What a Ride Ch. 03

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“Just how many more stores are we going to Bella? We’ve been here like all day already,” I heard Pam say with a sigh of exhaustion and frustration.

“Don’t worry, this is the last store, I promise. I got a good feeling about this one,” I said as I walked into a smaller clothing store.

It had been a few days since Alex invited me to his house party after our tryst in the hot tub and I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what to wear. The house party was tonight, and I still didn’t have the perfect outfit. So when the mall opened up first thing this morning, I dragged Pam along to help me finally find one.

“We’ve been to the big chain stores and you got some tops. We’ve been to some popular fashion stores and you got some dresses and skirts. We even went to a lingerie store and you picked out some things. What else do you need?” Pam said behind me, clearly irritated that we’ve been in the mall for what seemed forever at this point.

I turned around and grabbed Pam’s hands in mine while I juggled the various bags that I was carrying and pleaded with her, “Look, I’m sorry Pam, but please just bear with me a little while longer? The house party is tonight and I still haven’t found the perfect thing.”

“The perfect thing? You mean the perfect slutty thing for Alex to ogle?” Pam replied as she rolled her eyes at me. I feigned being temporarily hurt before she continued, “That was mean, I’m sorry. I’m just tired y’know? I know you want to impress Alex and if I can help my best friend get laid, then I will!”

I grimaced and stuck my tongue out at her playfully before I smiled and turned to browse the different clothes around the store. I knew that Pam was prickly, but I also knew she was super supportive of what was going on between Alex and I. She was also really honest, so I really valued her tagging along and helping me.

I eventually picked out a variety of different dresses, tops, and skirts and headed to the dressing room to try them on. Pam patiently waited just outside while I tried on clothes and stepped outside to model them for her. Every time I stepped out, I was met with constant disapproving looks from Pam. Dammit! Why was this so hard? I went back into the dressing room and realized I only had one outfit left. I sighed and hoped that this would finally be the one.

The top I put on fitted snugly around my chest without the need for any shoulder straps and it basically just covered my breasts as it wrapped completely around my body. I thought that my C-cup boobs would really be on display with a top like this, but it didn’t seem like it. The material itself was sort of loose and flimsy so you could only see a hint of an outline from my boobs. The top also had a thin stretch of material that connected it to my arms where it looped around part of my bicep. I definitely would have to be careful how I moved my arms otherwise if I raised them up high enough, I would probably show off a bit more than I intended.

I grabbed the skirt I picked out to pair with the top and put it on. The skirt snugly wrapped around my hips, but just like the top, the material itself was flimsy and loose. While the skirt went almost to my knees, there was a deep cut on one side of the skirt that went almost all the way to my hips. This gave anyone a good look at my toned leg and it seemed if I were to walk, it would reveal my leg completely.

I took a step back and smiled at what I saw in the mirror. My flat and tight stomach was on full display as was most of my upper body except the area about my breasts. I turned slightly to look at myself from the side and saw that my firm and round butt was still well highlighted despite the loose material of the skirt. My smooth and naturally tanned leg would also definitely cause heads to turn. I thought it was a perfect combination of sexy, but not outright slutty. I silently cheered to myself that I believed I finally found the perfect outfit.

When I looked closer at my chest though, I realized that there was no way it would look good with my bra; the straps would be way too noticeable even if I matched the color. I lowered the straps off my shoulders to see if a strapless bra would work, but I realized you really couldn’t see my breasts through the material anyway. At that point, a naughty idea entered my mind that caused blood to rush to my brain.

I took off the top, completely took my bra off, then put the top back on again. When I looked at myself back in the mirror, I couldn’t help but become slightly aroused. You could still sort of see the outlines of my breasts in the top, but otherwise they were still completely covered. If my nipples hardened, it was possible they might poke through the thin material, but I guess that meant I simply needed to be careful. I had never gone out not wearing a bra before, but I knew that this would definitely be something Alex would appreciate from his little slut.

I started to fantasize about what Alex would do when he saw me like tecavüz porno this. I could only imagine his lustful eyes staring at my chest. His hands would grab my waist and would brush the hot skin of my stomach before he would grab my breasts in his big strong hands.

My own hands seemed to automatically go to my chest and squeeze my breasts as my fantasy overtook my reality. My mouth opened to moan, but I made sure to stifle it as my heart pumped hard. I started to lower the top to expose my nipples when I suddenly heard Pam say from outside, “What is taking you so long Bella? Are you ok?”

Her voice snapped myself out of my daydream and I was once again fully aware of where I was. I quickly stammered a reply back to Pam, “Just making a few adjustments, one sec!”

I fixed the outfit and anxiously opened the dressing room door in hopes that Pam would be just as happy with the outfit as I was. At first she just cocked her head to one side while her eyes looked me up and down. Eventually I saw her smile and nod, “I think this is the one! Definitely better than most of the other things you’ve tried on. I think Alex will love it too!”

“Yay!” I replied back while I reached out for a high-five and Pam haltingly reached out to slap my hand. Without thinking anything of my awkwardness, I went back in to change into my regular clothes and we soon left to pay for the outfit.

After we left the mall in my car, I dropped Pam off and promised her that I would treat her out to some food later as thanks for helping out. Once I got home, I realized that my parents went out and I sighed in relief that my Mom wouldn’t find me and see everything I bought. I was pretty sure that for most of the items, she would never let me leave the house wearing them. At this point I only had a couple of hours before the house party started, so I decided to get ready for it; starting with a long hot shower.

I peeled off my clothes and stepped into the hot water and felt invigorated. I hummed softly to myself while I lathered my smooth and hot skin with soap and washed my shoulder length brown hair. After I finished, I remembered that I definitely wanted to shave for tonight. With my leg on display in that outfit, and with Alex and I not being able to resist each other, I wanted to make sure I was completely smooth and bald down there.

I carefully and slowly shaved my legs to make sure I didn’t get any nicks or cuts before I spread my legs and went to work around my pussy. This was something I had done hundreds of times before being on the swim team, but this time that whole area was extraordinarily sensitive. Everytime my fingers brushed up against my pussy lips or felt the smooth skin around it, I felt jolts of pleasure shoot up my body. Once it felt like I was done, my fingers traced all around my pussy to make sure I didn’t miss any spots and I was perfectly smooth.

God, I felt so smooth and so sexy. My heart pounded against my chest as my fingers slowly moved from my skin, to my slit itself. I could tell immediately that I wasn’t just wet from the water as my fingers traced my pussy lips and I shuddered. I usually wasn’t this turned on from just shaving. What was going on with me?

I couldn’t seem to get my fingers to stop and I started to lose myself in the pleasure. Eventually, I inserted a finger inside my wet pussy while my other hand pressed against the showerwall to steady myself. A soft moan escaped my lips while I inserted a second finger. I started to pump them in and out of my pussy with increasing speed as my moans became louder and louder.

The hot water from the shower continued to massage my naked breasts and it felt incredible against my hardened nipples. Thank God my parents weren’t home, cause every single bone in my body begged me to keep going and there was no way I could keep quiet.

My other hand left the shower wall as it came down and my fingers brushed against my clit. My two arms now squeezed my boobs together as my hands focused on my pussy. I gasped as intense waves of pleasure traveled throughout my body. My legs started to shake from the intense gratification I was giving myself, but I needed that orgasm that I already felt building up inside. My hands continued to work together as my fingers darted in and out of my pussy and also continued to rub my hardened clit.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, fuck it’s so good,” I mumbled to myself.

I remembered the other day and how Alex’s fingers made me feel things I never felt before. I looked down at my own hands and fingers and tried to imagine it was Alex’s. His fingers seemed to know exactly what to do and where to go to make me delirious with pleasure. I hoped that I would get more of that tonight. It was several days since I was last with him and I felt an intense longing to have him hold me and use me however he wanted.

My fingers softly pinched my clit and I let out an incredibly loud moan. My body tensed up and I felt an travesti porno orgasm begin to overcome me. I wanted my orgasm to be as intense and powerful as I could make it, so my fingers didn’t let up. Eventually my legs gave out and I slowly fell down to my knees in the shower while the hot water drenched my body from above. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer and with a final loud moan, my body shook and convulsed on the shower floor.

My breathing came in hard and ragged as my body still tingled from cumming. I took a moment to collect myself and catch my breath before my shaking hands reached out to turn off the water. I closed my eyes while I wondered how much of a slut I would turn into because of Alex. I knew he unlocked something deep inside me that I didn’t know was there and it almost scared me how far I’ve fallen for him. The moment I thought about his bright eyes, charming smile, and his powerful muscles though, I realized that I really didn’t care as long as he was with me.

I eventually got out of the shower and carefully dried myself off. I had to be especially careful around my nipples and pussy since they were still overstimulated from before. Once dry, I continued with the rest of my routine for getting ready. Before I knew it, my hair was dry, my makeup was done, and I was ready to change into my outfit for the party.

With a towel still wrapped around my petite body, I walked into my room and opened the bag from the lingerie store I brought home earlier. I sorted through the various items I bought before I finally found the skimpy thong I got and slipped it on. I figured that Alex would want his sluts dressed like one, with their clothes or underwear.

Soon after, I stepped into my skirt and also put on the top from earlier without any bra on. I examined myself in the mirror to make sure it still looked as hot as I thought it did earlier. Damn I looked good ll. However, I still felt like the outfit was missing something. I snapped my fingers and pulled out a pair of three-inch slip-on heels from my closet.

I quickly stepped into them as the straps wrapped around my foot and I stood back in front of the mirror. Given that my legs were already on display, the heels accentuated them perfectly. Although, I still felt like there was still something missing.

I then noticed how much bare skin was visible from my neck down to my chest. I opened one of my dresser drawers and took out a choker. I put it on around my neck and once again posed in front of the mirror. I thought I went from looking good to looking really sexy. I was beyond excited to see how Alex would react when he saw me dressed like this.

I checked my phone and noticed that I was really running behind. Shit! I needed to get going ASAP. I made sure to text Alex that I was leaving and would be there soon before I quickly walked through the house to get to my car. Thankfully my parents still weren’t home to ask any uncomfortable questions. I put Alex’s address in my phone and started to head over.

It was already dark for a while when I left, so it was a little difficult finding my way in an unfamiliar area. As I drove through his neighborhood, I was impressed at the incredibly nice houses everywhere. Some of these places looked like legit mansions. Was this guy’s family rich? Like super rich?

“Holy shit,” I said to myself when I finally stopped in front of Alex’s house.

It was absolutely massive! His parents were definitely in the super rich category. There were dozens of cars all around his house and driveway which made me realize just how late I already was. I had to admit to myself that I was a little nervous going into the party since it was likely I wouldn’t know anyone there, but I knew once I was with Alex everything would be ok. I took out my phone and I didn’t see a reply from him yet, but I sent him another text saying that I was here.

I put my phone and other belongings into my clutch hand purse and got out of my car to walk to his house. Every time I took a step, the slit in the skirt completely revealed one of my toned legs. I smiled to myself and knew that the heels made them look even better. I typically didn’t wear anything this revealing or sexy, but I brimmed with confidence. I couldn’t wait to see Alex’s reaction to how I looked too. Once I got to the front door I could already hear the loud music coming from inside. I thought of knocking, but I figured the front door was probably open if there was a party.

The doorknob turned and soon I was inside Alex’s house. No one seemed to notice me entering as there were already dozens of people immediately around his front door. Some were in groups, others in pairs, and everyone was holding a red solo cup. I tried to quickly scan the area to see if Alex was around, but I didn’t see him. I sighed and realized he probably didn’t see my messages earlier.

I started to walk around before I heard a voice nearby say, “Whoa, I haven’t xhamster porno seen someone as hot as you in a long time.”

I turned and saw what had to be the most stereotypical looking frat boy I had ever seen. He wasn’t alone either as his friends were on either side of him and they all looked right at me.

I shyly smiled, looked away and said, “Thanks…I guess.”

“Oh hey, c’mon, don’t be like that. Its chill, its chill! I’m Quentin by the way. And you are…?” I heard him say while his eyes looked me up and down.

I subconsciously moved my arms in front of my body and held my clutch in front of my toned stomach. I didn’t want to sound rude or mean, especially since these might have been Alex’s friends, so I softly said, “I’m Isabella. Are you friends with Alex?”

“Alex? You mean Axel? Yeah, of course. We’re like practically best friends,” I heard him reply back with a laugh while his friends started to move closer to me and it felt like I was being surrounded. He soon continued, “Seems like your hands are empty. We gotta fix that. Let’s get you a drink.”

I then saw him reach out his hand to grab mine and I turned to deny him while I meekly said back, “No, it’s ok. It was cool to meet you and your friends, but I just want to find Alex.”

I never considered myself a shy or weak girl before, but being surrounded by these larger and older guys made me nervous. I should have told them to ‘fuck off’ and shoved them out of the way, but I felt like I was rooted to the ground for some reason.

I saw Quentin move to block me from walking away and he started to say something right as I heard another loud and powerful voice nearby say, “Oh hey, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you!”

I looked over and saw Alex walk right up behind the group of guys. His stature seemed to tower over them. Immediately the other guys, including Quentin, stepped out of the way as Alex walked right up to me. My heart immediately pumped hard and I found it difficult to breathe normally when I looked at him.

I always thought Alex looked really hot, but today he looked extremely handsome. He had a long-sleeved button up shirt that was fitted perfectly to his muscular physique and a pair of dark jeans which I’m sure made his butt look damn good. I’m not sure what it was about guys wearing nice clothes, but it was an undeniable turn on. He looked just so…clean.

Once he got next to me, he gave me a big hug and I was once again crushed into his herculean figure. I felt completely disoriented from the quick change of events. Here I was, intimated by this random group of guys and now I’m in Alex’s huge arms and felt perfectly safe. Just as I expected, he smelled wonderful and I pressed my face into his hard and muscular chest.

“You alright?” Alex asked me after he broke the hug and looked down at me.

I nodded and smiled at him. I couldn’t seem to move my eyes from staring into his. I saw him turn to the guys and say, “Thanks for looking out for my girl.”

“Oh damn, this is the girl? THAT girl? Shit man, I had no idea. We were just trying to be friendly is all. Alright well, nice meeting you. Cya Axel!” I heard Quentin say as he reached out for a fist bump from Alex before they all walked away.

My mind was absolutely blown from what just happened. Did Alex just call me ‘my girl’? And it definitely sounded like Alex had been talking about me to his friends. And oh yeah, on top of that, he has a cool nickname?! What in the world was happening?

My mind was still trying to process everything when I felt Alex’s hand cup my face and move it to his own as he leaned down and softly kissed me on my lips. I kissed him back and my hands wrapped around his chiseled body while I constantly reminded myself that we are very much out in the open in front of everyone.

Our kiss ended and he leaned back with a huge smile while he said, “Bella, you are unbelievably beautiful. Damn you look good.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but I stopped myself before I raised my hand and one finger up as if to say ‘hold on’. Then I said, “Nope, hold on just a minute. Axel?!”

Alex, or Axel I should say, laughed heartily before he nodded and said, “Yeah! Cool nickname right? You know how my main hobby is working on cars? Well, since everyone knows me as the car guy, Alex, Axel, it didn’t take longer than a day for people to come up with it.”

So let’s see, he’s not only incredibly hot, cleans up well, but he’s also super charming. How did I ever catch a guy like this? Or rather, I should consider myself lucky that this guy picked me out of all those other girls. I never quite had a problem with self confidence before like a lot of my other friends, but the thought of this made my self confidence go through the roof.

I couldn’t help but let out a slight giggle as I thought about his cute nickname and I responded, “That’s a really sweet story. You’re also really sweet for leaving all of your friends to hunt little ol’ me down.”

“How could I resist knowing the hottest girl at the party just showed up to see me?” Alex said with so much confidence that I completely believed him.

I smiled, slightly embarrassed, then heard Alex ask me, “So do you wanna get a private tour of my house?”

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