An Older Woman Ch. 03


The next month flew in. Every night, Jack either stayed with Edi or Edi stayed with him. Edi, was now, despite her age, a fucking machine. She had so much energy; it wasn’t unusual for them to have sex three times a day. The sex was terrific for both of them, so much variety, Edi’s lingerie was amazing, some of her outfits were so sensual, she loved to be fucked in her lingerie, but when they slept together, she was always naked.

Edi managed her time well; she spent time with Paul and her father, who was getting worse; he now didn’t recognise Edi when she visited him. This was hard for Edi; she still visited him twice a day, then attending to her garden and her mum’s grave. Every night she was always with Jack.

One afternoon she phoned Jack, she invited herself around for a quicky, as they were having sex, Edi told Jack that Sue wanted to stay with her tonight, her period was close. Jack had no problem with this; according to Edi, Sue was working hard at her work while managing the tradesmen she had working in her house. Sue had a lot on her mind.

The next evening, Edi had invited Jack for dinner, Jack enjoyed this. Edi was a good cook, she also only wore a crotchless Basque or bodysuit when she cooked, this aroused Jack, he had lost count of the number of times that he had fucked her on the kitchen table before they had eaten.

As Edi was serving the meal, she said, “Jack, last night was amazing with Sue, she was so hot, she always likes me to go down on her before we start using toys on each other. Last night, I sucked her clit, just like you suck mine. Sue loved it; I sucked her exactly the same way as you do. She loved it; she came three times in my mouth. Her cunt juice was dripping out of her hungry cunt. I was fisting her as I sucked her; usually, I just finger fuck her with two or three fingers.”

“My hand was dripping with her cum, I then slid a finger up her ass, she loved it, I’ve never gone near her ass before. Sue’s like me, she never told me this before, but she loves a butt plug in her ass when she plays with herself, I don’t need that after you ass fuck me, my ass has had enough, I just want my pussy fucked then. I was so happy with the pleasure that I gave Sue if you hadn’t done it to me then I wouldn’t have known how to do it with Sue.”

The following Saturday, Edi was at Paul’s football, then visiting her father. In the afternoon she was shopping with Sue. She would see Jack in the evening. Jack had gone into town; he needed lube, they were so much now, Edi wanted ass fucked every day, he had bought four bottles of it, two for Edinburgh and two for himself. As he was walking in the High street when he heard ‘Jack’ being shouted, he turned around Edi and Sue was standing beside him. Jack and Edi’s reaction was spontaneous; they cuddled each other and tongue kissed. Edi was pushing bursa eskort against Jack’s leg. Then Edi said, “Jack, I’d like you to meet my daughter Sue.”

They shook hands, Sue, like her mum, was a beautiful woman, they were the same height, Jack took into account Edi was wearing heels. Edi then said, “Sue, this is my friend Jack. Jack gave me the wonderful pen that I use to type with my iPhone; I love that pen. Jack, what are you doing in town?”

Edi then saw the bag from the chemist, she smiled and winked at Jack, then Jack said, “I needed to do some shopping, but it’s all done now, what a great surprise to see you and meet Sue.”

Edi replied, “We have had a great day shopping, we’ve spent fortunes, Sue, should we invite Jack to join us for a coffee?”

Sue said, “Mum and I both need a coffee, would you like to join us?”

Jack nodded in approval, then Edi said, “Super, let’s go to the cafe where I met Jack?”

They sat at the table where Jack gave first gave Edi the pen, Edi sat in the same seat, she had taken off her jacket, she looked stunning, she was wearing one of her special Basque’s, her tits looked enormous. Edi’s tits always aroused Jack; then he looked at Sue’s; they had the same effect; he felt his cock harden.

Jack knew that Sue liked the same type of sex as Edi; he then thought of having a mum and daughter; this aroused him too. He knew that he would be fucking Edi tonight, he decided not to say anything, if Edi wanted it, she would make it happen.

They finished their coffee; Sue excused herself then Edi said, “Jack, would you like to have both of us tonight?”

“Edi, that would be nice, are you sure Sue wants it too?”

“Jack, she’s so hot, I was sucking her clit in the changing room at the lingerie shop. Apart from you giving me the pen, she knows nothing about you and me. She’s hot for you, the way she’s looking at you. She has probably gone to the toilet to put her pants on. She had no pants on when she came in here; she has got wet looking at you. When she comes back, you excuse yourself then I’ll ask her if I should invite you to my house with her. If she doesn’t want it, then we meet up later, and I’ll do special things for you.”

Sue came back; she looked so sexy, Jack smiled at her as he excused himself. Jack wondered whether Sue would go for it, then he thought, if it happens, it happens. Jack went back to the table; Edi was alone. Edi said, “Sue’s gone to take her pants off. I’ll make her very wet in the car home. We will have fun when we get to my house then we can order an Indian takeaway. Jack, did you get some lube, I’ve none in the house, and we’ll need it tonight.”

Jack gave her two bottles of lube which she put in her handbag. A couple of minutes later, Sue came back. Edi had parked in the school playground; bursa merkez escort Jack drove them there. He saw that Sue was wearing self-supporting stockings; he was now looking forward to tonight.

They arrived at Edi’s, they both parked in the garage, as they walked to the house, Edi said, “Jack, tonight will be special so let’s have champagne. You get a bottle and three glasses then we’ll meet in the lounge. I just want you to be relaxed and wearing a smile when Sue and I join you; we bought some gorgeous Basques today, which we will be wearing when we join you. I think that you will need to look after Sue first as she’s very hot today.”

Jack got the champagne, went into the lounge and stripped. He was sitting on the sofa when Edi and Sue came into the lounge; both looked stunning in crotchless Basques, they were both wearing self-supporting stockings and heels. Edi must have told Sue to wear heels. Then Edi put a bottle of lube on the coffee table; Jack knew then that he was going to be ass fucking both of them. Jack’s cock was rock hard, Edi said, “Sue, have you ever seen a cock as magnificent as this one?”

“Mum, it’s amazing, thank you for sharing it with me.”

“Sue, suck it and make it hard as I lube your ass for you.”

Jack was starting to think that Edi had planned this all along, he didn’t mind, he owned Edi, tonight he would own her daughter Sue. As Sue went down on Jack, Edinburgh said, “Sue, massage his big heavy balls as you suck him, he loves that. Jack, I’m so happy that we’re doing this, Sue and I are looking forward to giving you so much pleasure.”

Sue had half of Jack’s massive cock in her mouth, she said, “This is enormous, I’ve never seen a cock so big, I can only take half of him in my mouth, it’s so thick and long.”

Edi said, “Baby, pretend that you are yawning, get your throat in the position you have when you yawn, then you’ll take his full length. It’s a great feeling when his head hits the back of your throat.”

Sue did this; she took the full length very quickly. Edi was lubing her ass; she was soon fisting Sue, Sue loved it then Edi said, “Jack, my baby’s ready for it, I’m so looking forward to watching you ass fuck her.”

Edi then positioned Sue behind the sofa; she told Sue to pop her tits as Jack liked to see tits bouncing. Sue did it; she was like her mum; her nipples were big and hard. Jack then went behind her, sliding a finger down her long sex slit, Sue and her mum were so similar, they both had huge clits. Edi lubed Jack’s cock then he slid up her ass, his massive cock vanished up her ass, as Jack was building up a rhythm, Sue said, “Mum said that this was good, it’s not, it’s fucking great.”

Sue’s ass was so tight, Jack’s cock felt great inside her but so did Edi’s. Sue was doing bursa sınırsız escort her best; then Jack realised that she was a younger Edi. Sue’s tits wobbled the same as Edi’s, they both gave great blow jobs, Jack wondered what kind of ride would Sue give him, but something told him that it would be good. Then from nowhere, Sue had her first vaginal orgasm, her body was shaking with it, Sue said, “Mum, I love it, Jack, go deeper and harder, make me cum again.”

Jack kept going, he knew Sue would cum again quickly, and she did, this one was more intense. Edinburgh and Sue were so similar in so many ways, Jack, now knew that they both loved anal; they both loved the concentrated orgasms he gave them. Jack knew that this would last; it aroused him to be having a seventy-four-year-old sexy mum and her very sexy daughter.

Sue’s third orgasm was terrific, her whole body was shaking, Jack had been stroking her huge clit, Edi had been playing with Sue’s massive tits, Edi then popped her tits out, the still reeling Sue, started to play with them. Sue soon composed herself, Jack had pulled out of her ass when she had started shaking as he could have been tempted to give her a fourth orgasm. Sue said, “That was wonderful. I’ve never had such intense orgasms in my life; I can’t wait to have this magnificent beauty inside my hungry cunt. Jack then slid it up her pussy doggy style; Sue was dripping wet, she took his full length quickly, Jack soon built up a steady rhythm, he was going deep and hard, Sue loved it. Sue’s tits were wobbling; they looked fabulous. Edi asked, “Baby, are you enjoying it? You are glowing; I love how your tits are bouncing; they look incredible. Jack loves big tits.”

Sue replied, “Mum, I love Jack’s magnificent cock; it’s getting to places that I’ve never felt before. If Jack likes big tits then we should introduce him to Jo, I’m sure that she’d love his big cock.”

Edi said, “Sue, it’ll take us all our time to look after Jack, I’m also sure that Jo would love Jack’s cock and Jack would love Jo’s big tits but not now, maybe in the future.”

Jack asked, “Who’s Jo?”

Edi replied, “Jo is Sue’s excellent secretary, she’s worth her weight in gold to Sue, she’s also tall with a fabulous pair of tits. She’s a widow; the story is that she fucked her husband to death, Sue and I enjoy spending time with her; she’s maybe something for the future.”

Jack continued to pound Sue, Edi was playing with Sue’s tits. Jack was stroking Sue’s clit as he pounded her relentlessly. It was an unusual situation; Jack had a mum and daughter, then the daughter suggests that her secretary would enjoy being part of their trio. Jack then sensed that Sue was close; she was gripping much more tightly; she had so many similar mannerisms to her mum.

Jack moved up a gear; he was going faster and deeper. Sue loved it, a minute later, Sue had a fantastic orgasm; she was trembling with it. Jack pulled out and turned Sue around; they kissed tenderly then Sue said, “Jack, that was fantastic, you have taken me places that I’ve never been before, I think that this could be the start of something beautiful for all of us.”

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