TNT Pt. 04: Three Becomes Four

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Tommy’s place was always fun but sometimes I wanted some alone time with Terri and Tommy, more than just the end of a night of drinking. We were enjoying each other, ever since I had invited Tommy into the bedroom while my boyfriend Terri was fucking me. Even though we were immensely enjoying figuring out how to pleasure each other, we hadn’t told any of our friends what had happened. We were all concerned they wouldn’t understand how beautiful and amazing it really was.

I decided to invite Terri and Tommy over to my place for a movie night when I knew my roommate would be at her boyfriend’s for the weekend. I wanted some nice long uninterrupted time with my lovers. Wow, plural. Yes they were both my lovers and I was…hopefully enough to fully satisfy all of their needs.

“It will be a movie you like…” I promised both of them, “It might even inspire you.” I’m pretty sure Tommy understood that it was a porn movie, but Terri probably had no clue. Luckily they both decided to come over anyway.

I was so excited all day, not just about them coming over, but about what it would be like to watch a porn movie together. I was hoping we’d get some more group ideas for the three of us. I didn’t want Tommy to get bored and stop. And I didn’t want Terri to get tired of sharing and bail.

By the time they were supposed to arrive, I had worked myself into a stressed out horny mess. I decided to get a drink, sit down on my couch and put one of the movies on to preview it.

I loved watching porn. Even more than watching, I loved listening. I enjoyed hearing the breathing get quicker, the involuntary moans as excitement built, and hearing the escalation in responses as orgasms drew near. Before I knew it, my hand had wandered down to my aching clit to relieve it. I wore a short skirt with no underwear and a half shirt with no bra. I chose the outfit based on easy access. It turned out I was the first one to appreciate the easy access. I slid my finger down to spread my swollen lips apart to feel their increasing wetness, imagining Tommy and Terri taking turns playing with me the way they liked to do. By the time I moved my finger back up to my clit, I knew I was going to cum in seconds.

“Hi babe!” I heard as the front door of my apartment opened right into the living room. Tommy and Terri walked in to see me quickly removing my hand from under my skirt as I sat up quickly, closing my legs.

“Oh babe,” Tommy said, putting down the bags he was holding, “Sorry we are late. We got some movie refreshments.” He walked over to me on the couch.

“We didn’t know you were starting without us,” he said, kneeling down in front of me sliding his hands up my thighs and around to cup my ass. Terri was still standing holding the bags watching us.

“I was just-” I started to say and then Tommy spread my legs and slid his tongue up my wet slit.

“Oh yesssss,” I moaned to Tommy, as Terri finally set the bags down and walked over to the couch.

“Dude, you didn’t even wait two seconds,” Terri said to Tommy.

Tommy lifted his mouth from my pussy to say, “She needs us. Sit.” Tommy put his mouth back down, closing his lips right around my clit. Terri obeyed, as usual.

Terri sat next to me and put his hand on my cheek to bring my lips to his. “Sorry we were late,” he said. I reached down to see if he was getting excited. He was.

“Take off…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, but thankfully Terri knew I needed him to take off his shorts and underwear. His cock was standing at attention. I curled my fingers around the shaft and began slowly stroking.

“Yea babe,” Terri moaned, continuing to kiss me.

It was all too much. Tommy sucked my clit. Terri moaned against my lips. My whole body jerked as my orgasm began.

“Oh! Yes!” I called out. Tommy continued sucking and looked up at me as I twisted my fingers through the sandy blond curls on the back of his head. Terri brought his plump lips to mine again as I moaned, still stroking his cock with my other hand.

“Mmmm,” Tommy moaned as his lips vibrated on my clit, lighting my skin on fire.

“Yes! Yes, oh yes, I’m cumming, yes,” I screamed as my orgasm crashed. I held Tommy’s head in place to continue sucking my clit for a few seconds and then I tugged his curls to bring his face up to mine to kiss him. My tongue joined in the kiss so I could lick my juices off of his lips. Tommy smiled through my kisses, as he came up to sit on the couch on the other side of me.

I looked back at Terri, as I continued stroking him and said, “Fuck me babe. Fuck me now.” I didn’t want him to feel left out and I loved being filled during and after orgasm.

“Yes,” he obeyed and got off the couch to kneel in front of me. I helped him guide his cock inside me. Tommy put his hand on my thigh, keeping me spread for Terri.

“Oh babe,” Terri said, sinking inside, “You are so fucking wet.”

“I am and I need you inside me,” I commanded. Terri obeyed. He always obeyed. He slammed into me hard, and kept going at gaziantep eskort a furious pace. My pussy squeezed his cock with the last spasms from my orgasm.

Tommy continued kissing me, while Terri watched us, continuing to thrust in and out of me. I had to assume he liked it; he was smiling.

“Yes!” Terri called out as I felt him stiffen. He pumped a few more times, emptying his load inside me before slowing his pace.

“Oh yes,” I pulled away from Tommy’s kiss and reached up to pull Terri down into my kiss. I wanted him to taste my juices that Tommy had put on my lips, and I wanted him to know that was fucking awesome.

Terri flopped next to me on the couch. “My turn,” Tommy said, kissing me again.

“Oh yea?” I said, still trying to catch my breath.

“Oh yes,” he said, pulling me to a standing position with him. He slipped his pants down with his underwear, and he was hard already. When he turned me around to bend me over the couch and stroke my pussy lips with the head of his cock, I gasped.

“Damn dude, you were right, she’s so fucking wet,” Tommy said to Terri. I didn’t want to correct him, but it was also Terri’s cum dripping out of me. It was exciting to think about Tommy playing with Terri’s cum on me, but I wasn’t sure if he’d agree.

“Yea,” Terri said, very relaxed on the couch. Tommy slid the head of his shaft back and forth along my slit, and he grew even harder as he got slick with our juices.

“Oh,” I screamed when he finally pushed all the way into my pussy, “Yes!” I loved the way Tommy’s cock filled me up. He started to thrust in and out, slowly at first and then faster.

Terri looked at me and smiled, sliding closer to where Tommy had me bent over. I reached out to caress his cheek.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Terri said kissing me. He continued his kisses as Tommy quickened his pace from behind me. I moaned through Terri’s kisses until Tommy slammed into me, holding still until I could feel him pulse with the beginning of his orgasm.

“Oh yes!” I moaned against Terri’s lips. Tommy continued thrusting, filling me with his cum until I felt him getting softer. He pulled out of me and turned me up and around to stand face to face with him.

“I concur,” Tommy said kissing me, “You’re so fucking hot.”

I smiled and returned Tommy’s kisses. Terri stood up behind me, caressed my back and softly kissed my neck. I loved when they did that, sandwiched me between them. I was one lucky woman.

I excused myself to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I came out, Terri and Tommy had only their shorts on with no shirts. They had grabbed some snacks and drinks that they brought and were sitting on the couch together watching the porn movie, laughing. They hadn’t seen me yet and I stopped to watch them for a minute. They were such good friends, so hot, and so good to me. I wanted to know that all of this would never end. Mostly, I wanted to know that I wouldn’t come between their friendship.

The scene in the movie changed and now two girls were kissing on the screen.

“Oh dude, that’s what we need,” Terri said to Tommy.

“I don’t know,” Tommy said laughing, “I think the girl we have now is exhausting you.”

“True,” Terri said as they toasted their drinks. I felt funny about spying on them, so I finally walked over to sit down between them on the couch.

“Well you sure got a head start on us with the movie,” Tommy said handing me his drink, “But we caught up pretty good. Right Terri?” and they high fived over my head.

“Sorry again,” I said smiling, “I was too excited about you guys coming over and watching porn with me.”

“You like this?” Terri said as the women on the screen were kissing each other goodbye.

“I don’t know,” I said honestly, “I’ve never kissed a girl. Is that what you want me to do?” I wouldn’t mind a girl touching me, but I didn’t think I could let another girl near my guys. I was way too possessive.

“Whatever you want babe,” he said and I knew that was a cop out. Sure I invited a guy into our relationship, but not with the expectation that they would ever touch each other. I didn’t want this to be complicated. Was it even possible for it to not be complicated?

We continued watching, snacking and relaxing. Eventually we saw a scene with a girl getting punished by two men. They were taking turns spanking her. We watched silently; I was afraid to say anything for fear they would know I liked it. I really, really liked it.

“Fuck man, you should punish your woman like that,” Tommy said to Terri laughing.

“Not just me,” Terri responded, “She’s your woman too.”

“You should punish her for starting without us tonight,” he said, still talking around me. It was making me hot to hear them decide what to do to me. I got up to get us another drink.

“Stop her Terri,” Tommy said, smirking devilishly, “Now.” I knew Terri would obey. He always did.

“Yea, I know she likes being spanked,” Terri said eskort gaziantep as he jumped up after me grabbing my arm. He turned me around so I was facing Tommy and he bent me over just enough to lift my skirt, exposing my ass to him. Terri’s hand made contact with a loud slap.

“Oooohhh,” I let out a low groan, feeling the sting and then the tingle spread over the surface of my skin.

“Oh I remember hearing that the morning I joined you,” Tommy said looking at me. “Do you really like it?” he asked. His hand was stroking his growing cock through his shorts.

“Yes,” I breathed waiting in anticipation for the next slap.

“Do it again Terri,” Tommy commanded. Shit it was so hot when Tommy told him what to do to me. Terri slapped the same cheek again.

“Oh yes!” I screamed, anticipating the tingle spreading over my skin that was so deliciously exciting.

“One more slap on the same side Terri and then it’s my turn on the other side,” he explained while looking into my eyes the entire time.

Terri obeyed immediately, catching me off guard. “Oh!” I yelped, but I was enjoying every second of it.

“Yes,” Tommy said standing up, “Let me feel.” He moved behind me while Terri went to sit down now. Tommy caressed my inflamed ass cheek. His cool hand was a welcome relief to my now burning ass. He traced his finger along the welts that were beginning to raise. His gentle touch made the tingle even more intense. Terri slid off his shorts and underwear and started stroking himself.

“Think you can make those marks too?” Terri asked Tommy, smiling with pride at what he had done to my ass.

“Are you sure you want me to do this babe?” Tommy asked me. I loved that he was making sure I was ok.

“Yes please spank me,” I said, giving him the permission he needed to start. His slap was immediate.

“Ask me again,” he told me.

“Please spank me,” I breathed, reveling in the sensations dancing along my skin, while anticipating the next slap.

“Ask again,” he said.

“Yes, spank me again-” I said and was cut off by the spank. “Oh!” I reacted. Tommy caressed both sides of my ass. The tingle had spread all the way to my clit and now my legs were getting weak. Terri was stroking his cock vigorously. He was clearly enjoying watching me get punished by Tommy. That pleased me more than I realized it would.

“Good marks?” Terri asked Tommy.

“Yes,” Tommy moaned, sliding his shorts down so he could stroke himself too.

“How wet is she?” Terri asked. Tommy slipped a finger in my pussy, which was still dripping with both of their cum.

“So fucking wet,” Tommy breathed as he quickened his stroking.

“Wait,” I said, “Lick me.” As a general request for whichever one wanted to do it. I wanted them to taste all three of us and then bring it to my lips.

“Yes,” Tommy said, turning me around to guide me back to sit on the couch next to Terri. Tommy spread my legs, and before he licked he said, “You too,” to Terri.

Terri obeyed. He knelt next to Tommy and pushed my knee back even farther. I was completely spread and waiting for one of them and hopefully both of them to lick me.

“Yes,” I moaned looking at both of them, “Are you both going to lick me?”

“Yes,” Tommy said without hesitation. I could tell Terri had some reservations, but eventually he leaned in too.

Tommy’s tongue was sweeping up and down my slit while Terri licked my clit, making sure it was all wet. Seeing both of their tongues taking turns working me was so fucking hot, I knew I’d be cumming soon. I was also excited because this was the first time I’d get to taste what all three of us tasted like.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned and immediately I felt Terri’s moan on my clit.

“Yes babe make me cum!” I screamed not knowing which one would listen, but Terri was closest and as soon as I said it, he pressed his perfectly plump lips around my clit and sucked. I twisted my fingers through Tommy’s curls to bring him up to kiss me. I kissed and licked his lips tasting the three of us, which pushed my orgasm right over the edge.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed and then I felt Terri let go and move. I didn’t realize why until I felt Tommy’s cum squirting all over my pussy. Terri didn’t waste a minute, he slammed his hard cock into me and only needed a few thrusts before he was cumming again too. He exploded inside me as my pussy contracted around him.

After all of our orgasms subsided, they were both sitting on the couch on either side of me. We were all spent, but I was still taking turns kissing them. The porn movie was still playing in the background.

“I love the way we taste,” I said to both of them. “We don’t even need a porn movie, we could make our own,” I said with a chuckle.

After we showered, I made a big bed out of blankets on the living room floor. We all couldn’t fit in my tiny bed and I knew I wanted to feel them naked next to me all night long. My roommate wouldn’t be home, so we took gaziantep bayan eskort advantage of the time to relax together. I fell asleep blissfully naked in between both of them.

I woke up in the morning on my makeshift bed of blankets still between Terri and Tommy. We were all naked. My back was against Terri and his arm was on my leg. Tommy was facing me but not up against me. I felt his fingers caressing down my body. As I finally woke up, I kept my eyes closed so I could listen to them talking.

“…I know but are you sure?” Tommy said.

“Yes-” Terri started but Tommy cut him off.

“I mean shit, just look at her,” Tommy said, “I can’t stop touching her. All I can do is dream about the next time I get to be with her. I hear her moans in my dreams.” Awww, so sweet I thought. And I started feeling bad that I was fake sleeping, but I had to hear what they were saying about me.

“Yea, I lose it when she moans,” Terri said.

Tommy continued, “I’m just saying she’s yours and I know you said it was ok, but I need you to know I want to fuck her all the time. And it’s not just that. I like her. I mean she’s just…” Tommy paused and then continued, “Anyway if you told me to stop I would. You had her first.”

“No man, it really is ok,” Terri said, “I like her too, but what we had before wasn’t…it was just…I don’t know, it’s just better now. Does that mean I want to fuck you?” I almost laughed and blew my cover.

“No, dude,” Tommy chuckled, “You watch men fuck women in porn right? It’s the same thing just in real life.” Interesting way to describe it. I’m not sure I agreed, but I liked that he was being reassuring to Terri.

“Speaking of fucking, I can’t wait anymore I’m so ready,” Tommy said as he brought his lips to mine. I moaned, as if I was just waking up.

“Morning,” Tommy said and slipped his finger into my pussy.

“Mmmmmorning,” I moaned back to him. Then I felt his cock entering me. “Ohhh, you’re not wasting any time this morning.”

“I need you,” Tommy said, kissing me. I loved hearing that I had that effect on him. He was so hard sliding slowly all the way inside me.

“Ohhhh yesss,” I cooed knowing now how much they liked what we were doing. Terri’s hands started to caress me as Tommy continued thrusting in and out of me. When I felt Terri’s lips on my neck I moaned loudly.

“Yea babe,” Terri said and I felt him getting harder as he was still pressed up against my back.

“I’m not going to last,” Tommy said, pumping quicker. “You’re so fucking hot…” Tommy couldn’t continue his words as he stiffened with his next thrust and yelled, “Oh, oh, fuck yes.” After his first burst, he slammed into me a few more times before slowing down.

“Oh yes,” I said, kissing Tommy, “You needed that huh?”

“Yessss,” he agreed as his softening cock slipped out of me.

“My turn?” Terri said, still behind me. He took his shaft in his hand to rub it against my cum filled pussy.

“Yes,” I said to Terri as I continued to kiss Tommy.

“Good girl,” Terri said as I pushed back into him so his cock could sink all the way in. “Make her cum Tommy.” When did he start telling Tommy what to do? I loved that, but it had always been the other way around.

“Yes,” Tommy said, sliding his finger over my wet clit. “You like waking up to two cocks filling you up?”

“Yessss,” I moaned, closing my eyes, feeling my orgasm reach its peak. Tommy could tell.

“She’s ready Terri,” he told him, “Cum.” Shit hearing him tell Terri to cum was too much. My orgasm crashed as my pussy spasmed and I immediately felt Terri’s cock burst inside me.

“Yes,” Terri breathed with his lips touching my neck. “Cum babe. Cum for us.” Us, shit. Were we a team now? Yes I thought, we were a team, as they finished watching me cum.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing them back and forth. I was getting used to this.

A few nights later just the three of us were hanging out at Tommy’s and Terri said, “Remember the porn movie we watched?”

“Yes…” I said hesitantly.

“Don’t you want to try something else from it?” Terri said.

Tommy chimed in, “He means a girl. He wants another girl.”

“No, dude don’t say it that way!” Terri said shooting Tommy a dirty look.

“You’re not going to fuck another girl,” I said definitively. “Sorry, I can’t handle that. I might kill her if she touched either one of you.”

“Wow, this one is a little overprotective,” Tommy said to Terri laughing.

“Laugh all you want but I’m telling you I won’t take responsibility for my actions if she touches either one of you,” I said dead serious.

“Ok, ok,” Terri said trying to lighten the mood, “We’ll just find a lesbian. Then she’ll just want you and we can watch.”

“That’s brilliant,” Tommy said. It wasn’t often he said that to Terri. Actually I had never heard him say that to Terri, ever.

“Um, I don’t know,” I said hesitantly.

“No really, it makes sense,” Tommy said, “We don’t want to be with another girl, we just want to watch you two together.”

“True,” Terri agreed. Why do men want to watch two women together? I never asked them to kiss. I didn’t even think I would like watching them kiss. Although their tongues were awfully close when they were both licking my pussy and I definitely liked that.

“But I’m not a lesbian or bi,” I reminded them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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