LOVE on the SAND

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LOVE on the SAND

July 4, 2021. This was my first time on a Cali beach. Having lived most of my life in the east, I was really looking forward to the change of venue. The sky was still dark, and the sun, flanked by clouds of amber and silver, was rising, bathing the earth with a soft red hue. It felt about eighty degrees, just right for me, and the ocean breeze was warm and gentle. As expected at this early hour, no one else was seen. As usual, I was alone, as I had been for the past few years. But hope springs eternal, I thought. Maybe today I’ll meet a beautiful girl, and we’ll just flop right down in the surf and make passionate, unbridled love. Yeah, right.

Sigh. That probably won’t happen, but still it was a beautiful day, so I walked on the cool wet sand, enjoying the gentle surf and breeze, looking for a good spot to throw down my towel. I had walked the strand for about a mile, when I discerned a lone figure about a hundred yards away, walking toward me, not sure if it was a gal or a guy. As we got closer it became obvious that it was a female, and a very beautiful one. She wore only a pink sun hat and a small beach towel draped over her shoulders, nothing more. God’s glory, what a stunningly beautiful sight! I guessed her height to be about five-four. Her hair and sweet little v-patch were golden, a true blonde, I thought. She was lightly tanned, and had the face and body of an angel. I was so taken aback by her beauty that I was hard-pressed to think of something to say. I could only think that I desperately wanted to touch her, hold her, feel the softness of her breasts, taste those cherry lips. We had almost walked past each other when I finally managed to stammer, “Good morning, beautiful.”

She stopped and turned to me, “Well, good morning yourself, sweetie. Enjoying the morning sun?”

“Yes, but I would enjoy it a lot more if I had some company. Would you be so kind?”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. C’mon,” as she took my hand. “I have a big towel spread under a tree and a sunbrella a short walk away. The sun will be very hot in a couple hours. I haven’t seen you before. What’s your name, and are you from around here?”

“I’m Nick, from OBX on the east coast. I have been in Cali a few times, but this is my first time on the beach.”

“Call me Honey. Ah, there’s my spot,” she said.

Her spot was in the shade of a small palm tree. Next to a huge pink beach towel were a couple of pillows, a beach umbrella, a cooler, and a small stack of paperbacks and writing materials.

“Come lie down next to me. The warm sand will feel good on your back,” she said, taking off her hat and towel. She was completely naked then. Her perky breasts looked delectable, with areolae and nipples like little delicate rose petals.

“Thanks, mmm, that does feel good. I noticed your little stack. Do you do any writing?”

“Yeah, I make my living by copywriting. I also write short stories, some g, some x-rated. I mostly read when I’m out here alone, but I keep a pad handy to scribble ideas. And what do you do?”

“I’m here on a work assignment, tuning some controls at the water plant here. I’m really retired, but I still do some field work and consulting engineering now and then, and I do a little amateur writing myself. Maybe we could exchange some stories sometime?” I said.

“Sure, that would be great,” she said.

“Umm, I assume this is a clothing-optional beach?”

“More than that. This beach is completely open,” she smiled.

“And that means–?”

“Nudity and exposed sex acts are permitted,” she giggled.

“Oh, good to know,” I smiled.

“Okay, then. Now, don’t be shy. Since I’ve shown you mine, I think it’s only fair that you should show me yours, hmm?” she raised her eyebrows and smiled sweetly, her nipples beginning to harden.

“I’ll take my shorts off if you promise not to laugh at my monster cock,” I said, getting up on my knees.

“Here, slip off your knapsack and I’ll help you shuck down your shorts. Oh, now that’s a nice dickie,” she smiled, giving it a playful tug. “And nice balls and sack too. Okay if I taste them a little?”

“Uh…be my guest,” I said, thinking this must be a dream, it’s way too good to be true! She held my cock as she put one testicle in her mouth and licked it, then the other, then laved the scrotum. It felt so good I almost passed out!

“Honey, bless you girl, you have hands and lips of gold. But please, I have to lie down a few minutes, I don’t want to cum in your pretty face.”

“Cumming in my face would be absolutely fine, but it’s okay, we can rip out that hot cum later. Lie down close beside me, Nicky. I know you want to taste my titties…don’t you? Okay if I call you Nicky?” she smiled.

“Of course it’s okay, please do. Nobody has called me that for years. And yes, yes, yes, I want to taste all of you, everything, but first a taste of your sweet lips.”

“You mean my face lips, or the other ones?” she laughed.

I lay down beside her bonus veren siteler and drew her warm tender body close to mine. Her mouth tasted sweet as we kissed, and as I stared into her beautiful blue-green eyes, I knew that it would be a lifetime thing. Then I kissed her eyes, forehead, ears, planted kisses on her face, neck, shoulders, throat, kissing my way to her sweet breasts. I felt her getting warmer and breathing faster. Her nipples were fully erect now, like little plump strawberries. I covered her breasts with kisses, gently fondling and licking the nipples, and her skin was as sweet as honey, as I knew it would be.

I felt her heart beating faster, as I kissed her chest. Her warm soft belly quivered as I kissed my way down to her golden patch and the sweet nether lips hidden there.

“Hmm, nothing left to kiss, I guess I’m done here,” I teased.

“Please, Nicky, don’t stop, please,” a note of urgency in her voice.

“Oh…alright, jeez, what a nag,” I said laughingly. Then I proceeded to lightly stroke and tenderly kiss the insides of her trembling thighs, and kissed her sweet vaginal lips, which were already wet with her love honey. Gently spreading those lips, my tongue found her erect clitoris, then I licked and swirled it relentlessly, until finally she pushed her mound up into my face urgently crying, “Omigod, I’m cumming! Auugh! Nnnngh! Aaaaah! Unnnngh!” as she arched her back and bucked and spasmed though a violent orgasm.

When she became calm again I kissed her belly and smiled, “Was it good for you, luv?”

“It was wonderful, Nicky. I hadn’t been with anyone for quite a while, and I really needed that, and thank you for being so gentle and tender. ” She held my face in her warm, tender hands as she kissed me lovingly.

“I bet I was without it longer than you were. I lost my wife in 2015, and there has been no one since,” I said.

“Wow, that’s a really long dry spell! I think it’s safe to say that you are in dire need of some serious TLC, namely a good blowjob and a good fuck!” And with that, she gently cupped my balls as she took my cock fully into her mouth.

“No, Honey, your beautiful mouth, you don’t have to do that,” I said.

“Shush, I know I don’t have to do it, but I want to. Just close your eyes and lie back and relax, I want to do this for you, Nicky.”

I did as she said, and she proceeded to bob and lick my shaft, and it was heavenly. I never felt anything that beautiful! I wanted it to go on forever, but after only a dozen or so strokes I started to gush great wads of frothy cum. I was amazed that I lasted even that long! She swallowed most of it but couldn’t quite keep up. I tried to be quiet but I couldn’t, as she ripped the hot cum out of me, I had to yell,”Aaaaaaaaaaah! Ummmm!”

Unmouthing the cock, she held and stroked it as the last few spurts splattered on her face and breasts.

After I was calm again I said, “Sorry to mess up your lovely face, but it just felt too good to stop.”

Wiping the cum dripping down her chin, she said, “I’m glad it felt good for you. That’s why I did it. God knows, you really, really needed that after six years, Nicky! And don’t worry about messing my face. I WANTED your cum on me and in my belly, understand? WANTED it! Now, just lie back and rest. I have some beers in my cooler, so let’s just drink and take it easy for a while, and take a little siesta, then maybe we can do some more fun stuff, alright?”

The beer was delicious in that heat, as the sun rose higher in the sky. I felt more alive and happier and better than I had for countless years, with this soft angel lying beside me, her breasts delicately touching me. The warm ocean breeze and the gentle sounds of the surf lulled us to sleep, and we slept like babes until well past noon.


Lying on my back, I woke to her gentle nudging. It was so wonderful to wake up not alone, but with this beautiful girl next to me.

“When I worked in Richmond years ago, I had the nicest friend, Kasi, a Muslim. He maintained that the most important thing a man must do, is to pray daily, give thanks to Allah for the blessings that he posseses, and to ask Allah’s favor for whatever he desires. So my prayer to Allah today was: When I awake, please let there be a beautiful girl lying beside me.” Then I turned to her and smiled, “Thank you, Allah.”

She smiled back and kissed me, tears welling, “Thank you, Nicky, that was very sweet. Now, I want to give you something sweet. Okay if I get on top of you?”

“Of course. You are more than welcome, sweetie.”

She rolled over, lying on top of me, as light as a feather, then we were face-to-face.

She gave a quick kiss then said, “Mmm, what nice soft chest hair! By the way, I am just curious, not that it makes any difference, what is your age? I’m guessing fifty?”

“Well thanks, but don’t I wish! Let me guess yours first, twenty-two?” I said.

“Thanks, I’m twenty-four. And yours?”

“Well, I’m slightly older than bedava bahis you, I’m twenty-seven,” I grinned.

She gave me a funny look.

“When I hit fifty, I started over from zero. Heh, my real age is one of my favorite drinks.”

“Seven and Seven? You’re seventy-seven?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Well, don’t let it bother you. You’re the sweetest piece I have ever had, and I would say that you are seventy-seven years young! Now, how would you like to slide your seventy-seven year cock into my twenty-four year warm and wet pussy?”

“I would dearly love to, but I don’t think I am quite ‘up’ for it yet.”

“Well think again, motherfucker!” She reached down, and her deft fingers quickly woke up my sleepy dick!

“Mmm, still a little floppy, but good enough to start,” she smiled. “I’m gonna make you cum so fucking hard, your cheeks will suck in!”

“Ass cheeks or face cheeks?” I said.

“All four!” she snarled.

“Oh, please be gentle,” I laughed.

With her feet flat on the ground, she squatted over me, then slowly sat down on me, guiding my cock, as her gooey pussy completely swallowed it.

“Oh, Honey, you are so deliciously warm inside. Can I just stay inside you like this…forever?” I said.

She smiled and didn’t speak, but sitting straight up with her hands on her knees, she began slowly bobbing her pussy up and down my shaft, pushing it in to the hilt and grinding her clit on every down-stroke. I looked down at my cock fucking in and out, glistening with her love juices, and now it felt as hard as a steel pipe. The sight of her sitting up on me with legs spread wide, pumping up and down, was so beautiful! I was so overwhelmed with joy that it brought tears to my eyes. I was lucky I didn’t cum on the second stroke!

She must have noticed the tears. Leaning forward, she said, “Are you alright, hon?”

“Yeah, sorry, just some happy tears, I guess. Please don’t stop, I’m getting close. Is it okay to come inside you?”

“Absolutely! I want your hot cum deep inside me, deep! Give it all to me! GIVE IT!” and she resumed pumping, a little faster now, as she laid her head on my chest.

I could feel my juice now, tingling violently, straining to get out. I felt like a coffee percolator, just before the first bubbling!

“Here I come, sweetie! God knows, I love you! Aaaaaaaaaah! Unnngh! Uhmmmm!”

“Yes, Nicky, just let it go! Let it all go!Uhh, give it to me, deep! Aaah, I can feel your cum squirting on my cervix! Unngh! Oh, hold me, fuck me hard, hon, please, shoot it all into me! Nnnngh!” she cried, as she shuddered through her orgasm.

Needless to say, after that workout we were both exhausted, but happy and smiling. I stayed inside her, and with my arms clasped about her, we slept again, and I dreamt of walking in sunlit fields of gold and lavender, with her naked by my side…


We woke up in late afternoon.

“Hungry? I have some fried chicken and cheese in my cooler, but nothing for dessert, I’m afraid,” she said.

“Sounds good. You will be my dessert, sweetie. Oh, and in my knapsack, there’s a bottle of Barefoot and a couple beers.” I said.

“Barefoot? Oh, wine…that’ll go good with cheese,” she said.

We enjoyed our wine and snacks as I stared into her beautiful eyes. I did not want this day to end…

“Will you be in Cali long? I hope the answer is yes,” she smiled.

“My work here is finished, and sadly I have a flight tomorrow afternoon back to North Carolina, there is some work waiting there,” I said.

She looked wistful. “I hate that you have to go.”

Long silence……

“Come with me,” I said gently.

“I would dearly love to, but…I haven’t told you everything about myself.”

My heart sank, “Another guy?”

“No, it’s not like that. I’ll get right to it. I loved making love with you, but there are times when I want to be with a woman. In short, I am a casual bi. I have a roomate, Sari, and there is a certain commitment…and it would be hard to leave her–“

“That’s great! You like the same stuff that I do! Um…does she have nice titties and ass?”

“Haha, actually she does! But…it doesn’t matter to you that I’m bi?”

“Hell, I don’t love you any less for it, honestly I don’t care. Look, I know you can’t just uproot at a moment’s notice like this. I know the age difference is a stumbling block, and though I will love you past forever, I would not ask so much of you. Can we leave it like this: consider coming as if it were a long vacation, and your girlfriend would be most welcome. And we won’t speak of tomorrow or forever. If you get tired of my silly ass, you can always return here. Give this heart, that loves you, a glimmer of hope, and tell me you will at least think about it.”

“Okay… I want to make you, and Sari, and myself happy, so I will definitely be thinking very hard about it.”

“And you would not miss the beach, because from my place, you can drive to the beach in five minutes, deneme bonus or walk to it in twenty minutes,” I said. “And there are lots of nice bars on the beach road.”

“Now that IS good to know!” she smiled, brightening a little.

“ls sleeping on the beach allowed? I have a light blanket in my knapsack, in case it gets chilly,” I said.

“Yes, we can sleep here. And there will be fireworks visible from here tonight. Haha! We’ll watch the stars exploding above us while our genitals explode, as we suck and fuck our asses off on the sand! What a wonderful way to cum! Let’s have some more beer!” she said cheerfully.

“I forgot today was the fourth. But the only star that interests me right now, is that cute little one of yours. I would give a king’s ransom to–“

“Fuck me in the ass?” her jaw dropped. “You really want to fuck me in the ass? Well, that can easily be arranged!” Throwing her arms around me, she kissed me ever so tenderly, which I did not expect!

Then she lay on her left side and drew her knees to her chest, giving me access to her sweet and soft and lovely derriere. “Now in my cooler, find a tube of Mint Love Gel, then lie down and spoon behind me, and spread some jelly on and inside my ‘stargate’ where your dickie boldly wants to go, and coat your dickie with it too.”

“Okay, but first just a quick taste test.” Gently spreading her soft ass-cheeks, I gently licked her trembling puckered star until it was copiously wet, then inserted my tongue, swirling it a few times.

“Omigod, Nicky, that’s so good! You’re gonna make me cum already! Please hurry, hon, and get your cock into me! I’m tingling already!”

I spread some gel on and up inside her sweet little star, and made sure my cock was well lubed too. I put the cockhead between her soft cheeks and pushed very gently into her rectum just until the head was in, and it was very tight.

“I know this must hurt. Want me to stop?” I asked.

“No, uhh, it’s okay, just push in slow until it’s all the way in, then stroke in and out slowly, and I’ll be fine. I love you for doing this. Umm…I’m getting cum tingles already in my pussy and titties! Put your hands on my breasts, hon, please.”

I caressed her breasts, and finally got my cock in all the way, then stroked in and out slowly, so not to hurt her. I pushed in to the hilt on every stroke, and the inside of her lovely tender ass was warm and wonderful, and I wanted to stay in forever! We pumped like that for at least an hour. I paused stroking now and then to delay cumming, because I knew she wanted to feel the cum squirting while she was cumming.

I felt her start to tremble, and knew she was on the verge of cumming really hard. I kissed her neck and shoulders, and reached down and toyed her clitoris to hasten her climax.

“Uhmm, hold me tight, Nicky, I’m starting to cum! Oww! Unngh!” She arched her back, spasming violently. “Omigod, it feels so good it hurts! Owww! Auuuugh! Unnnnnngh! Give me your cum, hon, please, shoot it in deep! DEEP! Unnnngh!”

Good thing she came then, because I could not have held off any longer. I pushed my cock harshly, burying its full length in her beautiful ass, then stopped stroking. I came harder than ever in my life, moaning with relief, “Aaaaaaaaaaah!” lt felt like my back would break! Huge spurt after spurt after spurt, it just kept coming!

“That’s it, sweetie! Ahh! Aaaaaah! Now I can feel it squirting up into me! Good! So gooood! Give it to me, fuck all your love, all your heart into me, sweet Nicky! It’s good…oh, so good!”


After all the twisting and shouting was over, we giggled about our noisy hilarity, then just lay there in the afterglow for a while, satiated, exhausted. The surf had kicked up a bit and we went for a quick refreshing dip, and we saw a few other naked couples doing the same thing. A fireworks show had just started, and the sky was ablaze with dazzling bursts of every color. As we lay back down together, just gazing up at the brilliant display, the ache for her was still deep inside me.

“Did you ever ride a horse backward?” I asked her.

“Backward? You want me to ride you reverse cowgirl?” she smiled.

“Yes, I do, you are so wonderfully perceptive,” I smiled.

“Okay, and to keep from falling off the horsey, I’ll just shove your saddle-horn up my ass, okay with you?” she smiled.

“Okay, Annie Oakley, but be sure to grease the saddle-horn first.”

She lubed my cock with love gel, then sat down on it slowly, pushing it fully into her lovely ass. Then she lay back on me, and we continued to gaze up at the fireworks, with my cock deep in her ass. I pumped in and out very slowly, gently, with one hand on her breast, the other tenderly stroking her sweet clitoris. I kissed the warm nape of her neck. We saw some naked couples walking close by, clapping and wolf-whistling at our antics.

“People are watching us fucking. Are you okay with that?” I said.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. We’re just sharing our pleasure!” she said.

“I will love you, siempre,” I whispered.

“What does that mean?”

“Always, forever,” I whispered.

“Siente mi amor, querido. I know a little Spanish, but mostly just the words about love,” she smiled.


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