see better?” Mary Beth asked Sue. Sue was kneeling on the bed, her middle two fingers rubbing her clit side to side. Without waiting on a reply, Mary Beth pivoted around and leaned back against the headboard. Bonnie’s chin, mouth and tongue were all that were visible as her muscular tongue worked Mary Beth’s trim blonde slit.

“Sue, I need another tongue,” Mary Beth pleaded quietly. After pulling softly on Mary Beth’s upturned nipples, Sue kissed down her stomach, through the small tuft of neat blonde hair, and met Bonnie’s tongue on Mary Beth’s full pink pussy lips. Mary Beth cupped her small breasts and cooed, “Ooooh, that’s it. Firmer, faster. There, right on my clit. Oh, don’t stop. Keep it up…keep it up…ooh…ooh…ooooooh.” And with that she grasped her inner thighs, trembling as she came.

Mary Beth dismounted Bonnie’s soaked face. Bonnie started to get up, but Sue was incredibly turned on and quickly mounted her. She pushed her hairy pussy into Bonnie’s face, whispering insistently, “Eat it. Eat my pussy. Lick it until I cum.” She felt Bonnie’s tongue push deep into her. Mary Beth was exhausted and reclined lazily while she watched Sue grind on Bonnie’s face. Sue could still not get over how good it felt to have a woman’s soft, smooth face on her pussy. Her tits hung Casibom down and swayed as she rocked back and forth. She could feel she was getting close, and used her hands to scoop under Bonnie’s head and its wild brown morning tangle,to force her mouth onto her pussy. Sue screamed as she came. Mary Beth chuckled at the force of Sue’s orgasm.

“Now you can get up,” Sue sighed and rolled back onto the bed. “I’m just not sure I can now.”

It was midmorning when the girls finally were able to get out. They headed to the Quarter to shop in the stores on Royal and Chartres. As they passed an antique store on Royal Street, Sue asked Bonnie, “Is this the story in your fantasy?”

Bonnie replied, “As a matter of fact, it is. Let’s go in and see if I can find my panties.” But she was joking, and they passed on down the street.

A block further down, Mary Beth announced that she was going off to get some things for tonight’s story time, and that she would meet them later at the spa. Sue watched her take off down St. Peter in her tight khaki shorts and white halter top. As she disappeared down the street, Bonnie suggested to Sue, “You know, Sue, if you insist on wearing underwear, then wear the good stuff. I know a place.” The heat of the day was beginning to build, so they took a taxi.

The face in the rearview mirror was jet black, with a gray beard. “Where to, ladies?” the driver asked.

“Twenty forty-four Magazine Street, please,” Bonnie said. The taxi pulled out into the street. The cool of the cab was welcome, and after a few minutes, they arrived at a small shop specializing in things intimate.

Bonnie helped Sue pick out some things: sexy thongs, lacy boy legs, and sheer bras. Eyeing a dress, she picked it off the rack and held it up to Sue. “This is a must-try,” Bonnie said as she gauged the fit. They went to the changing room. Sue took off her sundress, and before she could try on the new one, Bonnie said, “Let me make a suggestion. Take off your panties.”

Sue shimmied out of the sensible panties, exposing her black bush. “We’ve got to get the National Forest under control,” Bonnie murmured. Taking a small pen like instrument from her purse, Bonnie wiggled it between her thumb and forefinger and said, “Ten bucks at Walgreen’s.” Uncapping it, she clicked a switch on the side, and Sue realized that it was a hair trimmer.

“Here, sit back on the bench, Sue.” Sue sat back and spread her legs as Bonnie used the little gadget to trim her bush. Tiny tumbleweeds of hair fell to the floor with each pass. Sue closed her eyes and trusted Bonnie’s sense of style. She felt Bonnie pull one lip taut, then the other as the shaver made each pass. It was all very relaxing, and Sue was almost asleep when she heard Bonnie say, “There,” as she whisked hairs away from Sue’s mound. Sue opened her eyes and looked down to see the neat, narrow landing strip that remained, everything else bare. Bonnie was picking up the tuffs of hair from the bench and the floor and putting them into the trash can.

“Well, you look good enough to eat now,” Bonnie said, and she licked Sue’s pussy once. But one lick led to another, and another, and Sue was lost again in the sensation. She may have moaned, but she didn’t know and didn’t care.

The salesgirl called through the door, “Is everything okay in there?”

Bonnie stopped licking for a moment as she spoke into Sue’s pussy. “Uh, just fine. We just can’t decide.”

“Okay,” the girl called in, “Let us know if you need some help.”

Bonnie continued licking Sue, and Sue slouched down on the bench, giving herself to Bonnie’s efforts. She could see the two of them in the full length mirror in the dressing room, see her fingers run through Bonnie’s dark hair. Sue struggled to keep quiet as she came on Bonnie’s tongue. Bonnie kissed Sue directly on her new patch of pubic hair, and pulled a stray hair from her lips.

“Missed one,” she said.

They bought the dress, and enough lingerie for everyday of the week and then some. Sue had never spent so much on herself before. They hailed another cab. They got in the back, and as soon as they were settled on the black vinyl seat, Bonnie went through the bag with the dainty little under things and pulled off the tags. “Your hubby’s going to love these,” she paused as she snapped the plastic T-connectors. “Of course,” she added, “So will Mary Beth and me.”

After lunch, they met Mary Beth at the spa, which was in a posh hotel on Canal Street. They found Mary Beth in the relaxation room, reclining on a chaise lounge in a plush beige spa robe, and looking through a copy of Spafinder magazine. She looked up and smiled.

“Well, how was your afternoon?” Mary Beth asked.

“Great,” Bonnie replied. “We revamped Sue’s undy wardrobe…and we gave her a new hairdo.”

Mary Beth studied Sue. “Really?” she puzzled.

“This hairdo,” Bonnie said, as she pulled the robe open to expose Sue’s new look. Sue blushed as she looked around to verify that they were alone.

“Miss Casibom Giriş Sue! Rockin’ a landing strip! Looks great.” She ran the back of her hand over the smooth areas to either side of the small strip of hair. Sue closed her eyes and gave herself to the soft touch as Mary Beth cooed, “Sexy. Very, very sexy.”

Just then the door opened and Sue quickly pulled her robe closed. A spa attendant with an arm load of towels walked quietly through the room and exited the other side. Bonnie poured herself a glass of cucumber water, and she and Sue sat in the chairs near Mary Beth.

Mary Beth and Sue thumbed through magazines while Bonnie closed her eyes and relaxed to the quiet music in the background.

A door opened. “Mary Beth?” a man’s voice asked.

Mary Beth looked up from her Spafinder. “That’s me.”

She got up and exchanged a polite handshake with one of the most gorgeous, solidly built black men any of them had ever seen. His white pants and shirt made him look even bigger.

“I’m Curtis. I’ll be your therapist today. Come this way?” he asked. As they disappeared down the hall, Mary Beth looked over her shoulder at her friends and made an exaggerated ‘Oh My!’ face.

After they left, Bonnie dryly told Sue, “Well, it looks like girlfriend is going to have her hands full…or should I say, Curtis is going to have his hands full of girlfriend.” But she intentionally mispronounced his name as ‘Coitus.’

Sue giggled, but Bonnie kept a straight face. The door opened again.

“Sue?” The therapist was a heavy set middle aged woman with dyed red hair. Sue got up and politely shook hands with her. The therapist introduced herself as ‘Ginger.’ As they entered the hallway, Sue looked over her shoulder at Bonnie, who briefly looked up from her magazine, grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

Ginger showed Sue to the room. “Do you have any areas that need special attention?” she asked. “No? Okay, we’ll begin with you face up under the sheet. I’ll be right back in.”

She exited and Sue eased in under the sheet. The lights were dim and soft spa music played, something native American, flutes, soft drumming. There was a quiet knock and Ginger’s silhouette opened the door, “Ready?’ Sue closed her eyes. She could hear the woman quietly preparing, then smelled eucalyptus under her nose.

“Breathe deep.” Sue pulled in a deep breath, then felt fingers under her head, massaging her scalp, thumbs lightly stroking her facial muscles.

Her mind wandered, first mundane things, things from home, duties done or not done, then her mind rambled to the fact that at this very same moment Curtis’ caramel hands were moving over Mary Beth’s smooth white skin. She imagined Mary Beth smiling with her eyes closed as she pulls on his muscular forearms to guide his hands down, down, further, lower. His strong, smooth hands cupping her small breasts, the nipples hardening under the sheet, Curtis moving the sheet to expose them, Mary Beth pursing her lips in pleasure…he pulls them between his thumb and forefinger, elongating them, the massage oil lubricating them. He leans forward to advance the sheet down her stomach. Through his trousers, Mary Beth can feel his bulge against her cheek. He must be hard; certainly he can’t be that size and not be erect…

Sue imagines Curtis taking his hands and pushing them down under the sheet. His finger finds her slit. Mary Beth opens her legs and his finger sneaks into her wetness. She reaches in front of her face and unzips him. He takes his free hands to push down his pants. In the soft light she can see his tense, veiny erection. He comes around to the her side, one hand working her pussy, the other hand guiding his cock to her lips…

Sue noticed that her revelry had made her wet, and that her nipples were nudging up through the sheet. Had Ginger noticed? She relaxed again and the fantasy picked up where it had left off…

She imagined Mary Beth’s small white hand barely able to circle around the girth of his cock, running her tongue under his shaft, especially the mushroom tip, flicking it until it drools a clear strand onto her lips. Kicking the sheet completely off, she pushes his head down, feeling his coarse, closely cut hair under her hands. He kisses down her stomach to her neatly trimmed blonde patch, and she pulls her labia back so that her engorged clit protrudes even more. Curtis puts his full, wet lips on it. He begins to suck and lick it….

Sue parts with her fantasy for a moment. Her therapist is working her legs, taking long, smooth strokes up her thighs. Sue is sure that her inner thighs are drenched and that Ginger can tell. But she can’t stop fantasizing about Mary Beth and Curtis in the other room, maybe the very next room.

Ginger directs her to roll over onto her stomach and discretely lifts the sheet while Sue turns.

Once on her stomach, Sue’s mind wanders again. Now in her fantasy, Mary Beth is on her stomach and Curtis’ strong hands are taking long Casibom Güncel Giriş strokes down her back, onto her firm, round glutes. He places a leg onto the table so that the inside of his thigh is across the back of her legs. Now Mary Beth feels his cock resting in the palm of her upturned hand, and she caresses the shaft. He lifts her up, easy for someone with his strength, and brings her to the edge of the table where he’s standing, naked from the waist down. His cock is rock hard, and he slides it into her, the thickness pushing apart her lips, the length traveling in and out of her slowly, so slowly. His cock pulls the inner lips in with each slow plunge, out with each glistening withdrawal…

Sue wondered if her therapist would notice if she slipped a hand under her stomach to touch herself. Certainly, this qualified as an ‘area that needed special attention.’ She decided against it, and instead lost herself in the fantasy. She imagined Curtis increasing his pace, his big hands on her hips, pulling her cheeks apart and grazing his thumb over her ass. His balls are jangling wildly under his muscular brown ass, slapping against Mary Beth’s mound and clit. Mary Beth clinches her hands on the sheets as she cums…

Sue imagined Curtis pulling out, and stroking himself, his hand rapidly sliding onto and then off the ridge of his dark cock head. He squints with his mouth agape, and with a series of grunts, his thick, wet cock spurts his pearly white seed, all over her ass and back. Moving up his hands, he rubs his cum into her, mixing it with the massage oil…

“All done.” Sue was startled by Ginger’s voice in her ear. “All better?”

“Mm-hmm,” Sue said, but it was a half truth. The therapist whispered that she would be right outside the door, and to take her time getting dressed.

Now she could reach under herself. Her palm pressed into the smooth skin on either side of the neat little landing strip, and her fingers waggled back and forth over her swollen clit. Sue pushed her fingers into her pussy, then brought them to her mouth, tasting the thick saltiness. She thought, the girls are right, I do taste good. Her fingers returned to her tense little button. She turned her head and pressed the side of her face into the face cradle. Sue realized that if Ginger were to walk into check on her right now, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. Her mind wandered briefly to envision a very surprised and turned on Ginger slipping off her pants and panties and straddling her, pressing her pussy into Sue’s face.

Sue rolled over and kicked off the sheet, not caring if Ginger came in or not, in fact, sort of wishing she would. Sue took her free hand and stroked the space between two fingers with her tongue, imaging it was Ginger’s pussy. Her mind began racing in rapid sequence images. She imagined Ginger rocking her hips back and forth on her face, then imagined Curtis unloading deep into Mary Beth’s little blonde pussy, then imagined she and Ginger cleaning Mary Beth’s little cunt with their tongues. It was enough to bring Sue off intensely. Despite knowing she shouldn’t, she cried out rather loudly as she came.

After her orgasm faded away to a warm afterglow, she put her robe back on and sheepishly exited the room. Ginger was waiting at the door with a glass of ice water. “Everything okay?” the redhead asked. Her grin, however, told Sue that her masseuse knew what she had done.

Sue made her way down the corridor, just as Curtis was releasing Mary Beth. Sue thought she detected a knowing glance between them as Mary Beth demurely pushed her hair behind her ear and they exchanged a fingertip handshake. It may have been Mary Beth’s blush: she always seemed to be flushed after she came.

That night after dinner Mary Beth put her credit card on the bill and said. “I’ve got this one. You two can just be my sex slaves tonight.”

Bonnie said, “But I thought we already were.”

“You are, but I have a special bedtime story for you tonight.” Sue and Bonnie exchanged an intrigued glance. They boarded the streetcar for the ride back downtown to their hotel. Two young German tourists were flirting with some black girls in too-perfect English. The black girls weren’t interested. As the streetcar clacked along, Bonnie rested her head on Sue’s shoulder and watched the mansions on St. Charles roll by. The sun was making long, deep shadows, but the heat had broken very little.

In the room that night, the girls checked in with their families, all having variants of the same conversation:

“Hi, How are y’all doing? We’re fine, having a great time. Everyone okay? Did you make sure that…? Thanks for watching things so we could come down here. You’re the best. We’ll be careful. See you on Sunday. Love you too.”

Mary Beth was on the phone a little longer. “Put her on the phone… Hey girly-girl. Daddy read you a story? That’s awesome!. I miss you too, but I’ll see you tomorrow. Put Daddy back on. Give the phone to Daddy.” There was a pause.”Thanks, honey. We’re having a blast. Love you. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and said mischievously, “Now it’s story time for you girls.” Bonnie and Sue sat on the sofa while Mary Beth disappeared behind the french doors into the bedroom of the suite.

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