Worth the wait


As she started to get ready, Beth felt the nerves starting to make her feel sick. She had never been on a blind date before and had agreed on a whim when her friend, Jo, had said that her boyfriend had a single friend who he was sure would suit Beth.

Now, the night of the date, she was terrified. Her lack of experience with dates and men full stop was the main reason for her nerves, but she didn’t have this guys phone number to text and cancel. Maybe Jo had known she would do that, and that’s why she had insisted on organising it all for her. All she knew was that he was called James and would meet her at a bar in town.

Giving up on eye liner when her hand was shaking so much she was in danger of looking like a clown, she spritzed perfume around herself, took a final look in the mirror and went downstairs to call her taxi.

Of course, tonight was the night that there was no traffic to contend with and the taxi was all too quickly pulling up outside the bar. Thanking the driver and probably tipping way too much in her nervous state, Beth walked in and desperately scanned the room for this James. All she had been told was that he would be wearing a blue shirt and had dark hair.

Suddenly, her heart gave a start and she felt her stomach flip over. No, it couldn’t be, could it?

Sat in a booth, looking out the window of the bar, was a James that Beth had known at school and who she had always fancied but never been brave enough to pursue. She had only known Jo since university and they didn’t live anywhere near where Beth had grown up, so there was no way Jo could have known. That is, unless this was a coincidence and he wasn’t there for her….

He suddenly looked up, saw Beth and waved her over, a huge smile on his face.

“Beth! I had this gut feeling that it was you! I knew you lived around here and then Matt said about setting me up with a Beth, but I didn’t really think…wow, you look amazing.”

Beth gripped hold of the table, suddenly more nervous but more comfortable with the situation all at once. James stood up and kissed her on both cheeks, laughing as he said,

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost! I’m guessing you had no idea it was me you were meeting?”

Sitting down opposite him, Beth shook her head.

“No, they knew I’d chicken out if I had too many details. James wearing a blue shirt was all I was told. I didn’t even know you lived round here.”

James got up and stood in front of the table.

“I’ll fill you in in a sec — let me get you a drink, you look like you need it!”

Beth smiled at him, “It’s been a bit of a surprise…a nice surprise. Could I have a white wine?”

Pulling out her phone as James went to fight his way to the bar, she quickly text Jo.

“Well he’s gorgeous. And I had a crush on him all the way through secondary school. You should have given me more details!”

Looking at her watch a while later, Beth couldn’t believe it was nearly midnight. They had been chatting easily all night which had become flirtier as the wine had taken hold.

Hearing the barman call for last orders, James stretched, stifling a yawn.

“I’m sorry, am I boring you?” Beth laughed as she caught the yawn herself.

“Sorry, it’s been a great night. I can’t believe how late it’s got. Let me get you a taxi.” He got out his phone and reached out a hand to Beth, who was disappointed that there was obviously no chance of the evening carrying on at home. She let him pull her up and they made their way outside.

Waiting for the taxi, Beth shivered in the cool of the late night.

“Come here, let me keep you warm.”

He pulled her into a hug, and she snuggled into him, feeling his arms tighten around her.

“Are you free tomorrow?”

Beth looked up at James and nodded.

“I thought you wanted to get rid of me, putting me in a taxi.”

Shaking his head, James smiled.

“Not a chance. I’ve not felt like this for so long. I really like you, Beth. I don’t want to spoil it with a half-drunk end that won’t be good for either of us.”

He leant down and tentatively kissed her lightly on the lips. Feeling her respond, he kissed her again, harder this time, his tongue gently parting her lips. Beth kissed him back, the usual worry that she didn’t know what she was doing always at the back of her mind.

Pulling away as his phone beeped to signal the arrival of her taxi, James held her hand as he moved towards the taxi.

“How about 12.30 in the park, by the bandstand? Wear trousers and flat shoes, I’ve got some fun planned.”

Intrigued, Beth laughed as he opened the taxi door for her.

“12.30 it is. Thank you for tonight.” She leant up and kissed him on the cheek, before ducking into the car and giving her address. As the car drove off, she realised she still didn’t have his number, but wouldn’t be ringing to cancel tomorrow anyway. This could be the start of something.


Waking up the next morning with the sun coming through her curtains and warming her face, aksaray escort Beth stretched luxuriously and smiled to herself thinking of her day to come. Reaching for her phone, she wasn’t surprised to see a message from Jo asking how her evening had gone. Typing a quick reply giving the briefest of details, knowing that would infuriate Jo, she then jumped in the shower so she wouldn’t be there when Jo inevitably rang to get more gossip.

Ten minutes later and sure enough, there were 3 missed calls from Jo.

“I’ll tell you everything tomorrow when we have lunch! It went really well and we’re meeting up for lunch today. Let me get ready!!!!”

Pressing send, she jumped as her phone beeped to show a message received, this time from a number she didn’t recognise.

“Morning! Can’t wait to see you later for the fun I have planned ?? Don’t spend ages doing your hair and no makeup! Over and out. xx”

Smiling as she realised that Jo and Matt had obviously not imposed the no number rule on him, she quickly replied.

“?? OK, I guess?! See you at 12.30! xx”

Just before 12, Beth checked herself over in the mirror, finally happy with her combination of skinny cropped jeans, her favourite casual top and her converse shoes. Pulling her cross-body bag over her head, she left the house, waving at her elderly neighbour, Betty, on the way out.

She’d left plenty of time to walk to the park, enjoying the warm sunshine which was the perfect temperature. Not too hot, but you didn’t need a cardi either.

Approaching the bandstand, she could see James waiting for her, a smile appearing as he saw her coming.

“You look great. You did the no makeup thing!”

Confused, Beth nodded.

“That’s what you said? Did I do the wrong thing?”

James smiled, taking her hand to sit at a bench.

“No, don’t worry! The hair thing will become clear in a minute, but I wondered if you would trust me enough not to wear makeup. A lot of girls need a mask.”

Thinking he was ever so slightly strange, Beth instinctively put her hand up to touch her face.

“You look beautiful.” James leant in and kissed her softly. Unable to resist, Beth responded, twisting to face him on the bench.

Stopping when a group of teenagers passed by making slurping noises, they laughed and James got to his feet, pulling Beth up.

“Right, over here.”

Going over to the wrought iron fence which ran the perimeter of the park, he headed over to where a tandem bike was propped against the fence, two helmets hanging on the handlebars.

“What the…” Beth was speechless.

“I thought this could be fun. Jo said you’d never gone to the old windmill and it’s a good spot for a picnic.” He handed her a cycle helmet. “Now do you see why I said not to bother doing your hair?”

Laughing, Beth took the helmet and put it on.

“I completely understand! This could be interesting, I haven’t ridden a bike for years.”

“You go at the back, I’ll steer.” James positioned himself at the handlebars and gestured for Beth to get on behind. “You can watch my perfectly sculpted behind as we go.”

Glad that he couldn’t see her blushing, because that was exactly what Beth had thought she could do, Beth started pedalling as they set off. A little wobbly at first, but they soon got into a rhythm and were laughing as they went around the lake and on to a cycle path heading out of town.


Twenty minutes later and Beth couldn’t believe what a good time she was having. They had made their way out into the countryside and had been laughing and chatting the whole way — no mean feat when you’re not even looking at one another. People had smiled whenever they’d seen them, waving at the two crazy loons on a tandem bike, and a wave back had meant the bike wobbling again until they regained their balance.

In the distance, Beth could see the old windmill which she’d been meaning to visit ever since she had settled into the town.

“Nearly there!” James called as they pushed on up a slight hill.

They were approaching the windmill in no time, and James steered the bike to a spot in front of the sails which were turning slowly.

“Phew! That was tough at the end.” Beth collapsed off bike and onto the grass.

Settling down beside her, James laughed.

“It’s worth it though! No one ever makes the effort so it’s always quiet if you come all the way up here.”

Lying back next to her, he reached for her fingers, idly playing with them before holding her hand as they lay looking up at the cloudless sky.

In the peace and quiet there was no hiding the enormous tummy rumble which came from James.

“Flippin’ heck! Is that a thunder storm looming?”

Beth sat up, pretending to look around for storm clouds.

“Ha bloody ha. I’m starving! Let’s eat. Give me two minutes.”

Sitting up to watch him, Beth saw him disappear behind the back of the windmill and a few minutes later come back with a huge wicker picnic hamper.

“What the…” Beth looked in amazement as he started fishing out a bottle of wine, glasses, smoked salmon and all kinds of other picnic treats.

“I know the chap who runs the windmill. He said I could leave it here, so I dropped it off this morning. Wine?”

Beth nodded, accepting the glass he’d offered, still amazed that he had gone to so much effort at such short notice.

Half an hour later, Beth lay back on the grass, full to the brim with deliciousness. They’d finished with some gorgeous, ripe strawberries which had typically dribbled down her top as she’d bit into them, something James had found hilarious.

Closing her eyes, she felt James lie down next to her, his hand taking hers again. Squeezing his hand, she felt him lean up on his elbow. Opening her eyes, she fond him looking at her, before he leant down and kissed her. Kissing him back, Beth moved her tongue against his, probing further into his mouth as the kiss deepened. He shifted so he was more on top of her, and the weight of his body started doing things to Beth’s insides that she hadn’t felt before. He ground into her slightly, and she could feel he was getting hard, pressing against her. Suddenly scared, she pushed him off and sat up, knees bent, her face in her hands.

“Beth? Are you OK? Did I do something wrong?”

He moved her hands away from her face, gently wiping a tear from her cheek.

“Please don’t cry, what’s happened?”

Feeling stupid, Beth let him take her hands.

“You’re going to think I’m stupid.”

James shook his head.

“If it’s enough to make you upset, it’s not stupid. Tell me, please.”

Taking a deep breath, Beth looked at him.

“I’m a…I mean I’ve not…you’re going to think it ridiculous.”

James kept quiet, waiting for her to finish.

“I haven’t ever slept with anyone.” Beth got it out quickly, then pulled her hands away and stood up, walking over towards the windmill.

Quickly following her, James caught her and turned her round to look at him.

“Is that it? Why would you think that matters? You didn’t think I was going to make you do it here did you?”

Blushing, Beth nodded.

“I could feel you, and I’ve never been in this situation, even though I’m so old, and I didn’t know. I want to, you don’t know how much I want you already, but I don’t know what to do and can’t do it here.”

Laughing, James drew her to him.

“Sweetheart, I didn’t think we would have sex here. My mate John is in the windmill working. People could walk by, and I want our first time to be special, never mind it being your first time with anyone. You could feel me because I want you so much too, but we can take our time and see where things go. OK?”

Beth cuddled into him, hot tears again falling but this time from relief. Maybe it would all be ok.

Late in the afternoon, after spending a couple of hours talking, kissing and just being, they cycled slowly back. James had dropped the hamper back into the windmill, Beth not wanting to meet his friend just yet, before they set off.

Getting back to the park, they’d taken the bike back to the rental hut, Beth not sure what was the right thing to say next. Luckily, James took over again, sensing her nervousness.

“OK, so I don’t know what plans you have for tonight, but I was going to get a pizza and watch trashy tv. Do you want to come over and do the same?”

Smiling at him, Beth nodded.

“Thank you. Not just for the invite, but for making things normal. I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologising, please. Just let things happen. They will if they’re meant to. Now, don’t take this the wrong way and go weird again…”

Beth laughed and hit his arm.

“Ow! What I was going to say was, do you want to go home and get stuff so you can stay over. In the spare room if you want. I just thought it would be more relaxed if you don’t have to get home.”

Reaching up to kiss him, Beth swallowed hard before replying.

“Thank you. Again. I’ll come over in a couple of hours, with sleepover stuff. Text me your address?”

James got out his phone and sent the address there and then.

“Perfect. I’ll see you later.” He kissed her slowly, keeping his body away from her so she couldn’t feel again how just kissing her made him start to harden, not wanting to scare her again.


Pressing the doorbell a couple of hours later, Beth took a deep breath. She’d tried to stay calm, ringing Jo for reassurance (she had done a good job of it — Matt had been adamant that James was a decent bloke) before packing up her bag, including a packet of condoms she’d bought on the way home. Just in case.

Opening the door, James smiled and took her bag, before kissing her on the cheek. He had changed into a clean t-shirt and shorts, and smelt amazing.

She followed him through the hallway into a good-sized lounge, not too blokey, she noticed, but modern and clean. Going over to the fireplace, she looked at a photo of James with a stunning girl, holding a baby. Not saying anything, but going to sit on the sofa, she looked up at him.

“It’s my sister and her little boy. Don’t worry.”

“I wasn’t…I just…” Beth shrugged, not knowing what to say.

“I’ll get us a drink, then we can order the pizza.”

Waiting for the pizza, Beth wasn’t sure what had changed, but there seemed to be a tension in the air. Nearly asking what was wrong a couple of times, she kept chickening out, instead concentrating on the quiz show which was on the tv. James had sat next to her, but made no attempt to touch her, and it was a relief when the doorbell rang and they could eat.

Sighing as she pushed away the last bit of her pizza, Beth smiled at James who had tomato sauce on his face.

“You’ve got a bit of…” she pointed, and James went for the wrong side to wipe it.

“No, let me.” She leant over the table to him and wiped it with her finger, before sucking it off. Her eyes never leaving his, she leant in and kissed his lips, before pulling away.

“Do you still want me to stay?”

In response, James pulled her close again and kissed her properly. He held her head with his hands, fingers running through her hair.

Pulling away to stand up and lead her back to the lounge, he kept hold of her hand.

“I didn’t want you to feel pressured. Of course I want you to stay.”

In the lounge, the tv forgotten, they lay on the sofa kissing like a couple of teenagers. Beth hadn’t ever appreciated the closeness that full on snogging could bring and felt herself getting wetter the longer they kissed.

Taking his hands, she moved them up her top, hearing him moan slightly as he felt her boobs. Shifting under him, she could feel him getting hard, but didn’t freak out this time, instead moving against him slightly as he raised her hands up above her head and pulled her top off.

Doing the same to him, she ran her hands over his back, feeling his muscles tighten at her touch.

“Can we go upstairs?” she whispered to him.

“You sure?” He looked concerned.

Nodding, Beth sat up, covering her bra with her top she’d picked up off the back of the sofa. Gently taking the top from her, James held her hands down, so she couldn’t cover herself, then led her up the stairs. She could see her bag in a room, but he took her to a different door which was obviously the master bedroom. Touched that he really had put her stuff in a spare room, she followed him and sat on the edge of his huge king-sized bed.

Lying back on one side of the bed, James pulled her hand so that she shimmied up the bed to join him. Leaning on him, Beth tentatively put her hand on his chest, as he tilted his head to kiss her again. Melting into the kiss, she let him reach behind her and unfasten her bra, gently freeing her breasts, before cupping one of them and letting his thumb graze over her nipple. She moaned gently, then gave a little gasp as he pushed her back and moved his mouth down to gently suck her nipple.

“Is that ok?” he murmured, kissing her bare breasts.

“Mmmhhh.” Beth’s only response turned to little moans as he kissed his way across her tummy then back up to her breasts, before returning to her mouth, his hands roaming the whole time.

Squirming against him, she moved his hands to her cropped joggers, and nodded at his questioning look before he pulled them down, leaving her knickers on.

“Those too.” Beth didn’t understand why he’d not taken them off at the same time, then took a deep breath as his mouth kissed her through the material, his mouth warm against her. She moved against him, then sighed as his fingers moved inside, gently stroking her as he kissed his way back up to her mouth.

“We’re going slow. Trust me.” He whispered the words against her mouth as he kissed her, moving his whole body to be on top of her. Kissing him back, she held the back of his head, grinding against his body, wanting all of him.

He moved down her body again, kissing his way down before reaching the top of her knickers. Slowly peeling them down, he started gently sucking at her clit, making her squirm with longing. She used her feet to push her knickers all the way down and off, before opening her legs wide, wanting him. He kept working with his tongue, little circles making her moan as she got wetter.

“Ohh, ohh. Fuck.” Beth came suddenly, shuddering against James’ mouth as he started kissing back up her body. Reaching her mouth, he leant on his side, one leg over her, then kissed her deeply.

“Was that ok?” he murmured as they kissed.

“It was amazing.” Beth stroked his back, feeling the muscles tensing under her touch. “I’ve obviously made myself come, but that was incredible. I’m sorry I wasn’t loud and sexy.”

James laughed, then found he couldn’t stop. Struggling to breathe, he had to sit up to compose himself.

“Sweetheart, what you just had was the most perfect orgasm. You shouldn’t believe what you see on tv or in films. Sometimes, yes, you’ll be loud but when it’s real like that the actual coming isn’t always a loud thing.”

Feeling stupid, Beth turned on her side, not wanting to start crying now of all times.

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