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Cockaigne Chronicles is a series by various authors set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of, and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

A big thanks for all the great feedback and comments, I”m loving them.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is fictional and took place in the imagination of the writer, nothing written ever happened. These fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of these fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all or any places in the world, and these fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations, but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Archie Plays with the Boys
by David Heulfryn

I enjoyed myself, just lazing around the pool with Andy, drinking coffee and chewing the fat. I told him about Grace and how we had seen a lot of each other. He knew, of course, and was very tight-lipped about her, not telling me anything.

Leo and Freddie joined us after seeing Dad and Marcia, their Mum, fucking in the hot tub, poolside. I swear Leo looked traumatised. I couldn”t help laughing. Poor Leo loved being naked, but when confronted with sexuality, he turned very shy indeed.

After Dad had finished fucking Freddie and Andy”s mother, they came over to join us. Dad had thrown away his trunks and was as naked as the rest of us. I watched as his large frame, thick thighs and hairy body moved towards us. His cock was not totally soft yet and sways pendulously in front of him.

When Leo saw him approach, he let Freddie”s hard cock slip from his lips. He jumped up and went over to hug him.

“I”m so glad, Dad. It”s so great being naked, isn”t it?” He pulled away and grimaced. “But yuck. I didn”t need to see you…” Leo didn”t want to say the word. Fucking. Having sex.

Dad laughed, a hearty laugh that resonated around the pool. “But it”s alright for us to see you young things fucking and sucking, but us, older people, aren”t allowed. Sex isn”t just for the young, you know.”

“Daaad!” Leo squirmed and sat back down. Freddie”s cock had wilted, and Leo made no attempt to carry on sucking him.

I took Leo and Freddie back home with me. Dad went back with Marcia and Andy. It was all organised as we around the pool. Dad would spend the night with Marcia, at which Leo cringed again, and Freddie would spend the night with Leo, at which Dad feigned a cringe. He told Leo to be sensible and that I should look after them.

I was hoping to spend the evening with Grace, but Andy was quick to say that she was on the night shift with him. It depressed me as I didn”t want to play gooseberry to two over-sexed teenage boys.

Leo and Freddie ran upstairs when we got home, totally ignoring me. I simply plonked myself in front of the television, hoping there would be something good for me to watch.

It wasn”t long before I heard the faint sound of giggling as the boys were obviously having fun.

I sat in front of the telly just twiddling my soft cock between my fingers. Despite my fumbling, it stayed soft, wishing it could see some action.

It wasn”t long before Leo and Freddie crept into the lounge. Leo snuggled up with me on the sofa, and Freddie sat cross-legged on a chair just looking at us.

“Archie.” I felt Leo”s hand feel down my naked chest and twirl my pubes around his fingers. “I told Freddie how you helped me overcome my fears about sex.”

Leo”s fingers moved from my pubes to my cock, she started to play with it, and my cock began to respond.

I gasped as he pulled back my foreskin, revealing my moist knob.

Freddie was like a blur as he dashed off his chair and knelt between my legs, sucking in my moist knob.

I gasped again, and my open mouth was covered by Leo”s, his tongue entering me and stroking the inside of my mouth.

Leo and I were firmly connected, breath being swapped from my lungs to his. I was at the mercy of the two boys as they ravaged my mouth and cock.

Freddie gave great head, at only sixteen he knew what he was doing. I was pleased my brother was experiencing the same as I, showing him how good someone”s mouth on your cock could make you feel. He was better than Leo, but Leo was still a novice, and I knew Freddie would teach him well.

It didn”t take long before I felt like I was going to blow. Leo kept his lips locked to mine, and any noise I made sounded incoherent. But I had no doubt Freddie could see and feel the signs.

His wet lips stayed locked against my shaft, pulling back my foreskin as he went down on me, my şişli travesti sensitive knob slipping down his throat without even a hint of choking.

I couldn”t cope any longer. I lifted my arse off the sofa, thrusting my cock deeper into Freddie”s throat. I felt my shaft swell as my knob began to twitch.

I groaned into Leo”s mouth as I shot my spunk into Freddie”s mouth.

Freddie pulled back, so my cum didn”t slide down his gullet but allowed it to pool in his mouth. He kept a tight seal around my cock, and no cum escaped his puffy, red lips.

In one large gulp, Freddie swallowed my cum and slid my spent cock from his lips.

The two boys released me and just sat back grinning at me.

I couldn”t speak. I sat back panting, catching my breath.

Leo pecked my cheek. “He”s been wanting to do that from the moment I told him you let me suck you off. I said he could.” Leo”s hand slipped back down to my damp and clammy wilted cock.

Freddie sat in the chair again, cross-legged and grinning like he had just done something naughty.

I felt Leo”s breath against my ear. “I told him he could do something else too.” He whispered.

“Don”t I get a say in this?” I teased.

“No,” Leo said flatly.

“Why?” I was puzzled. “Why would you want your boyfriend to fool around with your big brother and not with you?”

“It”s ok. We”re both fine about it. Freddie didn”t get jealous when I gave you a blow job. And I won”t get jealous when I watch you fuck him.”

Fuck. This was getting serious. I”d never fucked a guy before, and I wasn”t sure I wanted too.

I shook my head.

Leo kept fondling my sticky cock. It was growing longer and firmer.

“Your cock tells me you want to. Besides you want to help your little brother, don”t you? Freddie says this is part of my training. So I can see how it”s done properly and not what they do in those silly porn films.”

My cock was now at full mast, but Leo kept stroking.

“Stop.” I gasped. “You”re going to make me cum again.”

Leo delicately removed his hand and brought it to his face. He inhaled the musty, damp scent.

“You had better clean you cock, Archie. You don”t want to fuck Freddie with a filthy cock, do you?”

“Heaven forfend.” I sighed.

Freddie leapt from the chair again and grabbed Leo”s hand, almost dragging him to his feet.

“Let”s get ready.” He said.

“We need to take a bath and get clean for you,” Freddie told me. “We”ll call you when we”re ready.”

The boys then dashed upstairs, and I heard the shower start.

I could hear giggles and Leo squealing sometimes. I wondered what they were up to.

My cock deflated as I waited and I just thought of the two boys playing in the shower, washing each other, fondling each other, and then Freddie showing Leo how to get ready for being fucked. I pondered how Freddie was doing it.

Freddie was the best thing to happen to Leo in a long time, and I was pleased he had finally found someone and that he was in the first throws of first love. My mind went back to my first love. Her name was Chantel, and we were only fifteen.

Leo would have been too young and naïve to realise what was happening, but Dad knew full well and would tease me about it sometimes. How I would walk around the house with my head in the clouds and mope when I couldn”t see her. We only went out for six months, but it was an intense six months. We were both virgins and eager to discover sex. The first month was spent kissing and feeling each other up through our clothes, but Chantel made the first move and one day pushed her hand down my school trousers and grabbed my hard cock. I exploded immediately, and she laughed. She wasn”t teasing me or trying to make me feel bad, her eyes said she understood, and I began to laugh as well.

I remember her pulling her cum covered hand out of my trousers and wiping it on my school shirt. I was thankful it was a Friday, and I didn”t have school the next day. I”m glad I didn”t have to explain why I was wearing a cum stained shirt.

We took it slower the next time, and she didn”t surprise me, so I kept my cock under control. I leant back and spread my legs wide as she wanked me with my hand down her trousers. After I came, she expected me to finger her. I did my best, and she kept telling me what to do and how much pressure to exert. I pushed my fingers straight into her cunt, but she pulled them out and helped me find her clit. On after playing with that and making her cum did she say to put my fingers back inside her. She was warm and moist.

I was so nervous when I went into the chemist to buy condoms. Chantel had said we should go all the way the following weekend and I could come over Saturday morning as she would have the house to herself. My face must have been beet red when I went to the counter and placed the small packet of Durex in front of the middle-aged lady. Thankfully she didn”t react, she must have known it was my first time, and she behaved like I was just buying a new toothbrush. beylikdüzü travesti As soon as I left with the condoms in my pocket, I gasped for air, not realising I had been holding my breath as I paid.

Like the first-time Chantel touched my cock, I didn”t last long so I can”t really say it was enjoyable. We giggled as we tried to put on the condom, and we both stared as I pushed my stiff cock inside her. A few thrusts later, I was filling the condom. Chantel was disappointed I didn”t last long, but I made it up to her by frigging her off until she came.

I did what I was taught to do with a used condom, I tied the end up, but we didn”t know what to do with it. I couldn”t flush it. Chantel, she said it could put it in the bin just in case her parents saw it.

In the end, I stuffed it in my jeans pocket and tossed it in a litter bin as I walked home.

It got so much better after that, and we spent the next few months of our relationship fucking like rabbits. I don”t think we were too discrete because my Dad sat me down to have a serious talk about sex shortly afterwards. I was cringing as he talked to me about safe sex and condoms and where to buy them. One good thing did come out of it was he increased my allowance “so I wouldn”t be too skint to buy them”. That part I liked, and I did spend that increase on condoms, and more besides.

Then we split up, and I was moody for the next few months until I could hook up again. Once you”ve had a very active sex-life, wanking yourself feels very bland and unsatisfying.

The screech from upstairs jolted me.

“Archie, we”re ready for you!” Leo yelled from the top of the stairs.

My cock grew harder with each step as the anticipation grew. I had never fucked a guy before, and I was growing excited.

As I entered Leo”s bedroom, the two boys were standing next to the bed, naked, with massive grins on their faces and equalling massive erections pointing directly at me.

“Lie on the bed, Archie,” Leo said to me.

“I”m not the one getting fucked, Leo.” I frowned at him.

Freddie giggled. “We know. But I want to sit on you, it”s my favourite position.” They began to jiggle around like excited children being told they were getting a treat.

“Ok,” I sighed and lay on Leo”s bed, on my back.

Freddie climbed over my legs and held onto my hard cock, with both hands. He slowly stroked me.

Leo knelt on the floor, watching intently what Freddie was doing.

Freddie formed a spit bubble and let it drip onto my cock. He smeared his spit along my shaft then shuffled forward, and I felt my exposed knob connect with his balls and trace a path back to his crack.

Leo raised himself and grabbed Freddie arse cheeks and pulled them apart while Freddie reached behind and grabbed my cock.

“Wait, aren”t you going to use a condom?” I asked.

“Don”t be silly,” Freddie chuckled, “you can”t get me pregnant.”

“But…” I was astonished at Freddie”s naivety. “There other things we need protection against.”

I was about to reel off all the STDs I”d heard of, but Freddie cut me short. “I”ve had the jab, you”ve had the jab. That”s the benefits of Cockaigne. The residents prefer it bare.”

Freddie lowered himself onto my cock, and with Leo holding my cock steady and on target, it slipped inside, and Freddie quickly engulfed my entire length.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned and closed my eyes as Freddie”s arse wrapped itself around my cock, he felt tight, but not so much that I caused him any pain.

I opened my eyes and noticed his cock had spewed out loads of precum as my cock filled his insides.

Freddie sat motionless with a satisfied smile on his face and his cock pulsing as it dribbled with precum.

I heard a sigh as he took in a deep breath and slowly started to ride my cock.

Leo wasn”t just a passive observer; his hand had cupped my balls, and he gently squeezed them with his thumb. He also extended a finger beneath be, rubbing my perineum but never as far as my arse. I suspect he was trying to reach my hole, but he didn”t push far enough.

Freddie began bouncing on my cock, one hand pounding his cock, his other tweaking a nipple. While they used me for their pleasure, I lay motionless, just enjoying the sensation of an arse squeezing my cock rather than a cunt.

When I closed my eyes, I felt Freddie loom over me. I opened them, and his face was above mine. He”d stopped bouncing on cock. Freddie was now tensing his muscles, increasing the pressure on my shaft and grinding his arse into my hips.

Freddie leant forward, and our lips touched. He kissed me.

The pleasure emanating from my cock told my brain that I didn”t care it was a guy, it just felt fucking fantastic.

Freddie gradually slipped forward, and my cock slipped from his arse, and our lips parted. I watched as his moist, hard cock came closer to my face. I licked my lips, and he rested his red knob on my chin.

I licked his cock. The first cock I had ever istanbul travesti licked.

Freddie inched forward, and his cock slipped into my mouth. It felt wet and warm and tasted slightly salty. I sucked his cock and teased his knob with my mouth. I don”t know how good I was, but I didn”t care. I was just enjoying these new sensations.

It was then that I felt my cock being lifted and pressing against flesh.

Leo had straddled me and was guiding my cock into arse.

The thought of my cock inside my brother arse almost made me blow, but I managed to control myself. Leo took it slowly. It must have been painful for him, but I could see.

I spat out Freddie cock, “I want to see Leo.” I told him.

Freddie climbed off me, and I watched as Leo”s slim and smooth body hovered over my cock. Only my knob was inside him, and his eyes were closed, his face in a grimace. He was sweating.

“You can do it, Bro. Just take your time. Relax.”

I reached forward and rubbed my hand down his iridescent white skin and grasped his hard cock. I stroked him. He seemed to become more relaxed.

“Push out as you go down, Leo,” Freddie whispered to Leo.

“You can do it, Bro.” I reiterated. “This feels so good.”

“I can”t do it!” Leo gave up and lifted himself off my cock.

I sat up and hugged him. He looked so deflated that he couldn”t do. He looked like he might almost cry.

I didn”t want to see Leo fail. I was determined for Leo to get what he wanted.

I picked him up and lay him on his back on his bed. I was between his legs and lifted them, resting them on my shoulders. My hard cock pointing directly at its target.

Leo looked a little scared but also elated that I was taking control.

I pushed my cock inside him, just my knob at first. I swear I could feel his arse go pop as it went in. As I leant forward, I kissed him. We kissed deep and slow, our tongues mangled together. The moment I felt his body relax, I thrust forward, and my cock forced its way inside, to the root.

Leo let out a silent scream into my mouth, and a solitary tear slid down his cheek.

We stayed motionless, attached as he got used to the invasion by my cock.

Our lips separated, and I looked deep into Leo”s eyes. He looked to be in some discomfort, but no pain. His eyes didn”t hate me, his eyes looked grateful, thankful that I had done this.

When his body relaxed, I started to pull my cock back slightly and then back in. He sighed as I pulled back and grunted when I filled him again.

I didn”t care where Freddie was, I just loved that I was fucking my brother, and he wanted it. My pace increased as he got used to it.

His tight hole was squeezing the life out of my cock, and I wasn”t going to last long. This felt so much better than a sloppy cunt.

Our eyes never looked away from each other as I sped up and let out one final grunt as I slammed back into his virgin hole and spayed his inside with my cum.

I was exhausted, and I collapsed on top of him, my cock firmly inside him. I could feel his legs slip from my shoulders and down my sides.

Leo kissed my sweaty forehead. “Thank you, Archie. That felt so good.”

I slid off Leo, and my cock slipped from his hole. My belly felt sticky. I touched it and realised it was cum. Leo had come as I was fucking him and I never noticed.

“I love you, Brother.” I was getting my breath back now.

“I love you too, Big Brother.” Leo stroked my hair. “I”m glad you were my first. I”d been dreaming of it for months but was too afraid you”d think I was a pervert.”

“There”s nothing perverted about making love, Leo. You will always be my baby brother, I will always love, and I will always protect. I just hope it didn”t hurt too much.”

“It did.” Leo sighed. “But I needed it. I needed it so you could make me feel better than I”d ever felt before.”

We heard Freddie clear his throat. He was standing by the bed; his cock was now soft. I don”t know if he came, I didn”t care.

“You make me feel good too.” Leo smiled at Freddie.

Freddie knelt beside us, and he kissed Leo. “I know. And I know how important it was that Archie was your first. But there”s one thing I want to know.” Freddie whispered in Leo”s ear. “Do you think he will let me fuck him?”

“I am in the room, you know!” I teased.

But it was an interesting question. One I will have to think about.

I got up and left the boys alone, telling them I was going to take a shower.

I felt so proud of Leo.

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