Unleashed Ch. 09

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The next day, taking in the sights of the city together, hand in hand, Tate asked Zoe if she got to into New York much. She shook her head. “No. My parents never wanted to bring us, worried I guess that whatever we’d see here would corrupt us. I did come on a sixth grade field trip to tour the United Nations Building back when we were studying global politics, though. But now that Becky and Robert live here, I plan to come more often.”

Her parents sounded a little odd to him, trying to shield their daughters from the world outside. In theory, he could sympathize with their desire to protect their vulnerable offspring, but with Zoe’s curious nature almost landing her in trouble as soon as she’d arrived with her attempt at a one night stand with a total stranger, no less, he wondered if their plan had backfired. Supressing a shiver at what might have happened to her, he was just glad he’d been there to protect her.

“So I imagine you’ve never been to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes?”

Zoe shook her head, looking over at him. “No, why, have you?”

“Yeah. I grew up not that far away in Connecticut, so my parents always brought my brother and me for the Christmas Show. It’s a real production number. They even bring camels out for the manger scene.”

Her eyes went wide. “Wow, real live camels. I know as a kid I would have loved to have seen that.”

“There’s so much to see around that part of the city, so if you’d like, we could walk around and see St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Thirty Rockefeller Center, and all the rest, before we head in for the show.”

She gave his hand a little tug. “You’re sure you’re not getting tired of playing tour guide? You know I could probably find my own way around if you have other things you’d rather be doing.”

Tate couldn’t believe his ears, since there was nowhere else on earth he’d rather be than with her. And he’d been enjoying the sights even more, being able to share in her reactions. Slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her to his side, he murmured at least part of what he was feeling into her ear, “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, Zoe, than with you.”

She looked up and smiled into his eyes. “I have to admit I’ve been enjoying my time with you, too.” She winked coyly. “All of it.”

Chuckling, he said, “So, what do you say, we grab an early dinner, then head over to Radio City and take in the show later?”

Stopping them on the sidewalk, Zoe touched her hand to his cheek and gave him a tender little kiss. “I’d love that, and you’re a very good man, Tate Caldwell, to do this for me.”

What could he say? There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her.

Sitting with her later, enjoying the Rockettes performing their grand finale, the sound of the live orchestra filling the air, as they danced in their vibrant costumes in perfectly choreographed steps, Tate smiled over at Zoe, with her mouth gaping open, and eyes wide. Taking her hand he gave it a squeeze. “So, you’re enjoying this?” he whispered.

“Oh, yes,” she said, flashing a heart stopping smile. And just seeing that made it all worthwhile, because he was beginning to realize that whenever Zoe was happy, so was he.

When the show finally ended, the applause died down and the curtain fell, grateful and happy to have shared this with him, Zoe turned and cupped his face in her hands, and pressed her lips to his. “Thank you for that, Tate, it was wonderful.” Smiling into his eyes she said, “And I’m sure some lucky woman is going to be very happy to find you one day.”

Wow. Talk about a punch to the heart. Here, he thought he’d been creating memories to last them a lifetime, growing closer with her every moment they were together, and the whole time she’d been picturing him with someone else. Stunned, he reached for her hand, and tugged her to her feet, not really caring how curt he sounded when he said, “Come on, let’s go.”

Outside, walking together in silence, Zoe, pulled on his hand to stop him. “Tate, please don’t be upset. We both know you’re leaving, so it’s only natural for me to assume you’d meet someone else.”

Heaving a sigh, he just shook his head, since he already knew she was the only woman for him.

Pulling her aside to let people pass, Tate looked straight into her eyes. “Okay, you’re right, I know I’m leaving, and that you’ve said you won’t come with me. But I don’t want to lose you, Zoe. I don’t want this to end.”

Momentarily shocked, her gaze quickly fell to the sidewalk, as she awkwardly told him, “You know part of me would love to go with you. But there’s just no way I can…”

Shaking his head, he deadpanned, “Which part, top or bottom, because I’ve got to tell you, I’ve grown pretty fond of both.”

She rolled her eyes. “Tate, be serious.”

Stepping closer, he tipped up her face to force her to meet his eyes and said, “I am being serious, I really don’t want to lose you, Zoe, or what we have together, it’s just too good.”

As far as she could tell, what Porno they had was sex, even if it was fantastic, since he’d never told her otherwise. So heaving a breath she said, “Can’t you understand? There’s no way I can just leave everything to go with you. My family might be stifling at times, and the people at home a little too involved for my liking, but it’s still all I’ve got, and all I’ve ever known.” And besides, it wasn’t like he’d promised her anything.

Tate nodded and said, “I know. And I can understand that. Why don’t we just head back, it’s getting late.” Taking her hand, they waited for a cab at the curb. No point in trying to convince her tonight, he knew he’d just have to work on her slowly. He looked at her as they waited and squeezed her hand, finally managing a smile as he asked her, “What am I going to do with you?” But the better question was, how would he ever live without her?

Despite how their night at Radio City had ended, for their last week together Tate decided to make a concerted effort to show Zoe every sight, sound and taste of the city she could ever imagine, finding he was enjoying each new experience as much as she was. Secretly hoping to build memories she’d never forget, not just of the city, but with him as well. Getting to know each other outside of the bedroom, just as he suspected, was turning out to be good for them. Every night, by the time they got back to the apartment when they made love, the sex seemed, if possible, even better, and so much hotter with them having to wait for so many hours to enjoy each other again.

Unlocking the door for them to get inside the apartment, desperate for him, Zoe flew into his arms the moment they’d cleared the doorway. Pressing her body desperately to his, Tate eagerly devoured her mouth, starved for the taste of her. Her legs finding their way around his waist, he staggered to the bed, dropping them onto it, with their usual heated race to strip each other bare.

But before he even thought about making love to her, he lifted his head, pinned her with his gaze and murmured, “Just promise me one thing. Don’t completely give up on the idea of coming to Australia with me, Zoe. The longer we’re together, the harder it’s going to be for me to leave you behind, and I’m hoping you feel the same way about me.”

His heart dropping in his chest like a rock, Tate watched her close her eyes, turn her head away, and say quietly, “I’m sorry, Tate, but I just can’t.”

And really, how could she even consider going with him, when he’d given her no indication of what would happen once they got there? With her independent streak, the thought of being beholden to him for her very survival was the last thing she’d ever want. And she knew she had to stay and look for a job if hers was about to disappear. And he’d offered her nothing substantial, just that she should blindly follow him wherever he might lead. So, there was just no way she could go. Though there was no denying they had something good, there wasn’t even a name for it, since they weren’t technically even dating, or in any kind of committed relationship. For now, the way she saw it, all they were doing was enjoying each other in every way possible, until it was time for him to go.

Taking her by the chin, Tate turned her face to make her look at him, and asked, “Can you at least tell me why you won’t even consider it? You’ve said yourself that you feel stifled at home. And right now you aren’t even sure if have a job waiting for you. And I’m sure you could find something in Brisbane. And I’d be more than happy to help you look. Just think of the adventures we’d have, Zoe, exploring together. Australia, New Zealand, the whole south Pacific, hell, even all of Asia, exactly what you’d always dreamed of.”

Biting her lip, she quietly said, “But I’m not that adventurous, Tate, not like you. I don’t think I could just up and leave all I’ve ever known; my family, friends, my job, even the tight knit little town where I grew up, as annoying as it can be. I just don’t think I could do it.” And since he wasn’t really offering her any other incentive than sex, which she knew would be incredible, it occurred to her that it might not be enough anymore.

His narrowed green gaze held hers as he argued, “I don’t believe that for a minute, Zoe. I think you have to be one of the bravest, most adventurous people I’ve ever met. Just look at all we’ve done together, all we’ve explored both inside and outside of this apartment. How can you say you have no sense of adventure when you’ve proven yourself to be so incredibly fearless and brave?”

But when she just turned her head away again, he didn’t know what else to say.

Finally, wrapping her arms around his neck holding him close, she tried to explain what she was feeling. “These few weeks with you have been amazing. Thanks to you I don’t feel as innocent and inept as I did when I first got here. For the first time in my life, you’ve made me feel like a woman Altyazılı Porno with needs and desires that I shouldn’t feel embarrassed about wanting to explore. And I’ll always be grateful for that.” Pulling back to look at his face, she knew she had to level with him, no matter how much it hurt. “But I feel I should be honest and tell you that when I leave here, I plan to move on. And I think you should, too. You’re a wonderful man, Tate, and I hate the thought of you being alone, especially so far from home.” She managed to smile when she said, “But with your looks and incredible talents, I’m sure you won’t be alone for long.”

His chest physically ached hearing her say that it was almost over for them. About to declare his love, he had to choke back the words. So, she was planning to move on, just as he’d feared she might. Some other guy was going to win her heart, and have her in his bed, and have the honor of sharing his life with her — some guy that definitely wasn’t going to be him.

“But we can still keep in touch,” she said, offering him some small consolation as she ran her hands through his hair, smiling into his eyes. “And once you get to your new posting, I’d love to hear how you’re doing.”

His mind reeling at the thought of losing her, at least it was something that she didn’t want to lose touch. Obviously, not what he’d hoped for, it was still better than nothing. And if they did keep in touch, there was always a chance he could get her to change her mind about joining him. Or maybe she’d admit, that once she got home to her dull little close-minded community that she’d discover it wasn’t right for her anymore. Especially after all they’d experienced together. Now, all he could do was hope. Because really, what else did he have at this point, aside from that?

When he didn’t respond to her suggestion about keeping in touch, Zoe pushed away, got up off the bed and headed for the kitchen, telling him, “Guess I should go feed Pussy.”

And watching her leave, mesmerized at the provocative sight of her lush ass swaying, with all that long dark hair curling down her back, suddenly feeding her pussy was all he could think of. And he knew exactly what he wanted to feed it, his dick twitching eagerly at the thought.

She’d already set the cat’s food down on the floor by the time he’d followed her into the kitchen, at was now with her back to him at the sink rinsing out a few cups. Coming up behind her, he slid his straining erection up along the crack of her ass, cupping her warm soft breasts in his hands he pressed his lips to the curve of her neck with a hungry moan.

Arching her back, Zoe instinctively teased his erection with her luscious ass, taunting him with a daring thrust. “Open your legs,” he murmured into her ear, making her shiver. Biting into her lip and moaning at the feel of him already so hard, she obediently complied, and spread her legs.

His probing fingers finding her so delectably wet, he sank his teeth into her shoulder, blown away by the amazing feel of her. Sliding his cock between the slick lips of her sex, he groaned, as he told her as much as he dared. “I’ll always need you, Zoe, only you. No one can ever take your place.”

Her eyelids dropping closed, her mouth fell open at his words. Every breath becoming more ragged, she thrust her backside against cock, desperate for all he could give. “God, you make me crazy, Tate,” she murmured, wondering how she could ever live without him, especially without this?

He grinned, pinching her nipples a little harder than he normally did. “But it’s a good kind of crazy, and you know it.”

“Hmm,” She moaned, as he sent an erotic jolt straight to her tingling pussy. There was no denying that, it was always so good with him.

And the delectable feel of him sliding his erection across her hot little pussy, stroking her sensitive clit as his hands fired her nipples with teasing pinches and tugs, had her feeling like she was burning up, he was getting her so hot. That combined with the sensation of his teeth grazing along her neck, had her almost boneless with need. She couldn’t lie to him. “I don’t think I’ll ever desire anyone more than you, Tate,” she murmured on a broken breath, sure that no one could make her feel this way again.

Wrapping his hands around her waist, Tate turned her in his arms and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. Pulling her close to the edge, he pressed a sizzling open mouth kiss to her lips. Finally, lifting his head, he told her, “Look down, look at me taking you, Zoe. Can’t you see that we’re a perfect fit? It’s like our bodies were made for each other.”

As her gaze fell between them, he watched her eyes grow wide and dark with arousal as he pressed the pulsing head of his cock into her weeping sex. Slowly, inch by inch, he pushed in and then out again, giving her an erotic show of their coupling he hoped she’d never forget, indelibly imprinting himself, he prayed, not only on her body, but also Brazzers her heart. Taking her mouth in a scorching hot kiss, he swallowed her gasps as he thrust deep, pumping harder into her trembling body with every flex of his hips, he claimed her as his. And the abhorrent thought of any other man ever touching her like this, only drove his primal need.

With the desperate way he ravaged her, it didn’t take long for Zoe to begin to quake in his arms. Reaching between them, making sure to satisfy her, massaging her pulsing clit as he fought to hold back his own gut-wrenching release, Tate could feel he was close. Thrusting deep, over and over, he tipped her back against the kitchen cupboards, firmly clenching his jaw, he fought to hold back with everything he had. One hand around her waist the other moored on her sweet little ass, he pounded her wickedly hard till finally she was crying out his name, desperately digging her nails into his back, coming harder than he’d ever seen her come. Pulling her tightly to his chest, Tate continued to thrust until flashes of white hot light blazed behind his eyelids, as the most insanely powerful climax he’d ever experienced overcame him, nearly knocking him off his feet.

Gently stroking her back as his heart rate gradually slowed, he tenderly pressed his lips to hers, sealing not only their union, but his love for her, as surely as if he’d said the words. He knew this couldn’t be the end for them, there was just no way. Not when they were this good together. But why couldn’t she see it?

Few words were exchanged, as they made slow, sweet love for the rest of the night. But really what could they say? They knew how good they were together, and that they shared something so special that neither could accept that their time together was almost over. But as surely as the sun was going to rise in the morning, they knew what they had, was coming to an end.

Tormented by what she’d said about moving on, in the middle of the night, caught in the midst of a nightmare, Tate awoke covered in cold sweat, his heart pounding against his ribs, his eyes flew open wide. All he could think of was that Zoe had left him, and it was over between them, and he knew he’d never see her again. Reaching out for her in the dark, he blew out a relieved breath when he encountered the silky smoothness of her shoulder. Rolling closer, he pressed his lips to the warmth of her skin, and began to trail soft grateful kisses over every inch of her of her.

The feel of Tate’s damp lips and tongue caressing her skin, had Zoe’s eyes fluttering open, her lips curling into a contented smile, she murmured, “Hmm, nice way to wake up.” Reaching into the dark for his hand, she lifted it to her mouth and drew his index finger between her lips and sucked it into the heat of her mouth. Just the feel of her toying with his finger and Tate could feel he was growing hard, amazed how this gorgeous, sensual woman could make him so hot and so ready in a single heartbeat.

His mind made up that he had to do something daring to make her see reason, his feet hit the floor and he rounded the bed, threw back the sheet, and reached for her. Lifting her into his arms, he carried her naked to the front door. Unlocking it, he tugged it open and headed up the stairs for the door that led to the roof. Her arms in a death grip around his neck, with her heart pounding, Zoe felt too overwhelmed by what he was doing to even speak, never mind question his intent. Shocked beyond belief, all she could do was cling to him.

When they got to the flat rooftop, the dawn had yet to break, the misty mauvish-pink sky barely beginning to brighten in advance of the dawn’s glorious arrival.

Setting her down on her feet against the waist-high front wall of the building, sheltered beneath the slatted sunbreak, facing out onto the nearly silent deserted street, Tate came up behind her. Sliding his hand over her soft, lush ass, and trailing it down between her thighs, he groaned at the welcoming feel of her damp little pussy. Their bodies, no surprise, were in perfect sync, since he was already achingly hard for her. Careful not to hurt her, he wrapped his arm around her to protect her breasts from the roughness of the brick wall. And he quickly had them moaning when he bent his knees and thrust up inside her, holding her close as they looked out together and marvelled at the way the sparkling lights began to fade as the sleeping city prepared to come to life for another day.

Watching the scene below them unfold, Tate took her with slow measured thrusts. Too lost in the feel of her to care that someone might notice what they were up to, he tenderly kissed her back, and whispered into her ear, “I don’t ever want this to end.” His head resting on her shoulder, he nodded at the city awakening, right before their eyes. “Look, Zoe, look at that great big world out there just waiting for us to share.”

Zoe softly whimpered at what he was saying, as he made slow sweet love to her, even as she wondered if she was crazy being up here with him doing something so wild. Maybe she was, but the delicious shivers running through her, combined with the risk of being caught, only made it feel that much more erotic — and yet somehow too perfect for words.

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