A married women

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i guys, I am here to share my
first experience with a married
woman. A new family came to
stay in our colony a few months
ago. As they were new and I
happened to be passing by uncle
asked me for some help with
unloading his luggage. We had a
brief introduction and found out
that his name is Mr. Rohit
Deshmukh, he was married and
his wife’s name was Sujata and
they had no children. While I was
talking with him suddenly a lady
came towards us from behind
the tempo which had their stuff.
She must be around 35. Not so
thin, not very fat just perfect, the
best part about her was her flat
tummy. She was fair and wearing
a yellow see through saree, her
navel was clearly visible (a lady in
see through saree and the sight
of her navel just turns me on) I
forgot Mr. Deshmukh’s existence
and was shamelessly staring at
this beauty when he suddenly
called my name and said she is
my wife Sujata. She caught me
staring at her and I just started
looking elsewhere.
I introduced myself extending my
hand towards her saying “Hello
Aunty, My name is Raj and I stay
just two buildings away from
your house, if you need anything
please don’t hesitate to tell me, I
will be happy to help you.” Her
hands were so soft and all this
while neither of us tried to leave
each other’s hand. Then she said
“Thanks Raj” with a big smile, I
just fell in love with her at that
Then I helped them unload their
luggage, they were staying at the
top floor which had only one
house and an attached terrace.
After we finished unloading the
stuff I said”I will leave now as I
had to get back home its lunch
time”. But Rohit won’t let me go,
he insisted that I should have
lunch with them as I had helped
them but I refused as I hadn’t
told mom about my lunch plans
and secondly they had just
shifted so didn’t want to trouble
them I said Rohit first you guys
settle down then I would surely
come for lunch. He then let me
go; I again shook hands with
Sujata. She again said “Thanks
Raj” in a very sweet way. I just
enjoyed the feeling of her soft
hands and was wondering how
it would feel when she holds my
dick in her hands.
A few days later I was returning
home from work when I heard
somebody call my name, when I
turned around I saw Sujata
calling me and coming towards
me. I didn’t recognize her for a
second as she was wearing blue
jeans and white kocaeli escort shirt. She was
looking super hot. We greeted
each other and then she asked
me to come to her place for a
cup of tea. As I was in no hurry I
accepted the invitation and we
started towards her flat. She was
walking in front of me while
climbing the steps and I was
admiring her sexy ass. I was so
jealous of Raj who could do
anything and everything with
this beauty anytime. We reached
her place and while opening the
lock she dropped the keys and
when she bent down to pick
them I got a nice view of her
cleavage, I just couldn’t believe
my luck and my eyes. Those were
the most fair, perfect shaped
boobs I have ever seen in my life.
She caught me staring at her
assets but just smiled and
opened the door, we went in she
asked me to relax on the couch,
saying she would fresh up and
be back in 5 minutes. I was just
checking out her home and went
to the music player, there was
nice collection of cd’s next to it
and I was just checking them
out. I didn’t know how much
time had passed when she
suddenly said that’s my favorite. I
was startled and she laughed
seeing my reaction and then
apologized for scaring me. I said
its ok; we sat down on the couch
and started talking about general
things. She had quickly changed
into a body hugging salwar suit;
she was looking hot and
beautiful at the same time.
Suddenly she asked me “Do you
have a girlfriend”? I said no. She
just smiled. I asked her why she
is smiling. She said she will tell
the truth but only if I answer her
question truthfully. I agreed and
she said, she was smiling
because she had observed me
staring at her on the first day we
met and also today. I didn’t know
where to hide myself. I was so
embarrassed. She sensed my
discomfort and quickly said “it’s
ok Raj, this is normal behavior
for guys of your age”. When she
sensed I was still uncomfortable
she came and sat next to me,
held my hand, lifted my chin so
we could see each other face to
face, she looked into my eyes
lovingly and said “Don’t feel bad,
come on give me a smile” and
smiled. I just couldn’t stop
smiling and we both laughed.
When I started apologizing for
my behaviors she stopped me
and said you don’t have to and
don’t have to feel sorry also.
Then she asked me with a wink
and naughty smile “What do you
like the most in me?” I was
shocked darıca escort at such a frank, bold,
direct question. I thought for a
while and said your smile. She
made a stern face and said is it
true? Come on don’t feel shy we
are friends now, tell me truly
what do you like the best in me?
I didn’t know whether to tell her
or not as I was scared if I tell her
the truth she might get angry
and throw me out of the house.
But she wouldn’t listen and finally
I told her that I like your boobs.
She smiled and gave me a
naughty wink.
So did you see them properly at
the door or not. I knew she was
teasing me and I thought I will
also just play along and said no.
She asked “So you want to see
them?” I said yes. She bluntly
asked just see them? I said first
show me then see what I will do.
She picked up the small pillow
from the couch and started
hitting me, I picked up the other
one and soon we were pillow
fighting like small kids. She was
really strong and I lost my pillow
and to save myself I held her
wrists, in the process we fell on
the sofa, she on top of me. We
were breathing heavily and
started laughing for no reason at
all. Then she gave me a kiss on
my forehead and said I don’t
remember when was the last
time I laughed so much was. I
kissed her back on the forehead,
then on her lovely eyes, on her
cheeks and then I paused looked
in her eyes and kissed her lips. At
first she resisted but soon we
started smooching each other
like long lost lovers. Amazing
feeling guys. Then I started
moving my hands all over her
body exploring everything. I slid
my hand inside her kameez and
ran my finger on her waistline
and pinched her hips. She let out
a soft moan. I then started
moving upwards towards my
main attraction. When I almost
reached boobs she stopped my
hand broke the kiss. She stood
up, held my hand and pulled me
towards the bedroom. Once we
were in she made me sit on the
bed, switched on the ac, and
started walking towards me
undressing her in a sensual
manner she removed her top
and then her bottoms. She was
wearing black bra and panties
(my fav color). She came and
removed my t-shirt, and then she
pushed me on the bed, started
kissing my forehead, eyes,
cheeks n lips. I was playing with
her boobs when she was doing
this. She then kissed my chest, bit
my nipples, she slowly reached
my jeans gölcük escort removed it in a flash
along with my underwear. My
dick was fully erect giving her a
salute. She took it in her hand
and started stroking it saying “it
feels so good to hold a dick after
so many years”. She started
sucking it like a candy. I was in
seventh heaven guys, she was
just too good. Then she removed
her bra put my dick between her
sexy boobs and I started fucking
her tits. The feeling was amazing.
I then pulled her up and started
licking her boobs, moved to
sucking the right nipple while
squeezing the left one. She
started moaning loudly saying
this is the first time someone is
licking and sucking her nipples. I
was shocked but continued
giving her pleasure. This
continued for 10-15 minutes,
while doing this I was fingering
her pussy which was getting
wetter by minute. She came so
heavily moaning so loudly I was
scared somebody might hear
her. Then she pushed me on the
bed and slowly inserted my dick
in her wet juicy pussy, she
started riding it slowly first and
then with much faster pace.
I just loved the sight of her
boobs going up and down in a
rhythmic movement. I was
squeezing them, she came again
and collapsed on me, as I wasn’t
finished yet I changed positions
and started slamming her like
anything. I slammed for
sometime finally releasing my
load inside her. I lay there on top
of her catching my breath she
was playing with my hair and
saying thanks again and again.
After sometime she rested her
head on my chest and started
crying. I was scared thinking she
was crying as she thought she
has cheated on her husband but
when I asked her the reason for
her crying she said her husband
had just married her for money
and didn’t love her in all these
years of marriage he had made
love to her only 5 times. Today
was the first time she felt being
loved and thanked me for this.
When I asked her why did she
gave me this opportunity she
said the first time she saw me
she liked me, she had caught me
staring at her but she also saw
my discomfort at being caught.
She said at least you were not
staring at me shamelessly like
those bastards.
I was happy and gave her a kiss
on her forehead; she kissed me
on my lips and slept. After
sometime we woke up, went to
the bathroom cleaned each
other. We got dressed; I left after
smooching her for 10 minutes
and playing with her boobs.
Her husband left for his work for
a week after a few days and we
had a great time. Once I even
stayed overnight, w

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