A Big Meeting Ch. 03


The story continues

By the time we entered his flat I was almost gagging for it, the buildup and anticipation from last Sunday had finally got to me. The wait encompassed by a pretty sexually charged evening I had just enjoyed, you could say I was definitely really up for it. I had a feeling it was going to be special and I was determined to play a bigger part this weekend. Steve`s hands were all over me as we kissed long and passionately. After the way he had beautifully fucked me last weekend, introducing me to his big cock so thoughtfully and gently, it was my turn tonight to repay his kindness.

I manoeuvred us into the bedroom, removing his shirt along the way, we had both lost our shoes, and he`d had a quick feel of my tits. We kissed again, still standing I went for his belt and surprised myself at the ease in which I had his slacks down, quickly followed by his boxers. His magnificent cock greeted me, standing to attention all big and proud. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned and fell to my knees.

I took him in my mouth instantly, taking him deep. I was rewarded with a sigh and a deep moan, “Jeeeeez Jackie,” He exclaimed. I noticed he gave slightly at the knees, I must be doing something right I thought.

“You like that?” I asked removing my lips for his shaft.

“Mmmmmmm, get on that bed,” He ordered

“In a moment,” I replied and wrapped my lips around his cock again. I noticed there wasn’t an objection. I slurped and sucked his cock and balls for the next ten minutes. Slowly at first, then going at it fast taking him as deep as I could. When I was doing him hard I would caress his balls with my free hand, my other hand wrapped around his cock. I found if I used my hand and lips in unison my hand would meet my lips and prevent his length from making me gag. Seems I was learning all the time, I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft from balls to crown.

“Jackie stop please,” He was almost pleading.

“Stop, why would I want to stop?” I looked at his face my lips still around his cock.

“Please get on the bed and let me pleasure you.”

I dipped my head again taking as much of his lovely cock as I could. I popped it out of my mouth, “Why?” I asked again.

“Because I`m going to cum in your mouth any second.” He stammered an answer.

That was the reply I was looking for. I removed his cock with another plop before standing up and slipping my dress to the floor, I bounced back onto the bed, Steve gazed at my body. I opened my legs, “Come and get it big boy,” I invited the gusset of my thong stretched tight across my very moist pussy.

Steve had regained a little composure by this time, he lifted my left foot and began to kiss his way upwards from my ankle. Passed my knee and up my thigh, Under normal circumstances I would have been actually embarrassed by how wet the crutch of my panties were, but not tonight. I had worked on his cock and got the response I was looking for. In doing so I had turned myself on to the point of creaming my panties. I didn`t care one iota, I was here to get shagged and didn`t feel guilt or ashamed of the fact I was looking forward to it and going to enjoy every second of it. In fact I`d thought about little else other than Steve`s huge dick and what he was going to do with it in every spare moment since last Sunday.

I knew he would tease my panties off, “Yes, yes,” I rasped as he pulled the crotch of my thong to one side and ran his tongue along my slit. My arse came off the bed to meet his tongue. “Jeeeeesus, Oooooooo, yeeessssss,Ahhhhhhh,” I moaned as he went to town on my pussy. There was no teasing now, he wanted some revenge for my earlier cock teasing, and judging by the lashing he was dishing out he was certainly going to inflict it. His tongue found my swollen clitty, ” Yeeeeeesssss Oooooooooooh, God yes,,” My arse was even higher off the bed know, he licked my clit hard, “Aaaaaah, god Jeeeeeesus. I`m cuuuuu…” The bastard stopped right at the critical second. I was there right on the edge, balancing right on the cusp of the mind shattering orgasm I had been dreaming of for a week, only to be stopped when the goal was so close. I opened my eyes and got a shock.

Steve was kneeling alongside me his cock inches from my mouth, “More please,” He said inching his knob end closer to my lips.

“Want more do you…?” I was about to ask, more than a little miffed he had not sent me over the top, but didn`t have the chance to present my question before he passed my lips entered my mouth again.”Mmmmmm.” My only stifled comment.

“Now get your arse round here,” He manoeuvred me so we were side by side my mouth still full of cock. He opened my legs without any resistance from me, he quickly recommenced his tongue work between my wide spread thighs, “Mmmmmmm,” His muffled comment.

“Ooooooooh yes,” I managed through a mouthful of cock.

“Is that what madam requires?” He asked sarcastically stopping his tonguing me off for a second.

“For God`s sake,” I said grabbing behind his head and forcing his mouth towards my pussy,” Please Steve, please.”

His porno indir mouth was so close to my quim I could feel his breath, “Please what?”He asked, teasing bastard.

“Ummph,” My only verbal response.

Instead of a dignified reply of please lick my pussy. I attacked his prick with renewed vigour, taking more in my mouth than ever before, he let out a groan before returning to my, by now somewhat desperate pussy. I was determined to give as good as I got, if that makes sense in a position like this. I teased him for a while, my own orgasm quickly appeared on the near horizon. I knew I was building to a real biggy. The way he had teased me was manifesting in what was threatening to be probably the biggest orgasm of my life. I attempted to prolong the build up by diverting all my attention to his throbbing cock. Licking and sucking, my hand wanking him in quick time now. It worked for a few minutes. Then he concentrated on my clitty.

“Aaaahhhhh,” I moaned an involuntary reaction to his attack, “Ooooooooh god yessssssss,” Words were coming out of my mouth I didn`t have any control over. He licked either side of my swollen clit, this appeared to have the effect of making it get larger and more sensitive as it searching for his tongue. I took a lot of his cock into my mouth my hand not coming up quite so far. I felt him touching the back of my throat. Never before had I taken a cock so deep, he moaned loudly.

It had the desired effect, he lashed my clitty with his rampant tongue. I exploded into orgasm like never before. I grabbed his head in both hands in a vice like grip as I ground my pussy onto his tongue.”Fucking hell, yes, yes yes, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhh My God,” I was close to passing out, and may have done so with the intensity of my orgasm. I recovered opening my eyes I was staring at his cock, his very rigid cock.

I wondered what his next move may be, I didn`t have to wait long to find out. He began to slowly tease between my legs again. Naturally I took his cock back between my lips and slowly began to give him head. Suddenly he stopped licking me and grabbed my thighs in both hand. Still being a little naive I wondered what was happening. I soon got my answer I felt his cock expand and the first jet of his cum hit the back of my throat. This was my first taste of spunk and I didn`t know what to do. Keep on sucking seemed to be the best idea, another jet, followed by five or six more, I swallowed as fast as I could, until I felt the last twitching of his cock. His cock lost its bone hardness and slipped from my mouth. Steve was panting and was quite sweaty. I watched his cock go limp I licked my lips and found some of his sperm had coated them. I analysed the taste and found it quite pleasant, a fact which surprised me as I had always imagined it would not be very pleasant.

Steve was the first to speak, “Sorry,” He uttered as he recovered.

“Sorry for what?” I asked.

“Coming in your mouth, I didn`t mean to.”

“It`s okay,” I said with a degree of smugness.

“I`ll get us a drink.” He announced and jumped out of bed, I detected a note of embarrassment.

He returned with two glasses of orange juice, “Thanks,” I said when he handed me one. I was slightly reluctant to take a drink as it would rinse the taste of him out of my mouth. I did take a sip and it was good, refreshing.

Steve leant over and kissed me, “Sorry Jackie,” He apologised again, “It was just, you were just so bloody good.”

“Glad you enjoyed it.”

“Oh I enjoyed it alright, but…”

“But what?” I was curious.

“To cum in your mouth like that without giving you any warning is unforgivable.”

My smugness was getting bigger by the second, “You mean you couldn`t help it.”

“I couldn`t resist it is what I meant.”


“Jackie you did me good and proper.”

“Only returning the attentions you pay me.” I replied with a giggle.

He took another drink of his juice before turning to me, “Well what would madam like to do now?” It was his turn to smile.

“What`s that?” I asked knowingly feeling his once again hard cock on my thigh.

“Just a little something that came up,” He replied with a smirk.

“Little, little I wouldn’t exactly say little,” I retorted, “Well just what had you in mind for that little something?”

“Mmmm let me show you.”

“If you insist.”

I was lying with my back to him this enabled Steve to slip his hands on to my tits and played gently with my nipples, making my nipples erect very quickly. He kissed the back of my neck and moved downwards kissing me gently, whilst still teasing my boobs. He placed kisses on both cheeks of my bum. He gradually worked his way back upwards I felt the head of his cock nudging my bum cheeks apart. I opened my legs a little to allow him access to my sex. His knob attempting to enter my pussy. I opened my legs a little more and his bell end stretched my pussy. I felt him push a little harder. My quim played her part to the full and accepted his advances rokettube by opening and allowing him in. I pushed back against him as he gently sank his cock into me.

“Oh yes, yes please,” I pushed back harder and he sank deeper into me. After last weekends surprise regarding his size and the problems we had, this time I was ready for him. Well I thought I was ready for him, his hands left my boobs and grabbed my hips. He held me tightly and began to slowly move in and out of my pussy. Of course he was stretching me but the pain and discomfort on this occasion was nothing to the problems of our first encounter. To describe his huge cock entering me deeper with each thrust was a little painful yes, But it was a type of pleasurable pain, mixed with the anticipation of the fucking I was going to get dissipated the pain. Steve moved fast and deeper stretching me as he got closer to full penetration, “Fuck me,” I pleaded, Steve needed no second invitation and began to thrust harder, “Yes, yes fuck me,” I was almost begging, “Fuck me harder,” I was matching his every thrust, as my second orgasm of the evening built quickly. I was thrusting back onto that marvellous cock when I began to cum, “Oooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaah, god yes, Jeeeeeeeees I`m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiing,” I was shouting, he must have felt my pussy gripping him, I felt his grip tighten on my hips, his thrusts became harder. I pushed back and he thrust forward hard I felt his balls against my clit. He was buried up me to the hilt. My orgasm swept me to that special place once again. He didn`t let up the power of his thrusts sending me to heaven again, and again.

Something else I had just discovered, again call me naive, when a man had cum once getting him to cum a second time seemed difficult. Unlike us women who appeared to be able to enjoy several orgasms, in this instance with this guy anyway.

Steve moved me on to my knees and entered me from the rear,”Ooooooooo,” I cooed as he thrust into me, “God that`s good,” I panted again thrusting back onto his dick, “You`re making me cum again,” I said almost matter of factly, I buried my head into the pillow in an attempt to stifle my screams as I approached another orgasm.”Oh god, oh my god, your making me cum again, Ahhhhhhhhh,” I buried my head deeper into the pillow as my orgasm overcame me, I was just about coming down when I felt Steve`s cock expand, this set me off again. He was reaching parts he hadn`t before he was deeper than ever. I couldn`t take much more I exploded in orgasmic bliss. Steve held my hips even tighter as he shot is spunk deep inside me, I came with him..

I slumped forward as his cock softened and it slipped out of me, Steve lay beside me we were both sweating and breathing heavily.”Christ that was amazing,” He whispered.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I murmured, to exhausted to reply in words. Steve leant over and kissed me on my cheek, “Mmmmmmmm,” I murmured again. I was asleep before I heard him say another word, if he did, he sounded as knackered as me.

What time we finished our sex session I don`t know what I do know was it was daylight when I felt him move and get up. I opened my eyes and watch my gorgeous hunk of a man wander into the bathroom. I dozed peacefully, total happy with life, a couple of minutes later Steve emerged from the bathroom he had obviously showered and had wrapped a towel around his waist. I didn`t move but watched him go through to the lounge and presumably the kitchen. I heard cups chinking and imagined I could smell fresh coffee. A few minutes later Steve walked into the bedroom still wrapped in the towel, carrying tow mugs of coffee.

“Here you are sleepy head,” He said softly.

I opened my eyes and smiled at my lover, “What have you got for me?” I asked huskily glancing to the slight bulge showing in the towel. Then a naughty thought came into my mind. I reached up as though I was going to take the mug from him. Instead I tugged the towel away from his waist.

“Hey,” He began to protest. To late I was up and had his rapidly hardening cock in my mouth.

“This is all for me is it?” I asked as I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, a rapidly growing cock. “Best put those mugs down or you`ll spill the coffee,” I said returning my mouth to the object of my desires.

“Certainly madam, anything madam says,” He placed the mugs on the bedside cabinet, I never let up working on his dick, taking him deep into my mouth. I licked him from tip to balls, circled his balls tantalisingly before taking each one into my mouth, then back to the sensitive underside of his cock up to the top. Into my mouth again my hand wanking him and meeting the downward stroke of my mouth. “You`ll have another mouthful if you carry on like that I can tell you.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I said encouragingly, “I`ve got something else in mind.”

“You have?”

“Lay down,” I instructed Steve, who needed no second invitation, he slumped onto the bed his feet still on the floor I jumped off the bed, admiring his cock, standing to attention magnificently, “Open your legs.” seks filmi I ordered.

I reversed towards his cock, reaching between my leg I grabbed his monster and guided it towards my pussy. I rubbed the head of his knob along my slit until I thought I was ready to impale myself on his morning woody. Unfortunately my mind was playing tricks and as I attempted to sit down on him I realised I was a little sore from last night sexual activities. “God your fannies red hot,” Steve exclaimed as I managed to get a couple of inches of him up me.

“White hot I`d say,” I moaned as I rose up until only the tip of his dick was in me, I lowered myself down a little further with each stroke.”Bloody thing feels bigger than ever,” I remarked.

“Lucky you,” He said smugly and raised his hips as I lowered myself onto him.

“Oooooouch,” I screamed at the pain of the extra couple of inches I`d just been served with. A couple more lengths and I was getting used to the size and could feel the familiar stirrings deep inside. I began to ride his huge cock fast and faster, still convinced it was bigger this morning. Perhaps it was the reverse cowgirl position, maybe it was all the sex last night. Either way I was getting another good fucking. A small orgasm proceeded a big one I was literally pounding him into the bed as I rode him like never before. I had three large orgasms in very quick succession and my legs were becoming tired and achy, Steve sensed I was hurting and cleverly slid up the bed when I raised myself upwards. I turned around to see his head was now resting on the pillow and he was smiling.

“Come and sit on this,” He said pointing his massive cock towards me, how could a girl refuse? I jumped onto the bed and got my legs either side of Steve`s I moved forwards and we kissed passionately. I felt him fumbling with his cock, positioning it at the entrance to my wet fanny. The head of his cock entered me and I sat down on him in one slow but silky movement until he was buried up to the hilt.

“I`m now going to fuck your brains out,” I informed him as I began to move backwards and forwards, up and down his cock, faster and faster. The bastard worked me hard, very hard I felt him expand a couple of times and knew he was close to cumming. The bugger then took a deep breath and delayed his orgasm. Sweat was running down between my tits when I sat up. I was getting tired and my legs were aching again. I raised myself off his cock.

“Had enough,” He taunted with a smile.

Not to be outdone I slid down the bed and took him in my mouth, my turn to work him hard, I could taste my juices on his cock and I gave him a decent blow job before standing turning around to our original reverse cowgirl position. I teased him moving my arse tantalisingly close to his cock, then rubbing him along my wet slit, when I decided his cock was wet enough with my love juice I slowly impaled myself fully taking him to the hilt once again. I began to ride him, building up the speed of my fucking slowly. This time I was determined not to be beaten, he was going to give me the cum shot I desired.

Fast and faster I rode him, cum you bastard, I said to myself and pounded up and down on his beautiful weapon. My own orgasm was building deep inside and I knew it was going to be huge. I was almost there when I felt him expand. This time there was no going back, I screamed in orgasm as did Steve. His cock thickened and hardened, that sent me completely over the edge, “Ohhhhhh yessss, fuck , fuck ,fuck, yeeeeeeeeees aaaaaahhhhhh,” I screamed as we orgasemed together. I lay back onto his chest, he nibbled my ear and kissed my neck.

Once I had recovered a little I decided a shower was definitely called for, I stood up. Or should I say attempted to stand up. I almost collapsed my legs were that weak I struggled to support myself, much to Steve`s amusement. Regaining my composure I managed to stagger into the bathroom I sat on the toilet, my legs still like jelly. After a while I tentatively stood up, thankfully some strength had returned to my legs. The warmth of the shower was much needed I spent ages washing my hair and every inch of my body. I waltzed into the bedroom, Steve was nowhere to be seen. I checked myself out in the full length mirror and considered I looked good. I dressed and made my way towards the smell of breakfast cooking , although it was definitely brunch. I went up behind Steve at the stove and wrapped my arms around him.

“Go and grab a shower I`ll finish off here,” I offered, he needed no second invitation as he made his way to take a shower.

After brunch we went for a drive and a walk that was very nice, I collected a small suitcase I had left in my car at the nightclub with a change of clothes and other bits and pieces a girl needs. We had booked a table at a nice restaurant for the evening, neither of us fancied a club afterwards. We made our way back to Steve`s flat, “Nightcap?” He offered.

“Love one.” Steve produced two cognacs, not my favourite tipple usually, but the glass Steve gave me was super smooth and went down a treat. We chatted for about an hour before he stood up and took my hand leading me to the bedroom. He slowly undressed me, very sexily kissing every part of my body as it was exposed to him. I was about to return the favour when he had me down to just my thong, he would have non of it.

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