Tumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – A Night at the Movies

“Whatchya thinking about, Manny?”

“Hmm? Why?”

“You’ve got this look on your face. Almost…philosophical.”

“Oh…I dunno Cath, I guess I was thinking about morality. Uh, sexual morality.”

Cath adjusted her slouch slightly and looked at Manny across the living room, “Well, e-lab-or-ate, please.” She sounded the middle word out, expressing the tedium of a slow Saturday afternoon.

“Um,” Manny looked over to the TV, at the baseball game where at that moment the batter struck the ball hard, and the outfielder sprinted to the warning track, the ball drifting just short of a home run and into the outfielder’s glove. “Well, I mean we’ve all got sexual fantasies, right? Sort of wild stuff that we’d never do in reality, for a lot of reasons?”

Cath raised an eyebrow in his direction, “Uh, yeah…what’s this about?”

Manny and Cath were comfortable talking about sexual matters, whenever either felt they had something to discuss. Growing up as next-door neighbors, and in the same grade, they were best friends (though they would probably feel awkward if the term was used). Being two quiet and studious young people, they shared personal thoughts and feelings with each other that they wouldn’t reveal to anyone else. So when sex came up amongst their many topics of conversation, it was dealt with honestly and seriously, along with a hint of friendly humor.

But Manny had thoughts sometimes, wondering why nothing ever developed between them, not even an exploratory kiss or feel, during all the time they spent together growing up. It’s not that he thought she was the only one for him. In fact, though he’d seen that she had the possibility of looking nice, most times she was dressed like she was now, long straight dark-brown hair that trailed past bulky glasses, halfway down her back, and some baggy shorts with a t-shirt.

But deep down inside Manny he felt she was the most decent, honorable, caring, and downright intelligent person he knew, and though he tried to tell her sometimes, he never felt like she was really listening to what he expressed.

“Well,” Manny continued on, “Let’s say you don’t really want to act on certain things, but you’re put in a situation where your desires take hold. Um. I mean. Well, like you feel like you’re miles away from ever doing anything like it, and then a situation develops where suddenly people are, basically, asking you to do it…and so the time is right and everyone’s fine with it…and then uh, it looks like no harm was done in the end, though you’re really not sure that it’s even a side of you…” Manny trailed off.

Cath fixed him with a look, like someone deliberating if they should eat a piece of food that fell on the floor, or throw it in the garbage. “Uh, are you talking about stuff like swinger’s clubs? ‘Cause, if you are, you nutbar-“

The phone began ringing, interrupting Cath. “Ugh, I’ll get it in the other room,” she said, and leaped out of her recliner.

Manny was alone with his thoughts again: I guess she’s not like that, doesn’t think of the sort of stuff us guys do. Not exactly, anyway. I mean, imagine her meeting those guys I saw by the 7-11 this morning? I think I recognized a few of them that dropped out of school years ago. Hanging around an old muscle car cranking rock’n’roll, smoking cigarettes and walking around shirtless showing off their tanned muscled bodies.

What if they had half an hour alone with Cath? Imagine her, glasses probably crushed beneath one of their boots, clothes quickly ripped down and off. Taking it. On all fours. Taking a dick in her pussy and a dick in her ass. Probably taking two dicks in her mouth, feeling them try to find a way to the back of her throat. Taking it. How about that kinky stuff I’ve seen on the ‘net? Chicks taking two dicks in the pussy or two dicks in the ass…I bet they’d try to force that on her, make her squeal. And Cath would be taking it and taking it and…

“That was Mom, bugging me about getting ready for our trip to Grandma’s tonight.”

“Huh!” She’d surprised him, and once he’d realized she was back, he tried to discreetly move an arm to hide the tent his pulsing erection had made in his pants. Manny tried to recover, “Uh…I thought we were hanging out tonight?”

Cath felt weird about the look Manny was giving her, like he’d never seen her before, or never seen a certain something about her. “Um, nope, we’re all going to Grandma’s. Sorry.”

Manny watched Cath settle into the cushions again. “Well,” he asked, “if you’re not going to be around tonight, can you come over now to help me with that Linux database analysis program I’m trying to install? Remember, I emailed you the error messages this morning?”

Cath looked at him wearily, “Yeah, I told you it looked like just a simple problem with the parameters you specified for the setup. Do I have to look at it now? What about tomorrow? Wait, that’s not good…Monday night? We’ve already watched akkent escort most of this game, I want to catch the end.”

“There’s a baseball game on every day!”

“Oh…alright. At least I know I’ll be free of you for the rest of the evening,” she teased.

Manny’s room was his sanctuary from the world. With his computer equipment, books and music, he could immerse himself here, and forget about the world outside which didn’t make sense at times.

Cath did end up helping him with the program he wanted to install, but then she had to leave. Which gave Manny the opportunity to begin work on taking a closer look at the information he’d restored from the backup tapes last night.

So far it was nothing. It just looked like the sort of data that you’d expect to find on a school computer. Sure he had some phone numbers, grades, and disciplinary records, but he doubted that was what got his principal, Mrs. Cole, so worked up.

Manny heard the phone ring, and then his mother called up from downstairs, “Manny, it’s for you!”

Manny cautiously picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Well, hello hello. How’s my favourite student?”

Speak of the devil, Manny thought. “Fine, Mrs. Cole. How are you?”

“Oh, good good. Say, the other phone’s been put down, has it?”

Manny opened his door and stepped out to the hall, and heard his mother clanging and banging pots and dishes in the kitchen as only she could. “Yeah.”

“Geez, you really should get a cell phone, loverboy. Anyway, is everything alright? You been sniffing my panties?”

“Uh…yeah. Sorta.” Manny had spent an hour this morning, after he got up, inhaling the personal scent of her panties and rubbing their softness over his face, chest, and dick. “I…I kept ‘em somewhere.” Manny looked over to the dresser drawer where he’d stored them carefully in a small box, under some old sweaters.

“Well…what I really called about was I just wondered if you what your plans were for tonight, where you were going out?”

“Uh, I’m not going out anywhere,” Manny mumbled. Then, more confidently, but still unconvincingly, “There’s a movie I wanted to catch.”

“Oh dear, not doing anything on a Saturday night? Well, that’s fine, because then you’ll have a nice clean slate to do as you’d wish…hmmm, I’ll pick out something you like.

“Get ready to go out, you should hear your doorbell ring in half an hour or so!”

”Um…what…I mean…” Manny again felt like he had walked into a conversation long after it started.

“Yes, yes, I know,” Mrs. Cole playfully chided. “You want to thank me for profusely for getting you out of another Saturday night alone. Consider it said!” She hung up.

The doorbell rang and Manny’s sister, Betty, ran to answer it.

Betty was less than a year older than Manny, and they had been in the same grade throughout their school years. The joke around the family was that their parents were so horrified how fast kids popped out one after the other they never had any more.

Betty, always energetic and sociable, wasn’t the kind to check the peephole when there was still some light in the early evening sky and the house was full of people. She tugged open the wooden front door, “Hell-!”

The ‘o’ to complete the word was stuck somewhere in her throat and wouldn’t come out. Betty blinked and wondered if this was a prank, or a wrong address, or –

“Hello, is Manny in, please?” Said the pretty young thing on her doorstep. Sparkling blue eyes and glistening, bee-stung red lips were framed by a mop of shoulder-length curly blond hair.

The clothing the caller wore looked like a head-on crash between a preppy cheerleader and a fetish model. Betty looked down. Bright white leather platform boots covered her calves almost up to her knees, where purple webbed stockings appeared. Moving her eyes up, Betty could see the tops of her stockings peeking from under the hem of her cheerleader-skirt, which was white with purple pleats. A belt didn’t seem necessary, but she wore one around her waist anyway, black leather with a large gold buckle that was decorated with the embossed image of two voluptuous women performing cunnilingus in each other in the sixty-nine position.

Betty moved her eyes past the exposed belly button, which was pierced and decorated with a glistening stone, and upward to a shocking sight that captivated her. The girl wore a white halter top, with a ragged-edged bottom, that looked like it was painted on. Her breasts pushed out against the material, the bottom curves of her tits open to the air, hanging below the point where the material ended, and they distended the washed-out logo scrawled across her front, proclaiming ‘Momma’s Home-Made Cheesecake.’ Above that she wore a leather studded collar around her neck, with an o-ring hanging down the front.

Holy shit, Betty thought, I can tell from here that her nipples are pierced with studs.

Just akkent escort bayan then Betty felt the door lurch back and Manny slid past her and out the door. “I’m going out, k? Tell Mom and Dad not to wait up!”

Without words, the girl took his hand and they walked down the driveway. Manny got a chance to look her over, and said, “Uh, I’m dressed ok, right?” Not knowing what to expect, he’d thrown on sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt.

She giggled and pressed into him, and he felt the softness and warmth of one of her breasts on his upper arm. “You’re fine. And cute.” She looked at him with her wide eyes, and Manny felt like he’d fall into them if he looked any longer, so he looked away and tried to concentrate on not tripping over his own feet.

“My name’s Kristy, by the way. And that,” She pointed at the black Porsche 911 parked at the end of the driveway, “Is my car.” Her far hand pulled keys out from somewhere, and she tinkled them in front of him, “Wanna drive?”

Manny didn’t have his driver’s license. He’d been putting it off for years now, casually dismissing it to others, but privately afraid and anxious about the whole learning and examination process.

“Uh, no,” Manny said. “No, how about you drive?”

Betty wanted to say something, a question or a curse, as she saw her brother walk down the driveway with the trollop, but she was just flabbergasted. Finally, she just shut the door and walked to the living room, where her mother was watching television while her father leaned under a light, glasses perched on his nose, reading a magazine.

“You guys aren’t gonna believe this, but Manny just got picked up by some total skank at the door! They’re going out tonight!”

Her mother snapped her head in Betty’s direction, presenting a scowl. She held up a hand with three fingers raised, “Three things Betty: One, we do not use that sort of language in this house! Two: The only girl I’ve ever seen him around is Cath, and I will not have you saying those sorts of things about her, anywhere. You could learn a thing or two from her.”

Betty’s mom looked at her one remaining upheld finger, and then turned and addressed her remark to her husband, sharing a joke, “And third, the day my boy finally gets the nerve to approach some girl and ask her out, is the day I’m playing every lottery on the continent!”

Betty looked on dejectedly as her doubting mom and dad guffawed. Betty thought about trying to protest and convince them she was telling the truth, but knew that it would be impossible, and turned to get ready to go out as well.

As she was walking away, out of sight but not out of earshot, she heard her mom say, “Sounds like Betty’s been getting an early start on her partying.”

Kristy didn’t have a fast car just for show. Manny felt the forces of acceleration press him down into the leather bucket seats in the cramped confines of the two-seater as Kristy zoomed out of his suburban neighborhood, and quickly made it out onto the expressway.

Manny finally had a few quiet moments to collect himself, as Kristy seemed happy to just tear down the highway for now. He looked over to her: Holy shit, what’s going on? Look at her. She is so hot and sexy. What am I even doing within a mile of a woman like this?

“If you’re wondering, no I’m not wearing any.”

“Huh?” Manny looked up at her face.

Kristy winked, “Panties. I saw you looking down there, so I thought you were thinking about my pussy and panties.” There was silence for a moment, just the darkening city rushing by, and Kristy overtaking other cars.

“Here, lemmie show you.” She lifted up the front of her skirt and bunched it up around her waist, moving her left leg outward to open herself up as much as possible.

Manny felt saliva pool in his mouth as he looked down at the little pussy, shaved clean and looking so soft and smooth. He lifted his right arm and moved it forward, but then at about the divide between the seats it froze in midair. He was unsure.

“Go ahead,” she said. “I can keep my attention on the road, if that’s what you’re worried about.

“Anyway, look at me just driving around aimlessly. What do you want to do tonight? Mmmm…”

Manny had placed his palm flat above her pussy, feeling the body heat and the smoothness of her young skin. He began to move his hand downward, “Geez, I dunno. What to you want to do?”

She giggled. “It’s your party. Ooooh, yeah, tease up and down my slit like that! Um…well, have you had dinner?”

“Nope.” Less than half of Manny answered. Most of his awareness was focused on stroking the hot pink slit at his fingertips, slowly pushing the outer lips aside, feeling the first hints of wetness.

“Alright. Lemmie think…Ugh, yeah. That’s nice, like that…Um, how about we get something to have a little fun? What’s your pleasure; booze, weed, hash, coke, ecstasy…mmmm?”

Manny escort akkent didn’t want to get drunk, he always just felt heavy and out of it. “Uh, weed. That’s good.” There had been a few times he’d smoked up, when friends of friends brought some as they were hanging out, playing video games or watching movies.

“Ok….oooh, just like that, move that finger in and out! You don’t have to do it fast – nice’n’slow can be so sweet. Uh, yeah, so if you don’t mind just getting some burgers, I know just the place?”

Manny leaned over, fingering the hot girl between her spread thighs, watching her begin to slightly rock her hips counter to the movements of his finger, as their cramped confines began to smell headily of pussy. Less than half an hour ago, his head was filled with all sorts of thoughts, questions, worries – concerns about everything serious and important. Now, she could have told him they were going to Siberia. “Yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah two fingers now!”

Kristy abruptly changed lanes to head off on an exit ramp, jarring them both and causing Manny’s hand to jam into her pussy. They both enjoyed that.

Pulling up to the drive-in speaker, Kristy ordered what Manny asked her to, and then something for herself, and then mentioned, “Hydro combo number five,” which wasn’t on the menu. Her skirt was still drawn up, and Manny still worked his fingers in and out, twisting as he pumped.

They waited in line. “You’re not going to take a break?” Kristy nodded towards her crotch, though having the car at a standstill was making it easier for her to raise and rock her hips into Manny’s fingers.

“I don’t particularly want to.” Manny felt *that* part of him back in control, the one that just last evening had wildly fucked his school principal right in her office. That part that didn’t usually get to make decisions. Right now, he knew it was back, and the euphoric feeling coursing through his veins shouted out that it was here to stay for a while. His cock got harder and harder in his pants.

They drove up to the drive-through window, and Kathy brought money out of a crevice somewhere, trying to exact the transaction as normally as possible. The window attendant was a brown-skinned girl with straight black hair tied back, in her twenties, wearing the franchise-branded shirt and cap. She didn’t seem to notice anything until she leaned out further, revealed something in her palm, and whispered discreetly, “The bag of weed’s twenty bucks extra.”

The attendant’s eyes widened and she seemed frozen, leaning out the window, and oblivious as Kristy took the zip-lock bag and replaced it with a bill. Manny whispered in Kristy’s ear, “Keep the car here.”

The attendant looked down at the scantily-clad hot girl in a hot car, and down to where her stockinged thighs were spread, and at the youth next to her who was finger-banging her pussy. Manny withdrew his two fingers, made eye contact with the attendant, and inserted his fingers into his mouth, slurping at the slut-girl juices.

The attendant felt her heart beats throbbing through her entire body, as the young man stared directly into her eyes, lasciviously sucking at his sticky fingers. Her hands gripped down on the window ledge.

She saw him move his fingers down again, push them between the bare lips, again pumping in and out of the driver’s pussy. As their gaze broke, she looked to the driver, collared neck thrown back and to the side, eyes open and staring at the attendant as if to dare the attendant to fault her for opening up her thighs for this lustful display.

The attendant saw the young man lean forward, and now he stretched his arm out the window, two wet fingers heading toward her face. In a subconscious response she’d fault herself over later, she opened her mouth closed her eyes, and craned her neck forward.

When the fingers touched her tongue she closed her lips, sucking at licking away, savouring the taste, a special treat in the middle of a long shift. It was the first time she’d ever tasted another woman, but she didn’t want to debate that now.

All too soon for her, the fingers withdrew, and the car sped away, and she quickly adjusted herself, trying to breathe deeply to compose herself before a family of six drew up to her window in a van to argue over expired coupons.

When Manny had pulled back, he gave Kristy the command to drive away, and now she was zooming down city streets again.

“That was SOOOOoooo hot,” she said, as Manny was trying to work a third finger into her juicy warm hole. “Next red light we hit, you better fuckin’ finger bang my clitty ‘til I cum!”

Kristy drove the car uphill on a dirt road, turned and came to a stop in an area that seemed dark and deserted, a flat gravel parking area surrounded by bushes. Through the front windshield, between branches, Manny could see that they were perched on the hillside, overlooking the glittering city below.

Kristy grabbed the baggie of marijuana and some rolling papers from the glove compartment. Manny stayed quiet and kept his hands to himself. The smell of the fries in the bag beside his feet was making him feel hungry.

“Ok, let’s go,” Kristy said, grasping a lighter and the thick joint she had rolled out of several cigarette papers, and stepping out of the car.

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