Their First Toys Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story “Their First Toys”, which elicited the following comments.

“by Anonymous 02/20/13

This was a major let down and disappointment and that’s being kind!!?”

“by Anonymous 02/21/13

‘a major let down’

Yes, in a way, but because the story arouses erotic expectations, unfulfilled ones. I can imagine that that was the author’s intention. If it was, the story was successful, just frustrating. I was also disappointed at the end, that it was going to be left to me to imagine what could happen – not that I couldn’t. Maybe the author can be induced to giving his version. Call the girls Jane, Kathy and Laura.”

At first, I was disappointed by the first comment, but then had to grin, thinking that something big must have been up, if the reader suffered “a major let down.” Sorry about that. The second reader understood my intention, but also let me recognize that readers prefer to let authors provide them with fantasies. That is why we write, to share our fantasies with others, and my own went beyond what I had writing. I had three college freshmen speculating about what they could do with electric toothbrushes, and one had already played with her old cellphone. And they had agreed to find out.

The suggestion of giving them names is good. The roommates are Jane and the much less experienced Kathy. Laura is the one with the most experience, who has already “misused” her cellphone. Readers may find it interesting to read first the original story to understand the comments and the girls’ backgrounds.

I should add that the girls are much more eager and inventive than I had originally anticipated. This is just the second chapter.

After Laura leaves, Jane clicks her toothbrush on and off, smirking, then remarking:

“I’m going to.”

“Shouldn’t we wait?” Kathy asks.

“Laura already has with her cellphone; no reason not to experiment.”

“I’m not going to.”

“Yours sounded like it was about to die.”

“Even if it didn’t. Need to get new batteries, since it doesn’t have charger.”

“Hope you don’t mind if I do.”

“Hmm? If you want to.”

Jane clicks her toothbrush on and off again in reply. Kathy snorts with slight scowl, but nods.

They get ready to go to bed, having to use the toilet in closer succession than usual after their two beers, exchanging wry smiles. Jane starts to brush her teeth, then turns it off and just uses her hand. Kathy’s brush dies while she is brushing hers. When she sees that Jane only puts on her pajama top, she frowns disapprovingly. Jane shrugs and remarks:

“If I’m going to, …”

“You’re not going to put it in?”

“Don’t know. Hmm? If it wants me to.”

“Hmm? What? Your toothbrush or your …?”

“Hm-hmm! If it doesn’t die on me.”

“Never thought I would ever talk about this with anyone.”

“Me neither, … but we have.”

“Laura’s fault.”

“The champagne cork was your suggestion.”

“No, just that it shouldn’t be a plastic one.”

“Okay, but that didn’t sound like you weren’t interested.”

“Just trying to be helpful. Wouldn’t want her to spend money for a bottle whose cork didn’t work, just the metal pin twisting without moving the cork.”

“That would be a disappointment.”

They turn off the lights and get in bed. The muffled buzz of Jane’s toothbrush starts. She chuckles and hums. After a several moments, she chuckles warmly and remarks:

“The brush end moves better.”

“The brush on your …?”

“Just the stem of it. … Oooh!”

After a few more hums from Jane, the covers on Kathy’s bed rustle, and continue to rustle, as Jane hums with apparent pleasure. Kathy also hums, but softer. After more hums from each of them, Jane chuckles, and the sound of her toothbrush’s buzzing changes, almost inaudible, but she snickers with a moan.

“You are! In it?”

“Um-hmm! Feels good.”

“Hmm?! Wicked!”

“Hmmm! Maybe a little, but if feels good. Mmmm!”

After that, the covers hardly rustle, since both girls’ knees are drawn up, but their soft and not so soft moans suggest that not just Jane’s toothbrush is active. Jane’s become less restrained, and then she blurts out softly: “Shit!” and moans even more strongly, her body convulsing. Kathy’s moans are also less restrained, but only a little louder than before. Then the buzzing of the toothbrush is louder for a moment and then stops.

Silence, sighs. After a few moments, Jane whispers:

“Shit! I think I wet my bed.”

After a moment, Kathy asks in a whisper:

“You what?!”

“That never happened before.”


“That wet. Oh, when it’s good, I’m all wet, but not like that.”

“Is that good?”

“If you have to ask, yes.”

“Guess I do. … Feels good, of course, and all moist, … but not like ‘wet’.”

“Not like that for me before either.”

“Really? All wet?”

“Hmm! Like I said.”

Jane’s covers rustle, and then she snorts and adds:

“Yeah, wet sheets.”

“You did wet your bed.”

“Hmm? Well, not like that. I guess, Bayan Eskort ‘squirting’.”


“Some girls do, when they come real good. Didn’t know I would.”

“It was that good?”

“Um-hmm! Better than with most guys.”

“I sure don’t, … didn’t, … and better by myself, but nothing like that.”

“Maybe one day, … I hope, for you.”

“Hmm? Seems unlikely, but I hope so too.”

“Get new batteries for your toothbrush tomorrow.”

“Hmm, I will. Good night.”

“Good night.”

In the morning, neither mentions what they had done. When Jane takes her toothbrush to the bathroom, she smirks slightly, a little apologetically, as she plugs in the charger.

After breakfast, Kathy buys new batteries, taking a packet of four, and then with a slight snort taking a second packet. Alone back in their room, she replaces the batteries in her toothbrush and turns it on. She smirks at feeling it vibrate with renewed vigor and turns it off. Then she smiles wryly and sits down and turns it back on, spreading her legs and holding it against the seam of her jeans between her legs. She shifts her legs, moving the seam, and then hums with a grin.

“Oooh! Yeah, maybe,” she whispers and turns it off.

That evening, she and Jane go to a frosh mixer and enjoy themselves, exchanging phone numbers with a couple of male students. As they are returning to their room, they agree that they had had fun. As they are entering their building, Jane asks:

“Get new batteries?”


“Hm-hmm! That’s good; I felt a little bad about having such a good time last night.”

“Lucky you; it must have been good, sure sounded like it.”

“It was.”

They get undressed and use the toilet, exchanging mild smirks, less mild ones, when they both take their toothbrushes but just return to their room. While Kathy puts on her shorty nightgown, Jane puts on her pajama top, remarking as she buttons it:

“Don’t know why,” watching Kathy pull up the loose shorts that match her top.

Snorting with smirks, they turn off the light and get in their beds. A few moments later, Jane’s and the Kathy’s toothbrushes are buzzing. They both chuckle and then hum. Then Kathy murmurs:

“Oooh! Better than through my jeans.

“Oh! You tried before?”

“Just a little.”

More delighted hums, and the rustle of Kathy’s covers; as she moves to slip her toothbrush inside her shorts, then responding to the more arousing sensation with a pulsing “umm-hm-hm-hmm!”

“Um-hmmm!” Jane agrees.

For a minute or two, they exchange soft moans, as though they were encouraging each other, now with no reticence about what they were both doing. Then Jane murmurs:

“It wants it in.”

The buzz of her toothbrush is then muffled, but she gives a louder, more aroused moan. The covers on Kathy’s bed rustle, as she pushes her shorts down past her hips. For a moment, she gives a questioning hum, and then the sound of her toothbrush is also muffled.

“Oooh! Ooh-oooh!” she responds.


“Gosh! Yes!”

“Uhmm! I hope so!” Jane enjoins and begins to moan again: pleased sounding moans, sounding as though she were enjoying the anticipation of knowing that it was going to feel even better.

In contrast, Kathy’s sound surprised:

“Oooh! Ooh-ooh! Hm-hmm! Ooh-ooh! …” sounding as though she had suddenly understood the subtle double entendre of a joke, one whose second meaning was something a girl shouldn’t admit that she understood. But she did! Her thighs twitch, as she continues to moan/laugh like that, her hands sliding up and squeezing her breasts, her fingers rubbing her aroused nipples, pinching and pulling on them.

While her laughing moans continue, and her thighs clamp together, twitching, Jane’s moans change from anticipation to almost desperate sounding ones. Then she exclaims softly:

“Fuck! Come! … Oh, shit! Again!”

Kathy starts at hearing the four-letter word, but only for a moment, then responding between her oohs: “Um-hmm!” and resumes arousing her nipples, as her thighs twitch involuntarily. The buzz of Jane’s toothbrush is then louder and stops, and she murmurs again:

“Oh shit! Again, all wet.”

Kathy nods, her oohs continuing. Her twitching thighs had slid down, and her hips are twitching, as her fingers continue to maltreat her nipples. After a few moments and a few sighs, Jane murmurs:

“Rub yourself, … there.”

“That too?” Kathy asks, but one of her hands immediately slides down from her breast to her pussy, her fingers creeping between her clenching thighs.

They draw up again, spreading a little to let her fingers rub rapidly back and forth, quivering as she gasps and begins to moan like Jane had. Then, between gasps, her moans become whimpers, and her pelvis begins to twitch. Jane hums and murmurs:

“Like that.”

Kathy’s body spasms, as she gasps with more and louder whimpers. Her fingers still, just holding her pussy, but the muffled sound of her toothbrush continues, and another spasm rocks her body.

“Oh, God!” she murmurs, as her thighs clamp together on her hand, holding her fingers still for a moment, but they open again. She is gasping, but her fingers involuntarily move again. Moaning and gasping, she lets them, and another series of spasms rock her body.

Finally, she jerks her buzzing toothbrush out of her pussy. It takes her a moment to find the switch on its now slippery surface. In the silence, she sighs with a deep moan, and another one, and still another one. After still another one, she murmurs:

“That must have been it, an orgasm.”

“Two, it sounded like. It sure was.”

“Hmm! Like yours?”

“If your bed is all wet?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Still, just as good.”

“Hmm! Better than anything I could imagine.”

“It sure sounded like it.”

“Oh? Was I loud?”

“Um-hmm, loud enough that I knew it was good.”

“Shit! … I don’t say that.”

“If it was that good.”

“It was, but wrong word. … Hm-hmm! Wrong four-letter word, but I really don’t use that one.”

“A little more appropriate, however.”

They both snicker. Kathy murmured:

“My new friend, better than just wanting not to be a virgin.”


They snicker again and say good night.

In the morning, the sound of Jane’s toothbrush wakens Kathy. She opens her eyes and rolls over and sees that Jane is just holding it over her stomach under the covers. She asks:

“You’re not going to do it again?!”

“No, I was just wondering how long it runs. Sorry, if I woke you.”

“Hmm! Probably not long enough after last night.”

“At least, I can always recharge it.”

“I bought more batteries.”

“Thinking you might need them?”

“Yeah, well, I guess. Always will, sometime.”

“But maybe more, now that you know what else you can do with your toothbrush.”

“Yours too.”

“Hmm? If I’m just going to let it run down, may as well.”

The bulge of the covers over her hands moves down to her hips. Kathy remarks:

“You do want to.”

“Why not? If I’m just going to lie here holding it?”

“And wet your bed again.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe, if it doesn’t die on me.”

“You are!”

The bulge of the covers rises to a peak. Jane just nods with a smile and then hums, a chuckling hum. Kathy repeats:

“You are.”

“Um-hmm. … Mmm! Since you have so many batteries, …”


After watching and listening to Jane for a few moments, Kathy snorts and rolls on her back, then remarks:

“Oh, I never pulled my bottom back up.”

“Hm-hmm! Then you may as well, too.”

“Hmm! If I have to listen to you, …”

“Mmmm! You will.”

Jane hums again. A moment later the buzz of Kathy’s toothbrush starts. Jane chuckles. When Kathy gives a surprised sounding “mmmm,” Jane nods and responds with an “um-hmm.”

For a minute or two, they exchange moans, then the peak of Jane’s covers moves, disappears, but Kathy has her eyes closed. But she hears her give a more pronounced moan, as the sound of her toothbrush becomes muffled. She murmurs:

“You really want to.”

“Um-hmm. … Uhmmm!”

After hearing more of Jane’s now more aroused moans – having to listen to them – Kathy snorts. The buzz of her toothbrush stops, but her thighs draw up, and then she murmurs:

“All wet. Uhnn!”

Her covers move rhythmically, and she moans, not just once, as her hands move. For another minute or two, they exchange more aroused moans. Then the motion under Kathy’s covers stops. She murmurs:

“If we’re going to, …”

Her toothbrush begins to buzz again, and she gives a more surprised moan, and another one.

“Um-hmm!” Jane responds.

Soon, Kathy is almost laughing again, while Jane’s moans change to deep, pulsing “uhn-uhn-uhnn! Uhn-uhn-uhnn! …” separated by gasps. Their hips are rocking, rising off their beds. Then Jane exclaims:

“Oh shit! Again!”

Her body convulses again. And then Kathy’s does, as whimpers combine with her laughing. She remarks:

“Before I have to again,” and the buzz of her toothbrush stops, as she gasps and sighs with moans.

Jane”s toothbrush continues to buzz, but louder again, as she also sighs and moans, then murmuring:

“It’s slowing down.”

“Hmm! Good for twice.”

“Yours too.”

“But it felt good without the buzz.”

“Hm-hmm! Just … – won’t say the word – just rubbing it in your pussy.”

“Hmm? Yeah, but I never heard that word spoken.”

“Maybe I haven’t either, but we know it.”

“My pussy. Now I have said it too.”

“Nice furry pussy.”

“Hmm! Yours more than mine.”

“Wish mine was more like yours.”

“Hmm? Hardly furry enough to be a pussy cat.”

“Hm-hmm! Hadn’t thought of that. Should girls who shave call it their pussy?”

“Oh! Know any?”

“A couple, several, in the locker room at school last year.”

“Hmm? I guess we all were too conservative, Catholic girls’ school.”

“Um-hmm, probably. … Hmmm? It still hasn’t stopped, but I’ve got to go.”

“Me too.”

Jane’s toothbrush continues buzzing as they both get up. Kathy clicks her on again and gives a slightly triumphant grin as it buzzes. Jane puts hers on the charger, but it stops. Kathy turns her off, and they take turns using the toilet.

They didn’t use their toothbrushes the following week. Jane couldn’t, since she had her period, and Kathy then also didn’t. Friday, however, Jane’s period is finished. Laura had confirmed that she had bought a bottle of champagne with a real cork.

She joins them in their room, smirking, as she holds up a liquor store’s plastic bag. Jane and Kathy also smirk. She reaches in the bag and says:


Kathy finds three, while Laura pulls the bottle wrapped in hand towel out of the bag, explaining that she had wanted to keep it cold. The she smirks and adds:

“And to sit on, if it’s as good as I hope. Did you try it?”

At Laura’s immediate reference to the purpose of her visit, Kathy just nods with a slightly embarrassed expression. Jane smirks with more emphatic nod, replying:

“Oh yes. Hi-hi! I should have had a towel, but I didn’t know it would be like that.”

“That good?! Sounds promising.”

Kathy smiles wryly and remarks:

“Not that good for me, but better than anything before, my first orgasm.”

Laura smiles with a nod. Jane replies:

“Her first? Her second too, when the toothbrush didn’t stop, and again, Sunday morning.”

“Just because you wanted to know how long yours would still buzz, and then couldn’t think of anything better to do.”

“‘Anything better to do,’ Sunday morning?” Laura asks facetiously, as she began to loosen the wire around the cork.

“Just once, Sunday morning,” Kathy replied, then adding:

“Don’t let the cork pop.”

But it did, foam running out of the bottle. Laura quickly moves to fill the glasses, which also foam over. They laugh. Jane springs up to find the cork, holding it up with a grin. Laura snickers and remarks:

“I have seen a couple before, but only now does it occur to me why women could think champagne is erotic.”

Jane nods with a smirk. Kathy expression suggests that she doesn’t understand. Jane explains quietly:

“The shape of champagne corks.”

“Oh. Hmm! Of course, … I guess; I hardly saw his, the two times we did it.”

“I didn’t think of that before, either,” Laura replies softly, and finishes filling the glasses.

Then she smirks and raises a glass, waiting for the others to take theirs, and toasts:

“To champagne corks … and whatever they suggest.”

They all chuckle and drink. When Laura drinks again, the others do. Jane gestures that she sit on her bed, and she and Kathy sit together on Kathy’s. Laura picks up the cork, looking at it, and remarks:

“I wonder what the man in the store thought, when I insisted on one with a real cork.”

“Not what you were, I hope,” Jane replies.

Kathy suggests:

“Probably just that you had heard that the ones with plastic corks were cheaper, that you wanted something better.”

“Yeah, I guess; he just smiled and asked if it was for special occasion.”

“And you nodded,” Jane suggests.

“Without a funny expression, I hope.”

They all chuckle and drink again. Laura refills their glasses.

She sits back down again and rolls the cork between her fingers, not just between her fingers, fondling it in her palm. Her smirk and chuckle suggest what she could be thinking that she was fondling something else. Kathy just smiles slightly and has a sip. Jane also takes a sip, a better one, then smirking with a slight nod as she watches Laura continue to fondle the cork like she would the head of a cock.

Laura then also takes a better sip, and both the others also do. Then she suddenly snickers and says: “I almost forgot. Call this number.”

“Why?” Kathy asks.”

“You’ll see.”

Jane has reached for her cellphone, Laura slowly dictates a long number. Jane inputs it and then clicks the call button. A few seconds later, Laura’s thighs twitch together, and she gives a snickering hum, grinning, and humming again, as her thighs clench together. Jane immediately snickers, her thighs moving sympathetically with Laura’s. Kathy’s also clench together, but she remarks in surprise:

“You could forget that it was in there?! You came over here with your old cellphone in there?”

It must have still been ringing; Laura’s thighs twitch a couple of times. Then she nods and replies:

“Told y’all about that before. Hm-hmm! Now it must be asking for a voicebox answer. Hm-hmm! I have thought of surprising people who might still know the old number.”

“Telling them where your cell was?” Jane asks.


“Hm-hmm! And if they told others to call the number?”

“Hmm?! Never thought of that.”

“Or just kept hitting the call button again?”

“Oooh! Interesting; I could check to see who had called.”

They snicker; Kathy only snorts, and all drank. Then Kathy asks:

“And you forgot that it was there?! Could forget?”

“I must have. Oh, I was thinking about it on the way here, wanting immediately to suggest the call. … Don’t think I always walk around with it in my pussy.”

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