Demon’s Craving Ch. 01

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=== Friendly warning: First chapter of this series includes incest between a man and his father ===


These creatures have been called many names throughout the ages, and the legends about them were tangled in countless myths and mysteries. Some of them were close to the truth, some of them were far off. Perhaps it was due to the supernatural essence of them that the details were lost on the humans, but the needs of the creatures known as “sleep demons” were straightforward and simple. In order to survive, they required virile, potent energy, that could only be harvested from the sexual lust of their victims.

During the middle ages, people did their best to ward off these demons, largely due to the belief that one would die after an encounter with a creature like that. But that was yet another one of many myths sleep demons had to face. It was quite laughable, actually – not only would the victims remain alive and well after a sleep demon fed on their desires, but they would almost always enjoy the process – even though you would never hear any one of them admit it out loud. Shame is a powerful thing.

As time went on, humankind has gone forward, and stories of supernatural creatures have become mere legends. That didn’t change anything about the existence of these creatures, though. On the contrary – thanks to losing their faith in the supernatural, mankind has let their guard down, which was basically an invitation for these creatures to reign free and enjoy the endless feast of lust that humans offered them without even knowing it. Humans started calling it “wet dreams” and even made up a scientific explanation for it – something about your body relieving excess tension during the night when you sleep. The truth, however, was much, much more interesting.


The night was still young, yet the neighbor had already gone silent. Only a person from the countryside can understand how ominously quiet the nights outside of a city can be. Cicada screams out in the field and burbling of a small stream nearby were the only companions for the Miller family during summer nights like these. Their house was far away from the other neighbors, but they never worried about anything happening to them out there – what was there to worry about in a small town like that anyway?

They weren’t scared of robbers or thieves. And they didn’t believe in werewolves, monsters… or demons. Luckily for Tenzurr.

Tenzurr was hungry. It had been a while since he feasted on a man’s essence and it was making him weak. He was craving it – as a sleep demon, he couldn’t go very long without a potent human male’s seed, and a couple of days he already went through without food had made him feel all starved and restless. He knew it was time to go hunting again that night, and the Millers were an easy target. He spied on the house, lurking from the shadows for a couple of hours before nightfall. He had to make sure there wasn’t a priest or a shaman inside – even though the chances were slim, he wasn’t about to put his life on the line.

It seemed that the coast was clear though. And so, at exactly ten o’clock in the evening, the demon stepped out of his hiding to strike. He already knew who he was going to target, too.

Danny, the youngest member of the Miller family, was a proper young man. The whole neighborhood saw him as an example of what a lad of his age should be like and act like – obedient, religious, always looking good and clean-cut. Brown, short hair, a round face, and a cute smile. Warm, friendly, and always polite to everybody. A hardworking scholar, but an ambitious athlete as well. He was the pride of the Miller family, and his father had big plans for him – to send him off to a good university right after he graduated and have him become the first member of the family with a college diploma.

Danny was nineteen years old, a little older than the rest of his peers, and even though he was quite popular among the townsfolk, he never seemed interested in getting a girlfriend. His father paid it no mind, he was content with the boy focusing on school, and aside from a small rumor here or there, nobody else gave it much thought either. Little did everyone know what kind of thoughts were going through Danny’s head when he was alone… thoughts that were anything but proper and religious.

Some thoughts the boy tried to push away, somewhere into the corner of his brain, where they wouldn’t bother him. He never told anyone about these thoughts, these fantasies, and was positive that if he kept at it, nobody could ever figure out his secret.

That was where he was wrong. Tenzurr the demon knew what was going on in the boy’s head from the first second he laid his eyes on him. You know how they say that some animals can smell fear? To a sleep demon, repressed sexual thoughts like this were a delicious aroma, an absolutely irresistible and unmistakable smell they could pick up from a mile away. The demon licked his lips as he crawled under the boy’s windowsill. bahis şirketleri His first target was a good pick.

The oblivious young man had just got back home from school. Tuesdays were always the most exhausting for him at school, and the upcoming exams weren’t helping the situation either. The boy went right to his room without even eating anything for dinner. He let out a sigh as the door closed behind him. What a day…

Tenzurr’s red, glowing eyes were watching the boy from the other side of the windowpane. The boy was showing signs of stress and would, without any doubt, hit the bed soon. His usually well-combed hair was all messy, his white shirt was stained with ink and his armpits were drenching with sweat. Normally, the boy might have noticed the demonic face on the other side of his bedroom window, but the long day has taken its toll on his attention span. He could only see the cozy, warm bed and nothing else.

Danny sat on his bed and slowly began undressing. The demon’s eyes carefully watched as the boy started exposing his chiseled body, unknowingly throwing a sensual show for the supernatural monster. His leather shoes and socks ended up thrown carelessly into the corner. The buttons of his shirt were next. One by one, the young man uncovered his naked chest, with only a couple strand hairs on his rock-hard pecs. He pulled the cloth away, revealing his nice, toned biceps and wide shoulders. His toned body was one of the reasons he wasn’t getting any crap from his classmates for trying so hard at school – he could probably kick them all into a ball.

The belt, a gift from his father for Danny’s birthday, got unbuckled and the pants got loosened. The demon was now staring at the very source of his next meal, bulging in the young man’s tight briefs.

Danny sighed from exhaustion yet again and fell back on his bed. He closed his eyes for a second and tried to calm his thoughts down. So many things were going through his mind – the essay he was supposed to finish until Friday, the assignment that was due yesterday but that he was graciously given an extension for by his teacher, Mr. Davis, not to mention the big exam coming on Monday…

School. School everywhere. It was so overwhelming and exhausting.

Perhaps as means to escape his stressful thoughts, his mind went elsewhere. Danny took a deep breath and let his hand wander around his body. His fingers danced on his smooth chest and descended down onto his flat stomach. His tool started to awaken in his underwear, eager for attention, after being ignored and neglected for so long… His mind started to fill with images – images that a proper young man should not even let into his head, let alone to focus on and enjoy. His hand wanted to grab that cock, to milk it, and finally let all the stress, all the restlessness, and all of that tension out.

He stopped himself at the very last second. Disappointed in his actions, he whispered to himself.

“Don’t do it, Danny,” he said to himself in the empty room, “Remember what Father Johnson always says.”

It took a couple of deep breaths to finally calm his growing need. After that, Danny crawled off the bed and positioned himself on his knees. With his hands together, he bowed down and started reciting a prayer.

Tenzurr chuckled to himself. He knew too well that prayer wouldn’t help satisfy the boy’s needs. If anything, it was going to push the thoughts even further away, making them all that much juicier. And yet, the solution to his needs was so simple. Tenzurr was glad that the boy decided against jerking off, though. He would be short on a meal if it came to that.

After he was done praying, Danny crawled back in his bed, wearing only his underwear. Not even a shower or a wardrobe change – he was going to sleep just like that. Poor guy just needed some rest. But Tenzurr knew that as long as he was there, the boy’s night would be anything but relaxing.

Danny’s hand reached for the lamp on his bedside table and turned the light off, basking the room in darkness. In just a couple of seconds, he was out cold, enjoying the deep slumber. The room was peaceful and quiet, with the silence only interrupted by the ticking of his alarm clock. The half-open window let the clean, fresh countryside air in. Such a calming, restful scene it was…

…until the demon’s claw reached for the edge of the window, slowly pushing it up.

Tenzurr was no beginner. His slender body squeezed through the window and stepped into the young man’s room without making a single noise. Glowing, red eyes were the only indication that there was an intruder in the house – the rest of his sinewy body was charcoal black, blending into the darkness perfectly. Excited, the demon slowly stepped closer to the bed.

He wasn’t going to take Danny’s seed by force, no. Sleep demons didn’t work like that. Tenzurr knew too well that if he was going to merely convince Danny to give his cum to him willingly, there would be much more to enjoy. And with Danny’s bahis firmaları fragile, lustful mind and Tenzurr’s experience, that goal wasn’t a particularly hard one to reach.

A demonic claw slowly peeled the blanket away from the young man’s body. What a good specimen Tenzurr has chosen. A potent, strong male, that kept his hands away from himself was basically a jackpot for him. The claw made contact with his body, slowly tracing his thigh, his abs, and his pecs. It stopped at the boy’s forehead, making a small circle.

The demon was about to use his first power – entering people’s dreams.

Danny’s dreams that night were initially filled with pretty much his normal day – running from a classroom to classroom, hunching over assignments, sweating his ass off on the field during P.E. The demon patiently observed the flow of Danny’s thoughts and waited for an appropriate time to interject. He saw an opportunity when – in his dream – Danny entered the office of Mr. Davis. His teacher, mentor, and a frequent object of repressed gay fantasies.

Mr. Davis was a well-respected teacher, not just in the school but in the whole village. He was in his thirties. With a cute, thin pair of glasses, a head full of strawberry blonde hair, and a nicely kept beard, he was considered by many to be quite handsome. Danny considered the man to be much more than just handsome. He frequently tried to push away the lust he had for his teacher and tried redirecting that energy to his performance in school, trying so hard to suck up to him and make him happy. In his dream, he was going to ask Mr. David for yet another extension on his assignment.

“Good afternoon, sir,” Danny said as he knocked on the doorframe of the classroom, which was only occupied by Mr. Davis. He was going through some papers behind the teacher’s desk. “Sorry, I know you’ve just finished a class, but could I talk to you for just a quick moment?”

Like a puppet master, Tenzurr took control of the character of Mr. Davis in Danny’s dream.

Mr. Davis, who was now just the sleep demon in disguise, shot a smirk at Danny and nodded.

“Of course, Mr. Miller. Why don’t you close the door behind you and tell me what’s on your mind?”

The “dream” Danny hastily closed the door. It was only him and his teacher now in the empty classroom. Tenzurr, being in control of the dream, wasn’t going to let anyone else inside.

Feeling ashamed and nervous, Danny stepped over closer to Mr. Davis. He couldn’t even look him in the eye – failing any assignments always made him so conscious around this man, even if it was just about missing a deadline. Tenzurr – in Mr. Davis’ character – spoke again.

“What’s the matter, boy?” he said to Danny, “Do you have something you want to tell me?”

“Sir, I…” Danny stuttered, “I’m so sorry. The paper you gave me… Well, the topic is just so fascinating to me. I got distracted and just started writing and writing… until I realized that it was so much that I couldn’t possibly wrap it up in time. That’s why I’m here. I wanted to ask, if you were so kind if you could postpone my deadline just a little bit further?”

From the mouth of any other student, this would probably just sound like a stupid excuse for missing the deadline. But Tenzurr knew that something like this wouldn’t be out of character for the overachieving Danny. He wasn’t lying. Not that it mattered, of course.

Mr. Davis’ character shook his head in pretend disappointment.

“I must say that lately, I don’t know where your head is, Mr. Miller,” Tenzurr’s words came out of Mr. Davis’ mouth, “Frankly, you’ve been quite a mess. You forget about your deadlines and – apparently – also wearing your clothes to school?”

What Tenzurr did next was his favorite trick. You know how often, in a dream, you don’t question anything that happens, no matter how ridiculous it is? The demon knew how to use that to his advantage and decided to do this trick again just to have some fun with the boy. With his powers, he made Danny lose all of his clothing in the dream.

Danny’s dream self looked down with a horrified expression on his face. He was standing naked in front of his secret gay crush! And to make it worse, the crush was his teacher!

“Oh crap!” he exclaimed, clumsily trying to cover himself, “Mr. Davis, I… I don’t know how this happened!”

“I do,” Mr. Davis said, as Tenzurr instructed him to get up from his chair and step closer to Danny. His eyes looked the boy up and down and gave him a wicked smile. He continued.

“Boys like you are all the same, aren’t they? You can try fighting it, but the main thing doing the thinking for you aren’t your brains. It’s your groins.”

“I…I’m sorry, sir?” Danny stuttered, his face turning red with shame.

“Let me rephrase that. You spend so much time burying yourself in books and torturing yourself in P.E. And yet, the part of your body that needs training the most continues to be ignored. You think with your dick, Miller. How do kaçak bahis siteleri you expect to think straight if you continue to ignore this part of your body?”

“I… ummm…,” Danny looked flustered and confused, but Tenzurr could already see the results of his work. Back in real life, the boy’s dick started twitching a little. How could it not, with his biggest crush talking about his dick like that?

However, it wasn’t going to be as easy for Tenzurr as he thought.

“I’m sorry, sir, but a conversation like this hardly seems appropriate,” Danny’s dream self responded.

“Appropriate?” Mr. Davis raised an eyebrow, per Tenzurr’s instruction, “You’re here, at school, naked as you were on the day you were born, and you’re going to tell me what’s appropriate? Don’t take that tone with your teacher, boy!”

Danny looked away in shame.

“I apologize, sir,” he responded, “You’re right. Please, forgive me.”

“No need to apologize, boy,” Davis said, playing with the top button of his shirt, “We might as well make the best out of the situation.”

“Ummm…” Danny shuffled, nervous, “What do you mean?”

“I’ll give you your extension,” Davis continued, slowly undoing his shirt, “If you prove to me that you’re a good student. Your assignment was a biology paper, right? We better make sure you’re actually paying attention in class and aren’t just lying your ass off to me right now. Let’s go through some basics of human anatomy.”

Tenzurr made Mr. Davis lose all his clothes. Since he could do whatever he wanted within the bounds of the dream, he made sure that the teacher’s body looked perfect – exactly how Danny pictured it in his head. A nice full carpet of chest hair on his well-built body, some muscles here and there, and most importantly a long, big cock resting on a pair of beautiful huge balls.

Danny sighed at the marvelous scene that he was being shown. His cock started growing – both in the dream and in real life.

“Now,” Mr. Davis said, ordered by Tenzurr to tempt the boy even more, “Could you use your hand to what the ancient Greeks would refer to as a ‘phallus’?”

“That,” Danny’s dry mouth let out, “That would be a ‘penis’, sir.”

“I didn’t ask you to say it,” Mr. Davis shook his hand, “I asked you to point it out on my body. Use your hand.”

Danny’s dream character took a hesitant step forward. His shaking hand reached out. He wanted to do this so badly for so many years, and now he could finally touch Mr. Davis’ dick.

It seemed to go so smoothly, but at the last possible second, Danny flinched and pulled away.

“No,” he said, “I’m sorry, sir, I… I would like to, but… That would be sinful. You know what Father Johnson says about things like that. I am sorry, I am truly sorry, believe me, but…”

The poor boy’s religious upbringing has shown to be stronger than Tenzurr thought. He paid it no mind, though. On the contrary – he liked a little bit of a challenge. He already got the boy to admit what he wanted to do – he only needed for him to realize that it was okay to do so.

The young man clearly responded well to authority figures. Perhaps Tenzurr merely picked the wrong figure to start with.

“Very well,” he spoke to Danny through Mr. Davis’ mouth, “Perhaps we should consult Father Johnson about this matter directly then?”

“Um, what?” Danny responded, confused. Tenzurr wasn’t about to explain anything, though. He knew he could get away with pretty much anything in a dream. That’s why he – with a snap of his fingers – flipped the scene entirely.

The stuffy classroom around both of them had disappeared and was replaced with a spacious church hall. They were standing right behind the altar. The room was deserted, except for the two characters. Danny looked around and recognized the chairs and paintings he knew too well from every Sunday morning. He looked back at where Mr. Davis used to be. He wasn’t there anymore – Tenzurr replaced his character with Father Johnson.

A soft-spoken but strict man in his fifties with salt and pepper hair and a nice goatee, wearing his signature cassock. Yet another male authority in Danny’s life the boy sometimes found himself lusting over. He was looking down at the young man with a soft smile. His expression was innocent, but of course, he was yet another puppet controlled by the sleep demon.

“Afternoon, my son,” he spoke to Danny, “I spoke with your teacher. I understand you come to me with a dilemma in your mind?”

Danny didn’t hesitate for a second. His naked self dropped down to his knees and clasped his hands together in prayer.

“Forgive me, father, please,” he begged, “I want to be good, but… my mind. It keeps betraying me. I don’t know what to do.”

“What does your mind desire, son?” Tenzurr spoke through the priest’s lips.


“Speak, child. No need to be shy.”

“…men, father. It wants to serve men, succumb to them… and not in a way our holy book would approve of.”

“I see,” the priest nodded and gestured at Danny with his finger, “Get up and come closer, my son.”

Danny did as requested – he would never dare to question an order of Father Johnson. The priest smiled down at him and spoke again.

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