The Weekend Getaway Ch. 02 – Saturday


A/N: I highly recommend reading the first part of this story titled “The Weekend Getaway – Friday” so that you can be informed of the situations, scenarios, and characters featured in this chapter. Feedback and ideas are much welcomed and thank you for reading!


It was shortly after seven on Saturday morning and the first rays of sunlight had begun to filter through the blinds. Brian had been laying there awake for almost an hour now after having given up on getting any more sleep. It was a night of tossing and turning. His wife Allison lay next to him, soundly asleep and ignorant of his struggles.

She had surprised him with this little vacation and its subsequent eroticism. She had teased him mercilessly in order to test his mettle the night before and wouldn’t allow him to cum. Despite his assurances that he wouldn’t violate her trust and ruin their little game, she had forced him to sleep in some sort of bondage shorts. They were made out of leather and strapped down fairly tightly around his waist and legs and of course locked. On the front was a small pouch where his cock rested and could easily be accessed, but it too was secured with a small lock, the key to which was secured to a necklace she always wore.

The shorts weren’t altogether uncomfortable unless he began to get hard, which unfortunately had been an ongoing problem throughout the night. Just as soon as he would lay his head down on the pillow and calm his mind enough to drift off to sleep, it would begin to wander and reflect on all of the sexy things that had transpired just hours earlier and dream of all the possibilities yet to come. Soon enough he would wake up, his half erect cock straining uncomfortably against the tight shorts and unable to grow anymore, only to repeat the cycle and try once more to fall asleep. He was a prisoner of his own teased mind.

He turned towards his wife and wrapped his arm around her in an embrace. There was a small part of him that hoped that this gesture might stir her from her sleep. With one hand he lightly ran it up and down her back caressing her softly and was delighted to see that her eyes had opened slightly.

“Good morning, slaveboy,” she said stifling a yawn.

“Good morning.”

“How was your night?”


“Why do you say that?” she turned her head slightly so she could catch a glimpse of him. “We’ve got this comfy king size bed, a beautiful room, the sound of the waves…”

“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one being woken every half hour because you’re uncomfortable,” he said disdainfully.

“Was it hard for you to stay asleep?” she asked with a big smile, her eyes fully open now. She slid one of her soft pedicured soles up and down his leg suggestively. Between that and the feel of her soft silky pajamas against his chest he could feel his cock beginning to stir yet again. He could feel her hand make its way to his crotch, trying to cop a feel through the heavy leather shorts.

“That’s an understatement,” he replied.

“Well that’s just too bad…because slaveboys like you can’t be trusted not to cum.” she said with a taunting air in her voice. She continued to torment him with her feet for a few minutes before moving her body back further on the bed so that her shapely round ass rested against his crotch. She rocked her hips subtly, grinding against him. “I can feel your cock straining against those shorts…I bet you wish it was free don’t you?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Mistress,” he added after a few seconds of waiting. She was fully awake now and sat up on the side of the bed.

“I’m willing to unlock you, but you better not touch that cock of yours without my permission and you better do as I say…” she said as she played with the key around her neck waiting for his response, “…that is if you want to be allowed to cum.”

“Yes Mistress, I understand.” he replied. She removed the key from around her neck and unlocked the shorts, pulling them off of him. His cock sprang out at once and began to stiffen, glad to be free from its confines and able to breathe once more. There was nothing he wanted more than to reach down and stroke it, but he knew better. She was watching him, seeing what he would do, he could tell she was very much still testing him.


A few hours had passed and he still wasn’t sure what to expect from Allison other than more teasing. Breakfast was delivered via room service shortly after they woke up and consisted of homemade waffles, fresh cut fruit, bacon and coffee. They ate it together on their balcony and watched the sun finish rising. Afterwards they took a shower together. She made him take his time and wash every inch of her body, a task which made his cock stand at attention the whole time. She found this amusing and proceeded to stroke his cock from time to time, claiming it was only fair since he got to touch her.

After their shower and before they got dressed for the day, she had told him that she had another surprise for him. He sat down on the bed while she bedava bahis rummaged through her duffle bag looking for something and emerged a minute later holding a large metallic object. One end had what looked like to be a cock ring on it, and the other looked like some sort of rounded butt plug. It wasn’t too large, but he wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it.

“What is that?” he asked apprehensively.

“It’s what is going to help me keep you in line today on our little adventure,” she replied as she picked up a bottle of lube and joined him on the bed. She carefully fed his cock and balls through the cock ring portion of the device. It was cold from having been in the bag on the floor all night, but the way it wrapped around his balls and squeezed his member felt good. She squirted a generous portion of lube onto the other part of the toy and looked up at him. “Do you want me to put it in your ass, or would you like to do the honors?”

“I’ll do it,” he replied. He wasn’t exactly a stranger to having toys in his ass and enjoyed the sensation of having his prostate played with, but it felt better to at least be in control of easing the toy in himself. He felt the cold metal toy press against his opening, and with a bit of steady pressure it slowly worked its way in and disappeared. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all and he could hardly feel it in him when he sat back down on the bed.

“All set? Good, why don’t you go ahead and get dressed then?” she prompted and he looked over to see that she had laid out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on the bed for him. When he stood up and walked around he could feel the subtle movements of the toy in his ass and it felt good, much better than when he had been sitting still. Whenever there was movement of his cock or balls he could feel it translate into small movements and vibrations deep inside him against his prostate.

“That’s kind of nice,” he said as he pulled the t-shirt over his head.

“I thought you might like it,” she said as she finished securing her hair in a ponytail and began to get dressed. She donned a casual looking blue sundress that came down a little ways past her knees and grabbed a pair of simple ballet flats out of her bag. “It has a few more surprises,” she added as she picked up her phone off the dresser.


“I’m glad you asked,” she said as she tapped the screen. He felt the faintest vibrating sensation begin in his ass near his prostate and work its way up to the base of his cock. She could tell that she had his attention because he stopped tying his shoes and looked up at her immediately. She tapped her phone again and the intensity of the vibrations grew stronger, “do you like that slave boy?”

“Damn…” he uttered, “I’ve never felt anything like it.” It was the truth, the sensation was precise and subtle, but definitely hitting his prostate and resonating through his balls and out to the base of his cock, which was getting harder by the second. It was a very different feeling and he wasn’t certain he could ever cum from it, but it was intense all the same.

“That’s just the beginning…” she smirked as she turned it up a few more notches and the vibration grew vastly more intense. He was looking at her eyes, but from his vacant stare she could tell that he was lost in the sensation. She tapped her phone once more and the constant vibration instead changed to a rhythmic pulsing sensation that ran through him sequentially. It was almost as if she was milking him.

“Jesus…oh God…” he stammered letting out a sigh. Losing his balance he backed into the bed, using it to stabilize himself before sitting down on it. His breathing started to hasten along with the intense pleasure deep inside him.

“Now, now slaveboy, let’s not get too worked up just yet,” she teased and pressed another button. The moment she did, he jumped as a sharp painful sensation ripped through the entire region of his genitals, as if it came from inside him.

“What the fuck was that?!” he said startled.

“Watch your language boy toy,” she mock scolded him and repeated the painful jolt. He winced and looked at her, still waiting for an answer. “This is what is going to help me make sure you follow the rules, it works via electrical stimulation, there are settings for pleasure and settings for punishment, which is what you just observed.”

He was dumbfounded. He never knew such a thing existed. They exited their room and made their way to the car. With each step the toy made its presence known to him and drew his attention back to his pressing need for relief. As they walked past the front desk he felt his heart leap into his throat, worried that somehow the receptionist would know what they were up to or was somehow aware of his current predicament. His fears were eased when she uneventfully wished them a good day and they made their way to the car.

Walking around the car he unlocked it and took the driver seat. As soon as he sat down he felt the painful sting of punishment once more and looked up to see Allison still standing casino siteleri on the other side of the car. She motioned with her hand for him to come join her.

“Don’t forget your manners slaveboy,” she scolded him as he got out and walked around to open her car door for her. “That’s better,” she said with a smile as she sat down and he once again took his seat and started the engine. This was going to be a long day he thought to himself.


After a short drive into the countryside along some back roads she had him pull over into a small parking area with faintly painted lines. Weeds had begun to grow through the cracks in the asphalt. He had no idea where they were and had been following her directions in the car as she continued to test the functions of her new toy. There were a few other cars parked throughout the lot but no other people in sight as he stepped out of the car. He walked around to the other side and opened her door for her

“You’re learning,” Allison said as she got out of the car and stopped to survey the scene. Surrounding the parking lot were trees on either side and what looked like a worn hiking path through the woods. She walked over to the back of the car and popped the trunk as he made his way over to join her.

“So what are we doing out here?” he asked puzzled.

“I thought it might be nice to take in the sights, they said the leaves are changing rapidly in these parts and the view is spectacular,” she replied, gesturing to the backpack that was sitting in the trunk.

“I suppose it is kind of nice,” he replied looking around at the trees, some of them were still green, but a good many of them had begun to turn bright shades of yellow, orange and red. They lived several hours south of where they were vacationing and the leaves wouldn’t likely begin to change colors for at least a few weeks yet.

“They say it’s better once you get a proper view of the river valley, but that’s going to require a little walk,” she said. When he was done looking around he lifted the backpack out of the trunk and slung it over his shoulders. It was heavier than he imagined. It had to weigh at least forty pounds. He slammed the trunk down and looked over to see that she had already begun to make her way over to the rustic looking trail. He hurried to catch up.

“What is in this thing?” he asked.

“Supplies of course,” she shrugged as she started off down the trail.

They began making their way down the trail which was rugged and poorly kept in some parts. It was littered with fallen tree limbs and rocks and wound its way gradually through the trees. They were sparser at the trailhead, but around each new turn it seemed like they grew more and more dense, enveloping them fully in the woods.

It had been almost a half hour and she was still leading him along the trail to some destination unknown. He ordinarily wouldn’t have minded except for the weight of the pack straining his back. The temperature was only in the high 60’s but the sun was bearing down on him and he could feel the sweat on his back and starting to drip down his forehead. It wasn’t that he was in bad shape as much as it was that she dictated the pace and wasn’t slowing down for anything.

“Is there any chance we can take a breather?” he asked loudly as he had fallen at least twenty-five feet behind her on the trail.

“What’s the matter, can’t you handle it? I thought you were tough,” she hollered back at him through the trees as she continued on.

“I am…it’s just…” he didn’t really have anything to say. He looked down and continued on, trying to think of a smart comeback but coming up empty handed.

“It’s ok, we can take a break if you really want to, but you’re going to have to pay for it,” she chimed back. He felt the buzzing feeling begin deep inside him before he could look up to see that she had stopped and was leaning against a nearby tree, apparently waiting for him. He had caught up to her while he was lost in thought. The vibrating sensation that he felt in his ass and at the base of his cock began to work in a pattern, becoming stronger, then fading only to repeat.

“What do you mean by pay?” he said. His eyes were now closed, enjoying the rhythmic sensation and bracing himself against the tree next to her. Even this little bit of stimulation was plenty to get him aroused, causing his shorts to bulge to the side. She ignored his question and instead lightly ran her fingers along his member, watching it continue to grow.

“Come over here,” she insisted, walking a short distance off the path.

“Yes Mistress,” he said as he followed behind her closely for a good thirty feet towards a large cluster of trees. When the trail was no longer visible she stopped and motioned for him to set the backpack down. He did so as she turned the vibration up and began to rub his cock through his shorts in earnest. “Ohhh…that feels so fucking good…” he moaned.

“Do you like that slaveboy?” she asked him, continuing to stroke along the head of his cock with bahis siteleri one hand and manipulate her phone with the other.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, thrusting his hips ever so slightly in time with the now pulsing vibrations. She moved her hand to match his speed and it felt incredible. His breathing was already beginning to quicken due to her handiwork and everything felt brand new. The sensations within him, the cool breeze and the rough tree trunk that he was leaning against, her dominating mindset; none of this was like anything he had ever experienced before and it was absolutely titillating.

“Look what you are doing to me you dirty little boy,” she cooed seductively as she pulled up her dress slightly and he could see a faint amount of wetness setting into the front of her satin navy panties. The faint, musty aroma of her scent glided to him gently on the breeze, intoxicating him still further.

“Mistress…I’m getting really close…,” she continued stroking him, but slowing her pace, “mmmhm…fuck…I want to cum…it feels so good,” he said with panting breath.

“I know it does,” she said matter-of-factly, stopping just a few seconds away from making him explode, “but I think that’s enough of a break for now!” she said jubilantly as she started back toward the trail. Before he could even regain his bearings he felt the pleasurable sensations in his groin shift immediately to a dull aching pain. It was subtle, but unpleasant, almost like a case of blue balls, but deeper inside him. That toy would be the end of him he thought.

Uncomfortably he picked up the pack and put it back on and awkwardly began walking back to the trail. Between the droning constant pain from her toy and the rubbing of his still hard cock against his shorts, it was more difficult than ever to walk the trail.

“Come on slaveboy, we got to make up for lost time,” she said as she giggled and looked back at him.

“I’m coming,” he said, still trying to figure out the best way to walk without looking like an idiot.

“You better not be,” she said, continuing to walk along the trail.

He couldn’t help but crack a smile and even chuckle a bit at that. They were back to their torrid pace and within a few minutes the weight of the pack was already making his back hurt again. That was hardly a break he thought, but given the fact that he hadn’t recovered from his last “break” it seemed pointless to broach the subject with her anytime soon.

A few minutes later he looked up when he heard Allison’s voice a little bit further down the trail. She was talking to another couple who looked to be quite a bit older than them. He hustled to catch up to her, seeing a golden opportunity to ditch the heavy backpack and ease his aching back.

“You guys taking in the colors too?” he heard the old man ask her.

“Yeah, that and just trying to get a little exercise,” Allison replied as she nodded at Brian, who had now made his way next to her and set the pack against a nearby tree. “This is my husband Brian, Brian, this is the Chatterlans.”

“Pleased to meet you” he said, extending his hand and shaking each of theirs in turn.

“Allison was just telling us about your little adventure,” Mrs. Chatterlan said looking him up and down.

“Yeah, just out to get a little fresh air,” he replied nervously, realizing there was still a noticeable bulge in his shorts.

“There’s a clearing a little ways up the trail, it’s beautiful there, you can see all the way down to the river,” Mr. Chatterlan added.

“Awesome, I can’t wait to see it…” Allison said, “…we better get going though, we have a long day ahead of us.” She waved goodbye to the other couple and turned once more to the trail, taking a quick survey of it.

“Nice meeting you guys,” Mr. Chatterlan said with a wave as they started off in the opposite direction.

“Likewise,” Brian said, issuing a polite nod. He turned back to Allison and waited for her to continue leading him along.

“You can at least try not to display your precum for the world to see, you’re such a perverted little slaveboy,” Allison said with a satisfied smile after they had moved only a mere fifteen feet down the trail. He looked down to see that there was a small wet spot that had leaked through the fabric of his shorts. There was no way that they could have noticed that he tried to convince himself, but between the wet spot and his raging hard on it seemed unlikely. He felt his ears begin to turn pink and hoped that they wouldn’t encounter the Chatterlans again, or anyone else for that matter.

“Since your content being such a perv in public, you might as well at least enjoy yourself,” she said. Suddenly the dull ache he had learned to live with turned into a mildly pleasurable vibration. It felt much more enjoyable, but it did little to allay his embarrassment or to help him keep up with her.

They continued on the trail for awhile in silence and without interruption. He couldn’t decide what was more agonizing, the weight of the pack weighing down his back and making it ache, or the aching desire that was smoldering deep inside him. His cock was harder than ever in his pants and the constant friction and state of arousal had worked out even more precum. If they encountered any more people on the trail they would surely notice.

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