The Three of Us Plus Two Ch. 01

Female Pov

A couple of months later we had settled into a comfortable pattern of a three way lifestyle. I enjoyed the ability to watch my “wives” play with one another or both of them attacking me for sex. Shirley had rented her house and moved in with us and we all slept in the king size bed in our master bedroom. Our jobs kept us busy for the most part but we found plenty of time to fuck and suck.

One morning Shirley said that her mother and sister wanted to come for a visit and if it was ok they would be here in a week, planning to stay for a week or so. There was plenty of room and I agreed that a visit would be nice. Beth ok’d the plan also and we discussed where they would sleep. Shirley said that they could share the full size bed in the guest room. She said there would be plenty of room as they are both quite slim.

We stocked up on extra food and treats as well as adult beverages while we waited for their arrival. The day finally came and they pulled into the driveway midmorning on Saturday. I went out with the girls to welcome them to our home and to help with their luggage. My cock did a little jump when I saw that the two women were almost clones of Shirley. She had said they were slim but that was a matter of opinion. Jane, Shirley’s mother, hugged me as we were introduced and she made sure to press her big tits into my chest. Her other daughter Melisa did the same thing and I didn’t back away as my cock pressed back at them.

We brought the luggage inside and placed it in their room and asked if they needed to rest after their trip. They just said they would like to change into something cooler and we left them to change while we fixed some refreshments.

I was used to my wives being naked around the house most of the time but I wasn’t prepared when Jane and Melissa came back in just short shorts and bikini tops. We didn’t discuss the dress code beforehand so Beth and Shirley were overdressed by current standards and after a while they drifted off to change. I wondered what would change over the next week.

I didn’t over mix the drinks because I wasn’t trying to lower inhibitions but just trying to be the perfect host. Even though I was taking it easy the women were getting pretty loose and loud. The talk was racy and soon Shirley was explaining our relationship. Jane raised her eyebrows and looked at me like I was a piece of meat on a hook. Melissa was looking at Beth in much the same way.

Jane sat next to me after she returned from the restroom and Shirley sat on my other side. I was sitting back relaxing just enjoying the conversation and interactions between the four women. Jane’s hand dropped into my lap and she squeezed my thigh, her hand close to my chubby cock. Shirley just smiled at me as she rested her hand on my other thigh.

Beth and Melissa were hitting it off laughing at the stories Beth was telling about our unconventional union. They were getting quite touchy feely with each other and I watched as Beth groped Melissa a few times. Melissa didn’t seem to mind at all and I knew things were going to be hot before long. I originally thought it might take a few days but it looked like it was about to explode any minute.

Beth got up to refill the snack bowls and as she did she lost her top letting her tits free like she enjoyed. Shirley didn’t wait to be asked and she lost her top also. Jane and Melissa just looked at me and when I didn’t react they joined the girls being topless. I was lost in a sea of firm breasts and pink and brown nipples. I tried to remain calm as the conversation got racier and racier.

Jane asked if Beth and I fucked in the bed when Shirley was with us and I told her that we didn’t have any problem with all of us doing whatever we wanted to whoever wanted it. Melissa asked if the girls made love and what did I think of that. I said that I was well taken care of and since I needed a bit of recovery time Beth and Shirley did everything that she was imagining. I could tell that Melissa was getting hot as he was Escort bayan rubbing her thighs together and her hands played with her nipples if she thought no one was watching.

Jane was just as turned on as her daughter and was just waiting for the firecracker to go off before all hell would break loose. Shirley whispered in my ear to make sure I fucked her mother because Beth was going to take care of Melissa. Beth stood up and shimmied out of her shorts and Shirley opened my shorts and drew out my hard cock. Jane licked her lips as her daughter bent over and took me into her mouth. She looked up at her mother and offered my cock to her sharing me. Jane slipped off her shorts and knelt down taking my cock from her daughter and sucked me deep in her mouth. I had to wonder if she gave cocksucking lessons to her girls because she was just a good if not better than Shirley.

Beth drew Melissa to her feet and unsnapped her shorts and had to work a bit to get them over her wide hips. As they fell to the floor she leaned in and licked the juicy slit. Mel spread her legs and pushed her hips forward so Beth could get her tongue deeper into her cunt. I could tell Beth was doing a good job when Mel started to pump her hips trying to fuck Beth’s face. Beth nudged her back into the chair and raised her legs hooking them over the arms and dove into the wet gash that opened up for her.

Looking down I thought I was looking at a twins sucking my cock and balls. They would hold my cock straight up and together lick the side until their lips met at the crown in a sensuous kiss. Mother and daughter traded my cock back and forth sliding their mouths down my slick shaft. Jane would take me deep into her throat and would swallow using her throat muscles to massage the sensitive head. I was close to cumming using all my will power to hold back. I wanted to play with Jane but didn’t want to disturb the girls that were determined to suck me to death. Shirley finally abdicated my cock to her mother and moved to join Beth and Melissa. Jane backed off a little to catch her breath and I gently pushed her down on her back. I spread her pussy apart and admired the beauty of her inner lips and pleasure hole. I dipped my tongue in the nectar that had pooled in the recesses of her gash. I licked her from her pucker to her clit over and over. Her clit had popped out from its hiding place just begging to be sucked. I sucked it gently at first increasing the pressure as she voiced her approval. Her juicy quim beckoned to me as I licked and sucked at her bringing her to her first orgasm. Her hips pumped at me as she fucked my face and when I had a chance I slipped two fingers in her. I turned my palm up and explored the front wall of her cunt looking for her g-spot. I found a rough spot and massaged it gently and she took off like a bottle rocket. I was sure that if she was in a dark room with her daughter I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference by their reactions to my administrations. I wanted to give her something to remember so I took my time bringing her to her peak over and over. I would stop just before she went over the edge so I could keep her ready to explode. I moved up and slipped my cock in her pussy with a slow steady push and she wrapped her legs around my waist locking her ankles and trapping me where she wanted me. I managed to move a little to change the angle so I could stroke her g-spot with my cock. I reached out and rolled her nipples hard as I banged into her hard and fast and she stiffened in the biggest orgasm yet as I dumped my load into her. I was going to keep going but noticed that she had relaxed and I figured out that she had passed out. I extricated myself from her locked ankles and rolled away from her to lie on the floor next to her to catch my breath.

Beth and Shirley were double teaming Melissa, one eating her pussy and the other riding her face. Her pink tongue was dipping deep into her sister and I was amazed at the length of her tongue when Shirley would rise Bayan escort up and the tongue still licked her. I would have to ask about that if I could remember it later on. As much as I would have liked to watch them I was losing the battle to keep my eyes open and I drifted off into a light sleep. I could hear what was going on around me but was completely relaxed.

Jane groaned a few times and I figured that she was returning to the land of the living. I am sure that I wasn’t the first to do it but I did my best to show her what the “Petit Morte” was.

I revived enough to get up and bring everyone a glass of water before I took drink orders. I asked if anyone was hungry and they said they were but no one wanted to cook. We ordered pizza and when it arrived I could see it was a young girl making the delivery so I said it was probably better if one of the women went to the door and paid for it. I could see the door and the look on the girls face was priceless when Beth opened the door naked as the day she was born.

We didn’t bother to get dressed and sat around eating and drinking beer. We had a chance to better explain our lifestyle to Jane and Melissa. Shirley said they were the first to be included in our lovemaking.

A bit of pizza sauce dripped on Shirley’s tit and Mel uncoiled her amazing tongue and licked it off. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I swear her tongue must have measured at least four inches long. I couldn’t resist and asked her if anyone ever measured the length of it and she relied that her first girlfriend did and from lip to end she could extend it almost five inches. She laughed when she said she could tongue a woman as well as some men could fuck as her tongue was more talented and just as long. I asked if she was strictly lesbian and she just winked at me and said I would have to find out for myself.

Jane must have been thinking about that long tongue as I noticed her fingers were busy playing with her clit. Beth noticed it also and smiled at me when she caught me looking.

We finished off the pizza and sat around drinking a few more beers. One by one the ladies excused themselves to go pee and do a quick wash on their pussies. I was anxious to start something with Melissa but didn’t rush it letting her take the lead at her own speed. Jane and my two lovers looked at one another and shared a knowing look leaving me to wonder what was going on.

We decided to move to the bedroom and our king size bed. Melissa hung on to me letting the others know she was next to play with me. The other girls didn’t seem to mind her latching on to me and just started to amuse themselves with each other. They had moved to form a daisy chain sucking and licking each other like they were cats at a bowl of cream.

I kissed Melissa searching her mouth with my tongue. She opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out and filled my mouth with a squirming piece of meat. I sucked it like it was a cock and she stiffened it rolling it so it was like a cock. I was surprised when I could take it down my throat without gagging and she wiggled it in appreciation. It was a new experience to imagine I was sucking a cock and enjoying it. Little did I know what was in store for me.

We moved away from sucking each other’s tongues as I moved to her tits and her hard nipples. They stuck out further than her sisters or Beth’s and looked like she was breast feeding an infant. They protruded almost three quarters of an inch and were thick and meaty. I latched on to one and sucked hard, she moaned and pushed her tit into my mouth even harder. I took all I could and with the other hand rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I was enjoying her tits and switched from one to the other. I wanted to get to her pussy as I could smell her arousal wafting up between us.

Sliding down I kissed around her belly button and slid down between her thighs. I skipped right past her cunt and started to kiss her thighs starting at her knees and working Escort upwards until I got to the junction of her leg and groin. She thrashed her body around hoping I would get to her pussy and I didn’t disappoint her. I parted her lips and swiped my tongue across the flap covering her clit. She grabbed my head and held me to her wet gash as I wrote the alphabet with my tongue in her wet folds. She tasted as good as her mother and I thought that everyone that says the apples don’t fall far from the tree were right. Something in my little brain told me to suck on her clit and I had to look to find her little button under its protective flap. I started to suck gently and her clit started to emerge looking for more pleasure. I could not believe what was happening as her clit grew until it was about two inches long and as thick as my thumb. I thought that this is what it must be like to suck a little cock and I put the thought aside and enjoyed the ride that Melissa was giving me. She moved around so we were in a 69 position and she wrapped her long tongue around my cock like a sheath. Her tongue was not only long but wide as well and she could roll it into a tube which she did around my cock. It was like I was fucking a cunt on both ends.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I turned her over onto her hands and knees. She lowered her upper body down to the bed and I slid my hard cock into the hottest cunt I think I have ever been in. I wanted to take it slow so I could last a while but she was having none of that. She turned her head and told me in no uncertain words to fuck her hard and fast. I followed instructions and pounded her cunt until her juices were frothing around her lips and the base of my cock. I could feel my balls slapping at her large clit and everytime I made contact I think she had a small orgasm. I reached for her nipples and serviced them while I was pounding her pussy.

Melissa lunged forward and I slipped out with a torrent of cunt juice spilling out on my cock and balls. Pushing me over, she straddled my waist and remounted my cock. She was like a wild woman as she fucked me within an inch of my life. Her hips were a blur as she ground on me then switching to an up and down motion. I could see her clit and reached down to see if I could grab it and stroke it like I was jerking her off. I managed to hold it for a few seconds before she ripped it out from between my fingers. She wasn’t going to stop fucking me until she was done and I could hope she was close because I was afraid she would break my cock off. I could see her eyes roll back in her head and she tensed up allowing me to pinch her clit sending her off to the Land of Oz. I felt my balls boiling and with just a stroke or two filled her quim with what felt like a gallon of spunk. I just laid there as she twisted and shook as her orgasm took her to heights she hadn’t been before. She finally fell forward to lie on my chest breathing hard and cursing softly under her breath.

I glanced over to Beth and the other women and they were just staring at us as we tried to recover from our unbelievable fuck. I couldn’t move and just drifted off to sleep.

I opened my eyes to the sun shining through the slats of the blinds and looked around. I was alone in bed and didn’t hear any noise in the house. I got up and took my morning pee. I laughed to myself as I realized that this was the first time in a long while that I didn’t have to piss through a morning wood. I stepped into the shower and scrubbed the funk off my body before drying off and going into the kitchen. I didn’t bother to dress and found a note saying that the girls had gone shopping for some much needed items. I had to wonder what was so important that they had to leave so early. I sipped a cup of coffee as I relived the past twenty four hours. I had to smile as I realized that I was going to be surrounded by beautiful women who loved to fuck for an entire week.

I wandered out to the pool and sat with my feet in the water as I pondered the interaction between Jane and her daughters. When did they become intimate with one another? Do they have significant others at home? Were they male or female?

Six days to go, I was sure I would get the answers before the end of the week if I survived.

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