Aunt Audrey


I had just turned 18, and driving around with my girlfriend, looking for something to do. I had a idea to visit Aunt Audrey in Berrington. Actually Aunt Aud was my Mom’s best friend, she had recently bought a house out there and it had a great pool. We arrived at the house and as usual I entered without knocking. I called out but there was no answer.

I left Diane at the door and went exploring calling to my Aunt as I went. I got halfway down the hall when I heard her call out “who’s there”. I let her know it was me and Diane. She called me to her room we exchanged family type hugs. She was glad to see me and asked what brought me way out to the boonies. I told her that if it was alright with her I and Di wanted to stir the water in the pool. She said with her usual good nature her pool was my pool, any time I wanted I was welcome and to bring my friends.

People say things like that all the time hoping you wont take them up on it, but coming from her it was a genuine invite! I asked if she would join us , but she was lying down because of a headache, “maybe later”. I returned to the living room Di was standing at the picture window looking out at the pool. She asked why it was built so far from the house. I had no answer for her. It was built 50 or 60 feet from the house, I’d have to ask Aud when she got up from her nap. Di and I made our way to the pool her in bra and panties me in my underwear. Let me stop here and tell you about Diane and my relationship. We professed love for one another but our love of SEX was glue!

We had what I call a healthy relationship we sucked and fucked forty-five minutes out of every hour we spent together normal for 18year olds. We got to the pool before we started fooling around (just barely). My shorts were pulled off me with my first dive into the pool. I got to her and pulled her clothes off her. Her protests weak about getting caught. We swam and fondled each other for a while, when she pulled herself out of the pool and sat on the edge. I don’t know for sure but I think she planed for the pool depth where she sat and my face to be level with her pussy.

I was madly in love with her cunt, I kissed it every chance I got. I swam right in delighted with the chlorine flavored pussy! It wasn’t long before my favorite flavor beat the chlorine down. Diane was one of those women who came with a flood of juice from deep inside I learned early to love the taste of pussy and hers was Great! She fell back spent from her climax. I tried to pull myself out of the pool. It was funny, but also very painful when my hard on caught on the edge of the pool and almost broke off. I was laughing so hard I almost drowned and Di couldn’t help because she also was doubled over in laughter. When we calmed bursa escort she invited me to use the steps at the shallow end.

She greeted me with a kiss on the cock and a through inspection to make sure no harm had come to her dick. She called it hers {when hard} like I said horny girl. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft stopping only to suck each ball into her warm mouth. I was still standing on the pool steps she was sitting on the edge of the pool again.

She was stroking my cock with her hand sucking more of me into her mouth with each stroke. My knees were getting weak and I told her so. I stepped out of the pool and lie down on my back. She hardly took a breath before she engulfed me again. She always gave best head but today’s was better!!! She climbed on my prone body her pussy was soaking, my cock slid easily to the hilt she ground her onto my dick with a fervor. I was about to cum, my breathing and return humping gave me away. Diane jumped off me at the last second grabbing my cock with her hand pumping the cum out shooting into her open mouth and all over her face. She wiped her face and licked the cum from each finger.

She made it look so good I wanted some myself but she wasn’t sharing. We swam and sunned and kissed and fucked again, we were starting to burn, our after-noon had to end. We went back into the house dried and dressed. I tiptoed to the bedroom to see if Aunt Audrey needed anything. She was laying there with her arm over her face. I sat on the edge of the bed , asked if she was OK. She smiled up at me and said she was feeling much better. We hugged, something about her hug was different it lasted longer and she held me tighter. Well she wasn’t feeling well, was she? We said goodbye, I wished her well and we left.

My mother came to my room a couple nights latter and asked about my visit to Aunt Audrey’s. She said Audrey called they had a nice chat. Audrey needed some help around the house. She asked if I would be willing to help over the week-end I could stay over Fri. if I wanted. Well the prospect of spending the weekend in the boonies wasn’t all that attractive. I usually got laid 10 or 12 times over the week-end, I wasn’t looking forward to missing that. I had mixed emotions, but I ended up doing the right thing and said I would help. After all it was a big house and I could masturbate when the NEED arose. (I was 18 – NEED is the proper word)

In packed an overnight bag and Aunt Audrey picked me up after school on Fri. When we got to the house Audrey made dinner and we talked about what needed to be done the next day. I went to my room showered and put on my P. J. bottoms. I joined Audrey in the den. She was curled up on the couch with her knees under her. Audrey was bursa ucuz eskort 42 at the time an OLD woman to a 18 year old. Even though something about her that night was turning me on (18dirt turned me on). Maybe I realized I had no pussy and she did.

Anyway I started fantasizing my cock grew hard tenting out my PJ’s. I did my best to angle away from her to hid my excitement. Just than she got up and asked if I wanted a soda or some ice-cream. I said OK to the soda. As she passed in front of the TV I was able to look right through her nightgown, it was a knee length T shirt but made from a thinner material. It was evident she had no bra on and her nipples were hard and must have been an inch long. The site didn’t help with my penis problem. I was trying to arrange my dick when I looked up, she was standing in the doorway watching. She smiled and asked if she could be any help.

I was so embarrassed I could have crawled under the couch. She noticed my discomfort and sat next to me, she set down the sodas. She put her hand on mine and pushed it down onto my hard-on, as she tried to ease my nervousness, she was making it worse. She asked what I was thinking about that made me hard. I could barely speak she was rubbing my hand in turn rubbing my dick. I managed to get out I got excited when I saw her pass in front of the TV and I could see her breasts through her shirt.

She said she felt flattered a woman her age could turn on a young man like that, but now she felt responsible. She asked if it would be alright with me if she relieved the pressure under my hand. As she was talking I was melting, she picked my hand off my dick and unsnapped the three snaps holding my hardness back. She bent her head I think I came when she breathed on me, more embarrassment! That didn’t stop her she bent to the task, gulped down that load, and engulfed my cock to my balls. She had a truly sensuous mouth, I felt my cock hardening within moments. She had certainly done this before!!!! I never would have guessed what a sexy woman my Aunt Audrey was. I grew up with her daughter Gale she was a few years older than me we had done a little Dr. Nrs.

Now here was her mother giving me the best head ever. As she sucked me I pulled her shirt up her back so I could touch her skin. I ran my hand down her spine to the crack of her ass. I realized she wore no panties. She got up to her knees and pulled her shirt off. I was right about her tits her nipples stood like little penises. They screamed to be sucked, I needed to suck them. She had a very hairy pussy I could smell that it to needed some attention. It dawned on me this was gonna be a good week-end, if this was a sign of things to cum. She stood in front of bursa anal yapan escort me. And for the first time in my life I saw my Moms friend for the woman she was. It was a great transformation from Aunt to Temptress!

She held out her hand I took it and stood my PJ’s dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. She led me to her bedroom, and she lay down. She looked up at me and told me to lick her like I did my girl friend last week I must have looked shocked cause she said she would explain latter but NOW she needed to feel my tongue on her. I snapped out of my trance and knelt over her on the bed. I bent to her tits but she pushed me right to her pussy. I understood because I had the same need a short time ago!! She NEEDED to CUM!!!! I’ve never seen a clitoris stand up like hers. Like her tits it stood and demanded attention I bent to the job and started licking and sucking like it was her cock and I would be rewarded with a mouthful of cum.

I wasn’t far from wrong because she arched her hips and moaned and shook, and cried and laughed , and came and came and came!!!! She pulled me up to her and pulled my cock into her. We fucked slowly and deliberate as we moved she told of how wonderful it felt. I had to agree her cunt was soft and silken. Our union reached crescendo half hour later pounding ‘sweating and moaning, we came in unison. We rested a short time and I asked about how she knew about Diane and I. She told me she had gotten up for an aspirin and looked to the pool.

She couldn’t see very well so she got her movie camera with the zoom lens and filmed the whole afternoons fun! She admitted the ruse to get me out the house. Because she needed to feel what she had been masturbating to all week. As she told the story my cock was getting hard once again. She said she would like to spend the weekend right here in bed. As she said this she kissed her way to my cock and took me in her mouth.

She moved to the bottom of the bed and pushed my legs up, she moved between my legs my legs hooked on her shoulders. She sucked and licked my balls, pushing my legs higher she forced her tongue into my ass!!! That was never done to me before, and I want you to know it felt wonderful, I relaxed and tried to get her deeper. As she reamed me she reached around and stroked my cock. I came and my ass almost snapped her tongue off. She licked and sucked me with a passion that to this day many years and women later I’m still looking for that feeling.

I guess you can only be a virgin once (-: This was not the end of the weekend. We sucked and fucked each other DRY and RAW. We watched the home movie of Di and I. Audrey and I agree Diane looked as if she knew we were being watched. We were going to find out next week I was to invite Diane out for a swim. Aud and I were going to set her up with the camera, to see if she performs again. And maybe invite her into the big bed. I could hardly wait!!! Please let me know if you like my story, or if you don’t.

* * * * *

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