She stumbled across the place by chance when she ventured off the forest trail. She had been tempted by a sweet fragrance on the breeze and rewarded with a wide field of tall grasses dotted with colorful blossoms. The trees rose on all sides creating a silent seclusion but for the gentle sounds of nature … the rustle of the wind through the leaves … the call and response of birdsong.

She bent to remove her well worn leather sandals and standing pressed her feet to the earth. She wiggled her toes, turned her face to the shining sun, and inhaled the beauty of the day. She trailed her fingers lightly over the waist high grass and watched the butterflies flutter from bloom to bloom, a sweet smile curving her lips.

The breeze played through the gentle waves of her sea green hair and snuck beneath the hem of her thin cotton sundress, the only garment adorning her. Her pale skin was soft as the petals of the flowers surrounding her, her eyes as green as the swaying grass. She paused a moment to allow a pair of bumbling bees to pass and continue about their business. zayıf gaziantep escort She turned slowly, taking in the simple joy of being alone under the sky.

She closed her eyes and lifted her arms up and swayed gently like the grasses and flowers in the breeze humming a gentle melody. Her hands moved to her hair, combing through her tresses before they lowered to trace the curves of her body … full breasts, slender waist, hips that begged to be held. Her fingers wandered down, grasped the fabric of her dress, inched it up until they found the soft skin of her thighs.

She walked further, admiring the variety and character of blossoms as she did. When she found herself in the center of the field, she circled once more surveying the surrounding treeline. Satisfied she was alone, she dropped her sandals and reached for the straps of her dress. Slipping first one then the other over the slope of freckled shoulders.

She helped the dress over the rise of her breasts revealing pale pink nipples gaziantep zayıf escort stiffening in the breeze. Her hands cupped her breasts as she thumbed the rosy nubs … rolled them between her fingers … tugged lightly and then, decision made, she pulled her dress up and over her head. The wind rolled through the meadow and plucked the fabric from her fingers. She let it fly.

She took a deep grounding breath and pressed her feet to the earth and lifted her hands, face, and heart to the sun. Skyclad, she smiled. The sun warmed her freckled skin and the field tickled her thighs … teased at her naked sex. Another deep breath. She bent forward, folding herself in half, she touched her toes. Her breasts pressed against the smoothness of her shins.

She moved into a downward facing dog pose, her body and the earth forming a triangle … feet and hands grounded … supported by her strength … flexibility and form. Shifting again she lowered herself to the ground, the gentle scratches of the gaziantep zayıf escort bayan meadow on her sensitive skin were erotic and exciting. She placed her hands next to her breasts, pressed them into the earth, let her head fall back, and lifted her breasts to the sky.

She rolled onto her back and watched the clouds float through the cerulean sky. She shifted in the grass, thick thighs rubbing together as a need began to build. Her left hand moved to her breast, her right slipped over the softness of her stomach. A quiet sigh escaped her lips as her fingers found her own flower, parted her petals and delved into her depths. Her thumb pressed against her bud and the sigh became a moan.

She continued moving her fingers slowly, languidly as her other hand roamed her body. She let it build slowly … there was no need to hurry. She bent one knee, the other leg outstretched and rolled her hips toward her hand. Her palm pressed against her clit as her digits drove deeper. Her pulse quickened … breath shortened.

A tightening … a trembling … a tensing. She could hold back no longer. Her movements more frantic, she chased release until finally … arching her back and crying out to the open sky, her sweet satisfaction poured over her hand and onto the grass.

She lay there in the sun glistening with sweat and sex with a satisfied smile on her lips, and watched the clouds go by as the butterflies and bees flitted to and fro.

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