As I made my way home from high school for the last time, I felt a tinge of sadness. After five happy years, I had just written my final exam and was looking forward to six glorious weeks of summer vacation. The next chapter in my life would be attending college and several weeks later, another milestone would begin attained when I finally turned eighteen. The thought of finally entering early adulthood was an exhilarating prospect for me. The mixed feelings I was experiencing were both exhilarating and overwhelming.That evening, my mom prepared dinner in honour of the occasion. Surprisingly, I was also informed that our new neighbour, Warner, whom I had not yet met, would also be joining us. Two days before, Warner had moved in next door and had already struck up a friendship with dad. Warner was a jack-of-all-trades, mainly specializing in minor home alterations. Because his repertoire encompassed plumbing and electrical skills, my father was ecstatic to have Warner living next door.At six p.m. that afternoon, Warner joined mom, dad, and me, at our home. He was really good-looking. Warner wasn’t a ‘pretty boy,’ but a stocky and masculine man. He had short cropped hair and a very sexy cleft in his chin. Above all, he had a smile that could thaw the frozen section of any supermarket and dreamy beguiling eyes.During the evening, I would learn that Warner was twenty-nine-years-old and had never been married. No mention of a fiancée or girlfriend was made during his visit. Much as my heart fluttered, I just couldn’t imagine him being gay.During our dinner conversation, it emerged that Warner was rather excited about his upcoming ten day holiday. Apparently, his best friend, Ralph, had offered Warner the use of his seaside apartment in a town named Walkersville. Although Walkersville was only a hundred miles away, I had never visited this incredibly popular spot. My parents, however, went into raptures about how fortunate Warner was.When I bemoaned the fact that I had never been there before, Warner looked at me in amazement and said, “Well… why don’t you join me in Walkersville?” before continuing, “The apartment is huge, and you can come and go as you please.” Before I could respond, he concluded, “It really won’t be any trouble to me at all.”“Wow, you should go along, Grant, you’ll love the place,” mom hastily interrupted, before moderating her Avrupa yakası escort bayan tone before sedately turning to Warner and asking, “If you’re absolutely sure it won’t be a hassle for you, Warner?”“Nah,” Warner replied with an engaging grin, “No, trouble at all.”I had always wanted to visit Walkersville and the thought of doing so with our hunky neighbour almost had me pissing in my pants with excitement. Trying hard to downscale my exuberance, I hesitantly replied, “I would love to if you’re okay with that Warner… but I just don’t want to be in your way… or anything,” I added tentatively.Smiling broadly, Warner then replied, “Listen, we’re two guys… right? So I’m sure we’ll work things out,” before continuing, “Besides, with a good looking guy like you around… maybe I’ll get lucky with the girls for a change,” he then jovially laughed at his own joke. Both my parents wholeheartedly joined in with the mirth.Next, I smiled and accepted his invitation graciously, and two days later we were on our way. The seventy-five-minute journey was very pleasant and we chatted comfortably en route.The apartment was fantastic! Warner had omitted to mention that; ‘a wealthy friend’ had gifted him the use of his apartment. It was the penthouse in the apartment block and had a stunning open area with a pot plant garden, small swimming pool, and the most sumptuous deck chairs I had ever seen. I had fallen with the arse in the butter! This wasn’t a holiday; it was a fuckin’ luxurious extravaganza.The refrigerator, freezer, and bar, were literally groaning with food and booze. The place was also serviced daily at Ralph’s expense. This was sheer fuckin’ opulence! My parents would have been totally blown away and totally envious.The owner of the apartment, Ralph, and Warner had been best friends throughout their lives. Ralph had made it big and had five more spectacular homes according to Warner. This place, however, was Warner’s favourite because of its setting. After placing our luggage in our respective rooms, Warner appeared in the living area only wearing briefs. Apparently, he normally preferred being naked but had decided on discretion due to my presence.I felt like screaming; “Take it all off!” But instead, decided to be more prudent. Warner had a stunning body. His frame was sturdy and his moderately Escort Ataköy hairy on his legs, arms, and chest, were magnificent. His hands and feet were extremely masculine and beautiful.As I observed him covetously I thought, ‘Fuck… if only you were gay.’With beers in hand, we finally sat in the lounge.“Grant, you know the saying, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?’”“Sure,” I replied.Warner then continued, “Well… you’re a big boy now and I just want you to know that I am not a blabbermouth or your babysitter. I am cool with whatever you want to get up to… within reason, of course. If you want to bring a person home with you for a bit of fun, I’m totally cool with that. I also always have a hamper of condoms at hand, so go for it. All I ask is that you play it safe.” I simply smiled as I wondered about his choice of pronoun.‘Wishful thinking,’ I mentally concluded.“Lunch!” he announced suddenly. “There’s a great place I need to take you to,” further impishly stating, “I’ll even get dressed for lunch.”The fish at this favourite spot of his was incredible. “I am really pleased to have you here with me, Grant, because I hate eating out on my own.” After a thoughtful pause, he continued, “All your pocket money you keep for yourself. When we go out, I will be paying, so don’t even think of offering… end of the story, over and out!” Warner concluded with mock authority.That afternoon we spent on our body boards at his favourite beach.The next unbelievable surprise revealed itself that evening when Warner prepared a meal for us. Fuck… could this guy cook! I couldn’t help thinking, what he must have made of my mother’s paltry offering a few nights before. As we sat savouring the delicious meal in the sublime ambiance of his friend’s home, the full moon tickled the ocean before us. I had an overwhelming premonition that I would always remember this night, as one of the highlights of my life.As we enjoyed our meal my thoughts were soothed by the splendour of our surroundings, and my usually guarded disposition also became dismantled. With my intake of alcohol that had way exceeded my normal standards, my loosened tongue asked, “Are you between girlfriends at the moment?”“Nah, I just don’t do fixed relationships,” he answered.Picking up on my quizzical expression he continued, “My lifestyle just doesn’t allow for it.”With Şirinevler escort my surprised expression escalating in intensity, he resumed, “I’m bisexual bro… I swing both ways.”Picking up on my look of disbelief, he chuckled before resuming, “I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable?”Almost choking, I managed a pathetic, “No… not at all.”“Cool,” he nonchalant replied, before resuming, “Besides… I have a strong feeling that you prefer boys,” he concluded.“Why… do you think that?” I eventually managed to respond, practically gagging.“Instinct, I suppose… just instinct,” he uttered, with a smile.There was a sustained silence as I decided to ‘let sleeping dogs lie.’ Our meal was concluded in quietness. My head was spinning and I was totally lost for words. Happy as I was to have learned about his sexuality, it didn’t mean that he fancied me or wanted to go to bed with me. He had simply answered my question and jumping to conclusions would be presumptuous.With a smile, he then started talking about our plans for the following day. He spoke about a fantastic beach about fifty miles away and a great hotel where he enjoyed having lunch. Naturally, I enthused about the outing. When we finally cleared our plates and placed them in the sink he moved up behind and embraced me.With his hands caressing my body he nibbled on my ear. “The huge bed in the main room is really very comfortable,” he said as his hands cupped my cock.When my cock stood to attention, without hesitation, he laughingly commented, “Looks like I have great instinct.”With his masculine smell enveloping us his arms and hands frolicked over my torso. “Have you ever been fucked before, baby?” He asked, with a horny growl.“No… never,” I sighed, barely able to speak.“Would you allow me the honour?” His breath sizzled in my ear.With his hardening cock nudging my shorts, I whimpered a submissive, “Yeah.”Clutching me from behind, our bodies moved in tandem towards the bedroom. I couldn’t believe how magnificent this night was turning out to be. I was as nervous as hell and it felt like a swarm of bees, rather than butterflies, had taken control of my stomach. Perspiring with the anticipating of what lay ahead for me, my mouth went dry.‘Oh fuck,’ I thought. ‘Please don’t let me fuck this up.’As we arrived at the bed Warner tugged both our shorts downward.Next, after pushing me onto my stomach on the bed, he then encouraged my legs apart. Slowly, he then began kissing my neck, upper arms, back, and butt. As his lips lightly pinched my skin as he suckled my body, my flesh felt like it was on fire as it tingled from his oral onslaught. I sighed, cooed, and whimpered, as my celestial torment got underway.

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