Unexpected Visitor_(3)

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Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 1

It was after ten o’clock on a gloomy January night. There was a cold rain falling, and it was being driven by a stiff wind. It was a good night to stay in. I was sitting in front of my computer about to finish my data entry assignments for the night. I thought I would read a porn story or two after that.

The only light I had on in the house was the one on my desk. Suddenly, I was startled by a knock on my door. Being naturally suspicious of such unexpected visitors at night, I grabbed my 40 cal. Ruger and opened the door just a crack.

A voice I recognized asked to be let in. “Please Dave, can I come in. It’s Kerry and I need help.”

I immediately recognized the voice of the girl who was at my door. I opened the door wider and replied, “Of course, Kerry. Please come in out of this cold rain.”

Kerry Shick had grown up a few doors down from my home. For as long as I had known her, Kerry had been a cute but very short and slender girl. She only stood about five foot two or three and didn’t weigh more than 95 pounds. At times, as she grew older, I almost felt sorry for her due to her lack of breasts. When she turned sixteen she only had the lemon sized boobs of the typical twelve or thirteen year old.

She had always been friendly toward me and most of the other neighbors. I’ve missed out little chats we’d have at my fence or on my porch since she and her family had moved away. I had told her numerous times, “If you ever need help or anything else, you come see me.” Even though I was nearly twice her age, I felt a bit of tenderness for her and a little protective of her. Shortly after Kerry had celebrated her sixteenth birthday, she and her family moved across town and I lost contact with them. It had been several years since I had last seen Kerry. She was now nineteen, and I am almost thirty-five.

As Kerry stepped in I could see how cold and wet she was. She was wearing a short black dress that barely came half way down her thighs. It was low cut but still covered her small boobs. Even though her dress was soaked from the rain, it appeared to be a sexy party dress. Kerry, the poor thing, in addition to being soaked to the bone she was shivering from the cold.

As she shivered her teeth seemed to clattered. She said, “Thank you for letting me in, Dave. I didn’t know where else to go. My husband hit me in the chest with his fist while we rode down the street. He also threatened to beat the shit out of me when we got home. He has done that several times before. I wore this dress tonight to please him. In front of his family as we were leaving, he said I looked like a whore. Then he hit me in the chest as soon as we got in the car. So, rather than letting him beat me again when we got home, I ran. When he stopped for a traffic light, I grabbed my purse and jumped out the car. I ran as fast as I could. I’ve been walking in the rain for almost two hours.”

“Well, come on in and get yourself warmed up. You’ll be safe here. I’ll put on the water for some tea.”

I took her arm and led her into my living room. I then made a suggestion to her. “Why don’t you go get in the shower and run the water as hot as you can stand it. That will help warm you up. Then you can use my robe when you get out. It’s a big fluffy thing and will help keep you nice and warm. In the mean time, if you’ll toss your wet clothes out of the bathroom door before you get in the shower, I’ll run them through the washer and dryer.”

“Thank you so much, Dave. The shower and tea sound wonderful. You were always so nice to me when I was young, and you still are.” She kissed my cheek, grabbed her purse, and headed for my bathroom. I guess she remembered my home’s layout from when she visited in the past.

When I heard the shower running, I retrieved her wet clothes from the floor outside the bathroom door. I threw them into the washing machine. Call me a perv if you like, but I checked her bra. It was a small black lacy thing, and its size indicated she still had very small breasts. Her panties were also small, black, and lacy. I took a quick sniff. She smelled delightful. I got a hard-on just thinking of her walking around in intimate things like these.

I then began heating the water for tea. About the time the teapot began whistling, the water in the shower shut off. A few minutes later Kerry arrived in my living room clad only in my fluffy blue robe and a towel wrapped around her head. She was a well covered little doll in my robe. She was as cute as she had been when she was a teenager living a few doors down.

“How would you like your tea, Kerry?” I asked as I indicated she should take a seat on my couch and find something she wanted to watch on TV.

“One sugar please. And Dave, thank you again for helping me tonight. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t let me in.” She then threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. I hugged her small body to mine and returned the kiss to her cheek. Kerry smelled delicious. She must have had perfume in her purse. I knew I didn’t have anything that smelled that nice in my bathroom.

Kerry then sat on my couch with her legs curled under her. She smiled up at me.

I told her, “I’ll get our tea now. I’ll be right back.” A few minutes later I returned and handed Kerry a large cup of hot tea.

As we sipped our tea, we talked about how pleasant her life had been when she lived nearby. Then our conversation turned darker. She told me she had gotten married shortly after she had turned seventeen. Her husband soon began to beat her for even the smallest mistakes. At first it was just slaps. Then he got meaner. He would use his fists on her stomach and a belt on her butt and legs. She told of the time she had been cooking him a big breakfast and had forgotten the toast. It came out too dark. It wasn’t burned but was too dark for his taste. Kerry had tears in her eyes when she said, “The bastard jumped up from the table and slapped me several times while calling me a stupid cunt. In the mean time, while he was slapping me and yelling over the toast and telling me how stupid I was, his eggs burned. He then jerked my pants down, pulled me over his knee like I was a kid, and beat my ass until I could not sit down for the rest of the day. He then called me a stupid cunt again and other vile names before he stormed out of the house. I was relieved when he didn’t come back for three days.”

“He wants kids. He even slaps me around whenever the subject comes up. He blames me for not having gotten knocked-up by now. He’s right about that. I have secretly been taking birth control pills to prevent getting pregnant. I just can’t bear the thought of binding myself for life to that bastard by having his kids.”

“Have you told you family about how he treats you?”

“Yes! They don’t care. They never liked him and tried to stop me from marrying him in the first place. I’m sure you remember how stubborn I was. So I married him any way. I thought we loved each other. Now, even my mother said the way he treats me is my own fault. She says I shouldn’t have married him in the first place. Everyone knew he was an asshole before we married and I deserved whatever I got from him. They said they didn’t want anything to do with him, or me. No one wants me.”

Kerry then burst into tears. I wrapped her in my arms and held her while she sobbed. I whispered into her ear. “That’s not true, Kerry.” I then gently placed a kiss on her forehead. I cuddled her close to me and stroked her hair.

When her tears had mostly dried up, we continued chatting about where life had taken us. I explained that over the years since we had last seen each other, my life had remained much the same. I was still a single, middle aged man, with no family and few outside interests. I earn my living doing data entry and other computer work from my home computer.

By the time we were talked out, it was almost one in the morning. Kerry was still cuddled against me and didn’t show any sign of wanting to move. I kissed her forehead again and said, “Kerry, why don’t we go to bed? You can have my spare room. We can continue talking in the morning if you like. I’ll loan you one of my long T-shirts to sleep in.”

She nodded and I then escorted her down the hall to my spare bedroom. “I’ll put your clothes in the dryer then go to bed myself. Good night, Kerry.”

She hugged me and softly kissed my lips. “If you don’t mind, I’ll sleep in your robe. It smells like you, and I like that. Good night, Dave. Thank you again for being so nice to me.”

The light in her room was out when I returned from the laundry room. I stripped down to my boxers and quietly got in bed. I was about to turn off the lamp on my nightstand when there was a light knock on my door.

“Come in, Kerry.”

My door slowly opened and Kerry stepped in. “Dave, I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you. I hate to be so forward, but may I sleep with you tonight? I don’t want to be alone. I think I need to be held by you a little longer. I felt so safe in your arms. I know it’s late, but could me talk a little more.”

“Never let it be said that I ever turned down such a request from a beautiful young lady.” I flipped the covers back and told her, “Hop in Kerry.”

Kerry slowly walked to the side of my bed. For the first time tonight, she smiled, if only briefly. I remembered that smile from her youth. Then she surprised me. She walked over to my dresser and took my robe off. She carefully laid it over the dresser. Her naked back was so thin. Her butt was one of the tightest and cutest I have ever seen. Too bad it was marred by being covered with bruises and welts apparently made by a belt.

She then turned to face me. Her round face with its blue eyes and turned up nose was surrounded by her short dirty blonde hair. She had the beginnings of a smile on her lips. Her breasts were indeed quite small. It was then that I noticed the ugly bruise on her chest between her breasts. That asshole must have hit her chest very hard. Her tummy was smooth and flat. Her pubic fur was trimmed rather short and was a slightly darker shade of blonde than the hair on her head. Her legs appeared almost too skinny to support her body.

As she climbed into my bed I told her, “Kerry, you are a beautiful and sweet young lady. I can’t understand why anyone would want to hurt you like that. You will be safe here.”

I laid my arm out for her to lay her head on. As she settle in, I pulled her close and kissed her cheek.

She turned her head and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. We cuddled, hugged, and kissed for a while. Then, barely above a whisper, she asked, “Dave will you make love to me. I feel I need someone like you to be with me tonight. My husband has used all of me and not always gently. He wasn’t even gentle when he took my cherry on our wedding night. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. You can have my pussy, You can have me suck you off, or you can even stick it in my ass. You have been so nice to me that I’ll do whatever you want. You can do my tits even if I don’t have enough tit to surround your cock. You will be only the second man I have ever been with, and I want to give you anything you want.”

I rolled over toward her and said, “Kerry, you’ve been beaten, degraded, and spent a long time walking in the cold rain tonight. Why don’t you let me just hold and cuddle with you tonight?”

“Dave, you can do whatever you want, but I’d really like for you to make love to me.”

“Alright Kerry, if you are sure. I have wanted you for as long as I’ve known you. You were so alluring as a teen. You do know I am nearly twice your age don’t you?”

Kerry giggled. “Dave, I am still a teen. I’m nineteen. I don’t care how old you are. Please, let me enjoy you and you can enjoy me.”

I smiled broadly at my teen guest and partially rolled on top of her small body. I gave her a passionate kiss which she eagerly returned. She wrapped her arms around my neck and opened her mouth so our tongues could fight a mock duel. I began squeezing her small tits. I was very careful not to touch her bruise. I lightly pinching and rolling her nipples. Surprisingly, her nipples grew to be quite long and very hard. She was soon panting and writhing beneath me.

“Please Dave, will you take me now?”

I climbed fully on top of Kerry’s petite form. My six foot body fully covered her. She spread her legs wide, reached down, and squeezed my hard cock. She then guided it to the opening of her pussy. When she had my cock’s head positioned at her pussy’s entrance she pushed her pelvis up to help me enter her. Kerry wrapped her arms around me and breathlessly begged. “Please Dave, give it to me. Damn it, Dave, fuck me now!”

“No Kerry! I am not going to fuck you. You do not deserve to just be fucked. I will, as you asked earlier, make love to you.” Slowly and gently, I pushed my seven inches of thick cock into Kerry’s tight pussy.

Kerry gasped and groaned as I entered her. When my cock’s head bottomed out against her cervix we both groaned in pleasure.

“Oh Dave, you’re so much bigger than that asshole I’m married to. You’re deeper than he could ever get, and you’re so thick that my pussy feels full.”

I kissed her deeply and began stroking in and out of her tight pussy. I sped up my thrusts until I was giving her all I had. “Oh Kerry, you have a great pussy. It is so tight and hot.”

“I feel almost like a virgin without the pain. You have filled my pussy more than it has ever been. Kerry began returning each of my thrust into her depths.

“Umph, umph, umph!” Kerry grunted each time I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. I bumped into her cervix with each thrust. She was holding me tight and wrapped her legs around mine. “Oh God Dave, you’re getting some pussy that has never been used before. You fill me up. Give me all you’ve got. Give me all of your seed. I need to feel you pumping your cum deep in my body.” She cried out just as my cum erupted into her depths and bathed her cervix in my white cream. “YES! FUCK ME DAVE! FILL MY CUNT WITH YOU CUM! OH GOD YES!

Kerry then collapsed beneath me. Her breath was ragged but she refused to loosen the grip of her arms around my neck or of her legs entwined around my legs. As her breath returned to normal, she began to cry again. “Oh Dave, I have never been so well fucked. You got into some pussy never before used. I hope this won’t be the last time we make love. I want more of you, a lot more of you.”

“Kerry, you can stay with me as long as you like and get as much loving as you can stand. I know this has happened very quickly, but I’ve longed for you a long time. What would you say if I asked you to divorce that asshole you’re married to and move in with me?”

“Hum, I’ll need to think about that for a while.” In the time it took her to take a breath, a matter of seconds, she answered. “Okay! Yes, I’ll move in with you. That is as long as you promise to fill all my holes with that beautiful cock of yours on a regular basis.”

I hugged her tightly and said, “That’s a promise. We’ll take my truck to get your stuff tomorrow while your husband is at work. Let the asshole wonder where you went until he’s served with divorce papers. By the way, if you will let me, I would like to take some pictures of your bruised body. They may come in handy if he wants to fight you in court. Does he or his family have money?”

“No, they don’t have anything that has a lot of value.”

“Good! He or they won’t stand a chance because I do. I will hire you the best lawyer and investigator in the area and see that he goes to jail for what he has done to you.”

Kerry giggled. “Are you sure you don’t just want some pictures of my nude body to perv over?”

“Well, that too, but they will make some great evidence for your court hearing. Now, let’s get some sleep. We will have a busy day tomorrow.” We shared a long and tender kiss before she rolled onto her side and scooted her butt back against me. We soon fell asleep spooned together while I held her right tit.

Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 2

I awoke the next morning to gaziantep escort tanıtımları find my cock deep in Kerry’s mouth. Her tongue was busily swabbing all around my morning wood while she sucked hard. I stroked her hair and moaned with pleasure. It had been years since I had been given a blowjob. Kerry was an expert at sucking cock.

“I’m almost there, Kerry.” I warned her.

“Um hum.” She acknowledged my warning.

Just as I began to erupt in her mouth, Kerry pushed down hard and drove my cock deep into her throat. She swallowed and took my cum down her gullet and to her belly. When I finished cuming she pulled up and licked my cock clean. She then turned and lay beside me with a wide grin on her face. “That’s two.”

“Two? Two what, Baby?” I stupidly asked.

“That’s two of my holes you’ve filled. I still want to give you my ass when you want it.”

“But Kerry, you…” I started to speak.

She interrupted me. “Dave, am I your girlfriend now?”

I nodded in acknowledgment of her new status. “Yes Baby, you are my girlfriend.”

“Then if I am going to live her and be your girlfriend, I expect you to take care of me and I will take care of you. Please let me give all of myself to you. You’ve had my pussy and now my mouth. All I have left to give you is my ass. Please don’t be afraid of hurting me. I am sure my ass can take you big cock, and I will enjoy the feeling of having my ass filled the way you filled my pussy last night.”

But Kerry, to me you are so much more than just a fuck toy.”

“I know! I thank you for that. That is why I want to give all of myself to you. My husband never asked for anything. He just took what he wanted. Oh by the way, I can cook and do a pretty good job of house keeping too.” She giggled. “Now, let’s get up, shower, and get some breakfast. I’m starving.”

Before she could get out of bed, I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. I gave her one of the most passionate kisses I’ve ever given anyone. I then playfully swatted her butt before I let her get up.

She giggled. It was so pleasant to hear her youthful giggle again. It reminded me of the times she had come around while she was growing up. She then hustled out of my bedroom and into the bathroom. I loved the sight of her little naked butt as it wiggled away.

It’s a good thing I had installed an oversized shower/tub several years ago. We needed the extra room as we showered together. We washed each other from head to toe. We paid special attention to her tender bits and injured skin. While tenderly washing her chest, I said. “Kerry, your breasts aren’t that small. They are perfect for your body. These peaches will be a wonderful pleasure for me to play with.”

As I squeezed her tits and pulled her back firmly to my chest, she moaned. “Thanks Dave. I always thought they were too small to interest a man. Except for hurting them, my husband never touched my tits. He said they weren’t worth bothering with.”

“He’s an idiot and an asshole. Why don’t we refer to him from now on simply as Asshole”

Kerry giggled again and agreed. “Now, let’s get out of here and have some breakfast. I want to go get my stuff as soon as we can. I don’t have much, but I’ll feel so much better when it’s all over here.” She turned and looked up at me. “Dave, I think I am going to like living with you. I already feel at home here.” She then reached up, put her arms around my neck, and gave me a long passionate kiss.

After we were dried off, and before she got dressed in her freshly laundered clothes, I took several pictures of Kerry’s bruised chest and the welts on her ass and lower back. I then noticed a few fading bruises on her legs and took pictures of them as well. “These will be good evidence of how that asshole treated you. Get dressed and let’s eat.”

Breakfast was delicious and Kerry didn’t burn my toast or eggs. When I teased her about it, she smiled and said, “I can cook very well when I’m not being yelled at or in fear of getting a beating for something stupid. Can we go get my stuff as soon as I do the dishes?”

“Kerry, just rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher. Let the machine do the work for you. Then we can go get your stuff. Would you like to stop at my lawyer’s office on the way home?”

“Yes, I think I would. I can’t wait until that asshole is in front of a judge.”

Within the hour, Kerry and I had loaded my pickup with all of her personal things from her old home. We were about ready to leave when, suddenly, Kerry turned and ran back to the bathroom. There she dug under a big pile of towels and pulled out her birth control pills. Smiling broadly, she popped one into her mouth and said, “I sure can’t forget these. I know you don’t want to knock me up right away.”

I grinned at her. “No, not right away. If you’re ready to go, lead the way. I love watching your butt wiggle as you walk?”

Kerry giggled and said, “I think you are a bit of a perv. That’s okay though, I love it when you perv on me.” She then trotted out to my pickup.

We stopped along the way to my lawyer’s office at a fast photo place. We dropped off the film I had used earlier that morning and requested same day service.

We then went to my lawyers office. I told the receptionist, “Ms. Shick needs a lawyer. She has no assets but I will pay her bills.”

The receptionist asked, “What is the nature of her business? Why does she need a lawyer?”

“Divorce and domestic assault. Her husband beats her.”

“Very well. If you will please have a seat, Mr. Martin will be with you shortly.” She then pushed a button on her phone and said, “Dave Kimmet and a Ms. Shick to see you, sir.”

A few minutes later, the receptionist led us into Mr. Martin’s office. He stood and stuck out his hand. “Hey Dave, how’s it been going for you? Have a seat. What can I do for you and Ms. Shick today?”

Kerry seemed to get very nervous and froze up. She stammered several times before she asked, “Dave will you please tell him what I want? Don’t leave anything out.”

“Okay Kerry. Relax. Jim Martin is a friend of mine and a real nice guy. I know he can and will help you.”

I then told Jim Martin all I knew of Kerry’s condition when she arrived at my place the night before and her marriage to an abusive man. I told him of her bruises and welts. He perked up when I told him we had taken pictures of her injuries and would be providing a copy of the pictures to his office that afternoon.

Mr. Martin looked at Kerry seriously and asked, “Ms. Shick, may I see your injuries? I promise to treat you with respect. If I don’t Dave here just might beat the crap out of me.”

Kerry lowered her eyes and slowly unbuttoned her top just enough to show the bruise between her breasts. It was even uglier than it had been last night and earlier today.

“Are there any more?” Jim asked.

Kerry nodded and re-buttoned her top before loosening and lowering her pants so Jim could see the welts on her rear end.

“That’s enough Ms. Shick. You say there are more on her legs, Dave? You have pictures of all of this.”

“Yes, but those on her legs are fading.” I replied.

Okay, Ms. Shick you have an attorney Would it be alright with you if I called the Sheriff’s Office. They will send a female deputy to look at your injuries. They may very well get an arrest warrant for your husband. By the way, what’s his name?”

“Calvin James, sir.” Kerry answered.

“I think I know that name for some reason. What else can I do for you, Ms. Shick?”

In a strong voice, Kerry said, “I want a divorce!”

“I think we can all be assured a divorce will be fairly simple and quick, especially if Mr. James is in jail for assaulting you. Now if you would like to wait I can have the initial paperwork prepared, or you can sign them when you deliver you pictures.”

“This afternoon will be fine, sir.” Kerry seemed to have relaxed a bit and found her voice.

Jim Martin then called the Sheriff’s Office. When he got off the phone he asked, “Dave, would you mind taking Ms. Shick to the Sheriff’s Office? They want to take some pictures of their own and have a detective speak with her.”

I replied, “Of course, Jim. We’ll go over there right away.”

I waited in the lobby while Kerry spent a couple of hours talking with a female deputy Sheriff. When she came out, she was visibly upset.

“What is it, Kerry? They didn’t hurt you did they?”

“No Dave, It was just one female officer. She went over practically my whole life. She took more pictures of me completely naked. She examined every inch of me. I was so humiliated. At least there were no men in there. I am so glad that is over. When it was almost over, the detective smiled and told me Asshole would soon be in the county jail for CDV (Criminal Domestic Violence) for what he did to me. Can we go now?”

Yes Baby, we can go. Let’s go pick up our pictures for Jim. Then we’ll grab a bite to eat and head home.”

After we picked up our pictures, Jim had us escorted immediately into his office. He looked at the pictures for several minutes then said, “I will enjoy destroying that asshole. Please sign the papers at the front desk and I will get things started right away. It should take no more than six months to finalize you divorce unless he puts up a good fight. Even then it shouldn’t take more than a year. You two stay out of trouble until then, and Kerry, don’t get pregnant. That would create real problems for your divorce.”

Kerry smiled at Jim, dug into her purse, and showed him her birth control pills.

“Dave, you two are now together aren’t you?” Jim asked.

“Yes Jim, we are. She will be staying in my spare room until this is all over.”

Sarcastically, Jim commented, “Yeah, sure she will. As cute as she is I’ll just bet she stays in your spare room. I’m sure you two will be very good for each other. But, like I said, “Don’t get pregnant.”

By that time, it was beginning to get late in the day. Kerry and I stopped for dinner at a nice steak house for dinner. I ordered steaks for both of us.

“Oh thank you Dave for taking me to such a wonderful place to eat. I’ve never eaten in such a nice place. The best Asshole would do is stop at McDonald’s for a burger. And thank you for all you’ve done for me today.”

“Honey, you are more than welcome. I can’t have it said that I don’t treat my girlfriend right. Just enjoy your steak. Consider this to be our first date.

There will be a lot more surprises to come. You be sure to read the newspaper reports looking for info regarding Asshole.

After a very enjoyable dinner, Kerry and I headed home. We still had to unload her stuff from my truck. Within an hour, Kerry had her stuff all put away in her own room. All she had were some clothes, a few cosmetics, and a very few pieces of costume jewelry She refused to let me help.

So, while she put her stuff away, I grabbed a quick shower and shaved. I wanted to be presentable for my new girlfriend. I then caught up on a little of my computer work. After a while I heard the shower running.

Kerry took quite a while in the shower. When she came out I was stunned. My baby doll was wearing a pale green baby doll nightie. It covered her but did very little to hide her best parts. Her tits with their long hard nipples were very visible through her top and the thin robe that matched it. The matching panties also failed to hide her freshly shaved pussy. On top of all that, she smelled delicious. I think she had dabbed on a bit of my favorite perfume, Obsession.

I turned to look at her. “Wow! Kerry, you look and smell good enough to eat.”

She giggled and said, “Oh Dave, I sure hope so. This is all for you. I have never worn this baby doll before. I shaved in hopes that you would like me this way.”

“Kerry honey, I like you any way you want to be. But, I especially like that form of attire and bald is just the way I like your pussy. If you want to, I’d enjoy it if you’d keep it bald.”

“I will Dave. I’ll keep my pussy as bald as a baby’s butt just for you. Would you like to go to bed now?”

“As soon as I shut my computer down. I’ll be there in just a couple of minutes.”

As I entered my bedroom, Kerry sat demurely in a chair next to the bed. Her eyes were sparkling and a broad smile was spread across her face. She look up at me and her smile broadened.

I held my hand out to her and said, “Come to me, Baby.”

She rose and slowly walked to me. I sat on the edge of the bed, and Kerry stepped up until her legs were spread outside of mine. I reached around her and hugged her tightly. I then reached up and untied the bow at her neck that held her robe together. She shrugged her shoulders and her robe fluttered to the floor. Next, I untied the bows of her top and it followed her robe to the floor. I reached out and placed my hands over both of her tits. I squeezed gently and fondled them until her nipples were fully erect. I sucked each nipple until Kerry was moaning with pleasure. Mean while, I untied the bows holding panties her at each hip and they disappeared to the floor as well.

“Kerry, I love your tits. They are perfect for your body. Your nipples are some of the longest I have ever seen, even on the computer.”

“Oh God Dave, do you really like my tits and nipples? I always thought they were much too small.”

“Yes Baby, I do like them. I really do like them.”

A single tear fell from each eye. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face tightly to her chest while I sucked her nipples to full length. I then very gently placed a kiss over the ugly bruise between her tits. “Thank you, Dave. Thank you so much. You don’t know how much I need to hear things like that.”

I kissed my way down her smooth flat belly. I just loved hearing her giggle when I delved my tongue into her belly button. I kissed my way further down her belly until I was licking her now bald pubic mound. She groaned in disappointment when I quit licking her.

“Hop in bed, Baby. I’m not done yet, but my neck won’t bend as much as it did when I was your age.”

Kerry eagerly leaped into bed next to me. She spread her legs wide and asked, “Are you going to give me your big fat cock again, Dave?”

“Soon Baby, very soon. But there is more I want to do with you first.” I laid between her legs and resumed licking and kissing her pubic mound. I continued until she was rocking her pelvis up to my face and moaning in pleasure. Then, without warning, I slipped down a little and placed a tender kiss right in the middle of her pussy’s split.

Kerry gasped and cried out. “Oh God Dave, no one has ever done that to me. You’re the first to kiss me there.”

I began licking up and down her pussy’s slit. I started just above her sphincter and licked up until I flicked her clit with my tongue. She gasped again. I rapidly lapped up and down her pussy until she was well lubricated and writhing under me. She raised her knees and let them fall wide open. Kerry’s pussy tasted delicious and her aroma was delightful. She began thrusting her pelvis up and down to get more of my tongue into her pussy.

“Oh God Dave, I going to cum. I’m going to cum, NOW!” She cried out.

I sucked her clit between my lips and rapidly flicked it with my tongue.

She kept thrusting her hips up to my face and cried out. “OH DAMN DAVE EAT ME. EAT MY PUSSY GOOD. YEESSSSS! Her juices were flowing heavily, and I lapped them up as quickly as I could. I pressed my nose to her clit, my tongue was pushed as deep as I could get it into her pussy. I shook my face back and forth until her climax subsided and she collapsed beneath me.

I crawled up over her and kissed her lips. She kissed and licked her pussy’s juices from my face. “Huummmm. I don’t taste too bad do I?”

“No Baby. I think you taste delicious.”

“Dave, will you stick that big cock of yours in my pussy. I want to just lay her and feel you in me. Can we talk about what just happened?”

“Sure Kerry.” I did just as she asked. I slowly and gently gaziantep escort telefonları pushed my cock into her tight pussy until its head met her cervix. We both groaned as I let my weight down on her petite body.

“Dave, you were the first to ever do that to me. It was so wonderful. Asshole always said it was too nasty to do that. He also hated my tits because they are so small. He…”

“Baby, forget that asshole. What he did or didn’t do doesn’t matter any more. He will never bother you again. He didn’t know what he had in you. You are mine now, and I will do many things with you to pleasure us both.”

I then nibbled her ear and gave my cock a little shove. I pressed its head tighter to her cervix. She groaned and wrapped her arms and legs around me.

“Okay Dave, will you make love to me now?”

I began slowly stroking my cock in and out of Kerry’s tight pussy. I gradually increased the speed and force of my thrust. I was soon pounding her as hard as I could, while she returned each thrust.

“Oh yes Dave! Fuck me! You fuck me so good! FUCK ME DAVE! She came again as I bathed her cervix with my cum.

I rolled off Kerry and we kissed, cuddled, and chatted for nearly an hour before falling asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I again awoke with my cock in Kerry’s mouth. Damn that girl can suck a cock. I rapidly neared the point of my eruption. I stroked her hair and thrust up as she took my cock deep in her mouth. “I’m about to cum Baby.” Just like the previous morning, as the first spurt of cum surged from my cock, Kerry drove her head down hard. She took the full length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. She held my cock deep in her throat until my orgasm eased and finally stopped. She licked me clean then rolled over and scooted up beside me.

“Damn Baby, you are one hell of a cocksucker.” I then pulled her tight and kissed her. I discovered that I don’t really mind the taste of my own cum when it’s on her lips, especially after she has given me a great blowjob.

“Dave, I intend to never let you get a hard-on that I don’t take care of in one way or another. I am surprised you wanted to kiss me after I sucked you off.

“Baby, I’ll kiss you anywhere and anytime I can. You are so beautiful and sexy. You have brought this old man feelings like he’s back in his youth.

Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 3

Over the next week, Kerry and I continued acting like teenagers in love. We seemed to be teenagers who had sneaked off to a private love nest, even though one of us was well beyond his teen years.

Late one afternoon, Kerry was getting ready to start dinner, and I was working on the computer in my office. The ringing phone startled us both. It was Jim Martin, Attorney at Law. I answered and he asked for Kerry.

Kerry nervously took the phone and said, “Hello, Mr. Martin. What can I do for you? Would you mind if I put you on the speaker so Dave can hear?”

Jim agreed and I was soon privy to both sides of their conversation. Jim started, “I have good new Ms. Shick. Mr. Calvin James is in the county jail. He was arrested late last night for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). When the booking officer ran him through their computer your CDV charge popped up. His bail was set this morning. Due to the number and severity of your injuries and his past criminal history his bail was set pretty high. I doubt he will make bail before his first hearing date which is next week. I will serve him with divorce papers tomorrow afternoon. I am going to ask for the house, its furnishings, the car, spousal support, and my fees. He will go nuts when he reads all that. I don’t think he will be going anywhere and I will know just where to find him.”

“Mr. Martin, I really don’t want to take all of his stuff. I just want him out of my life.”

Jim laughed out loud at her remark. So did we.

“Kerry, I will do my best to follow your wishes. However, these requests tend to put people like Mr. James in a panic and make them much more receptive to any deals we offer. Will that be alright with you?”

“Yes sir. I understand and I will go along with your advice on these things.”

“Very well. Will you be available at this number until the next hearing?”

“Yes sir. I think I’ll be here for a while yet.” She giggled and winked at me.

Alright, I’ll call when I have some more news. Have a good evening. Good bye for now.”

Good bye and thank you Mr. Martin. Kerry hung up. She had a huge grin that lit up her whole face. Her eyes were sparkling even though a tear was perched in the corner of each.

“I feel so relieved right now. With Asshole in jail he can’t bother me, or us.” She sat on my lap and smothered my face with kisses.

I patted her butt and suggested, “Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate. I have about twenty minutes left to do here. Then I’ll grab a quick shower and get dressed. I want to take my girlfriend someplace nice.”

She kissed me again and said she was going to put stuff away in the kitchen, and then shower while I finished my computer work. Did I mention how much I loved watching her butt wiggle as she walks away.

A little later, I shut down my computer and went to get ready for my date with Kerry. She must have been in the spare bedroom when I got in the shower. A little later, I was freshly showered and shaved. I put on a good suit. I wanted to look my best for my girlfriend.

After dressing, I went to the living room to wait for Kerry. A few minutes later, she came out of her room. She was wearing the same little black dress she had worn when she came to my house on that cold rainy night. She looked so much better this time. Her make-up was lightly done and she smelled delicious. I carefully took her into my arms and kissed her. I didn’t want to spoil her make-up.

“Kerry, you look beautiful. If you will allow me, I want to stop at the mall before we go to diner.”

“The mall? Why the mall?”

“You’ll see. Let’s go.”

There was a jewelry store at the mall. Actually, there were several jewelry stores there. I held her hand and walked her into the first jewelry store we came to.

“Why are we here, Dave?”

“You look so beautiful in that little black dress. I just thought it would look even nicer on you with a string of pearls around your neck. Little black dresses need a string of pearls.”

“Oh Dave, you don’t have to do that. You have already been so good to me. You don’t have to buy me pearls, or anything else.”

“Yes I do. I told you I have money and I want to give a gift to my girlfriend. Now, shut up and let the sales lady sell you a string of pearls.”

Fifteen minutes later, we left the store with a string of real pearls hanging around Kerry’s neck. She was holding my hand tighter than she ever had.

At dinner we both had steak and lobster. The food was delicious, but it did not compare to the look on Kerry’s face and in her eyes. It seemed like we never took our eyes off each other.

As soon as we got home Kerry hustled to the bedroom. She seemed to be in a hurry to shed her clothes. I followed her wiggling butt and walked in behind her. She flipped the straps of her black dress off her shoulders. She let it slide down her body. It seemed to float to the floor. In short order her bra and panties joined the dress. The last thing she took off was her string of pearls. She very carefully laid them on the dresser. We made passionate love until late into the night. I had cum three times before running out of gas. That was a record for me. I lost count of how many times Kerry had gotten off.

I didn’t get the usual blowjob in the morning. We were both still tired from our long and exciting night. She just cuddled up close and we stroked each others body.

A week later Jim Martin call again. With Jim’s permission, Kerry put him on the speaker again so I could hear their conversation.

“Ms. Shick, I have good news again. Mr. James has amazingly pled guilty to both the DUI and CDV charges. He has been sentenced to six months in the county jail on each charge. His sentences are to be served concurrently. I spoke with him about your divorce action after his criminal hearing. He eagerly agreed to not contest your divorce action if he could keep his things. He even agreed to sign his car over to you and pay half of my fees. Since the divorce will be uncontested, the family court judge has agreed to hear your petition in thirty days. You must attend the hearing. Also, the state requires a six month cooling off period from the date of filing before your divorce becomes final. In effect, you will legally be a free woman on a date in the middle of June to be specified by the judge. Mr. James will be at the divorce proceedings as well. He will be escorted by a deputy since he will still be in the Sheriff’s custody and will have more than four months left to serve on his sentence. Does all of that meet your requirements and expectations, Ms. Shick?”

Kerry was practically jumping up and down in excitement. “Oh my God! Yes, Mr. Martin, that sounds wonderful. I don’t know how I will ever thank you.”

Jim laughed. “Don’t worry about that, Ms. Shick. If all goes as expected, Dave will be getting the bill for my services after your divorce hearing. For now, have a good day and good bye.”

Kerry could barely get her reply out due to her excitement. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Mr. Martin. Just let me know when and where the hearing will be and I will be there. This is like waking from a nightmare. Thank you again and good bye.”

Kerry jumped into my lap as I sat at my desk. Like the last time Jim Martin had given her good news, she covered my face with kisses and promised to do all kinds of things to me in bed that night. I was beginning to think calls from Jim were very good for my early middle-aged sex life.

That night Kerry carried through with her promise to fuck me silly. At one point I thought she was trying to suck my cock from my body. When my cum erupted from my cock’s head, she drove her mouth down and shoved my cock deep into her throat. Without so much as a sputter, she took my entire load of cum down her gullet without lifting.

As soon as she sucked my cock hard again, she climbed up and straddled my hips. She then sat on top of my cock and squatted down until she had me fully engulfed in her pussy. Once she had my cock deep in her pussy, she bounced up and down vigorously. My cock’s head rammed her cervix each time she dropped her pussy down on me. She grunted and groaned each time she slammed down.

Kerry cried out as our mutual orgasms approached. “OH GOD YES, DAVE!” With each thrust down, she gasped. “YOU…FEEL…SO…GOOD…IN…MY…PUSSY. FUCK…MY…HORNY…CUNT! YESSSS!

We both came at about the same time. She slammed down on my cock and I thrust up, I pumped a load of cum into her while she shuddered through her orgasm. Kerry then fell forward to lay on me. Her small titties were crushed by my chest. Her pussy continued to spasm and milked my cock for some time.

I rested a little while with my cock soaking in her massaging pussy. It amazed me when I got a third hard-on.

She raised her head up and smiled at me. “Can you go again, Dave?”

“I don’t know, but I sure would like to try. Roll over Baby.”

Kerry rolled off me, lay on her back, and spread her legs. I rolled onto her and slid my revived cock into her pussy once more. This time we made love instead of fucking our brains out. Gently and slowly I thrust into Kerry while talking softly into her ear. I nibbled her ear lobes and neck.

“Dave, you can give me a love bite if you want to. I will be proud to have you mark me as you own.” Kerry whispered.

“I don’t think that is a good idea until after your divorce hearing. A hickey might make the judge less than favorably inclined to your side of the case. After you’re divorced, I will love marking the hell out of you. But, promise me you will let me know if I ever hurt you. A hickey is one thing. Hurting you is something else. You just ran away from an asshole that hurt you.”

“I understand, Dave. At the right time, I want you to give me hickies all over my body. I want you and everyone else to know I am yours.”

“Don’t worry about that. I have an idea that will surely let you know whose girl you are.”

“Oh Dave.” She sighed and began rocking her pelvis up to accept my slow thrusts into her pussy.

I was still amazed that not only was I hard enough to make love to my girlfriend, but I felt another cum approaching. Slowly I built up the speed and power of my thrusts.

“Umph, umph, umph.” Kerry began grunting as my cock repeatedly bumped into her cervix. She was about to cum again as well.

I was getting close as well. “Oh Baby.” I moaned. With one firm thrust deep into her pussy, I hugged her tightly and gave her my last load of cum for the night.

“Oh yes, Dave. It feels so good when your warm cum floods into me.” She firmly returned my hug and sighed in contentment.

We fell asleep with my cock still in her pussy. Sometime during the night, my cock must have gone soft and slipped out of her. I awoke with her back spooned to my belly. She was holding my hand against her tit as she slept.

I got out of bed before she woke. I showered, shaved, and pulled on a pair of boxers. I then headed to the kitchen I made us sausage patties, French toast, and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Kerry surprised me by coming to breakfast totally nude and still damp from her shower. “What a beautiful breakfast partner you are.” I told her. We smiled at each other but made no further comment about our attire, or lack there of.

Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 4

Over the next month, as the date for her divorce hearing approached, Kerry seemed to get more and more nervous. The night before the scheduled date of the hearing, we sat watching a movie on TV. She had her back pressed to my chest when suddenly she began to sob. She looked up at me with tears streaming from her eyes.

“Oh Dave, I’m so frightened.” She sobbed. “What if that asshole changes his mind and decides to fight me over the divorce?”

I hugged her tighter and replied. “Baby, that could happen, but if it does, he’ll have to hire a lawyer. You have the best lawyer in town. I don’t think Asshole can afford even a decent lawyer, let alone a good one. If he could he would have already hired one to defend against the DUI and CDV charges. He’s already spent a lot of money for the fines he’s had to pay for his DUI and CDV convictions. Even if he does get a lawyer, Jim will eat him alive. Please try to relax and let Jim handle Asshole, and let me handle his ex-wife and her beautiful tits.” I squeezed Kerry’s tits firmly. “You have some wonderful tits.”

She looked up at me again and smiled. “You really mean that don’t you?”

“Yes Baby. I certainly do. If all goes well at the hearing tomorrow, I’ll put my mark on both of them and maybe other places too. I want to show you off as my girlfriend to everyone we know. I especially want your family to know we are together as a couple, and I better never hear them speak poorly of my girlfriend.” I squeezed her tits again.

She smiled up at me, cooed in pleasure, and leaned back again to watch the movie on TV. “Thank you, Dave for helping and taking me in and caring for me when I needed it most. I hope you want to continue to care for me.”

I squeezed her tits again and said, “Of course I do, Baby. Now try to relax.”

Later that night after we went to bed, I marked Kerry as mine own. She had been expecting me to put hickies on her tits. Instead, I put a nice fat love bite right in the middle of her pubic mound. I told her, “Baby, now only you and I will know you are marked. If you get nervous during your hearing just press your hands into your lap and think of your mark. Now go to sleep. You’ll want to be fresh, bright eyed, and not so busy-tailed in the morning.” I patted her bald pussy and held her close until gaziantep escort videoları we fell asleep.

The next morning we were up early and got ready for her divorce hearing. It was scheduled for ten AM in the county courthouse. Accompanied by Kerry’s lawyer, Jim Martin, we enter the courtroom with fifteen minutes to spare. Jim and Kerry took their seats at a table up front while I sat in the back of the courtroom.

Ten minutes later, Calvin James was escorted into the courtroom by a large deputy Sheriff. He was not represented by an attorney

The Family Court judge was announced and took his chair behind the bench right at ten AM on the dot. In a loud voice he asked, “Are all parties to James vs. James present? Jim stood and replied, “Jim Martin representing Kerry James, Your Honor. The petitioner, Mrs. Kerry James is here beside me.”

Asshole stood and said, “Calvin James sir. I’m here.”

The judge then proceeded to open the hearing. “I have read the petitioner’s complaint. Has the respondent received and read a copy of said complaint?”

Asshole stood again and replied. “I have Your Honor. If I may Your Honor, may I speak. I may be able to save the court some time.”

“Very well, Mr. James, proceed.” The judge allowed.

Asshole spoke again. “Your Honor, I have read the complaint and do not wish to fight this divorce. She is free to go as far as I am concerned. She never was much of a wife in the first place. However, Mr. Martin and I have come to an agreement. I will give my convertible Camaro to Kerry and she will allow me to keep all my other property. There is to be no spousal support. However, will be required to pay half of Mr. Martin’s fee for this divorce. I will sign your decree as soon as this court has it prepared. Thank you, Your Honor.” He then sat down and bowed his head.

“Mr. Martin, is what Mr. James said in agreement with your understanding and has your client been so advised?”

”Yes, Your Honor, Mr. James statement is as we have agreed. My client has been so notified and also agrees.”

“Very well, it is ordered that Mrs. Kerry James be granted her petition for divorce. In accordance with state law there will be a six month cooling off period from the date of the original filling. Therefore, this action will become final on June sixth of the current year.”

“Mr. James, you are a very lucky man. I have seen the photographs of the injuries suffered by Mrs. James at your hand. It is my order that you will sign your car over to Mrs. James within seventy-two hours. If there is any balance still owing on said car, you will make the payments in a timely manner until the lien is paid off. You are further ordered to sign this divorce decree within the same seventy-two hour period. When you are released from the Sheriff’s custody, you will immediately make arrangements though Mr. Martins office to make reasonable payments to him. Do you understand, Mr. James?”

Asshole stood with his head bowed. “Yes, Your Honor.”

“Very well. It is so ordered! This case is closed and we are adjourned.” The judge slammed his gavel down and left the courtroom.

Kerry jumped up and threw her arms around Jim. Though startled, he gave her a nice hug. She repeatedly thanked him for his help.

I then stepped through the swinging gate and Kerry gave me the same treatment. Tears were again streaming down her face, but a broad smile on her face told me these were tears of joy. “Oh Dave, I can really be yours now.”

Asshole just stared at us as the deputy put handcuffs back on him to transport him back to jail.

I hugged her and whispered in her ear. “Baby, as soon as I get the chance, I’m going to put marks on those beautiful tits of yours. I’ll give you a nice little love bite high on each tit so it can been seen when you wear a low cut top. Then we’re going to go see your family. I have a few words for them. But for now, I’m hungry. Let’s go find something to eat.”

We thanked Jim once again and headed to a little restaurant not far from the courthouse. Kerry hadn’t seemed this happy since I had known her as a younger teen. That cold rainy night she found her way to my doorstep had been a turning point in both of our lives.

After lunch, I took Kerry to her ex-in laws and retrieved her car. It was a very nice late model high end Camaro convertible with all the accessories. Kerry didn’t know I had my pistol hidden under my suit jacket in the waistband of my pants. When Asshole’s brother acted like he wanted to prevent her from taking her car, I simply let him see the gun without pulling it out. “Oh, would you rather deal with the Sheriff’s Office?” I asked.

“No, no! You can take the car. Please, don’t call the cops.”

“Thank you for your cooperation. I don’t ever want to even hear of any of you bothering Kerry ever again. Got it?”

“Yes, we get it.”

“Good! Kerry, take your new car now and go home. I’ll be there in a little while. I need to make a stop on the way.”

Kerry grinned widely and was soon heading out of the James’ driveway in her Camaro. I lagged behind to be certain no one tried to follow her. They didn’t.

When I walked in my door about thirty minutes behind Kerry she nearly attacked me. She came running and made a flying leap into my arms. She was completely nude. That was not an unusual state of dress for Kerry, but she usually waited until after dark to completely shed her clothes.

I carried her to our bed and gently laid her down. I then began caressing all over her young slender body until she was moaning with arousal. “Kerry, I was going to mark you but I see someone has already put his mark above your pussy.”

“You better mark my tits as well so there will be no forgetting whose girlfriend I am.” Her nipples were standing erect begging to be sucked. I kissed each nipple before I began sucking the upper slopes of her breasts slightly toward the center of her chest. While I sucked on one tit, I fondled the other.

She groaned with pleasure and pulled my face tight to the tit I was sucking. Kerry was soon squirming under me and rapidly approaching an orgasm. I continued sucking her tits and slipped my cock into her cunt. I sucked her tits and fucked her pussy hard until we both came. When we finished she had a pussy full of cum. She also had a big bright hickey on each of her tits in addition to the one over her pussy. The love bites were placed in such a way that they would be visible when she wore many of her tops.

I then patted her ass and said, ”Let’s go see your family!”

“Now? Without a shower? You have just marked me, cum is running out of my pussy, and I smell like a whore.”

I kissed her gently and told her, “That’s the idea. I want everyone to know you’re my girl now. Unless you would be too embarrassed, I’d really like to put your family on notice. They need to know that we belong to each other now, and I won’t tolerate any of them bad-mouthing my girl.”

“Okay Dave, if you want me to show off my love bites, smell like a freshly fucked whore, and have your cum running down my legs, I’ll be proud to be shown off as your girlfriend.”

As she rolled out of bed, I knelt in front of her. My face was just a few inches from her dripping pussy. I place a kiss on her bald pubic mound over the first mark I had put on her. I looked up at her and said, “Oh, I almost forgot something. Turn around and bend over the bed.” I then placed a large love bite in the middle of each of her butt cheeks. In the mean time, I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out the small box I had put there. I had her stand and face me. I grinned widely and opened the jewelry box and held it out to her. “Kerry, I love you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my bride sometime in June.”

Kerry screamed, “YES! YES DAVE! I’LL MARRY YOU. I love you so much. I’ll be proud to wear your ring. She slipped the ring on the third finger of her left hand. As a matter of fact, if you want me to have your love bites all over me and smell like I’ve just been fucked, I might as well look and smell like I’ve just sucked your cock. Please stand while I kneel so I can take your cock in my mouth.”

It only took a few minutes for Kerry to have me pumping a load of cum into her mouth. As usual, she swallowed. But this time, she let a little cum dribble out of her mouth, down her chin, and drip onto her tits.

Kerry got dressed and said, “Okay Dave, we can go now. I love you. We can finish this later.”

“Wait!” I was having second thoughts. “Kerry I love you too much to allow you to go to your family like this. Asshole has already humiliated you more than enough in front of your family. I can not and will not do that to you. Please, go hop in the shower and clean up. I don’t want anyone, even me, to humiliate you from now on.”

Kerry came out of the bathroom wearing a nice skirt and a tank top with a deep neckline. Her love bites were prominently on display.

A little more than an hour later, we pulled up in front of her family’s house on the far side of town. We knocked and her mother came to the door. Seeing Kerry she said, “What the hell are you doing h…. Oh hi Dave. How have you been?”

“We are doing very well Mrs. Shick. Kerry is getting a divorce from that asshole, Calvin James. It will be final in June. We wanted to let you know we are now a loving couple and we became engaged this afternoon.”

Kerry held out her hand so her mother could see the ring with its sizable diamond.

About that time, Mrs. Shick took a good look at her daughter. “Kerry, you have hickies on your breasts and anyone can see them.”

“Yes Mother. Shouldn’t my future husband be allowed to suck on my tits? He can do anything else he likes with me as well.”

“That’s right Mrs. Shick. I wanted you to see her love bites so there is no doubt in your mind that Kerry is now mine. And I am her’s. Furthermore, if I so much as hear you or anyone in your family say anything rude about my fiance, I have enough money to ruin you, and that wouldn’t be too difficult. Do we understand each other Mrs. Shick?”

I then whispered to Kerry, “Kerry, if you’d like this one time, you can show your mother your other marks. Kerry got an evil grin on her face. She reached down and lifted her skirt. Her mother just stared open mouthed at her daughter’s bald cunt. “That’s right, Mother. Dave doesn’t like getting hair in his teeth when he eats my pussy. And do you like the love bite Dave gave the there as well. You ought to see his cock, Mother. My God it’s big. I can barely get it down my throat. Oh, and I have one more thing to say to you.” She then turned, bent over, and flipped her dress up over her ass. “You can kiss my ass!”

As she stared at the two large hickies on Kerry’s ass, I told Kerry’s mother that she could go fuck herself and never bother Kerry or me again.

Kerry and I then turned and left. Kerry carried herself with a lot more pride than she had in the past.

The next few months were very hectic. We, or should I say Kerry, planed our wedding. I pretty much went along with whatever she wanted. One night after looking for a wedding dress, Kerry and I were cuddled together on the couch watching TV. She had been quiet for a while when she looked up with tears in her eyes. “Dave, are you sure you want to marry me?”

“Yes I do, Baby. I will be a happy man the day we are wed.”

“Can I ask one more question?”

“Of course, you can always ask me anything.”

“Dave, would you want me to have your children?”

“Kerry, will you please stop taking your birth control pills the first week June. We should be pregnant by some time in July or August. I think I’d like a boy and a girl before I’m too old to play with them”.

Kerry laughed at my answer. “Dave, I don’t think you will ever be too old to play with our kids, or me.” She then climbed up onto my lap and smothered me with kisses. Even if I am still taking my pills, we can keep up the practice.

Our wedding was to be a low keyed affair. I didn’t realize Kerry had so many young friends. I think half or more of her school classmates came. Of course Jim Martin and a bunch of my business associates came as well. Our wedding turned out to be one hell of a party. Many of my associates were hitting on Kerry’s young friends. A few of them left with pretty young things hanging on their arms.

When we went to bed that night, I asked, “Wife, is number three still an option?”

With a wide grin on her face, she reached over to our night stand and handed me a tube of anal lubricant. “I would prefer if you took my ass with me on my back. I can pull my legs up to near my ears. That way I can see you face and you can see mine as you shove that big cock of yours up my ass. Just go slow at first.”

“Baby, you really are something very special.” I then lubed up my cock while she lifted her legs. She put her arms between her legs and pulled up until her knees were near her shoulders and calves were indeed next to her ears. Kerry’s hips rocked up. Her asshole was very nicely presented for fucking in that position.

I bent over and kissed her then placed my cock’s head against Kerry’s crinkled asshole. She smiled at me and said, “Go ahead husband. Take the last piece of me that I have to give you.”

I slowly pressed my cock’s head to her asshole. Her sphincter gave way and opened to allow my cock’s entry. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped as my cock popped into her ass.

“Are you okay, Baby?”

“Yes Dave. Go ahead and slowly push you cock all the way in. Please do it in one steady shove. I’ll be just fine. Now husband, fuck your wife’s ass.”

I did as she asked. With one steady push I buried my cock balls deep into Kerry’s tight ass.

She groaned progressively louder as as my cock pushed further and further into her ass and filled her colon. I held still in her when I had my cock fully buried in Kerry’s ass. I wanted to give her ass time to adjust to my cock’s invasion.

Kerry smiled up at me. “God my ass is so full. I knew you would fill my ass like you did my pussy that first night. Okay husband, take your wife’s last hole. Come on babe, fuck my ass like you mean to keep it.”

Like I had the first time she gave me her pussy, I began slowly moving my cock in and out of her ass. Gradually I increased the speed and power of my thrusts until I was rapidly fucking Kerry’s asshole.

She seemed to enjoy her ass getting fucked. “Oh yes, Dave. Fill my ass with the big cock of yours. Come on Baby, fuck me harder. Drive that cock deep in my guts and fill my ass with your cum.”

As I built to a cum, I began thrusting as hard as I could. Finally I slammed deep into Kerry’s bowels and pumped a big load of cum into her. I moaned in pleasure and she moaned with me. She brought her hands down and held me so my cock stayed deep in her ass while we rested.

That was just the beginning of our wedding night rivalries. We both awoke the next morning tired and sore. Fortunately, we weren’t too tired or sore to grab a shower, get dressed, and pack a few bags. We had to catch a plane. We spent the next two weeks in Hawaii.

We had a Forth of July party attended by many of the same people who had been at our wedding. Kerry got every ones attention so she could make an announcement. She addressed her comments to me more than the gathered crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, Dave, something very important is about to happen to us. It seems I ran out of my birth control pills in mid May. Since I was about to marry the man of my dreams and we had talked about having children before our wedding, I didn’t refill them. Dave, I love you. I’ve missed my last period, and I think I’m pregnant.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

I grabbed my wife around her waist and kissed her as I swung her around. Her feet were flying out behind her. As she laughed I slowly stood her back on her feet and gave her a long passionate kiss. I then knelt and kissed her still flat belly. “I love you Kerry and will love our baby as well.”

Eight months later, Kerry gave birth to our beautiful daughter. We named her Mary. Kerry was a loving and devoted mother. Two years later, Mary was joined by her little brother, Danny. I was still very deeply in love with my wife and the mother of my two kids. Our family was complete. At least I think it is, unless Kerry has any more surprises up her sleeve. Or is it up her hot and horny pussy?

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