What’s Love Got To Do With It? Ch. 04

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When morning came I awoke in a tangle of limbs and bodies; sweating where their skin touched mine, cold wherever I was exposed. I was a sticky, oozing mess of fluids: Logan’s, Jaimie’s and Gemma’s, not to mention my own.

I couldn’t tell you how much cum I had taken and expressed throughout the night but from the soreness of my ass, my tender pussy muscles and the sense and taste of a mouth that was coated in ejaculate I had been well-used.

Which suited me fine, to be honest; after all, wasn’t this what Stephen wanted from me? Wasn’t this the very reason he had stayed in a hotel room last night? So I could fill myself up for his oral adoration?

As I squirmed into a more comfortable position the mass of bodies moved with me, almost organically, to accommodate me and I found myself pressed breast to breast with Gemma, her left thigh between mine. I smiled as I stared at her sleeping, peaceful, cum-ruined face and remembered my first taste of her sweet pussy, before the guys had ravaged it with their stiff pricks. Her look of shock had quickly been replaced with delight as I probed her folds with my tongue and sucked on her hard little nubbin until she came, squealing with bayan gaziantep escort the intensity of it.

I started rubbing my pussy against her thigh as I thought of how, after Jamie’s assault on my ass, I had given her no choice as I guided her face down there, to my dark place and made her pull my cheeks apart even as I pressed her lips to my gaping hole.

And now my wetness was beginning to gush from my pussy and leave a slick trail along her thigh and all I could think of was the sensations of a long thick cock entering my mouth even as another pressed deeply into my cunt; the rhythm of both holes being emptied and filled in harmony; the impending urgency, the deep moans of satisfaction and the sweaty slapping of flesh on flesh that built, over what seemed to be hours, towards the dramatic inevitable crescendo and left the three of us seemingly immobile with exhaustion until Gemma’s eager tongue and fingers raised the boys’ temperatures once again and took them both on while I watched from my supine foetal position on the wooden floor.

I opened my eyes to see Gemma watching me, smiling, as I continued to rub bayan escort gaziantep myself off against her leg and I closed my eyes again and pictured Stephen ringing the doorbell; pictured me sending Logan, all long and thick and stiff, to let him in and direct him to my bedroom before leaving both doors open so Stephen would hear as he swaggered back down the hall to fuck me hard and spank me loudly and make me scream his name as I came again and again on his wonderful cock.

My beautiful Gemma might wander down the hall to sit by him on my bed all cum covered and smelling of me and of them and would encourage him to strip and play with himself as he listened and whisper to him of his inadequacies in the face of two thick pricks…”and did he see how big Logan was”…(She would give him a name to wank to); “and Jamie was nearly as long”…(two names)…and if he’d like to watch? If he would just take off his shoes they could creep down the hall and peek around the door!

And if he wanted she could tell him everything that had happened while he rubbed his little cock. She might even offer to give him a handful of Logan’s escort bayan gaziantep cum, or maybe it’s Jamie’s, from her pussy if he wanted some lube…”they left so much in there when they filled me up” she would say…”Of course they left it in your girlfriend’s ass too”…(just so he would know where to worship).

I began grinding my pussy against her and, as she pressed upwards to help me on, I felt Logan’s fingers penetrate my ass as he whispered good morning in my ear and, may the Gods help me for the slut that I am, I pushed back against his digits and began to fuck them, whimpering as they invaded me and Gemma’s fingers found my clit.

I couldn’t help myself I was a slave to my basest needs; my body bucked and fucked against them as I fought to ride the waves of orgasm that shook my body and all the time my mind was focused on my Love, my One, who at any moment would turn the corner into my street, walk to my door, ring the bell and wait, impatiently to worship his Goddess, to be humiliated by his Slut Mistress, to eat the leavings of other, better, men and thank her for the privilege.

And I began to cry from my own humiliation; that I needed to do this; that I needed these other cocks, these studs who understood how I need to be used the way that Stephen never could and as I cried I continued to fuck and buck and cum and cum and cry…because I never wanted to stop and doubted that I could, even if I wanted to and I was happy and sad that Stephen knew the real me and loved me for it and worshipped me for it and bonded to me because of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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