Back To School: Brother’s Visit


*All characters portrayed in this story are 18 years or older. I’d like to thank Zaxxon again for the use of his characters and plave setting.

Sarah rolled over in her bed sleepily and shut off her alarm clock. It was around 6:30 in the morning. She usually woke up earlier but she’d smacked the snooze button on the clock a few times to give herself some extra sleep. She lazily slid out from under her white sheets to sit up in bed. She usually slept nude and last night was no exception. The sheets seemed to slide off of her voluptuous curves as she sat up. She yawned and stretched her arms over her head and her athletic legs out in front of her. Her toes dug into the carpet as she arched her back to stretch out her entire body. Her immense 36DD breasts stood out proudly from her chest as her pink nipples pointed at the wall in front of her.

Standing up, she walked over to a drawer, her breasts bouncing with each step, and pulled out a pair of skimpy red jogging shorts and a matching sports bra. Bending forward, her fat titties dangling underneath her, she slipped the shorts up the length of her sexy legs and over the curve of her tight butt. She next slipped the sports bra over her head and covered her breasts. She had to adjust the top so she wouldn’t have a nipple popping out (an accident that often occurred, and sometimes in front of another lucky jogger). Lastly she tied her blond hair back with a black scrunchy and slipped on a pair of socks and sneakers.

She walked out of her room, her breasts jiggling even in the tight sports bra, and headed over to the spare room in her apartment. She’d recently come into the care of a foreign exchange student by the name of Juliet and Sarah hoped that the school would get Juliet’s paper work fixed soon. They had no idea where she was supposed to stay or even which country she was from. Ada Schwartz, the school’s principal, had given Sarah the job of taking care of her until everything was finalized.

Sarah cracked the door open to see that Juliet was still asleep. Sarah occasionally liked to see if the beautiful foreign teen would like to join her for her morning jogs but she decided against it as Juliet seemed to be in a very content sleep.

Heading over to her front door, Sarah headed out into the crisp morning air to start her jog. And unknowingly give any other morning joggers a wonderful view of her athletic and voluptuous body jiggling in all the right places.

* * * * *

Sarah arrived back home about forty-five minutes later sweating profusely. A few strands of her blond hair stuck to her forehead and beads of sweat covered her ample cleavage. Going inside she found Juliet still asleep. Sarah didn’t need to wake her up today even though it was a Friday. Today the school was closed for teacher meetings and for preparation of the next semester. Today was also the day that Principal Schwartz was going to announce her resignation to the staff and that Sarah would be taking over as principal next year.

Sarah’s mind raced with the stress of the idea of being principal. She still couldn’t believe that it was actually going to happen. As Sarah started the water for her shower she thought back to when she saw her boss a couple of weeks ago in her office. What Sarah had seen blew her away. Her once conservative and very bitchy boss had taken a complete turnaround in her personality ever since they’d started that porn web sight awhile ago. Now the goddess Ada Schwartz was walking around the school in short skirts and tight tops that barely covered her immense 38F globes. They were easily the largest pair of tits Sarah had ever seen. Or felt and sucked for that matter.

Standing under the warm spray of her shower, Sarah closed her eyes and thought back to that day when she and her boss had shot a video for the website to get money for the school. Images of both of their hands roaming over each other’s naked curves and of their mouths exploring one another filled Sarah’s thoughts as her own hands squeezed and massaged her massive breasts. One hand snaked down over her flat tummy and into the lips of her bald pussy to plunge three fingers into her depths.

“Ooooooh!” Sarah moaned loudly as she finally started to give herself some sexual relief. Sarah remembered sucking and slurping all over Ada’s breasts. Each one was bigger then her own head as her lips sealed around one of Ada’s stiff nipples. A trail of saliva followed Sarah’s mouth as she pulled her face away from one nipple to the next. She imagined Ada squirming underneath her while they were both being filmed by Derrick, the senior student that helped set up the website.

Sarah suddenly snapped out of her sexual trance as she remembered that she was running a little late. Finishing her shower quickly she made her way back to her bedroom and quickly changed into another pair of shorts and a sports bra. One of the things she enjoyed about being a gym teacher was the fact that she could dress down for work every day (something that might change as soon as she was the principal).

As she was brushing and drying her wet blonde hair the doorbell suddenly rang. Sarah looked at her clock porno izle and saw that it was only 7:30.

“Who would be coming to my door this early in the day?” Sarah asked herself as she headed to the door.

“Hey Sis!” came a surprising voice as Sarah opened her door.

“Kevin? What are you doing here?” Sarah asked her little brother.

Kevin was a senior in high school back in their hometown. He was slightly taller then his sister with the same eye and hair color. His hair was short and spiky and looked good on him. He was very fit from being on the school track and swimming teams. He was always motivated for sports because his big sister was always into them.

“What, I can’t visit my sister?” Kevin asked smiling, “I’ve got a week off from school so I thought I’d come down and hang out with you for awhile.”

Kevin walked past his sister and into her living room. He had one large suitcase in his hand and a backpack draped over a shoulder. Dropping both on the floor he plopped down on her couch and relaxed.

“Just make yourself at home why don’t you?” Sarah joked as she kicked his foot lightly.

“So what do you want to do?” he asked as he looked around the apartment.

“Well you can do whatever you want, but I need to go to work. Think you can occupy yourself for eight hours?” Sarah asked as she grabbed her keys and headed for her door.

“Ah, you’re working? Damn it.” Kevin said in a disappointed tone. “Well alright then. I’ll see you when you get home.”

“Ok, take care. Don’t tear my place apart!” Sarah blew her brother a kiss goodbye and shut the door behind her.

“Well, guess I’ll have some breakfast.” Kevin said to himself as he got up and headed into the kitchen. Pouring himself a bowl of cereal he ate and read the side of the box out of boredom.

About ten minutes past when suddenly he heard a door open in the apartment. Raising an eyebrow Kevin stayed sitting at the table as he heard someone come towards the kitchen. What he saw nearly knocked him off of his chair.

Juliet came walking around the corner wearing just a black thong and matching bra. Her tanned skin looked incredibly sexy as almost all of it was exposed. Her long smooth legs looked well toned and Kevin could just imagine what it would be like to be between them. Her soft tummy led up to her unbelievably huge tits. They were pushed out proudly with the bra and looked like they were straining the black cups to their limits. Her shoulder length brown hair looked freshly brushed and bounced around her shoulders. Seeing the young man at the table eating, Juliet gave him a warm sexy smile.

“Hallo, who are you?” she asked.

Kevin tried not to laugh as he heard her rich accent. He couldn’t quite place where it was from. “Um….Hi, I’m Kevin.”

“Hi Keveen!” she said before she placed one of her hands on top of her immense cleavage, “I am Juliet.”

“Hi, nice to meet you.” Kevin couldn’t believe he was having this warm meet and greet with this girl while she was only wearing her very skimpy underwear.

Juliet reached in the fridge and poured herself a glass of orange juice before she walked over to sit across from Kevin. Her huge breasts jiggled and bounced like jello in the bra. “So… fuck Sarah?” she asked before she took sip of her juice.

Kevin choked on his mouthful of cereal. “What?! N-No!” he said before he wiped his mouth with his arm, “S-She’s my sister!”

“Sis……Sister?” Juliet looked confused when he said this. She had no idea what he was talking about. “What is sister?”

“You know, sister……um…..” Kevin tried to think of a way to explain it to her without being to confusing. Giving up he decided to turn the questions in her direction. “So Juliet, what are you doing here?”

“Hmm?” Juliet said. She had such a cute expression when she was confused with her head turned slightly to one side.

“What do you do?” Kevin asked again.

“Oh!” Juliet said as she finally understood, “I like suck cock!” she said smiling.

Again Kevin chocked on his cereal when he heard her reply. He looked at her with a shocked expression but she just smiled and seemed clueless about what she had said.

“Ok….” Kevin assumed she had no idea of what she was talking about so he let it slide. His mind was still reeling with how weird this situation was. Here was this young foreign goddess sitting in front of him wearing just her underwear and she’d already asked if he fucked his sister and that she loves to suck cock. Kevin shook his head and finished his cereal.

After a few minutes Kevin put his dishes in the sink and looked back at Juliet. She was still smiling at him cluelessly as she finished her juice. “Well, I guess I’ll just watch some movies or something until sis gets back.” He said to himself as he walked into the living room. Juliet followed him into the room after she finished her juice. She sat on the sofa and curled her sexy legs underneath herself.

Kevin shook his head again as he thought about how strange everything was. Of coarse he wasn’t complaining when he looked over her tanned voluptuous porno curves. Sitting on the floor in front of his sisters TV stand he soon began to go through her small selection of movies. After a couple of minutes he came upon a DVD case with the word “Westville” written on the side. Remembering that this was the name of his sisters school Kyle thought that this was a recording of some previous football games or something.

He remembered his sister mentioning that she had coached a couple of games so he assumed that this is what it was for. When he opened it up there were two discs inside. On each one there was a label with names written on it in numbered pairs. The names on the first disc were Ada/Brent, Cindy/Sarah/Brent, Ada/Sarah, and Betty/Bobby. “That’s strange. Whose names are these?” Kevin thought to himself as he looked at the list of names on the second disk. The second disc had the names Ada/Derrick/Bobby, Sarah/Derrick, Emily/George, Juliet/George/Derrick, Cindy/George/Derrick, and Sarah/Cindy/Bobby.

Still thinking that these had something to do with the school Kevin popped the first disk into the player and sat down beside Juliet. What he didn’t know was that these were the recordings for the porn site that his sister had created. Derrick, the senior who had helped create the website, had digitally recorded all of the scenes to the two discs and given them to Sarah as a gift.

A few weeks ago Sarah was forced into helping Principal Schwartz come up with $20,000 to help the school’s budget. The only thing that they could do on such short notice was to start a website featuring the “Big Tit” faculty of Westville. Originally they’d only had the two videos of Ada with Brent and of Sarah with Brent and her friend Cindy. They’d filmed another video with Ada and Sarah (which really brought in more viewers to the site) and a fourth with Betty Smith and her son Bobby.

The website had generated all the money they had needed and the school was saved along with everyone’s jobs. After the sudden success of the porn site Betty suggest they keep going with it for awhile just so they could all have a little extra money. Derrick was more then happy to continue as it gave him even more chances to fuck and film the busty faculty members. Sarah had another idea to ask her friend Emily Williams, the school secretary, if she wanted to shoot a video and she was more then happy to do it. Sarah had a little fun with Emily a couple of months ago during a school ski trip. Both of the curvy sexy women had ended up in a cabin with four students in the middle of a huge snowstorm. One thing led to another and both women ended up on their hands and knees receiving a double penetration from all four boys.

The DVD player started and the image of a classroom filled the screen. The picture was pretty good for being filmed with a handheld digital camera. Eventually an incredibly beautiful and busty blonde woman came into the room followed by a young man. The woman was dressed very conservatively in a long black skirt and a button up white blouse with long sleeves. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun and she had a pair of glasses resting on her cute nose. From the looks of her clothing it seemed that she was trying to hide as much skin as she could but Kevin could easily see her incredible curves. Nothing could hide those mountains of flesh on her chest or the roundness of her butt cheeks.

A few moments passed as Kevin watched the video. His attention kept getting pulled away from the screen as he glanced over to admire Juliet’s incredible nearly naked body. Soon however his eyes shot back to the screen when the young man (which he assumed was Brent) began to take off his clothes while the busty blonde began to unbutton her blouse.

Kevin’s eyes bugged out when the blonde, who had to be Ada, took off her bra to reveal her unbelievably huge fleshy globes. Brent reached out and began to squeeze and suck on her massive utters, making her moan in pleasure.

“Holy shit….” Kevin said to himself. He suddenly remembered Juliet sitting next to him and he looked over to see her watching the video as well. His cock had already been hard when he had first seen Juliet in just her underwear but now having her sitting next to him while watching a porno nearly blew his mind. His dick was pointing straight out and pushing against the front of his khakis.

Suddenly, before he could even think to reach over to the remote and shut off the movie, Juliet reached over and began to rub the bulge in Kevin’s pants while she continued to watch the screen. She knew what was on the disks since she’d watched and even performed in one of the scenes. She still thought that this young man beside her was just another of Sarah’s lovers so she assumed that this was alright and that he’d just come by to fuck Sarah and to watch the movies.

Kevin groaned as he looked down to see Juliet’s fingers squeeze around the shape of his cock through his pants. His eyes traveled over her curves and back to her hand before going back to the TV screen. Not wanting to stop a good thing, Kevin slouched forward on the couch so most of his lover body rokettube was hanging off of the cushions. Reaching down he undid his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers. His hard and impressively large cock swung up to point at the ceiling.

Not missing a beat Juliet moved her hand back and circled her soft fingers around the large piece of meat. Slowly her hand pumped up and down Kevin’s length making him groan in pleasure. A few drops of precum were pushed out of the tip and ran down the underside of his veiny shaft.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kevin couldn’t believe his luck. He came here to visit his sister and the last thing he imagined happening to him was to have a busty foreign goddess give him a handjob while they both watched a porno. He looked at her huge tits which were jiggling lightly from the movement of her hand on his cock. The groaning coming from the screen turned his attention back to the television to see the teenager pumping his cock in and out of the blonde’s cleavage.

“Hey Juliet, want to do that?” Kevin asked her as he pointed to the screen.

Juliet didn’t understand what he said but when he pointed to the video of Principal Schwartz on her knees with a throbbing cock pumping between her tits she got the meaning of what he was asking. “Ok!” she said as she smiled and moved off the couch and in front of the eager teen. She pulled his shoes off before she next took off his pants. Placing herself between his spread legs Juliet began to double fist him quickly for a few moments before she wetted and pursed her lips and planted a wet kiss on his cock’s helmet.

Kevin sucked in an excited breath as he watched Juliet kiss his cock before she slowly slid her mouth over the tip. Her tongue wiggled out between her lips and rubbed around the underside while she slowly lifted her mouth up and down his length. He looked back up at the action as he watched Ada moan and squeal with pleasure as the eager teen fucked her fleshy mountains.

Juliet hummed and slurped over the cock in her mouth. She knew she had to get him nice and wet for a good tittie fuck. One hand was still pumping on the lower half of his dick while the other had moved down to cup and squeeze his balls gently. She could taste the precum oozing out of his cock as she circled her tongue round the tip while it was still in her mouth.

Kevin watched as Juliet released his steel hard shaft from her mouth with a wet pop and rested on her knees as she reached back to unclasp her bra. Feeling quite hot, Kevin took his t-shirt off quickly before he went back to his reclining position. Suddenly Juliet’s bra came off and she slipped it off of her shoulders and down her arms. “Holy shit!” Kevin exclaimed as he saw her succulent breasts naked for the first time. They were absolutely immense. Each one was round and perky as they stood out from her chest proudly. The tanned flesh jiggled a little as she scooted forward on her knees and cupped each fleshy globe in her hands to squeeze them together.

Juliet smiled up at Kevin as she scooped up his hard cock with her soft titties. Keeping them squeezed around him she began to slide them up and down. She watched as his large head popped in and out repeatedly. “I like tittie fuck!” she said as she gave him another one of her clueless smiles.

“I like fucking your tits to!” Kevin replied as he lightly pumped his hips to thrust his dick between the firm fleshy pillows. He still couldn’t get over how big her tits where. She didn’t look older then him and yet her breasts were easily bigger then any other girls’ in his school.

Juliet turned to watch the screen as she heard the young man moan as he shot an impressive load of cum all over her pale globes. Brent was slapping his hard cock all over Ada’s huge tits, making them jiggle as she still kept them together with her hands. Juliet licked her lips as she imagined that same thing happening to her.

Kevin’s attention was also drawn to the television as he watched the younger guy order the busty blonde to lean over onto the desk behind her so he could fuck her. “That’s what I want right now!” Kevin thought to himself as he watched the school principal lean forward on the desk and spread her athletic thighs apart. Her huge cum covered breasts squashed against her and smeared cum all across the top of the desk.

Kevin slipped his cock out from between Juliet’s breasts and pointed at the screen again. “Now let’s fuck!” he said as he smiled at her.

Juliet turned to look at the screen to see Brent getting behind the principal and thrust his cock into her eager pussy. Juliet definitely knew what “fuck” meant sense she’d heard Sarah scream it so many times from her bedroom so she was more then happy to oblige. Still on her knees, she raised herself up slightly and hooked her thumbs onto the waistband of her underwear. Sliding the skimpy thong down her succulent thighs she next turned so she lay on her hip as she slipped them all the way off and threw them across the room. Kevin could see that her pussy was completely shaved and didn’t have a single trace of hair on it. She next turned around and got on her hands and knees as she faced the porno. She wanted to watch the movie while she was getting fucked as she loved to watch other people have sex also. Her big fat tanned tits hung underneath her as her nipples scraped across the carpet lightly.

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