Amber’s Family Pt. 08


Amber hand worked furiously on her clit and finally she came all over her chair thinking about her Father fucking her ass for the first time. “FUCK YES!” she shouted to the empty home as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her body. She shuttered and moaned for a few more seconds until it was over. She slumped down on the breakfast table and looked at her cereal before her now grown soggy.

That week she had shared with her Father had been the best of her life. They had fucked each other every day, and she had learned to become a better and better slut for her Daddy. She lost count of all the times he had cum in her ass, cunt and mouth. Often he would cum in all three in the same day! She was now truly addicted to his big cock and delicious cum.

Her Father would relay every sexual detail to her Mother every night before they would go to sleep. Her Mother would masturbate herself as she listened to her Husband tell her about the things he had done with Amber. She would get off hard every night listening to the stories.

Often she would speak to Amber after having finished cumming to the details her father would tell her. She would tell Amber how proud she was of her, and how glad she was that she was taking care of her Father. She would then ask Amber to tell her how it felt to be fucked. Amber would tell her Mom how good her Daddy’s cock was and how amazing it felt when she came on it. They would talk for a while about how much they each loved his cock and sperm, and finally Shannon would ask her daughter to repeat how he had fucked her that day. Amber would retell her Mom her version of the days activities in her sweet sexy young voice and often her Mother would come again listening to her.

The last day before her Mother came home was spent fucking and sucking each other till they were both exhausted. Her Mother called that night, and, after cumming hard from what Michael told her, asked to speak to Amber again. “Amber hun,” she said “as you know Uncle Jason will be back tomorrow from his business trip. I know you have become very used to fucking your Father every day and night, but when I get back I will need him badly. You can still watch us of course, but I know it’s just not the same.”

“Oh Mom, I will need him to fuck me every day though. I can’t think of what it will be like without it again.” Her voice had began to tremble. “Please. Let me share him with you at least. I need it…”

“Amber hun, I need it too…” said her Mother. “Let me speak to your Father.”

Amber handed the phone back to her Father and the tears began to flow. She only had one more day of her fantasy with her Daddy. It was coming to a close. She realized that she had become hopelessly addicted to her Father and his cock. She needed it every day.

She listened to her Father talk to her Mother. “I understand.” he said, then a few moments later, “I don’t know…” a few seconds went by before he turned to Amber and said: “I’m sorry your hurt baby, but I need to talk to your mother alone for a few minutes. Go out now. I will come get you when I’m done.”

Amber got up out of the bed and left the room, closing the door behind her. She walked slowly to the couch and lay down upon it. She curled up in a ball, closed her eyes tight, and tried to stop the tears from flowing.

A few minutes later her Father came out of the room and sat down next to her on the couch. He gently picked Amber up and sat her on his lap. He held her close.

Amber was unsuccessful in stopping the tears. When her Father picked her up she began to weep in his arms. “I can’t live without you Daddy…” she said between shuttering breaths.

“Hush baby girl, just let it all out.”

Amber cried for what seemed to be forever to her, but in reality was probably around fifteen minutes. Her Father held her in his arms the whole time and stroked her silky hair. Finally, emotionally drained, with no more tears to cry, she wiped her face off and said; “I think I’ll be ok Daddy. I knew this had to come to an end. We will always have this week though. I will remember this week forever.”

Michael picked his daughter up and carried her into his room. He gently set her on the bed and lay down beside her. They held each other close. Michael began to kiss her and soon their passions grew. They made love on the bed and it lasted for almost an hour. It was slow and gentle and prolonged. Michael gave her three orgasms before cumming deep inside her. They fell asleep holding each other close.

The next day Michael woke up to his daughter sucking his hard cock. She had gotten much better at giving head, and soon Michael had shot his morning load deep into his daughter’s mouth cunt. She swallowed all of it and then gave him a brilliant glowing smile that seemed to light up the whole room. “Thank you so much Daddy, I love your morning cum. You always cum so much and it tastes so delicious!” She gave him a kiss then hopped off the bed to brush her teeth and use the bathroom.

Amber bursa üniversiteli escort and Michael got ready together. Afterword, Michael made them a nice breakfast and as they ate they talked.

“Your mother will be getting home tonight.” He said. “At that time we will have a family discussion. A lot has changed and we want to make sure that we go forward the right way.”

“Ok Daddy. I feel sad about our week ending, but I know that no matter what we will always be a family.”

They finished breakfast and agreed to go swimming. Amber decided to wear a swimsuit this time. She came out wearing an incredibly skimpy microkini. The sun shone down on her perfectly tanned and toned body. Her large tits were covered by a bikini top that had tiny triangles that barely covered her perfect nipples. It was white and somewhat see-through. The bikini bottom only had a small triangle of material in the front that barely covered her cunt, and hugged her pussy lips close. The camel-toe clearly outlined her sex. Amber posed in front of her Father.

“Fuck baby, you look sexy in that!” he said.

Amber smiled and did a twirl. Her large breasts jiggled and strained against the tiny material encasing them. She began doing lewd stretches in front of him showing off her perfect body, then slowly walked into the pool. Michael followed after his daughter. Amber dove in the pool and did a quick lap, coming back to her waiting Father in the shallow end of the pool. Her suit was now completely wet and the material was totally see through showing her nipples and cunt clearly.

“God damn that suit is hot!” growled Michael as he pulled his daughter against him with his strong arms and began to grind his cock into her sexy ass. Amber encouraged his sex play by bending down and grabbing the side of the pool.

“You like it like this Daddy? You want to fuck me from behind?” she asked in mock innocence.

“You know I do you little slut” said Michael, and he spanked her wet ass playfully. He began to push his cock between her legs, rubbing it against her cunt. Amber pulled her legs together tightly so she could feel more of his cock. Michael fucked her thighs quickly until his cock was rock hard, then roughly pulled her tiny thong aside and plunged his hard shaft deep inside her tight cunt.

“Fuuuck!” moaned Amber as her tight pussy was invaded by her Father’s large member. She widened her stance to keep her balance as Michael began fucking her fast and hard from behind. He squeezed and fondled her ass cheeks as he pounded her deeply.

Amber moaned and cried out “I’m your little slut Daddy, fuck me hard!” as her little pussy was stretched out and pounded fast and deep.

Michael grabbed her hips and picked up the pace, fucking her fast and hard. Even after fucking her pussy all week, she was still very tight around his cock. Amber’s tits jiggled violently as her father’s hard cock rammed in and out of her so brutally. Soon her tiny bikini top had slipped off her nipples and rested on the sides of her breasts. He fucked her like this for a few minutes before slowing down. Amber’s moans were loud and constant the whole time. As soon as he slowed, he felt arms wrap around his torso and what could only be large, soft, naked breasts press against his back. A kiss was placed on his shoulder from behind.

Shocked, Michael quickly looked behind him and saw his wife smiling at him. She was completely naked and apparently had slipped in the water behind them without them noticing. He completely stopped his fucking for a few seconds and Amber moaned in disappointment. “Daddy fuck me! I’m sooo close!” She had her eyes closed and had not seen her mother yet.

Shannon tilted her head up and whispered sexily in Michael’s ear. “She’s close Michael. Give it to her.” she bit his earlobe playfully and then grabbed his hips and pushed him forward, his cock plunging once more into their daugher’s cunt. Michael, taking the cue, began to fuck her hard while his wife held his hips. Shannon whispered small encouragements to him as he fucked their daughter. Amber’s moans resumed as he pounded her sweet cunt.

Shannon loved watching her husband fuck their gorgeous daughter. It was turning her on strongly. She whispered to Michael, “Don’t cum baby, I need you to fuck me too.”

Shortly thereafter Amber gave a cry of joy and began to cum all over her father’s cock. Her parents watched as her small body spasmed for about 8 seconds then went still.

Shannon walked beside Amber and began to stroke her slim back. “That was beautiful baby.” she said.

Amber felt her Mother’s hand on her back and quickly looked up. “Mom! You’re home!” she said with a smile, and stood up, extracating her cunt from her Father’s cock. They hugged each other tightly. Amber’s almost naked tits mashed against her mother’s. Amber liked the feeling of it. Shannon kissed her daughter on the cheek and then the lips gently. “You look so escort bayan beautiful when you cum baby.” she said.

Amber blushed furiously and looked down. Was her mother attracted to her? she wondered. Amber had always thought her mother’s body was amazing and had hoped one day to be like her when she grew up. For the most part that had come true. But did she want to touch her mother? It felt good when she had kissed her and she enjoyed the feeling of her naked nipples touching her own. Perhaps her brain was just addled by the amazing cum she had just experienced.

“So you got in early then?” Amber asked sweetly, pulling away from her embrace.

“Yes, there was an early flight and Uncle Jason got in this morning, so I took it. I’m so glad to be home!” Her Mother moved against her Father and took his cock into her hand. She began to jack it off as Michael embraced her.

“Michael, I’ve needed it so badly!” said Shannon. as she pulled her husband’s head down to her lips. They kissed passionately for a while as she continued to jack his hard cock fast in her hand.

Michael broke the kiss off. “How about in the shower love?” he asked.

“Of course!, I love it in the shower.” said Shannon.

Michael got out and grabbed a towel and dried his tan naked body off. Shannon took Amber’s hand and they walked out of the pool together. They got towels of their own and dried each other’s bodies with them.

“I want you to join us in the shower hun” said Shannon to Amber as she toweled her young daughters sweet sexy body off. “Your father and I have something to tell you.”

“Ok Mom.” said Amber, wondering what she would say.

Michael walked into the master bathroom and the girls followed behind, hand in hand. “I love watching your Father’s ass move!” said Shannon, and both the girls giggled, their breasts bouncing prettily.

Michael smiled back and wagged his ass at them, then turned on the shower to the rain function.

Once the water was warm, the girls walked in hand in hand and then turned around. Amber took the tiny bikini off and threw it on the floor. Michael walked in and hugged Shannon from behind.

Shannon pulled Amber into the hug, there nude bodies melding together, their breasts almost lining up perfectly, nipple touching nipple. Michael began kissing and licking the back and side of his wife’s slim neck. Shannon moaned appreciatively.

Shannon began to speak to Amber. “Honey, have you ever made out with another girl?”

Amber’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, well um ya, I have. You know Ashley from my drill team? Well we decided to practice with each other. I liked it. She’s so pretty and it felt good.”

Shannon smiled and said “That’s wonderful. I know a secret about your Dad. He loves watching girls make out. It makes his huge cock so hard. I’m so happy to have you as a daughter. I think you’ve grown up to be absolutely gorgeous. I know that I’m your Mom and you don’t have to but I think your Dad would love watching us kiss.”

Amber smiled happily at her Mom. “I think you are the prettiest woman in the world Mom! You have the best body! I think I’d like to kiss you.”

Shannon and Amber hugged tighter, there beautiful tits mashing together, then Shannon began to kiss her daughter. Amber thought it was much different than kissing her father. It was gentler and her mother’s lips were softer, more warm. Soon Shannon had begun to tongue her daughters lips gently. Amber responded with her own tongue and they slowly and sensuously made out, exploring each others mouths. Shannon and Amber began to moan in to each other’s mouths as their session heated up.

Michael watched this incredibly sexual display and his cock became harder than it had ever been. After watching their tongues play for about 30 seconds he noticed their hands had begun massaging each others large tits. He could not stand much more of this. He needed his cock buried deep inside one of these gorgeous women.

He firmly grabbed his wife’s hips and squatted down till his cock was lined up with her cunt, and then slowly pushed it inside her. Shannon began to moan louder into her daughters mouth as Michael started to fuck her cunt.

Shannon broke off the kiss to moan and Amber watched as her father began to pound her Mother harder. The kiss had been wonderful, so different than her father’s forceful passionate kisses. Amber continued to massage her mother’s tits as her father began to pick up the pace.

Shannon said between moans “Yes hun, play with my tits while your father fucks my cunt! I needed this so badly!” She put her hands on her daughters shoulders to maintain her balance, then bent over until she was level with her daughters gorgeous breasts. Shannon enveloped her daughter’s right nipple and began to suck on it as her husband fucked her from behind.

Amber loved having her nipples sucked and she found she liked having her mother was doing it. Her mouth and tongue were escort bursa gentler then her Daddy’s. Amber thought she was the sexiest woman in the world. She sighed contentedly and continued to massage her mothers large jiggling tits, gently tweaking and pinching her nipples while she watched her Father fuck her Mother. She liked being this close and feeling her mother’s large swaying titties.

“Mom you’re so sexy when you’re being fucked!” said Amber.

Her mother released Amber’s nipple from her mouth and moaned in pleasure. “God Michael, I love your cock!” she cried.

Michael picked up the pace and was now fucking Shannon with powerful fast strokes. Her cunt was tight and her juices made it silky smooth. Michael enjoyed his wife’s cunt very much and was glad to have his cock back inside her where it belonged.

Shannon rested her head against her daughters fat tits as she continued to moan and get fucked hard and fast. Her senses were on overload. Amber was pinching her nipples and her cunt was being fucked hard. She knew she was going to cum soon. “Pound my whore cunt Michael!” she wailed as she was soon launched over the edge in a humongous orgasm.

Shannon wailed uncontrollably and her body shuddered. She began to spasm and her breath caught in her throat. She let out a loud wail and began to cry. Her tears welled up and fell from her eyes as true relief washed over her.

Amber continued to massage and pinch her mothers perfect tits and nipples as she continued to wimper and moan, still cumming hard on her Daddy’s cock. She is so sexy when she cums! thought Amber, looking down on her spasming Mother.

Michael felt his wife’s cunt spasm hard on his cock and it was too much for him. He groaned loudly and shot his hot cum deep inside his wife. Spurt after spurt coated her insides and filled her up to overflowing.

He held her waist for half a minute letting his wife come down from the powerful orgasm she had just experienced. He watched as her head rested against his baby girls fat titties and noticed she was crying. “Michael…” she said in a tear-strained voice “I needed your cock so badly this week…” Amber stroked her Mother’s wet hair as she continued to cry. “I need it every day all the time. I want you to fuck me forever…”

“I will lover” Michael replied. He stroked her slender back and let his cock slowly soften inside his wifes fuck tunnel.

When his cock finally slipped out of her, Shannon stood up and cupped one hand over her sex. she turned around and kissed her husband passionately, holding him close.

Amber watched them kiss and feelings of happiness washed over her. Her Mother clearly needed her Daddy as much as Amber did, and rather than feeling jealous, she felt glad, for both of them.

Shannon broke off the kiss and beckoned her daughter over. She slid her arm around her daughters narrow waist and pulled her close, her other hand still cupping her cunt. Michael wrapped his arm around each of them and pulled them close in a group hug, the two women’s large breasts mashing against each other, and against Michael’s strong chest.

Michael kissed Amber passionately and then broke it off to kiss his wife the same way in turn. Soon they were having a three way kiss, their tongues intertwining and exploring each others. After a few minutes Shannon pulled away and sat down in the corner of the shower. She spread her legs open and as Michael and Amber watched, she shoved three fingers inside her cunt, scooping out some of the copious amounts of sperm Michael had deposited inside her. She sucked her jizz covered fingers inside her mouth. A look of bliss formed on her face.

Amber’s mouth began to water. She knew the taste of that delicious treat and wanted some for herself. She almost wanted to go over to her mother and push her fingers inside her cunt to get some for her own. She blushed at the thought of that but strangely it turned her on, even after the powerful fucking she had just received.

Shannon saw her daughter blush and look down as she watched her eat cum out of her own snatch. She knew from talking to her on the phone that she loved to eat Michael’s cum just as much as she did. After sucking off all the cum on her fingers a few times, she beckoned for Amber to come over. “Come sit next to me baby.” Said Shannon.

Amber obediently sat next to her Mother. She watched intently as her mother shoved her fingers inside herself again. “Open your mouth baby, I’ll share with you.” said her mother. Amber excitedly obeyed and was soon fed a big helping of her father and mothers cum mixed together.

Michael watched the two sexy women sitting side by side sharing his fuck sauce and his cock began to harden. It was one of the sexiest things he had seen in his life.

Amber greedily sucked on her Mother’s fingers and noticed the difference in taste. There was the familiar deliciousness of her father’s sperm, but her Mother’s cuntal juices were slightly different than her own and quite pleasant. She was surprised that she liked her taste and she quickly sucked all of it off her Mother’s fingers. “Good girl.” whispered her mother when she removed her fingers from her mouth. She leaned over and kissed her. They began to make out, their tongues slowly dancing in each others beautiful mouths.

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