Well… Ch. 15


The tree outside the window made patterns on the wall of the bedroom as the sun shone through it and the gentle breeze moving the branches was very relaxing.

I was daydreaming, thinking about the activities of the previous days, weeks, and months that Mary and I had been enjoying so many different people, enjoying so many new experiences.

Then I looked towards the door and the stirring in my loins began to grow in earnest as I saw a scene as beautiful as that morning sun.

Ann was standing in the doorway with her back towards me and her arms up, supporting herself with her legs open as my wonderful wife, on her knees, licked and sucked at Ann’s crutch.

I couldn’t, of course, see that this was happening but from the position of the two parties and the moans and groans coming from the pair of them I could only assume that this was what was going on.

Well you can’t lay still and watch from a distance as your wife licks and sucks at a magnificent blonde’s pussy now can you!!

I sneaked from the bed and, moving quietly so neither of them heard me, I approached Ann with lust in mind and a growing erection.

As you will all probably remember it was Ann who was in at the start of Mary and my adventures, and it was she who had become very special, with James, her husband, to us both.

She hardly moved a muscle when I knelt down behind her and started to run my tongue up and down the silky softness of her bum cheeks, letting my hands slide up and down her stupendous legs. I tickled her behind the knees which made her shiver and automatically push her crutch forward and this in turn brought a huge sigh of pleasure from Mary whose tongue slipped even deeper into Ann’s moist folds because of the movement.

‘You two are incorrigible’ she moaned as we toyed with her luscious body, ‘can’t a woman even get to the bathroom without being molested?’

‘ Not when she is as ravishing as you’ I answered between kisses of her delectable flesh, ‘and certainly not when my wife and I are so horny!’

I stood up. My prick was like a steel bar and I moved in very close behind Ann, moving my hands round to play with her outstanding breasts and settling that erection between her spread legs so that it was pleasured by the dampness of her cunt and the dampness of my wife’s mouth as well.

Mary did not have to be asked to suck me, she just did it, taking me in her mouth and then putting me aside as she again licked and sucked at Ann’s aching gash.

I thrust slowly back and forth between Ann’s legs stimulating her and face fucking Mary at the same time, until I knew I had to stop for fear of cumming. I slid to my knees again and started to lick up and down the crack between Ann’s arse cheeks stopping every now and again to lick around her puckered ‘secret’ entrance, which as we all know wasn’t that ‘secret’.

Ann loved anal play and started to push back onto my tongue causing Mary to have to lose contact as she bent away from her.

‘Stop doing that George’ I was told ‘I was here first, let us girls enjoy ourselves.’

I hate to disappoint women so I did as I was told and just sat back cross-legged and watched as the girls continued. Ann was by now getting very ‘warmed up’ and putting her hands bedava bahis on either side of Mary’s head was directing her to the best places and encouraging her ‘suck my clit you bitch, stick that tongue in me, make me cum, make me cum soon.’ Mary was panting with exertion and excitement as she heard what Ann wanted and redoubling her efforts snaked her tongue out again and again to bring Ann to the orgasm she so desperately needed. Mary’s hands were ravaging her own clit and pulling hard at her own nipples as she sought to draw release for Ann and then it happened. A low moan from deep within Ann rushed upwards and as Mary clasped her lips around Ann’s bursting clit and sucked, Ann’s need was assuaged and a huge climax ripped through her body, sending ripples of sheer delight through her and making it very difficult for Mary to keep contact.

Mary’s climax was a millisecond behind but no less powerful and as juices pulsed from Ann’s pussy so Mary lapped them up as hers gushed onto the floor between her stretched thighs.

Still I sat as they ‘came down’ from their climax and Ann slumped to the floor into Mary’s arms. They lay on the bedroom floor cuddling each other, kissing gently and moving their fingers up and down each other’s bodies.

That was when the clapping began. James had obviously been watching as well and had really appreciated the show. ‘Go away you bastard’, the girls almost said in harmony, ‘leave us alone for a while.’

‘Spoilsports’ was the reply, but James complied and left them to their own devices.

I heard his footsteps disappearing down the corridor to the shower room, a very large place with loo and bidet and an area with four showerheads, which drained into a slight depression in the floor.

I needed a pee so, stepping cautiously over the girls, I followed James down the corridor. Tapping as I entered the room I asked if it was OK for me to take a leak while he was showering. ‘No problem old son’ was James’s cheery reply and I soon was feeling the relief I needed.

‘I’m so glad you two let me join you all those months ago’ said James as I finished ‘you really are a great couple and Ann and I have grown very fond of you both’.

‘Likewise’ I said as I put the loo seat down and sat on it. ‘You and Ann are terrific and we really enjoy the time we spend with you.’

Now here was an odd scene. One naked man sat on a loo talking to another naked man taking a shower about this, that and everything.

The girls laughed when they saw us in conversation and suggested we should stop talking and help each other by scrubbing each other down, which was exactly what they were going to do.

That may be all well and good for women but not what James and I were about and so we laughed and joined them in splashing water about everywhere as we pretended to be washing our wives wonderful bodies.

‘Did you know Mary’, said Ann as the playing continued,’ that sperm is supposed to be good for a woman’s skin. Apparently it makes it lovely and soft’. ‘I expect this is another of your jokes’ laughed Mary ‘ which will inevitably lead to more sexual antics!’ ‘ I certainly hope so’ quipped Ann who then went thoughtful for a moment before pushing James and me against the wall.

‘What’s casino siteleri going on?’ asked James in a very suspicious tone of voice, ‘have you got a silly game in mind?’

‘Absolutely’ said Ann ‘Neither of you has cum since last night, even though you both watched Mary and I playing earlier, and I want to see how much you boys can cum with Mary and I encouraging you.’ ‘Sounds like a great idea’ agreed Mary ‘ do you want to ‘help’ George while I ‘help’ James?’ ‘Good idea’ replied Ann.

We were both told that there was no rush and as the showers were turned off our two ladies brought stools into the shower room and made themselves comfortable spread legged upon them.

Both James and I were a little uncomfortable at first but as soon as Ann and Mary started touching themselves we got into the swing of things.

My eyes were fixed very much on Ann as she slid her hands between her stretched thighs. She always thought that her legs were the best part of her body and although I didn’t agree fully with that they certainly were fabulous.

She pulled her pussy lips apart and holding them that way with one hand started to caress and titillate her clit with the fingers of her other hand. A finger would occasionally slide into her pink opening and a small sigh or gasp escape her mouth as she stared at me intently and licked her lips suggestively. At first one then two then three fingers disappeared into that heavenly warmth, and all the while I continued stroking my ever-hardening cock right in front of her.

One hand left her pussy and crept slowly to her right nipple. A finger circled it, causing it to come erect and pucker as the physical and mental stimulation of our bodies and minds continued. But the other finger never left her cunt, never left that warm moist place which seemed to get wetter and wetter as Ann’s ministrations continued.

‘Do you want me?’ she mouthed at me as I watched fascinated, ‘Do you want to fuck me soon?’ she continued as my hand increased its pace up and down my shaft, ‘Will you cum all over my soft tits?’ she implored still strumming her labia and tweaking her nipple ‘or would you prefer to cum over my bum cheeks after having me like a dog?’

I don’t know how I didn’t come right there; the look on her face was wonderful as she neared her self-induced climax. I looked briefly at Mary and James, both driving each other crazy with their own lust; Mary had a small river of sweat between her magnificent breasts and James’s hand was almost a blur as he strained to give Mary her tribute.

Ann shuffled her stool closer to me bringing my aching cock directly inline with her chest and looking up at me she reached down and started to stroke my balls. The sac was as hard as nails and her long nails made me shiver with delight as she dragged them across the wrinkled surface. Then reaching further back she ran her fingers around my sphincter, bringing a shudder of pure pleasure from my body and a wail of pure lust from my mouth.

‘Suck my cock, you bitch,’ I implored of her and as her lips made contact with me I thrust my prick into her throat. She gagged slightly as I went in quite deep but then adjusted to my pace, all the while still playing with my arse and bahis siteleri balls.

I knew it wouldn’t be long and so did she. Her mouth left my cock and both her hands went to cup her breasts making a perfect place for me to shoot my load. I came. My backbone felt as if it was trying to exit my body through my spurting prick and time and time again I ejected thick white cum onto Ann’s heaving chest.

My eyeballs rolled up in my head which I thought was going to explode with the utter delight of it all and then as my hand slowed down on my still hard penis I looked at James, locked in his own ejaculation and spraying his cum all over Mary’s breasts.

The girls moved closer to each other, hands reached out and started to caress the others heaving tits, massaging the warm offerings of James and I into each others soft skin.

‘What happened to the competition?’ James asked as they continued to rub each other, ‘Oh don’t worry about that’ Mary replied, ‘this is much more fun!’

James and I looked at each other, agreed that Mary was right and started to help them with their labours. Like the girls chests our cocks were not forgotten in the ensuing cuddling session and in the shower a little later James and I were soon ‘standing to attention’ and ready for whatever was going to happen.

Mary took James by the hand and led him off in the direction of a bedroom leaving Ann and I idly toying with each other as the water streamed down our bodies.

‘So,’ are you going to use that beautiful prick on me or not?’ said Ann with a look on her face that I could not refuse, ‘or do I need to pry my husband off of your wife to get a good seeing to?’

‘I think I can oblige’ I said as I ran a finger up between Ann’s slightly parting thighs to find her wet, open pussy just waiting to receive me. I lifted her leg onto the built in tiled seat and sank to my knees to mimic what my wife was doing when I woke up earlier in the day. I was likewise encouraged and guided by this most wondrous creature, who when the time was right for her pulled me to the forgotten stool and throwing her legs round my waist and thrusting her tits in my mouth to suckle speared herself on my raging cock.

There was no finesse here. We both wanted raw, unadulterated sex. Pounding her cunt was my prick’s mission, splitting her as wide as possible, my cock’s raison d’etre and accepting my hardness was all that Ann wanted at that time.

She clawed, she moaned, she demanded I bite her soft flesh and go harder and faster; then slowing at just the right time she whispered tenderly in my ear, ‘Fill me with your cum, my darling’ and with sweat pouring down me and water cascading over us both I thrust one last time and did as she asked.

We sat for some time forehead-to-forehead, eyes closed as my prick softened and slid from her. ‘That was wonderful’ she said ‘Thank you.’

After more cleaning up we walked down the corridor to find James and Mary making love doggy fashion. Like we had been, lost in the moment, taking no prisoners and enjoying every second of this wonderful friendship.

After dinner we sat drinking wine and talking about all sorts and everything until Mary took me by the hand and dragged me off to bed.

We lay together, limbs entwined, and just as I was drifting off Mary said how lucky we were to have found such lovely friends and how lucky she was to have me. I felt a warm glow, ‘I love you’ I said and as I watched Mary drift off to sleep I wondered what tomorrow would bring.


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