Aunt Ruth


My grandmother was in the middle of a gaggle of ten sisters. Eight of them were big hipped, elbows out, old maids. Only my grandmother and Aunt Ruth had ever been married. Only Aunt Ruth was petite. Aunt Mable was the only huge one.

As a child, I loved to visit Aunt Ruth and Uncle Clint. Clint was by far my favorite uncle back then because he blew smoke rings from his cigars. As a child, I did not recognize him as an Archie Bunker prototype but I guess he was. Aunt Ruth was also my favorite; she kept root beer on hand for me. I am not sure that I was as much of a fan of root beer as I was the way she always said, “A boy needs a root beer.” Suddenly that root beer had tremendous value. Aunt Ruth was the coolest relative that I had and I loved her.


Time raced forward to adult-hood. Well, some say boys remain boys. But whatever happened with my maturity or lack of, I visited Ruth and Clint with my first wife. A couple years later I brought my second wife for a visit and Clint disappeared. I heard later that he was intolerant of my spousal change and had gone to his workshop in the basement. Then he retired and they bought a trailer in a mobile home park in Florida.


Meanwhile my second marriage failed. I am writing this story so it would be easy to blame the two wives but the marriage failures were more my fault than theirs.

I was building cross country time for my commercial pilot license so I made a trip to the Bahamas and stopped for a visit with Ruth and Clint in Florida. The flight out to the islands, a few days island hopping and returning part way up the Florida coast was without incident. Then a large line of storms across Northern Florida blocked my route.

When I landed at an airport near Ruth and Clint and called them to pick me up, it was the first time that I actually recognized Clint’s hostility. I told him to never mind. Then after a conversation with flight service, I decided that I could go IFR above the storm. It wasn’t that high and I would be past it half way up Georgia.


It was another couple years when I got a call from Aunt Ruth; Clint had died and she wanted to pay me to move her home to New Hampshire. I would not think of taking her money. I had a truck that I did local moves with so I loaded it with packing material and headed for Florida. It was a lot of mixed feelings for the long drive. My one time favorite uncle had died, but it was nice to know that I would not have to deal with him and his attitude while I was there.

When I arrived at the trailer, Aunt Ruth grabbed me and held on with her arms around me for too long. She was shaking and crying. She was pressed tight against me and my cock was swelling. I was embarrassed and afraid that she would feel my manhood pressing against her stomach. How could she help it?

After we broke apart, Aunt Ruth made coffee and we sat down to drink it.

“Aunt Ruth, I am so sorry.”

“Why are you sorry, Bruce?”

“Well, because I did not control myself.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am complemented that an old lady like me could do that to a young, handsome man. It has been about 15 years since I have felt one. Clint has been sexless since long before we moved to Florida. I will just have to be more careful around you, sex izle now that I know how easily aroused you are.”

We both laughed and talked about what had gone on in our lives. Ruth had not wanted to move to Florida but she was old school; follow your husband. I told her that my failed marriages were probably my fault and she said that Clint hated me for it. He only saw black and white and he never forgave.

“But how do you feel about it, Aunt Ruth? That is a lot more important to me.”

“Bruce, I have loved you since you were born. When your grandmother brought you for a visit, it made my day.”

“You were always my favorite aunt, but you must have known that. I remember Nana scolding me for saying it in front of the other aunts. It was confusing to me back then because she taught me to tell the truth and then got mad when I did.”

“I remember when she scolded you for that. It was because you hurt my sister’s feelings. Let’s watch television.”

There was plenty of room on the love seat for two of us but she sat against me. I was trying to be respectful but I was getting aroused again. Her petite body was nice for a woman almost 70 years old. Her small tits sagged but the rest could just as well been nineteen years old; especially her legs. As she lay against my chest, my arm slipped around her. Again, my cock was swollen out of control. My only hope was that Aunt Ruth did not see it. As we got involved in the show, I lost track of what I was doing. Then suddenly I realized that I was holding her tit and it felt good. Was she unaware that I was holding her breast or was she pretending not to notice? I just continued holding it for a good half hour. By then my manhood was trying to bust out of my pants. Then my grandmother’s sister suddenly realized what we were doing and said, “Oh, I am so sorry Bruce. It felt so good!”

“Yes, Aunt Ruth. It felt wonderful to me too. I need to be more respectful. Maybe I should bring some of the packing material in so that we can get started in the morning.”

By the time I finished she was in a nightgown. “She said, go ahead and take the bed. I will curl up on the loveseat.” By the time I finished my shower, she was asleep on the loveseat. There was no excuse for my behavior that followed. I knelt beside her and started kissing her on the lips. My hand slipped between her legs and started playing with her pussy through her nightgown and panties. She was moaning and pushing against my hand. I found my way inside the nightgown and pushed her panties aside. My finger entered her wet pussy, up to the knuckle and my thumb found her clit. I continued fucking her with my finger for several minutes while sucking on her tit that had snuck out of her nightgown.

Suddenly she jumped up and yelled, “Bruce, what are you doing?”

Pretending half consciousness, I said, “What, OH! I am so sorry Aunt Ruth! What happened?” What did I do? Did I hurt you?”

“No you did not hurt me. In fact it felt wonderful, but we should not do that. Go to bed”

As I lay in bed, I felt her get in bed behind me and cuddle. Then she said, “Don’t turn around or we might do bad things again.”

I was sure that I wanted to be respectful. I think? But my cock was swollen again. After a while, I rolled over and sikiş izle kissed her on the lips. She said, “This is dangerous. I better lay back to you.” But that proved to be more dangerous. My love stick was pressed in her but crack. I was gently rubbing it against the woman I had loved all my life.

We spent a long time like that, but when I tried to push her panties aside, she fought me a little and I took them off. Then I could easily rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips. She became very wet and I pushed my swollen member into her hungry pussy. But it was only for an instant. She pulled away and said, “No, we cannot do this. It is wrong, no matter how good it feels.”

“Yes, it is wrong Aunt Ruth, but we both want it and who will ever know?”

“GOD will know Bruce. Maybe Clint will know. You and I will know what we have done.” She ran back to the couch.

I could not sleep with my boner, so my load was spent in the toilet bowl. My memory of the few seconds inside my aunt was all I could think about. Was it really that good or did a lifetime of loving her magnify my feelings? Maybe both were the answer. By now I realized that I was craving her. More than I would ever crave a woman half her age.

She made coffee and cooked breakfast for us in the morning. We ate in silence. Then we started packing her knick knacks and souvenirs. She had a lot to pack and we could not finish in one day. Evening found us eating the diner she had cooked and watching television.

My hand was caressing her inner thigh and she was moaning. I put her hand on my excited love stick and she jumped. Then she said, “Clint and I never did any of this. He never touched me until we were married and then he just did what he wanted and rolled over asleep. I never knew there could be any pleasure in it for me. That is making it hard for me to obey my moral training. The fact that I have loved you all your life makes it even harder.”

“Yes, I have the same problem Aunt Ruth. I love you so much and my dick has been hard almost all the time here.”

“Yes and I have been wet down there over the last two days. That is a new experience for me. Clint just stuck it in and got his satisfaction. It hurt because I was so dry. I heard girl talk but never experienced any pleasure.”

We went on watching television and I kissed her on the lips a lot. Her inner thigh felt good as my hand continued to caress her soft flesh. My hand was moving from her inner knee almost to her pussy and back down. After several minutes my journey actually touched her pussy on each trip north. That is when I realized that she was not wearing panties. I stuck my finger in up past the knuckle and began fucking her with my finger. But she stopped me and said, “No, it is wrong.”

“But you don’t have any panties on.”

“I am sorry. I want to but we cannot do it. It is wrong.”

I went back to kissing and caressing her inner thigh. My free hand had found her little tit again and it all felt good. A lifetime of love and respect was turning into lust and craving. My lips found the soft skin on her inner thigh and then the wonderful spot beside her pussy. Then, as my tongue started liking her pussy lips I was in heaven and my grandmother’s sister was moaning loud. Her almost 70 türk porno year old pussy tasted great. By then she had both hands on the back of my head, pulling my face into her wet cunt. When she started shaking and pulling my face into her love nest harder, I licked harder and faster. I bit her clit and she screamed.

When Aunt Ruth’s orgasm subsided she said, “I am so sorry Bruce. I am so sorry. I am so ashamed. I am so sorry.”


“Because what I did was so wrong. I have done it to myself a few times, over the years, but never with a man. It felt so good that I could not control myself. Please forgive me.”

“Why? I did it to you and I am going to do it again.”

“No Bruce, we shouldn’t.”

“But we already did and we are going to do it again.”

My lips were working their way up her inner thigh and my finger was playing with her clit. She was pushing my face away from approaching her womanhood but with such little force that it had no effect. All the while, she kept softly saying, “No. No, we cannot do this.”

By then I was soaked with pre-cum and her vagina was full of woman juice. As I entered her, she let out a soft scream and pulled my hips into her. If anyone ever tells you that older women cannot be tight, do not believe it. She was very tight and I loved the feel of her pussy. She told me that Clint was a lot smaller. So maybe she was so tight because she had never been opened up. Every stroke was ecstasy. I wanted it to last forever!

That first session lasted over an hour. Every time my load was ready to explode, I changed positions. She had only done missionary with my uncle so there was a lot of new experiences for her. Finally, I filled my favorite aunt with my seed. It was a huge load that kept flowing and flowing, river after river. It felt like my eyes had turned around and my toes had curled up. The feeling was amazing.

As we lay cuddling in the afterglow, my swelling never went down. Later, we showered together, dried off and held each other. She said, “May I do that for you?”


“You know. With my mouth on your sex like you did for me.”

“If you want to try, go ahead. If you don’t like it we can stop.”

Aunt Ruth was a natural. At first she gagged on my manhood but she soon mastered the art of cock sucking. She asked if she would like the taste and I told her to find out, so she started sucking harder and faster. When I couldn’t hold back any longer I said, “I’m coming!”

There was still plenty of juice left in my balls to fill her mouth and leave a stream running down each of her cheeks. She swallowed all she could and got on top of my still hard dick. As my bulb rubbed her entrance, I began to wonder if I would ever get enough of this woman I had loved all my life. It went in easier this time but she was still tight. She had learned cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and liked both positions. So she started riding me cowgirl until she came again.

After all night making love, we were too tired to cook breakfast, pack, load or much else so we went out to breakfast and returned to bed. When we woke up again it was mid afternoon. My manhood had found the way back into her tunnel of love and we both knew that we would not get any moving done that day.

We were supposed to give the keys to the mobile home park manager when we finished so she could sell Ruth’s home. We were supposed to call the relatives and let them know when we were headed north so they could worry about our travel. Instead, we spent the next few days watching television and making love.

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