A Conversation with Emily May Ch. 02

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(My first encounter with Emily May was to help her and her mom to find each other’s sexual needs and I thought all was well with them. The last I heard from them, she was between her mom’s thighs as mom emailed me. So I was rather surprised some months later to have got this email from Emily May.)


I’ve missed you so much. I’m wanting you so much. I’m a horny submissive girl and I want you. I think about you a lot.

From Emily May’s iPod

Hello darling.

I do hope you enjoyed your orgasm thinking of me – perhaps looking at my naughty pics. How’s your mom though? Doesn’t she make love to you any more? If I was with you, you’d certainly know what orgasms are! Several – one after the other until you screamed for mercy, your body arching and shaking in delirium.

Mmmmmm. Xxxxxxxxx


Ooooh my god Sarah!!!

You make me cum so hard. I very much enjoy my orgasms that I have thinking of you. Yes, my mom still has time for me, but not as much. She met someone and all of a sudden decided that what we were doing “was wrong”, so it ended – well except for brief moments. A month of crying and I am still not over it. I just wish I knew what to do…

Emily May

Sorry to hear that Emily May.

You just need to find a new lover of your own. Meantime, think of me trailing my finger tips along your inner thigh, feeling the trembling beneath the skin and hearing your sighs until my fingers find the warm damp pussy lips inside your panties. Sneaking between thenm, I can slip two fingers inside the wonderful jewel, a gorgeous wet vagina. Deep in your secret place. Mmmm. You have a special fleshy inside – I adore feeling it and pushing my fingers against it. Mmmm – I’d love to hear you cum. Dribble your lovely juices over my hand, ready for me to lick clean before I press my own hot pussy over your face, rubbing your nose and lips until I cum all over your face as you cry out in an exploding orgasm, your thighs thrashing wild in ecstasy. Exciting and sexy darling.

Sarah xxxx

I can taste your juices already!!!

From Emily May’s iPod

Thought of you this morning as I enjoyed playing with myself – imagining hugging you and stroking your bottom and thighs, feeling the flutter in your belly as your body responded to my touch. I knew yo were lubricating for me, so I squeezed my hand into your panties and fingered your labia. Mmmm – yes! Wet! I imagined bursa escort the pussy I was fingering was yours – it was so delightful to be feeling you again, the trembling of your thighs as the orgasm built up – and I CAME for you Sarah, juices all over my palm. I held it out for you to lick, as you came with me!!

Ooooo yeeees!Emily xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Several weeks passed without further messages from her. Then …)

I miss you Sarah.

Emily May xxx

Darling Emily May,

It’s been a while since I heard from you, so it was lovely to get your note – I know you were masturbating at the time. I could tell! Maybe you could feel my fingers exploring your soft warm pussy – or my tongue slipping in and out of your vagina whilst my nose rubbed your clit – feeling you jerk and gasp as I taste and smell your private juices. Mmmmm – yes, you’re trembling and moaning darling – your labia are so soft and tasty – I’m chewing them with my lips, still pushing my nose into your clit. Are you cumming already? Ooooo yes, please do. Cum for Sarah. Gosh I’m getting so wet. Perhaps a quick feel inside my knickers … gosh yes. Soaking. Here goes. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Are you cumming back to me darling? I need your pussy in my face.

Sarah xxxxxxxxx


Oooooooh Jesus how you make me quake and moan and cum so violently! I want to taste you so bad! I’ve missed you so much! I’ve been thinking about you a lot!

Emily May

Mmmm Emily May

I often think about you in bed when I’m masturbating – trying to visualise your dripping pussy – it’s smell and taste. OMG you’re so sexy – gorgeous body – I love your moans and quakes darling as I finger you and rub my nose over your clit. Do have another orgasm for me. Please!!! I’m playing with myself right now – sticky keyboard – wet knickers – all for my Emily May. Oooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeees!!!

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Ooooooooooh christ Sarah!!!!

You make me cum so hard every time you talk to me!! I want to taste you! I’ll lick your keyboard clean for you! Let me taste you please!!!

Cum on then darling Emily May

I’m waiting for your tongue to lick my pussy – your fingers to open the labia and tease my clit. I could cum all over face Emily. Mmmm. OMG. Kiss me!


Oh yes, Sarah.

Kissing your breasts and sucking on your nipples moving my way down to your pussy opening up your labia and licking bursa escort bayan your clit sucking on it softly as I finger you. licking your pussy lips and sucking on them. pushing my tongue into your pussy tasting you. God you taste amazing! But im not as experienced as you!

Emily May xxxxxxx

Perhaps not Emily May,

But you’re learning fast! I love the feel of your tongue penetrating my vagina, and flicking over my clit. You could a lady some damage Emily!! Exquisite damage. And I shall fill your mouth with cum as I explode. Mmmmmmmmm.


(A few days later, while checking to see who was ‘available’, there was Emily May’s little green light. I sent her an IM.)

“Hello Emily May. What are you doing online – waiting for me – or chatting?”

“Waiting for you.”

“I just noticed you were ‘available’, so thought I’d say hello, maybe even give you a quick kiss.”

“Don’t tease…”

“And a big hug – and stroke your bottom.”

“Ooooooh god.”

“And listen to your moans and chew your ear and kiss your neck.”


“Run my hands over your thighs.”

“Ooooooooh pleeeease.”

“Feeling the warmth between your legs.”

“Pleeease touch me – pleeeeease!”

“Mmmmm fingers roaming over your groin, finding your sweet little clit.”

“Oooooh goddd Sarah – don’t stop pleeeease.”

“Then fingers pushing between your labia to feel the wetness oozing from your vagina – kisssing your stiff nipples as I start to finger fuck – my other hand rimming your bum.”

“Oooooooh Saraaaaaah – fuuuuuuuuck.”

“Feeling your thighs begin to tremble and shake, your bottom lurch and judder with the thrill.”

“Pleeeeeeeease dont stop – I’m going to cuuumm.”

“Hearing your gasps – panting – shuddering – trembling belly. Hearing your scream of agonising ecstasy. Cumming for Sarah.”

“Oooooooh Goddddd – I’m cuuuuuuummmminngggggg.”

“Cumming cunming cumming. Ooooo darling – how I miss that soft delicious pussy, dripping with lovely juice.”

“Ooooh Sarah. That was so intense. It’s been a while since you made me cum.”

“Phew – so glad you made it. How about another?”

“Yessss pleeeeease.”

“This time I’m gong to get your whole vulva in my mouth and chew and chew and chew, scooping out all the nectar with my tongue, pushing my index finger deep in your bum.”

“Oooooooh bursa sınırsız escort Saaaaaaraaaaahhh.”

“Biting you clit.”

“Oooh Goddd. Pleeease. Fuuuuuuuckkkkk.”

“Sucking your labia – sliding my tongue deep into your vagina, tasting your divine, delicious juices, smelling Emily May’s delicious nectar.”

“Oooooooh jesuuuuuuuuuus christ!!!! Fuuuuuuuck.”

“Oooooooooooo I feel you shuddering again – cumming – cumming for a second time.”

“I … aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm – ooooooooooooooooohhh. Ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk.”

“How was that, Emily May?”

(After a pause.)


“You see how beautifully I make you cum darling.”

“Yesss. Oh – panting hard here.”

“A third?”

“I’ll do anything for you Sarah. Oooooh goddddddd … anything you want …. yesssssss.”

“I love your delicious body – those cute stiff nipples and that wonderful piece of womanhood – between your thighs. I could gaze at it all day – and finger it, rolling the clit between my thumb and finger. Watch the juices oozing out of the dilating vagina.”

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuckkkk.”

“Feeling your belly shuddering – shaking and leaking onto my lips – your cum dribbling into my mouth. Hot wet thighs gripping my head as I bring you to another thrashing orgasm. Cum on Emily May – cum on me – fill my mouth with your sweet juices. Mmmmm – you taste so very good darling. So wholesome!”

“Again pleeeeeeeeeease. I’ve never cum so hard – please don’t stop.”

“Gosh how many more can you have?? Your labia are so swollen and your clit so big and stiff.”

“I’m a teenager – my libido is that of a horny teenage guy.”

“Cum on then, let me rub my soaking pussy over your mouth and my clit over the tip of your nose. Push your tongue inside me Emily May, taste my womanhood.”

“Ooooooh Godddd … pushing my tongue deep inside of you.”

“Feel my juices dripping into your mouth.”

“Ooooooooh godddd.”

“Cum again darling – shake and tremble – thrashing thighs and legs.”

“Ooooooooh pleeeeeeease, I’m going to cum again!”

“Weak at the knees, I’m eating you hungrily – chewing your pussy, kissing your clit – biting it – eagerly. Feeling you cum again – shaking – shouting my name. Oh shit – I’m cumming myself now. Wow!!”

“Mmmmm saraaaah- yes – yes- yes – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!”


“Ooooooooooooh – oooohhh my godddddd … Unbelievable!”

(After another lengthy pause while I get my breath back.)

“Phew – what an orgasm!”

“Please don’t go. Stay Sarah!”

“Afraid I must darling – but I’ll be back later.”

(And I did return for another session with her. Mmm! Lots more orgasms!)

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