A Train Ride To Remember Ch. 03

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Creamy Cum

She was still in a tizzy about what was happening. Travelling with a total stranger who was much older to her she had never expected the turn of events.

Not that she was a kid, however she was still very ignorant about sex. Now standing in front of the handsome stranger who was still in his suit and tie, she was holding his thick penis in one hand and his big dangling testicles in the other hand, she wondered what would happen next. The good thing was , that it was happening with her consent, however bizarre it was.

The man was shaking with excitement. Although he had had his share of sex in his youth, he could not believe his luck. Ever since the sexy girl with the incredibly shaped butt had walked into the compartment, his mind was on nothing else. He had not been able to register a single word of the newspaper that he pretended to read. Gosh, he wanted to get his hands on the magnificent lobes of her bottom.

As he put his hands under her armpits and raised her from her sitting position, he knew exactly what he wanted. His hands moved around her. She could feel his massive palms cup both the cheeks of her arse. He squeezed them hard over her skirt. He squeezed them again and she could feel the tremor in his penis that she was holding. Slowly and deliberately he hitched up her skirt with his fingers. As the skirt came up, she could feel his hand under her skirt, first one and then the other. Both the hands caressed the back of her thighs and came up to her buttocks. She could feel his fingers get under the elastic of her panty and draw them down. Soon it was only his warm masculine palms on her bare bottom. Her skin was flawless. Her bottom was tight and firm from all the workout she did at the gym to keep herself fit.

She was taut with expectation. He grunted Bostancı Escort with satisfaction at the feel of her butt. He caressed the lobes slowly, rubbing his palms in a circular motion, his fingers now and then clutching at the lobes. After a while she could hear his breathing getting heavy again. She felt his hands separate both the lobes. He held the left butt with his left palm and the middle finger of his other hand traced a path down the crack of her arse. The finger stopped at the butt hole. The finger moved slowly around her puckered hole. “ Easy, just relax. I am going to probe your hole. Don’t be tense.” He told her. She could feel his finger entering her arse hole slowly. It pained her and she opened her mouth as if to shout.

He took out his finger, lubricated it with the juice dripping from his penis and again began fingering her arse hole. This time the finger slid in some more. He pushed some more, more than half his finger was in her arse and she slightly spread her legs.

“Come on” he urged her. “Move your hands up and down the shaft of my penis” and squeeze those balls. She did so, moving her hand slowly back and forth on his penis at the same time squeezing his massive testicles with her other hand. His fingering of her anal passage increased in intensity. His finger was now moving in and out of her anus.

He wanted to insert his prick in her anus. He told her to turn around but she was scared. “I don’t think it is a good idea” she told him. “But I am crazy about your backside. There is nothing that I want more in the world just now than to push my penis in your arse.”

“No please don’t “ she told him. “ I will masturbate you if you like”.

“Alright” he told her. But first let me move my penis against your backside Ümraniye Escort even if it means I cannot push it in.”

Before she could respond he had spun her around with his strong hands. He came and stood against her backside and she could feel his warm erection against her arse. She could also feel his muscular legs against her thighs. He held her waist with his hand and pressed himself against her. She could feel his hips as they kept thrusting his penis against her bottom. He placed his penis in between her arse cheeks and started thrusting away at her back.

His strokes were powerful and she shuddered with each stroke. She could hear him breathe heavy after a while. “He must be a total arse freak. “ she thought to herself. He had not bothered about her pussy at all. He kept banging away at her behind. After a while he began to tire and his thrusts reduced. He got down to his knees and she could feel his hands spread her cheeks again.

She felt his hot breath and he brought his face close to her arse hold. She felt his tongue touch the tip of her puckered hole and she moaned. Slowly and deliberately the tongue moved against her arse hole. The tongue probed the hole wanting to enter the hole. It tickled the hole while his fingers caressed her cheeks. After a while he again got up, held her by her waist and started thrusting against her arse with his hard-on. The sounds coming from his throat were animal like.

“I think I may come soon” he told her. “I need your help”. He spun her around again, and urged her to grip his penis. “Shake it. Hold it here” he told her guiding her hand just below the head of his penis. “Stroke upward, stroke fast” he told her “and as your fingers move up apply a bit of pressure to the base of the head.” He Kartal Escort told her. “Here, like this” he explained placing his hand over hers and exerting some pressure just at the beginning of the head.

She did so. In fact she gripped his penis with both hands and stroked upwards.

Almost immediately he stiffened, there was a guttural cry from his throat, and he climaxed. She felt one squirt fly out of his penis and land on her arm. She took one hand and placed them on his testicles. His sac had hardened and moved up towards the base of his penis. The orgasm continued for a while with squirt after squirt flying our his penis accompanied with the his throaty “ aaaaaah… yeeeeesss…”

She could feel his penis shrinking. Soon it had shriveled. He gave her his handkerchief to clean herself. While she was doing so he once again started massaging the cheeks of her arse. “God knows till when I will fantasize about this, I suppose till my dying day.” he said.

She continued to touch and feel his penis and stroke his testicles. She realized that she enjoyed seeing a naked man. It was erotic. She enjoyed handling and playing with his private parts.

It struck her that she might want to be an artist some day. She always scored well in her drawing assignments. She could paint nudes maybe, have naked men pose for her, young and old, slim and fat, long and short. And she would love watching them and playing with their private parts. She realized that the thought gave her immense pleasure.

“What are you thinking girl” she heard him say. She was still fondling his penis which was still limp from the exertion. “ No nothing “ she told him “You better get dressed. I think we are nearing the destination.”

With that she let go of his prick, and started smoothening down her dress. He also dressed in silence. When the station came each got down and went their way. They had not exchanged telephone numbers, not even asked for each other’s names. But each had left an unforgettable mark on the other.

End of story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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