Thomas meets Misty


When Misty showed up at one of the local association meetings Thomas belonged to, he was full of lust for her immediately. She was very beautiful. She was dark skinned. She was Asian and Afro-American, with gorgeous results. She had long straight coal black hair and beautiful smooth silky skin. Her eyes were brown but very bright and she had a beautiful smile with a heart shaped face that would make your heart stop when she smiled.Her body was spectacular. The thing he noticed right away was her height. She must have been 5’-10″, almost as tall as he was. She had very long shapely legs that complemented and showed off her wonderful round firm ass. Her breasts were large, very large, and he wondered if she had implants. The size of her breasts and shape of her body made her look like a Playboy model to him. He wanted her the first second he saw her. God she was beautiful and he had to say something to her. He was the first to introduce himself and welcomed her to the local organization. They sat together at dinner with about six other people that night. He learned that she did business with the same bank he did and he asked if she was going to their party. She told him she hadn’t heard about it and wasn’t invited. He told her he could get her an invitation if she wanted to go. Misty told him that would be very nice and that she would love to go. This big bank held the party each year for their customers who attended the association’s function, and everyone who attended always had a great time. She had to promise him a dance or two if he could get her an invitation. He was so excited because he knew he could get her in, as his date if need be. But, since she did business with them she would most likely get an invite anyway. They left after dinner and he walked her to her car, which was in the same parking lot as his car They exchanged phone numbers and she thanked him, got into her car and drove home. Thomas did the same. When he got in bed that night, he had to jerk off. He had a great orgasm and shot a huge load of cum out on the towel. After that evening, he didn’t see her, but he did call her to tell her he had gotten the invitation for her. He didn’t see her again until the night of the big party. Thomas always went to the bank’s party. It was known as the best party out of the all the parties the bank gave. There were lots of dancing, great music, and plenty of food and drink. It was 9:30 PM by the time she got there, and man did she look good. She had on a dark red dress. It was short and low cut, showing her body off to everyone. Thomas was thinking she would have looked good in a sack. Her long black hair hung over her shoulders and she was beautiful. She looked unbelievable all dressed up. He had to dance with her. The few drinks he had gave him courage to move in on the three guys she came in with. She was talking to the three men, and he found out later one was her boss. Thomas was betting all three of them were just waiting for a chance to get her alone and hoping they would get lucky that night. But Thomas was going to be the first guy to dance with her and they would see where if anywhere that would take them. “Misty! I have been looking for you. We have a dance don’t we?” “Yes, Thomas. Let’s do it,” she replied smiling. He took her hand and they walked to the dance floor. He told her how beautiful she looked and that he was hoping they could dance together all night. “Remember you promised me two or three dances, girl.” They stayed out on the floor for a long time. Her very long legs and great round ass had all the guys standing around watching her. As she danced, she put her hands over her head and swayed her hips making Thomas very horny. But her big tits were the main attraction tonight. Her red low cut strapless dress showed her very deep cleavage. She was getting warm from dancing so much, so they went for a drink. She began to get cool and her nipples looked like they could put your eyes out if you bumped into her going around the corner. Thomas’s eyes were fixed on them when she took his hand and raised his head. “Hey Thomas, I have a face too, baby.” “Yeah. You’re right Misty. I have had too much to drink and I’m not thinking to clearly. Sorry, but girl you look so damn good in that red dress! Good enough to eat,” Thomas replied. She smiled and said, “You really think so, Thomas? Good enough to eat, really? Well. Thank you thank you Ankara bayan escort very much,” He loved the feel on his cock as her hips moved against him and her knee was moving in and out between his knees. “Did you mean it when you said I looked good and that I was the best looking woman in this place ? Did you mean it?” Thomas smiled and said, “Hell yes, I believe that. You are the best looking woman here, baby. And, I wasn’t drunk and I wasn’t lying. You are the best looking woman in here and in fact you are the best woman I have ever danced with in my life.” They both smiled as she pulled his face towards him and kissed him lightly. “Thank you Thomas. I tried to look especially nice tonight. And, I was hoping to see you and hoped you would notice.” “You look good all the time Misty. In fact you never look bad or even average. Honestly girl, you always look good. Good enough to eat,” he replied as he kissed her harder. She just looked at him as they pressed their bodies tighter against each other. She kissed him again and his cock was very hard now. He knew she could feel it pressing against her thigh when her legs came between his legs as they move around the dance floor. The next time her thigh went between his thighs he stopped dancing and just held her tight pressing his cock hard against her upper thigh. “Well babe, it has been a very nice time. But I have to get moving, I’m tired and need to sleep before going north to my mom’s tomorrow.” “Okay! I’ll make sure you get to your room. I’ll see you on Monday, I guess. Hey you want to have dinner with me on Monday night? My treat, I insist,” Thomas sighed and asked. “I would love to have dinner with you on Monday. Come on let’s go,” Misty replied. Thomas paid the bill, putting it on his room, and they walked to the elevator. She was staying on seven and he was on fourteen. He walked her to her room and held her hand. Misty put her card in the door and opened it and turned back to him. She moved to him and hugged him long and tight. She smiled and looked at him with the devil in her eyes. He almost melted. She pressed her body hard into him pushing him against the wall, as her mouth covered his and her tongue slid inside his mouth. He ran his hands down her back and over her ass. This time he went all the way under it and pulled her into him. She didn’t say anything and didn’t stop him. He sucked and sucked on her tongue as he held her very tight. She moaned softly as she felt his hands holding her ass and his mouth sucking her tongue hard. He was growing very hard very quickly. They finally pulled apart and broke their kiss, but kept their bodies tightly together. “Wow. That was some kiss,” she said as she looked into his eyes. He smiled and pulled her to him again. He slid his tongue into her mouth and fucked her mouth slowly with it. She pressed her body against him tighter and felt his hard cock pushing into her. It was super hard now. She reached for it and moaned again when she felt how thick and hard he actually was. She rubbed it on the outside of his slacks. She broke the kiss and they both were out of breath. “Can I come in?” He had lust on his face and in his eyes as he asked. She looked at him but didn’t say yes. But, she didn’t say no either. He pulled her tight again and kissed her neck and shoulders. He was licking both, then slid his tongue down her shoulders and over the tops of each of her big breasts. She held his head as his long tongue licked down under her dress top. He couldn’t touch her nipples; her breasts were just too big and the dress too tight. “Oh Thomas. Oh stop baby, someone will see us,” she moaned. He didn’t stop. He reached up between both breasts and tried to cup one of her breasts. It was too big for one hand. He pulled gently on the top of her dress exposing more of her tit and the top of her strapless bra. His tongue licked and licked as far down under her dress and bra as he could get his tongue. He was closer now to her nipple but still couldn’t touch it with his tongue. Then he saw them pointing out, pressing hard against her dress. So he did the next best thing to sucking then directly. He lowered his mouth and sucked them on the outside of her dress. “Oh god, baby! You get me so hot so quickly. Did you mean it ?” she pulled his head up and asked. “I told you. You were the best looking w –” She stopped him Escort bayan Ankara by putting a finger to his lips. “No, no not that Thomas. Did you mean it when you said I looked good enough to eat?” she asked. “Well you let me come in and I’ll prove it. I’ll eat you up. God, you are so beautiful Misty. So dam hot. Let me come in for a little while, baby. God, you have me so hard right now, I’m starting to hurt. Feel me.” He took her hand before she could stop him, if she wanted to stop him, and put it directly on his hard-on. “Oh, Thomas. Oh god baby. Kiss me.” she squeezed it hard and moaned. She looked at him as she stroked his cock on the outside of his slacks. She moved her mouth to his and let her tongue finish her conversation. As they kissed, she lay back against the door and pushed it opened. He walked her backwards into the room and let the door close automatically. Once inside the room, he pushed her against the wall and pressed into her, his hands roaming all over her breasts. She pulled him to her tighter still, until they were slowly pumping against each other, dry humping each other’s body with their own. He held both breasts in his hands with a lot hanging over both of them. He pushed up and finally freed one from its bra. He pushed it over the top of her dress and her nipple stuck out long hard and dark. He lowered his mouth on it and sucked, licking it with his tongue.He heard her whisper, “Oh yes Thomas. That feels good. Suck it. Suck it harder baby!” He did, and as he sucked on it, she held his head tight against her breast. She was rubbing her other hand up and down his pants, feeling the hardness and thickness of his cock. She moaned when he trapped her hand between their two bodies. They worked on each other for a few minutes standing just inside the door to her room. Thomas had moved her dress up her legs to her panty line now and began rubbing her cunt, feeling her damp panties. He also had both of her big tits out of the bra over the top of her dress. His pants were down around his ankles, and the shaft of his cock was sticking out the hole in his short. “Let’s get undress and move to the bed, baby. I want to show you I was serious when I said you looked good enough to eat,” he whispered. She moaned his name, as his fingers slid under her panties and into her wet cunt hole. He began to slowly make love to her open warm pussy hole with his fingers, as he kissed her and pressed them inside her cunt as far as he could get them. She moaned again and he slowly knelt down in front of her. He kissed her dark thighs and stroked her wetness. As he slid her panty material to the side, his mouth covered her throbbing, very puffy pussy. She put one foot on his shoulder and arched her back, pushing into his face. Her hands held his mouth on her pussy and her hips rotated around and around, getting his face wet with her juices. As she reached the top of her orgasm, she took in a deep breath and moaned long and cried out. He loved it. When he got a woman off this good with his mouth tongue and fingers, he was sure to be rewarded by having her fuck him hard and long. He moved up a little and began to lightly lick her clit, as her foot slipped off his shoulders and her leg hung down behind it. She held his head, moaning over and over again. “Yes. Oh yes. Yes Thomas. Oh yes. Mmm. Yea baby. It feels so good. Oh god. I’m cumming again. Ahhh!” Her second climax was even bigger than her first. When she finished she slowly slid down the wall until her ass was sitting on the floor. Thomas was kneeling in front of her between her open legs. He just took in her beauty and her sexy body as she sat there trying to get her breath. Misty’s tits were both out over the top of her dress, and her long legs wide open with her thighs around both sides of him. He was slowly stroking her pussy with one hand as she rocked on it slowly and his mouth was sucking on a nipple. He stopped and sat back just looking at her beauty. After a few minutes of just looking at her, he bent in and kissed her gently on the lips. She wrapped her arms around him and they fell on the floor, her on top. She kissed him and then lifted up to look in his face. “God that was so good Thomas. How fucking long is your tongue? Wow. Did I ever get off from that.” “Now do you believe me?” he said, smiling as he spoke to her. “Yes, but it’s my room, my rules. Bayan escort Ankara Okay?” she told him as she smiled. He was panting with desire and his cock was standing up like a pole between his legs. He would have agreed to anything she wanted. “Sure, Misty, whatever you want, baby. And, just what is it that you want now?” he asked. “First I want to freshen up. Then you can do the same. Then I’ll let you keep your word again,” she told him as she kissed him. Thomas saw that look was back in her eyes. It was a look of lust and sex! Misty went into the bathroom and closed the door. Thomas stood there and undressed to his shorts. He put his cock back into his shorts, went to the big window in her room and looked out. She had a great view of the pool and grounds. About ten minutes later, she came out holding her clothes and wearing a white robe. Her long black hair hung over both shoulders and her tits pushed out from the robe at all the right places. She looked so beautiful. Her face was glowing at him as she smiled and walked over to him. Her sexy body spoke of sex. “The bathroom is all yours, Thomas. Hurry back baby,” she told him. She kissed him again and let her hand glide over his shorts, locating his cock. She squeezed it as he kissed her back and ran his hands down her ass again feeling how nice she felt under the robe. He went in the bathroom and got completely undressed. He left his shorts on the floor. He washed his arms, legs, chest and face. And, he made sure his cock and ass were clean too. He used the mouthwash and then he looked around and saw another white robe hanging up. He put it on, then took it off. He looked dumb with it on. He put his shorts back on and his semi-hard cock pushed out the front like a tent. He came out wearing just his shorts. Misty was standing at the window and turned when she heard the door open. “Shorts. I left the robe for you baby,” Misty told as she smiled. She turned to look out the window again and he walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her as he pressed his cock against her ass. She laid her head back on his shoulder. “Oh, Thomas you were great baby. I loved your long tongue.” As she looked out the window, he moved his hands slowly up her body and cupped her breasts as she rested her back against him. As they looked out the window, he slid a hand under her robe and felt her right breast, now with out anything covering it. Her nipple as hard and long. His cock was jumping with life and pressing hard against her ass. She smiled and then laughed. “What’s so funny, Misty ?” Thomas asked. “I can feel you again, Thomas. Oh boy can I feel you!” she replied. She moved her hand over his and pressed it tighter over her right tit. He laughed, hearing her say she could feel him. He opened her robe enough to see her breasts for the first time. They were very big with very little sag at all. They were round and firm with dark nipples pointing out long and hard. He watched as his fingers and hands made love to her right breast. He pulled and rolled her nipple around in his fingers. He would cup the breast and lift it, seeing the fullness of it overflowing his big hand. “Pull the nipple, Thomas. I love them pulled and pinched. Yes. Oh yes just like that. Umm. That feels so nice baby. Don’t forget the other one,” she whispered in a deep voice. He moved his left hand up and under her left breast. Now with both breasts free from the robe, he turned her round so he could get a really good look at her tits and nipples. He kissed her and she kissed him back. Their tongues made love to each other as they stood in front of the window. He pushed her gently against the window and lowered his mouth to her breasts. He took turns sucking and licking each one. He would look up every few seconds to see his work. Her nipples were as long as any woman he had ever seen. She took her hand and pushed his head back down on the left one. Thomas sucked it just like she instructed him. She slowly rubbed her body against his hardness as he sucked her tit. She moaned as she felt his hands on her ass again. This time he was lifting the back of her robe and rubbing the back of her upper thighs. He realized she had nothing on under the robe. His cock cried to be free. His hands moved up the back of her thighs and cupped her naked ass. She moaned and arched her back, pushing her lower body as hard as she could against his hardness. He bent her over backwards a little and kissed her long and hard. As his hands reached under her ass now feeling the end of her pussy, he realized she had no hair. She had shaved her pussy in the bathroom. It felt hot as his fingers stroked her, and he could feel her get wetter and wetter. “So.

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