Wetter is Better


For ltr.

His fingers were in her pussy, tracing patterns on the sensitive and soaked flesh of her inner passages and lazy curly q’s on her clitoris. His lips were on hers, roving tongue and all, giving her long kisses that sucked the breath from her. All in all, she was completely lost in the sensations of his lovemaking and would probably have done anything he wanted. Her mind was a mixture of numb to the rest of the world and alive with him. Her heart throbbed and the blood in her veins had turned into a molten river of arousal. Everything was perfect.

Except that she had to pee.

One of his fingers slid down to circle her rosebud, and then dipped back into her pussy. His other fingers pinched her nipple while he sucked her lower lips into his mouth. Ordinarily she would have shivered in ecstasy, arching into him. Instead, she blinked, the ceiling coming into focus. The urge to go was getting painful.

“I gotta get up for a minute.”

He nibbled along her jaw and rubbed his stiff dick against her thigh.

“I gotta go, lemme up.”


“I gotta go.”

“What, now? I thought you had the night to stay–”

“No, not that go. That go.” She turned beet red and shoved his hands off of her pussy. What if she leaked? The thought of dribble on his hand made her blush even more. “I gotta go now.”

“You’ve gotta piss?”

She squealed in embarrassment, turning her face into the cushions of the sofa. “God, do you have to be so crude about it?”

“Sorry.” Mercifully, he climbed off of her. She took the out and bolted for the bathroom. She had to go so bad, it was starting to drip down her thighs.

Dropping her rear firmly onto the toilet seat, she shut her eyes and prepared to let it go. She could feel the fullness in her urethra and the moment of relief was abou–

“Mind if I watch?”

She shrieked and nearly leaped off of the commode. A few drops hit the water, sounding like an enhanced version of Niagra Falls to her ears, and her bladder sucked up the rest. “Yes! Go away!”

He didn’t. He slipped into the bathroom and shut the door. She pressed her face into her hands and swore that she was going to kill him. Just as soon as she could get off the toilet.

“I’ve always wanted to watch a woman piss. Just spread your legs a little and let ‘er go.” His voice was coming from in front of her, right about–

She spread her fingers and peeked. “You rat! Get out! I can’t pee with you in here!”

He was kneeling between her legs, his face even with her belly button, inches away from the white seat. He licked his lips. “Please.”

His Maltepe Türbanlı Escort eyes were fixed on her pussy, glazed. He put one of his warm hands on her thigh and she noticed that it was trembling. He looked up at her, his eyes soft and pleading. To be wanted like that, needed like he needed her, was the sexiest thing he ever did for her. She felt her back start to relax.

“I don’t know, it’s kind of gross.”

“Not to me.” He took a shuddering breath. “I want to see it. Please.”

She felt herself blushing again. She didn’t know if she wanted to or not. Part of her thought it was pretty gross. It was pee. Part of her thought it was, well, pretty hot. It was intimate, incredibly intimate. Even more intimate than fucking, actually. Showing a man her personal parts while she did something so personal was, well, a little bit exciting. “I don’t know . . .”

“I love you, baby. I’ve fantasized about watching you piss for me. It turns me on so much. If you don’t like it, I’ll leave.” He gave her the puppy dog eyes. “Please. I’ll beg if I have to.”

She stared at the wall, suddenly too shy to look at him. “I–”

“Please, baby.”

She couldn’t deny him. “Okay. But just this once.”

He pressed a kiss to her thigh, and then put his temple on it. His fingers rubbed her other leg. She closed her eyes and sighed. He felt so good. Thinking about what he wanted, she turned her attention to her full bladder. Her suddenly and painfully locked up bladder.

“I, uh, can’t.”


“I can’t pee.” She blushed again.

“Oh.” He looked nonplussed, as if this had never happened in his fantasies. “What will help?”

“I’m nervous, I don’t think I can pee when I’m nervous. Maybe if you went into the other room?”

“No. I want to stay right here. Maybe I can help you relax.” His fingers made their way from her inner thighs to her pussy, brushing the hair with his knuckles.

“No! What if I pee on you!”

“It’ll wash.”

“But, but, but . . .” She couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Don’t worry, baby, if it happens, it happens. Spread your legs for me. A little wider.” His finger slid across her lower lips, seeking a way between them. Giving up, she spread her legs wider. He pulled her forward a little, sliding her rear to the front of the commode. He grinned up at her for a moment, a sexy, dangerous grin that thrilled her to her toes, then dropped his mouth to her pussy. His tongue snaked in between her lips, touching her in ways that curled her toes and made her see stars.

“Oh my god!” She curled her fingers into his hair and Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort pulled him closer. What if she…! “Ooh, stop!” His tongue licked her clit and his fingers eased inside of her. She groaned, wanting to push his mouth away and pull his tongue closer. In the end, she just tilted her pussy toward him as much as possible without falling off of the seat.

He sucked on her clit and slowly sawed his fingers in and out of her. She squeezed with her inner muscles, doing her best to keep what was inside of her inside. He pulled her lips open with his fingers and lapped at her dripping hole for a few moments. The swipe of his tongue across that sensitive flesh made her jerk and suck at the air. She felt a little bit of pee dribble out before she clamped down on it again. What if he–

His mouth latched onto her pussy, his tongue snaking out to lick her where she peed. He had noticed. His fingers went for her hole, looking for all the spots that made her moan and wiggle. One of them slipped down to tease her puckered rosebud and her body jerked again, lifting her hips up onto his mouth. Her inner muscles clamped down, but couldn’t stop another dribble of pee from coming out, this time unmistakably into his mouth. His tongue swiped over her, lapping it up. He groaned against her, his fingers digging into her thighs.

She had to go. She put her palms on his forehead and shoved him away. She couldn’t handle the thought of his mouth on her while she peed, not yet at least. “I can’t hold it.”

“Let it go, baby.” His voice was thick and husky. Like it was right before he unloaded into her pussy. “Let it go.”

“I can’t.” She could feel the constriction around the little hole, preventing the pee from coming out. His fingers slid over her pussy again, rubbing the wet, swollen flesh in a delicious way. A little bit came out, splattering against the edge of the seat before dripping into the toilet. He opened her, pulling her lips apart as wide as they’d go, and stared intently at her. One finger brushed her clit, teasing it gently.

“Oh God,” she groaned, her hips twisting. She didn’t know what she wanted more, to pee or for him to fuck her. He tickled her clit again and she felt the muscles start to relax. Instead of tightening up, she pushed with them, opening them up. A little pee dribbled out, she could hear the drops in the water.

“That’s so sexy, baby, so sexy,” he crooned, rubbing her clit again. Her lips were too slippery to hold easily. They slid through his fingers, trying to close. He changed his grip and pressed them all the way open.

For some reason, Maltepe Ucuz Escort the thought of her guy looking directly at her pussy and watching her do something so personal suddenly turned her on. Her nipples tightened until the ached and she felt her pussy throbbing. A little more pee escaped and she heard him groan again. He liked it. He really liked watching her pee. The thought penetrated the roaring in her brain and the tightness in her bladder.

The little escapes turned into a steady drip, then a stronger dribble. He tugged her lips upward, and she obliged by tilting her hips more. She was practically laying on the seat, but didn’t really notice it. All she noticed was his hot breath stirring her wet pussy hair and the steady leak of her hot pee along her labia, over her asshole, and into the water beneath her.

He licked her clit again, just once, then pulled his head away. She shuddered, gasping for air. All of her inner muscles relaxed and she felt herself let them. Truth to tell, she wanted to. Her pee exploded from her, arcing through the air. She knew it was supposed to go in the toilet, but with her legs spread and pussy tilted upwards, it wouldn’t do that. Instead it splattered against his chest and neck.

She closed her eyes and completely forgot that it was supposed to be gross. It was nasty, in a way that sent chills up her spine and made her clit stand up. His fingers still held her completely open to his gaze, but one of them touched her throbbing clit. It rubbed and tickled, teased and pleased that little bundle of nerves.

“You’re watching me pee,” she managed to say through the haze of pleasure and relief.

He said something she didn’t really understand in a tone of voice that sounded like he was going to orgasm. His finger touched her clit and his eyes touched her pussy. She could hear her pee splattering on him and she knew that he loved every second of it. She felt herself shaking, on the verge of an orgasm like she’d never had before. Wetter than she’d ever had before. His finger swiped against her clit more insistently, chasing her orgasm while her steady stream of pee died down.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me.”

And she did. She arched off the commode as much as she could, shoving her pussy onto his fingers, and screamed as the orgasm steam rolled through her body.

Usually, she liked to slowly float down from an orgasm while cuddling against him. This time her back cramped and her thighs hurt from straining in an awkward position. She opened her eyes, struggling to sit upright. He was sprawled against the wall, half asleep. She was mortified to see that his hair was soaking wet, there was pee on the wall, and he was sitting in a huge puddle of it. His cum mingled with her pee on his belly.

He cracked an eye open and smiled at her. “Thanks, baby.”

She shook her head at the mess. “Next time we’re doing this in the shower.”

He grinned.

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