You… Oh My!

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I like to write about actual memories. Things that have happened to me, and sometimes stories I have heard and I will elaborate on. The following was an actual occurrence that happened 10 years ago, between my husband and I.



Oh my, you were so sexy that day, dressed in all black. Black jeans, black shirt, and black, leather jacket. The jacket, done up with safety pins, studs and chains. Ahh, the metal jingled from the chains swaying against the pins and studs. It was like a call of my name.

Your walk! With purpose , your walk. Coming towards me with your eyes on me. A look with determination and lust. Just for me.

Closing my eyes, I can hear your boots, clicking against the tile floor. The chains, calling my name, making me yearn for your touch.

All noise stops and I could feel your hands on my skin, pulling me to you.

Oh! The sensations. The rough of jean, smooth and cool of leather, and Icy cold of metal. That was more exotic then any empty stretch of beach on a warm, summer’s day.

I can still feel your hands, roaming over my body. Down my back. Pausing at my hips with a light squeeze and following that trail over my ass. Then, returning from which they came.

I feel your soft lips abidinpaşa escort on my neck. The feel of them, vibrating through me, making me shudder and moan. I can feel that heat deep down inside me growing hotter and hotter with every touch.

I feel your teeth on the underside of my jaw, just nipping. Oh, I wanted to touch you. I wanted to feel you. But, it was the game we so often liked to play. I was not allowed to touch you. And, if I did, there would be punishment. I wanted to run my hands over your arms and chest, to feel your muscles at play. So I moan instead and clench my hands into fists.

Your hands, making their trails over my body, had now moved to my belly. Just fingertips, making light patterns against my skin. That heat inside me growing hotter and more vibrant. Feeling my wetness slick against my thighs. My heart, pounding out of my breast.

Your hands are on my breasts now, touching lightly. Fingers, making little circles around my nipples, turning them into hard pebbles.

I open my eyes and can see the mirror on the far wall over your shoulder. I can see a mirror image of us. Seeing my mirror twin’s eyes glazed over from passion. I turn us slightly, so I can see your hands on my body. I can see akay escort your fingers plucking at my nipples, making me gasp and jerk. I can see your right hand making a path down my belly to the entrance to my center. All the while, your left hand is still plucking at my nipple, making me moan out loud.

Your hand reached the opening to my center and rubbed with your palm. Using your fingers, you opened my nether lips. In the mirror, your fingertips disappeared. I could feel you rubbing that little nub. You were driving me insane. All I wanted was to feel you pulsing inside of me. I begged you to give me release with a moan of your name. But you did not give up on your delectable torture.

I feel your lips on mine. Soft, like a butterflies’ touch. Your tongue making it’s wet path across my lips. At the same time I feel your fingers shoot into me as did your tongue into my mouth. I came hard and strong. My legs giving way. I can see stars floating in my vision. You lift that hand that had given me pleasure to my mouth. You wanted me to taste. Sucking at you fingers made you moan with need. I looked up and smiled at you.

You turn me around and push me up against the wall. The rough brick was another sensation to feel. Your hands, ankara escort your lips, your body were on my back, Moving further and further down to my ass. Getting on your knees, you spread my cheeks and ram your tongue into my puckering asshole. I began bucking against the wall as you tongue fucked me. Your hands, moving to my pussy. Fingers going in and out, in and out in time with your tongue. Harder and harder. Faster and Faster.

All sensations stop! I tried to turn around to see what was wrong, but your hand shot out and pinned me to the wall. I could hear your zipper as you pulled it down.

You got to your knees once again and fucked my asshole with your tongue. Making me gasp and beg for more. You stand up and I could feel the tip of your cock pushing against my puckering hole. Pulling my head back, you start kissing my neck and your hands plucking at my nipples. Then, holding me still, you bite my neck hard and RAM your cock into my asshole. I screamed with the pleasure of it.

Then you began to fuck me. Harder and faster, making me moan, yell, scream your name! You would not stop! More and more. Your fingers finding my clit once more, toying with me. Bring me to the edge of the orgasmic void over and over again.

Finally, you grab my hips and ram your pulsating cock into me once more and I could feel your hot juices pump into me, filling me up.


After 10 years of marriage, you can still boil my blood in this way.

Let’s put the kids to bed early tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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